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I believe in labors of love. Mine are @creativemorning, @tattly, @teuxdeux and @studiomates.
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Brainstorming the future of @creativemorning and roaming Washington DC the past few days with @kiwimonk and @sallyrumble was so good. I highly recommend off-site retreats to anyone running a company. So glad @ubarta gave me the idea.
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
deebananas : DC is my back yard! Did you get to go up the Washington Monument? It's so cool inside!
ericbeatty : What if you were a digital place for creatives to find other creatives?
rashmipappu : @swissmiss hope you took the lift to the top of the monument!
ubarta : Miss our Friday dates... ✌️
hey_erma : Ha, love this shot of @sallyrumble @kiwimonk @swissmiss 😍
h_aysom : πŸ‘Œ
kasholp : πŸ‘
sijeveuxlondon : Such a great graphic shot!
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swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Train rides! Are they the answer to productive/focused meetings? Team @creativemorning had two successful brainstorms going to DC and coming back! And that concludes this year's #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
elcoss : @sebcoss did you see this?
trashn2tees : πŸ™Œ offline.
janesmom : Alain de Botton says "journeys are the midwives of thought."
swissmiss : @janesmom so good!!!!
kayessgordon : I've definitely gotten some of my best work done on train!
pretavoyager : I'm so productive on trains. I can be moving while sitting in one place (& legroom). πŸšŠπŸš‚πŸš†=WIN!
mimibeaven : Whenever I am on a plane returning from somewhere I write a huge to do list...something about being anxious of flying and of being away from home/work. #perfecttimetothink
h_aysom : πŸ‘
intiocean - lemontonic_21 - martinaflor - joshlong -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
I am blown away by the stunning venue and overall organization of this month's #creativemornings in Washington DC. The DC team is doing a seriously fantastic job. Thank you Smithsonian American Art Museum for hosting @creativemorning. Thank you District Doughnut for you sugary goodness and Vigilante for coffee! #creativemorningsDC
creativemorningsdc - creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 - creativemornings -
kellianderson : Love Lulu Miller! And want to be standing in this beautiful space right now. Congratulations!
swissmiss : @kellianderson ❀️
alphamom : πŸ‘
themuseumscout : @barnescf
shanfox : So honored to have gotten to meet you this morning! Thanks for all your contributions to the creative world! 😊
deniselaborde : πŸ‘
jessicaelenstar : CMDC is always great, but this was one of the best so far. I didn't get to say hello -- hope you come back for another one!
kwmcbreen : @libbyaddington I wasn't there but my colleague @jessicaelenstar was and said it was awesome.
fibonaccinihang - ltseder - kbws72 - aimara_heartless -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
What a fantastic day team @creativemorning had today. That's @kiwimonk and @sallyrumble at the bottom of the image taking it all in. Thanks for being good to us, Washington DC! #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
yaymaggiemay : Welcome to DC @swissmiss ! Hope you have a wonderful trip!
lakingery : Welcome to DC @swissmiss & #CMteam! Will we see you tomorrow morn?
designisart : πŸ‘Š
picsbro : Hope you checked out the Hirshorn, amazing exhibit there
alexaistefanou : In some sort of strange irony the Washington monument looks like a factory smoke stack
swissmiss : @alexaistefanou ha. Yes
ads_infinitum - vanissawanick - stevecastro - hollythorpe456 -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Squeezing Abe! #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
alijhines : It's so tiny! ☺️
jackalman : hes got fat cheeks
joseoyarce : Cool chik
shawzilla : Ha!
lolodif : Love the ridiculously long hashtag!
therealgood : So fun!
matt_hoy : Oh hai @sallyrumble
mlle_mew : I'm crushing your head
llockwood65 - i_am_macnut - gimmeagig - frankbodin -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Yes! #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
dashalom : So we'll host CM there next month?
thedetroittoyco : I'd love to meet you guys!!! Here in the #DC too!!! Such a HUGE inspiration to me @swissmiss!!πŸ˜¬πŸ™
odettewilliams : White House it up !!
lalabarnett35 : Did y'all see the einsten statue? Stage left of the Lincoln memorial?! Best one.
carolineasolis - sarahb_walsh - h_aysom - vanissawanick -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Hey there, Mr.President. (Selfie by @sallyrumble) #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
w0rkroom : looks like that woman with a walker is asking the guard if she can climb the fence
mashkanani - hieatt2002 - melissashow - hwanjjang -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
bodegabjorn : I'm just heading to DC myself!
dumb_username : Welcome to my city
w0rkroom : So clean and civilized compared to NYC subway... I was shocked the first time I saw the carpeted interiors
t_illyb : This one's pretty bright. Nice. I always had a tough time with the dim lighting in most stations. Enjoy.
micolayuso : One of the most beautiful and well preserved subway in the world.
cblacknyc : #makingmehomesick
explore_dc : Don't be fooled - it may look nice, but it's hardly functional. NYC Subway > DC Metro
wendyeefox : Makes me think of house of cards
fischchristian - miss3bb84 - embb - ivanjaumot -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
Kevin and Sally - without them @creativemorning wouldn't be what it is today. I am so grateful I get to work with them!
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
swissmiss : #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
michellebablo : #dreamteam ❀️❀️
sarahkpeck : Kevin is amazing!
bertstergram : I like Kevin too! 😊
ryangastelum : ❀️
theslowfactory : ❀️
blankenship : I adore photographing strangers on that escalator. Enjoy DC!
anne2mey - carolynsewell - shellysorensen - asfoursolo -
swissmiss - Tina Roth Eisenberg
We are jumping for joy as we just had a total brainstorm break-through at this @creativemorning retreat. 2015 will be so good! (Mural by former cm/DC speaker @aniekanreloaded) #creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014
creativemorningsseniormanagementretreat2014 -
installina_ch : cool :)
st55nyc : βœŒοΈπŸ’­πŸ‘»πŸŒ€πŸ˜˜πŸ‘
jtitus : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @aniekanreloaded @dolce_digital check it out πŸ‘
sijeveuxlondon : Magic mural
martafyme : Great shot!
bold_yellow : Awwwww. Thanks for putting so much energy and love into creativemornings
johnathonv : Love it!
aniekanreloaded : It was a great pleasure meeting you yesterday @swissmiss !
hieatt2002 - devinyoung9 - lifeblossoms - hwanjjang -
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