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The internet makes me happy.
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
The teeny tiny Shelter Island ferries make me all kinds of happy.
lalabarnett35 : Ahhh the best summers of you childhood.
kdunk10 : I used to board them with sleds in winter to go sledding on Shelter Island as a kid
swissmiss : @kdunk10 our childhood could not have been more different! :)
saraluckey : Are you on south fork @swissmiss ? Come by the boat for a rum punch! Xoxo
swissmiss : @saraluckey was thinking of you. We are meeting Gary's uncle at 1.30pm tomorrow. You around?
saraluckey : @swissmiss yes!!! Either before or after! My only obligation is a family portrait session 8:45 am, should end by 11.
swissmiss : @saraluckey I'll text you when I see how the morning goes!
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Thank you @michamorphosis for an absolutely perfect day.
michamorphosis : A perfect day, perfectly captured.
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Really thankful for the sunny days here on Long Island this week. Totally me aking up for the rainy summer days in switzerland!
swissmiss : Typos! Uh oh!
thedetroittoyco : Take me @swissmiss
monica_dicristina : Looks wonderful
kadydaylieber : @swissmiss it's never stopped raining in Switzerland! It's been a horribly cold and rainy summer. Boo!
happyfunky : Wish we were still there... Enjoy!! β€πŸ’œ
ozsnapper : Beats the Bodensee really.
petragram : @ozsnapper Only this year! 😜
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Encountering mask wearing eating issues. #funbeingfour
funbeingfour -
posijamie : @kimm9 lol
mraaroncampbell : Ah, needs a food hole!
nicomo8 : @elsi74celestine πŸ˜‰
s_hasler : lol
happyfunky : Go Tilo!!
meanjeanny : So cute! I like how his food somehow has bite marks.
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
This family is doing paper-mâché experiments today.
paulpaula : Tina, thank you for a real and fun and normal insta account! Always wanted to say that! Thank you for showing life at is and not only the perfect and bright and styled side for IG! X
swissmiss : @paulpaula ❀️
redscorpiohandmade : Fun!
kdunk10 : We are our there tomorrow! PM me 🌻
swissmiss : @kdunk10 just emailed you
apartmentdiet : are there 🎈's too? - I remember covering them & then popping them afterwards as a kid to get a sphere
apartmentdiet : Have fun!
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
First we camped on a NYC roof, now we're in a basements. Guess we like extremes! #funbeingfour
funbeingfour -
swissmiss : @meanjeanny your setup was way more fun. Wish you ladies were here!
cadler : Underground
ashiashay : this makes me want to camp.
jfo53 : Good idea to camp inside this summer (in switzeland).
meanjeanny : Wow, the new floor looks ...(my emojis disappeared--imagine a big thumbs up!) A big basement counts as legit camping grounds, too!
swissmiss : @meanjeanny you're all welcome to campground basement! :)
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Hammocks rule. I am considering becoming a spokesperson for the global hammock society. #funbeingfour
funbeingfour -
paperjampress : Total dynamic duo
gariphic : At first glance that hammock looked like a time warp fx in Photobooth :)
sprucetoninn : They DO rule!
gowhereyouhaveneverbeen : Nice photo!
sallyrumble : Amazing shot.
chigyo : πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
ashbouldin : @kammok here you go!
lisavdesigner : Ever heard of #ColorCloudHammocks? ...floating rainbows.
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Floor tiles being put down by the kids themselves. Yay! Thanks @jennspeaks for the help!
darlingcollected : We have some of those! But not as cool looking as yours!
gariphic : Floor LEGO
even_keels : If only everything in life were as simple as!
neddrew : #swissmiss - who's the manufacture?
bridgelower : @swissmiss πŸ‘ thank you!
yeayur : @openmouthkisshorses
emily05mle : I think I missed the memo somewhere...did you buy a house?
meanjeanny : Wow
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Three children. One man. One broom. And a basement waiting to be played in.
jenblancodesign : Fun! What a great canvas! 😍
happyfunky : I foresee lots of fun times in that space in the not so distant future... πŸ˜‰
twbtb : Give a man a broom #ArrestedDeveloppement
mykugelhopf : @swissmiss i have endless outstanding childhood memories from our basement. lucky kids !
swissmiss : @happyfunky ❀️ yes! Also, ella keeps asking when she can see Hannah again!
swissmiss : @mykugelhopf yay! Hope it will be the same with my kids.
mykugelhopf : @swissmiss hot wheels races & roller skating rink before rug, school with blackboard & desks, shelves upon shelves of board games... and a ping pong table when we got older. #nostalgic have fun !
happyfunky : @swissmiss Sweet Ella....Hana would love that. Just tell us when and where. πŸ˜‰
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
A turkey family hanging out in our neighbors backyard. (I didn't know turkey's can fly.)
mulegirl : Butterball
stavn : And they are mean.. Aggressive aggressive not to be confused with that passive aggressive guy at work.
velcrotabwalkman : Yeah, had one fly over an interstate once as I was driving. I had forgotten about that.
ca1918 : They are territorial and can be nasty.
anizig : A rafter of turkeys!
bb436nau : @swissmiss did you move from Brooklyn?!
swissmiss : @bb436nau no! Just on vacation!
dashalom : Looks perfect! Have fun!
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