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i make you embroider stuff then atx now los angeles β€’ also @hellojennyhart
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I've had this gorgeous, embroidered sari for years. Every now and then I take it out and pet it. These are my favorite colors together. Any suggestions for what I should do with it?
geripendle6464 : Have it framed
elquefilms : Beautiful @hsutton1978
hiboudesigns : I can see why you love it! The color combo is amazing... Wear it πŸ’–
aimee0ray : This is gorgeous, I love the colors too. I have a couple vintage sari hanging above windows. :)
hsutton1978 : @elquefilms the soft orange and blue.... Le gorgeous
christehancock : Wear it, put a nail in the wall and hang it as art
robinintheroses : @sublimestitching Get a dress form and display it. I found some neat antique ones and put Victorian dresses on them and I have my "girls" in my guest bedroom.
arlinenash : I think petting it is brilliant! That's what I'd do, too! Beautiful piece!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
As long as we're talking dogs instead of embroidery, I thought I'd share one of my favorite books on the topic!
clfournier : Understand dogs and their ways are SO important. This is a great book!
ojolly : And she's wearing an awesome sweater.
sublimestitching : @ojolly Totally. I have sweater appreciation every time I pick this up.
georgiegirl05 : *runs off to amazon*
alphatiffany : @nurihodges
ms_meliscellaneous : Great book. Changed my life :P
birddog : Enlightening read for sure!
colleenbswanzey : @franicali14 @leannfrank9
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Buddy! #buddyboypuppydog
buddyboypuppydog -
kitty_stitcher : that look lol, contemplating mmm
heethah : What kind of dog is she/he? Mine looks very similar.
jeanlc : Why is he tied up?
sublimestitching : @jeanlc Because I'm really mean! I won't let him bolt into the street any time he gets the urge! @heethah He is 50/50 American Stafforshire Terrier / Rottweiler. 3 yrs old, 100 lbs. Extremely affectionate and goofy. Pound puppy!
sublimestitching : @kitty_stitcher he's a deep thinker
jeanlc : @sublimestitching I thought as much. I'm just as ugly, I won't give my fur kidz chocolate. My youngest, Bean, is going to the vet tomorrow to be neutered and his ears fixed.
sublimestitching : @jeanlc Oh, you're terrible. Our dogs are horribly neglected!
jeanlc : We really are ugly fur parents. Lol. Oh I love your daschund patterns. Have got them to do for a friend and myself. Will post once they are done. Love your skulls too
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I am also taking suggestions for colors we don't have! We have white, plum, blue, canary and pink! Link in profile xo #sublimestitching
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uub : Pale Orange (Creamsicle), Pale Purple (Pinguicula)
dropcloth : Minty green !
loveelamb : A great idea. How about light grey?
tealeaver : I wish (please please please) you would get pastel colored dish cloths. A few years ago Martha Stewart sold some thru Macy's (flour sack kind)) and they were by far my favorite to embroidery on. They were nice and big and beautiful soft colors. Nowhere to be found anymore. πŸ’”
eternaldaughterofanubis : Black, black, and black.
katyaeyesout : Balls now I need those too!
harleywitch13 : Lime green!
mrskeegin : I agree with @eternaldaughterofanubis and Black!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Geraniums are my new favorite. You can ignore them, treat them badly, and when you finally give them some attention they're not mad at you and show up. (Previous owners treated them poorly. I'm being nice to them.) ☺️
jeanlc : @sublimestitching my housemate has put a whole lot of different colours in one planter. Can hardly wait for summer to see all of the different colours. Will post a pic. Am in the southern hemisphere so we are going into winter
swolfmomof3 : Perennial geranium??
threadtheneedle : I saved some from where I worked last summer. They wanted me to throw them in the dumpster! But I took them home and kept them in my kitchen all winter. Now I have gorgeous flower on my porch for free!
sublimestitching : @swolfmomof3 these are. They vine and can be cut and replanted!
margaret.wilson.3591 : Geraniums are very forgiving and they come in lots of colours and types.
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I love this, Amy! @dropdeadquirky #embroidery #negativespace #kanye
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deirdre1013 : @tinkerphila check this out!
dropdeadquirky : Thank you so much!!!!!!!
saabgirlusa : Beautiful!!!!
domesticraft : Very nice!
redheadthread : Lovely black work
ldpatterson : Cool!
eugenika : @ladydilemalive ohhhh
almathenurse : Aff @misslhacer
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
When I made the "Wedding Wishes" pattern sheet, I deliberately left the bride and groom separated so they could also be used to represent a same-sex couple! Don't you have some wedding gifts to make? xo #marriage #equality #sublimestitching
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icepop_lipstick : @charliethyme this made me think of your craftiness !
jasonvanfosson : I've very much appreciated this and have used these patterns for same-sex engagements and weddings (including my own). Thanks for keeping it open.
elisegowphotography : Fabulous idea!!! 🌈🌈🌈🌈
megancasal : @lisaleesespieces I have this one
tyrrhenian : β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ lovely. Thank you.
icestitch42 : β€πŸ‘πŸ˜
adreeneyc : β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Link in profile! #sublimestitching
sublimestitching -
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Progress report #sublimestitching
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sublimestitching : #embroidery #embroideredportrait
nathavic : @carolinexmags
carolxmags : @nathavic hahah animal! To ansiosa pra fazer os meusss
anjinhatelier : @carolviegasatelie
carolviegasatelie : Lindo @anjinhaatelier
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Working on a special project for another Embroidering in Architecture workshop coming up @gamblehouse in Pasadena! Sign ups coming...#sublimestitching
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sublimestitching : #embroidery #embroiderypattern #needlework
fleminggarner : Can't wait!! :)
julie_logsdon : Amazing!!!!!
littlerachpap : @leslie_santina
catladylove : #msfrizzle
celticmommy : I can't wait!!
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