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We find, love and share the best independent culture in the world. #Sundance
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Repost from @nytimes: The British actress @belpowley plays a 15-year-old who has an affair with her mother’s boyfriend in “The Diary of a Teenage Girl.” Adapted from an illustrated novel by the writer and artist Phoebe Gloeckner, the film left @sundanceinstitute audiences delighted: “wildly provocative,” “wonderfully amoral,” “honest and magnificent,” critics enthused. “It was just the first really honest portrayal of what it’s like to be a teenage girl that I ever experienced,” said @belpowley, who is 23. Her performance in the film, which opens on Friday, made her the toast of #Sundance. @eliz photographed @belpowley in #BeverlyHills. #diaryofateenagegirl
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sierrapett : Worlds collide...hi from Sundance, @eliz !
eliz : @sierrapett whoa. did not know this was out! hiiii!
womendps : Excited to see it!
gee.wizzz : @brontepayne
feaddy : @_markpaul_ check your FB Invites
brontepayne : @gee.wizzz I love her
phoebebarr : @madelinebarr I wanna see this again...... Don't tell mom
arudahfilmes : Watchlist ✔️
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sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
The home base for #NEXTFEST, August 7-9, is The Theatre at @acehotel Downtown #LosAngeles (@theatre_acedtla). Originally opened in the 1920s as the United Artists Theatre, the space symbolizes a coming together of independent artists and perfectly embodies the spirit of #Sundance NEXT FEST. ▶️ #DTLA
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niyamodels : So cool
lucyvknox : @bleaklikesteak
ms.moxie : @achqawah
lmg_24 - ricardo_conde - derbycontent - lionel.bernardin -
sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
Ladies and gentlemen, your Sundance Meerkats of Los Angeles and Sundance Jackals of Park City. This game put the treat in Festival Retreat. #⚾️
⚾️ -
thefashionsheriff : 🌟#superstars
itsmatthere : Love the Jackals and the Meerkats!!! (& all the toddlers!)
leahvlangan : Awesome game, guys!
n8thesk8 : Fun watching y'all. Maybe I'll get out there on the field someday. 👌
bec_ka : Awwwww
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sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
The first ever softball game between the Sundance Meerkats of Los Angeles and the Sundance Jackals of Park City. Great game everyone! The Meerkats took this one in a nail-biter on The Jackal's home field, 7-6.
tanner.morrison : Wishing I worked at @sundanceinstitute
rturru : Career goals @mymiddlenameisblue
n8thesk8 : Good times. 👏👏👏👏
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sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
The gang planning #Sundance Film Festival 2016 at our Festival Retreat.
sundance -
stephadams : @tomhadams deer valley 😫
hidingout78 : @brooklin_w goals
ameliabentley : @jdadiomov we've been there! 😉
n.bir : @505tiff goal
wesanderstoned : @dirkcalloway Is this us in five years?
dirkcalloway : @wesanderstoned it's you and me! Five year goal 😉
topshelfutah : Can't wait!
stexospheric : "...planning SFF '16" - definitely like the sound of that 😃
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sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
New On Our Blog: A Place to "Get Your Film Undone" by #Documentary Edit & Story Lab Advisor #JeffMalmberg. Read it at ▶️ #‎SundanceLabs‬ 📷: Jeff Malmberg at the 2015 Doc Edit Lab. © Sundance Institute | Photo by Jonathan Hickerson @hickersonj
documentary - jeffmalmberg -
andrewpcohn : Great read
indyfacets - catchadick - virtualpeta - bergvandem -
sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
8/8, 8p: Join us in Los Angeles for #EntertainmentFilm and #SharonVanEtten - #NEXTFEST at the @theatre_acedtla. ⠀ ▶️ ⠀ "Alverson may have outdone himself with Entertainment, an even more abrasive, alienating, and nightmarish masterwork about the cruel futility of connection, performance, and existence." - Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist ⠀ ⠀ "with songs that continue to play out like psychodramas – blood and beauty, melody and masochism. Her narrators can never just press the eject button on relationships that resemble slow-motion car crashes." - Greg Kot Chicago Tribune
sharonvanetten - entertainmentfilm - nextfest -
codycomedia : @sharonvanhalen
codycomedia : Sweet
jwlevinson : @jarkmames @sneakers_o_toole You guys want to go to this? Entertainment was a strange flick, but might be fun to check the event out.
jarkmames : @jwlevinson I'm interested
sneakers_o_toole : @jwlevinson sure
fletchf.fletch : #EntertainmentFilm is dope.
laslily : @cooperrivers check it out for me
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sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
There's a new @nytimes article out with great archival photos, including many familiar faces, from #SundanceLabs over the years. Check it out at ▶️ Pictured here, from that collection: "#MorganFreeman served as creative adviser during the 1994 directors lab; the Hungarian filmmaker #GyulaGazdag was artistic director that year."
gyulagazdag - morganfreeman - sundancelabs -
amorosahelenamaria : 🌟🌟❤️❤️
armanwindows - myclyq - porathamparo - tamina2505 -
sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
#ParkCity - FREE screening THIS FRIDAY presented in collaboration with the Kimball Arts Festival (@kimballartcenter): The 2012 #Sundance Film Festival U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize and Excellence in Cinematography Award Winner, @beaststhemovie. More Info ▶️ #SundanceLocals
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brony_boy : @fletchf.fletch because this film is just like so many we've seen before. Troll.
datbitchcarol : @kidnissie hushpuppy 🐶💗
juliamaryanova : @deeanarobin
deeanarobin : @juliamaryanova super cool movie!
ruuudysan : One of my favorites
_caromish : @co_labs dude thnx 4 making me watch this
patrickisarobot : HushPuppy!
nicolassambraz : ♥🙏✨🎬🎥 such a powerful film
venegasaly - lionel.bernardin - lawrence_everson - withshubh -
sundanceinstitute - Sundance Institute
Sundance-supported #BestOfEnemies opens in #NY and #LA THIS FRIDAY with more cities to follow. Visit for more info. ABOUT: In the summer of 1968 television news changed forever. Dead last in the ratings, ABC hired two towering public intellectuals to debate each other during the Democratic and Republican national conventions. #WilliamFBuckleyJr. was a leading light of the new conservative movement. A Democrat and cousin to Jackie Onassis, #GoreVidal was a leftist novelist and polemicist. Armed with deep-seated distrust and enmity, Vidal and Buckley believed each other’s political ideologies were dangerous for America. Like rounds in a heavyweight battle, they pummeled out policy and personal insult—their explosive exchanges devolving into vitriolic name-calling. Live and unscripted, they kept viewers riveted. Ratings for #ABCNews skyrocketed. And a new era in public discourse was born. Directed with consummate skill by filmmakers #RobertGordon and #AcademyAward-winning #Sundance Film Festival alum #MorganNeville (Twenty Feet From Stardom), Best of Enemies unleashes a highbrow blood sport that marked the dawn of pundit television as we know it today. #documentary
williamfbuckleyjr - la - robertgordon - gorevidal - ny - sundance - bestofenemies - morganneville - academyaward - abcnews - documentary -
dbendz : Loved this one! A great documentary.
chaissondad : @chaissondad
netters38 : I so hope this comes to a theater near me and/or is on Sundance Docs soon!!
haikugirlmm : #LOVEDit @hotdocsfest #hotdocs2015 #BestofEnemies
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