Julie Jackson

Behind the scenes of Subversive Cross Stitch and Kitty Wigs. Plus way too many photos of my cat and dog co-workers.
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
Working, always working. If you don't have a monthly subscription to the mighty and awesome #yabsticker you should sign up soon! #exclusive
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
Dallas just got a #daisojapan so I bought boobs!
daisojapan -
tomkatsumi : Wow that takes me back... I used to buy these from the ¥100 shop... Never know when you might need boobs.
s_burditt : Please get a pic of these bad boys.
whiskeyish : @subversivecrossstitch Heck yes! I don't do Pocky or the sweets, but the veggie crackers and the dried squid are constantly following us home. They also are a source of tiny erasers in the shape of household goods, so.
bitterglitterpill : Lolwhut
lishdorset : I mean, naturally!
subversivecrossstitch : @s_burditt They're RIDICULOUS. They adhere to your body and something inside makes them inflate when you squeeze them. I should sell them in my shop! I'd have to mark them up to make the drive worthwhile but they're so worth it!
chessiecatsmiles : I need a trip to Dallas now!
jencocreative : Whoa!!!!
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
#Repost from @_eima with @repostapp --- What's a busy pharmacy student to do when she needs a break from studying? Start some #subversivecrossstitch. @subversivecrossstitch
subversivecrossstitch - repost -
swinters87 : @lorrrrrrra yes please
sarasrking : That's super cute! I take meds every day (and those kind of meds people mean when they say 'have you taken your meds today?') - would be nice to have a cute friendly reminder like this that has no judgement attached. Nice one!
subversivecrossstitch : @sarasrking I'm in the same boat!
_eima : @subversivecrossstitch @sarasrking I love this for that reason. So often in the pharmacy we have to talk about compliance with patients (especially for those with hypertension--they hate their meds!). I wish I could make one of these for everyone who starts on a Beta Blocker of ACE-Inhibitor. But then I'd have no time for work or school. ):
subversivecrossstitch : @_eima there's a T-shirt, poster and canvas prints of it in my threadless shop! ;)
sarasrking : Oooh online shop! Cool! @subversivecrossstitch @_eima I am on a mission to find a designer and manufacturer to work together to make a beautiful pill box that suits my needs (days of the week, AM/PM, detachable, big enough etc etc). I hate the hospital looking cheap plastic ones, they just make me remember illness, not inspire wellness! I just wish Lego and Orla Kiely would sit down and have a chat with me and make one. For something I see every day on the bench I would be happy to spend more than $10!! Any tips???
subversivecrossstitch : @sarasrking @_eima I used to have one that just had WTF instead of SMTWTFS. Forget who made them...
sarasrking : Hahahaaha! That's awesome. I'd just have to see what happens the rest of the week... Could be interesting but not great for compliance!! I have bipolar and while hilarity may ensue, I may also end up buying moon real estate or find myself walking to Uluru so I think I'll stick to the full 7 days - that WTF would just be way too tempting!!! :D
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
I need this #iris.apfel necklace! Super long. The movie #iris is so great. #accessorieshunger
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
Working on some cool stuff...coming soon! Borrowed my mom's good scissors, what a difference! They cut through material like buttah! #gingher
gingher -
heynanabread : Cute! What brand?
tucoduco : @heynanabread Gingher
heynanabread : @tucoduco Thank you!
cherilyntx : @subversivecrossstitch oh yeah-- I love my Ginghers.... :-)
subversivecrossstitch : Why don't I ever have better than Fiskars? It never occurs to me. I bet they're costly but worth it. These came my sister the quilter.
subversivecrossstitch : Omg could these be Murikami??
subversivecrossstitch : Okay, no. But very close!
dcbijou : Ginghers are awesome (I own multiple dress shears, haha) and actually pretty affordable if JoAnn has them on sale/you can use a coupon... I think they're less expensive on Amazon too
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
There's nothing quite like our gilded fancy frames to contrast with your smart-alecky stitchin'. Back in stock at or link in bio. #crossstitch
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maliasmark : @tmlmark
tmlmark : YES
wklilly : 😂😂
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
#tbt Paging through mom's giant sewing patterns book.
tbt -
christehancock : I LOVED those mom and my granny always had at least one
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subversivecrossstitch - Julie Jackson
Oh dear.
jadee666 : Those eyes!
subversivecrossstitch : @jadee666 They always catch me by surprise, so beautiful.
fluffandstuff : Pretty
subversivecrossstitch : @cityofpaducah
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