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Hello! Ready to try hand embroidery? C'man. los angeles β€’ also @hellojennyhart
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I've been busy with a special project that I can't show you just yet...
stwotacos : Ack!!!! Can't wait!!
swasni : You have my attention!
sublimestitching : Hmm. It doesn't have anything to do with the bag you see, but mybe it should? @swansi @stwotacos @punkrockhoops
stwotacos : @sublimestitching yes, it should!! πŸ˜‚
essparkuhl : Can't wait to see it.
jah_clark : I will wait patiently.
aisootti : Oh how cool... This is from my parts of the world... This is Tamil , a language spoke in Tamil Nadu of India...
aisootti : Just in case you want to know what it says... The big letter is "Mallikai Vyaparam" which means grocery shop. And on the left it says "Incense, pickles" and on the right "Rice, lentils etc"
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Danke for the product feature @burdastyle!
jah_clark : I have that tool case! ❀️it!
uglybabyandlaru : Me too!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
A peek at the underside
salvaregoods : It's a real party on both sides!
lxbuckle - princess_giggles - larahousebb - marin_nonivet -
sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Field trip to @salvaregoods where Selina has this gorgeous old remnant of metallic embroidery! But, she was pointing out that it's not actually embroidered. All the flourishes are pieces of card cut into shapes, wrapped in metallic thread and appliquéd onto the velvet. Any of you familiar with this technique? #embroidery
embroidery -
vintageandhandmade : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
erinriche : whoa!!! gorgeous...trying this out!!!....
sonicstitches : I did a conservation project for my job on a historic valet jacket from the early 1800s that used that technique. It's padded goldwork. Textiles sure have a hard time holding up to that kind of weight and the inherent vice condition issues with the metallic threads, so this one looks lovely!
whatktthreads : Yes this is all hand embroidered goldwork - all hand sewn over padding, and it's tarnished, it would have been gold to start with. Beautiful work.
liz_robb : @familleribeaucourt !!!
theflklrcompany : Superb!
awestdick5 : 😍
natalie.menacho : @brammble check this out
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I really wanted to stay home today and garden. But embroidery duty calls!
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sublimestitching : #embroideryobligations #selfemployment #discipline
chelseadonovan87 : #mydreamlife
jah_clark : Progress report tomorrow. (on the flower)
rulookinatme2 : Love this...great colors
vhenza : But now it the best time to garden after all the rain!!
sublimestitching : @jah_clark still not open! I'll post when it does 😊🐝
jah_clark : Isn't that something. Enjoy the bud...
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
My eyes are tired from looking at screens all day! Gonna look at books now!
karsenowens : @rekarooo aw thank u
edytaj : Cute stitched fox! @foxworthf
margdierembroidery : Love that book!
gailtwest : @ameliawinters love the fox!
ameliawinters : @gailtwest me too!
jackie2finch : Love the book...and the lil Fox
alpacaqueen77 : @heartnsolerunning the fox!
stitchinthyme : Oh yes thank you!!!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Mega detail #embroidery
embroidery -
thehoopandneedle : so lovely! didn't even notice it was variegated at first.
frenchgeneral : Mastafull!
thebeefychicken : 😍🌈
lindseydok216 : ❀️this
e_chabrains : @totesmckee This is so pretty!
nsnyder1086 : This is so neat! You get such great coverage with your long and short stitch, and you don't split them. I always wondered if that was necessary for that stitch or not.
hi_d : Beautiful !
likesuchas : @_chilaquiles goals
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Hey #quiltcon attendees! Be sure to visit lovely Leslie of @stitchlabatx because she has LOTS of Sublime Stitching goodies for you! Also, in case you're taking a break from checking email while traveling, don't miss my floss sale happening now! ❀️ Eat at Curras and Justine's for me, and kick up your heels at The Broken Spoke! πŸ’ƒ xoxo
quiltcon -
e_chabrains : @totesmckee that's where I ordered my kit from!
mightymadge : Thanks I saw I bought I conquered
aplcreations : @charliemarmalade @mkp_smiley
bernadettesoldsoul : Ordered! So happy.
totesmckee : @e_chabrains you so silly. They have them in Valencia at Serendipity ;)
e_chabrains : @totesmckee Now I find out! I actually asked a friend who I know does cross stitching where I should look and she's in Austin so she directed me to the site. Definitely gonna check it out!
totesmckee : @e_chabrains it's a little harder bc it isn't canvas, but good for you to learn.
gabbe68 : Yum!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Love this embroidered remnant covering Georgia Bettoja's sewing machine. Look up her work! From #worldofinteriors
worldofinteriors -
elizabethpawle : How beautiful!
domesticraft : What a gorgeous piece of work! β™‘
wellapptdesk : @dottieangel I think your sewing machine might need its own embroidery tattoo!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Buddy and bougainvillea along the #lariver
pitweiler - buddyboypuppydog - dogsofinstagram - lariver - puppylove -
sublimestitching : #buddyboypuppydog #pitweiler #dogsofinstagram #puppylove
deenie_daily : @margaret.larson
regianebuny : 😍
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