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Hello! Ready to try hand embroidery? C'man. los angeles β€’ also @hellojennyhart
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Now posting artwork over on @hellojennyhart - new works and process, art-related interests and events! (Find out what this is, too.) #embroidery
embroidery -
shmee_jay : What do you use to draw white lines on black fabric?
sublimestitching : @shmee_jay > tools > carbon transfer paper (white) xo
rocknrollhausfrau : It looks awesome!!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
My nieces are natural wood nymphs
batmans_oldlady : I had to buy two of those dresses for my nieces also!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
@imamysedaris is on IG making embroidery jokes
chavabling : I saw this earlier, love!!
anne2067 : Serious skillz there
daphneadair : Nice tip!
allheartandsoul : And tokes jokes.
asilarram : Check this out! @pgod257
atmashaktigi : @kyutihani
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Project sample (the backside) for upcoming Art Of Craft @frenchgeneral
sublimestitching - needlework - embroidery -
stringends : I love seeing the backs!
sublimestitching : @kidgiddy I'm just being lazy πŸ˜‰
kidgiddy : How else would you do it if you don't make knots?
kidgiddy : Just weaving it through the back threads? Are there not supposed to be knots? #totalnewbie
frenchgeneral : πŸ‘πŸ‘§β€οΈ
fatvalleygirl : Is this Art of Craft listed for registration??? @frenchgeneral
karlyinthesky : @erinbodine check out this lady for embroidery inspiration!!
frenchgeneral : @fatvalleygirl sign ups begin in October at
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
A transformative experience: invited to sit for a tintype portrait by @gilesclement • sessions will be held @salvaregoods tomorrow 9/24 from 12-6pm. Advanced appointments advisable, but not required. He's traveling to various cities taking portraits and leaves town soon!
mrslaurenleigh : @jessizie
alikatt679 : Fabulous!!
sublimestitching : Y'all gwan.
laurmac1 : Very cool!
robert_mahar : Oh man, this is freaking amazing! Thanks for the heads up!
sewalittle2 : Wow !! Very cool πŸ˜ƒ
8mm_ideas : I love it!! @sublimestitching
m_o_g_u_l_l : @carson_lancaster maybe he will make his way to SF?
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
"Pack of smokes" hand embroidered handkerchief from @jackspadeny made in Rwanda as a part of their #onpurpose community project. Love it!
jackspade - handembroidery - onpurpose - embroidery -
sublimestitching : #embroidery #handembroidery #jackspade
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
More #moomin designs are coming! Link in profile for those available now! xo #sublimefloss #embroidery
moomin - sublimefloss - embroidery -
catwithfins : I have a feeling this one will be perfect for a fellow moomin-lover who is getting married soon!
malaihearts : @hillbillysweats OMG I need this so ican make us both some crafty goodness 😱 Moomin βœŒοΈπŸ‘Œ
jamslammington : πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
I miss being on the bike. It's been too hot! I've been too busy! Do YOU ride? What and where? 🚴
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zydeco_oneill : Trash truck
lewismauk : Coco,s
lewismauk : Oops: Coco's
sublimestitching : @zydeco_oneill πŸ‘
happy_zombie : I have a Felt (and her name is Bike) and it's the best bike I've ever had. Here in Astoria I ride on the Riverwalk and on the trails at Ft. Stevens state park. If you're ever on the North Oregon coast, bring your bike for some beautiful riding!
hoothoothello : I learned my lesson from riding my beach cruiser in 99+ degreesπŸ˜“ My bf and I rode up a hill and when I got to the top at a stop light I felt light headed. As we were waiting for the light to change my foot completely missed the sidewalk and I fell hard bringing my bike down with me. When I looked up not only did I just miss the light change, but my bf was already across the street and of course some people were laughing at my fall from their cars😭 Can't wait for fall thoughπŸƒπŸ‚πŸš²
naddiem : @pugstagramjc just my pac stopped for a latte
emeeba : Love the colors!
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Regram from @collagepdx of all the #sublimestitching stuff they have in stock! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’ƒπŸ™
sublimestitching -
vasseliki : I tape my drawing design to a window, tape fabric over it, and trace away
dancingqueen11_11 : @warriorandrea I want some glow in the dark thread!
canchop : Hey question, I've been buying your pdf patterns for a while now and I love them. When you buy the actual transfer sheet are the patterns bigger?
sublimestitching : @canchop yes! The transfers are about oh, 10% larger than the pdfs
sublimestitching : And thank you! ☺️
sublimestitching : @shovelandspool welcome to the wonderful world of embroidery transfers! And 😚 @maria.anderson
shovelandspool : @maria.anderson hi I have a transfer pen but was looking for an easier way as I'm always having to trace my drawing or writing then repeated the image again ! Really I'm drawing over three time ha ha x
maria.anderson : @shovelandspool have you tried Frixion pens? You can draw with them directly on the fabric, and then when you're finished stitching, iron it and it disappears. It's insane.
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sublimestitching - Sublime Stitching
Three things I got today that are making me REALLY happy: funny face vase, glass deck prism paperweight from @salvaregoods and a copy of Got a Girl Crush! πŸ‘ @gotagirlcrush #gotagirlcrush Now back to werk for this jerk.
gotagirlcrush -
akiiiiiiiiiiiii : Beautiful paper weight!
jaimeisbionic : I almost bought one of those deck prisms when I was in the Outer Banks recently. Still wish I had.
gotagirlcrush : thanks for ordering a copy!! xo
tuesdaybassen : I'm so happy you like it! You rule!
sublimestitching : @tuesdaybassen @gotagirlcrush xoxo πŸ’•πŸ’‹
mischaleemade : I've never seen those cups anywhere else but in my cabinet!
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