Improving the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.
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surfaid - SURFAID
SurfAid's efforts shine brightly through the smiles of communities in which we work. :) Photo credit: Kirk Willcox
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surfaid - SURFAID
During a recent field visit, when asked if they were able to repair and maintain the water system, community members of Sisobalauru village in Hiliduho, Nias confidently answered, "Yes, of course. We built it." Community empowerment and sustainability are cornerstones of SurfAid's programs. Photo credit: Emily Taylor #surfaid #water #community #empowerment #sustainability #nias
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surfaid - SURFAID
At SurfAid's Community Health Clinics women are educated and supported in the areas of family planning and birth spacing, reproductive health, prenatal care, hygienic delivery, exclusive breastfeeding, basic hygiene and sanitation, proper nutrition, and disease prevention.
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surfaid - SURFAID
SurfAid wishes all mothers worldwide, a happy and healthy Mother's Day. Photo credit: @mrmlawrence
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surfaid - SURFAID
While on a surf charter in the Mentawai islands, physician and surfer Dr. Dave Jenkins looked beyond the endless cycle of perfect waves and onto the beach. His venture onto land marks the inspiration and foundation of SurfAid, which since 2000 has been improving the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of the people living in such isolated regions of Indonesia. Photo credit: Duncan Macfarlane
aceconlon : Inspiring! I plan to follow in his footsteps very soon!
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surfaid - SURFAID
Today we recognize the International Day of the Midwife. In remote communities of Indonesia, women often give birth without trained assistance; some mothers give birth alone, holding onto a tree as their only support. SurfAid trains traditional birth attendants, or midwives, to ensure that mothers are healthy and protected, and babies are delivered in a safe and sanitary way.
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surfaid - SURFAID
Wild spinach sprouts up on the islands of Indonesia! SurfAid nutrition programs are rooted in cultivating an understanding amongst community members of the importance in consuming vegetables with protein and fiber that aid in children's brain development and growth.
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surfaid - SURFAID
The simple act of washing hands with soap under running water can prevent one out of every three cases of diarrhea in young children and almost one out of every six cases of respiratory infections such as pneumonia; both prevalent, life-threatening diseases in Indonesia. SurfAid's Community-led Total Sanitation Program promotes good hygiene and sanitation practices that go hand in hand with SurfAid's efforts for clean water.
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surfaid - SURFAID
Today is World Malaria Day. Nets in Indonesia could mean life or death, as they create a protective barrier at night when transmissions occur. With several million infections and about 10,000 deaths caused by malaria each year in Indonesia (CDC), net distribution is just one component of SurfAid's comprehensive Malaria Prevention Program, which has significantly reduced the prevalence and incidence of malaria in communities for 15 years. Photo credit: Michael Lawrence. #WorldMalariaDay 🌏
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surfaid - SURFAID
Raise funds for SurfAid by simply playing our album exclusively on @spotify #surfaid #surfify Photo by @aquabumps
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agirlnamedarnold : @burgermorgan get dad to listen and help raise funds too 😘
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