Twin mama. Treadmill lover. 3:17 marathoner. Blogger. Mizuno & FitFluential Ambassador. ACE fitness pro. Kitchen experimenter. Big dreamer.
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stuftmama - Kristin
Giving away a 30-day supply of my favorite CocoaVia supplements on the blog! (Link in profile.) Healthy aging by promoting cardiovascular health? Yes please! I've been taking these for years and have my mom hooked too. #healthyaging #cocoavia #giveaway #cocoa #flavanols #circulatoryhealth #supplements #cardiovascularhealth
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stuftmama - Kristin
Let's do this. (Trying to get motivated. Ha.) #runtime #fitfluential #netflix #ifit #treadmill #mizuno #wavesayonara #gotime #themindyproject
themindyproject - netflix - mizuno - gotime - treadmill - wavesayonara - runtime - ifit - fitfluential -
athleticworx : Do Worx! #Athleticworx
carleemcdot : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
mommyrunfast : I hear ya! Go mama!
ashleymammel : YOU are amazing! And your dedication inspires us all!!
gracetorun : Love Mindyproject!!!
shannondempsey : Go Kristin!!
bobbiec16 : @stuftmama is your television attached to the treadmill or nearby? How do you hear it?
bobbiec16 : I need something to get me through dreadmill miles
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stuftmama - Kristin
Yes it's necessary to eat pumpkin pie roasted kabocha squash and purple potatoes on a daily basis during the fall. It's also necessary to add @eatnuttzo and some homemade @vega_team chocolate and vanilla protein sauce just because. It might not be pretty, but it's delicious. πŸ˜‰ #myffmeal #fuelyourbetter #kabochasquash #proteinsauce #purplesweetpotato #yum #healthy #vegasport #fitfluential #ilovecarbs #squash #nuttzoathlete
fuelyourbetter - nuttzoathlete - healthy - kabochasquash - squash - myffmeal - yum - ilovecarbs - vegasport - proteinsauce - purplesweetpotato - fitfluential -
runningonveggies : It is pretty! And I want a bite
angelasfitlife : I freakin wish I could easily find kabocha without driving an hour!😭
joanned3 : Your roasted kabocha always looks so perfect. You have skills!
fitness_feens8 : What temperature do you roast your kabocha!? It looks so good!! @stuftmama
jamijungquist : I roasted some pumpkin pie kabocha last night at 400 for 30 min, and it turned out sooo dry. Ever have this problem? @stuftmama
fitmomintraining : Oh how I wish @eatnuttzo was available here. It looks amazing!!!
sun_salt : 😍
truth2beingfit : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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stuftmama - Kristin
These @procompression leggings are my favorite! They're on sale right now for $50 (instead of $80) and with code STUFT14 you can get an additional 40% off and free shipping! I did the math and that's $32.50 total for a pair of these awesome leggings with the tax included! What a deal. Just had to share! Happy Monday! #procompression #keepittight #leggings #myfavorite #fitgear #workoutwear #fitfluential
workoutwear - leggings - procompression - myfavorite - fitgear - keepittight - fitfluential -
procompression : Colors on point.
_jessgetsfit_ : Thanks! I just ordered some. Any chance you have a Handful coupon code? I ordered one a while back and love it. I need to get another. @stuftmama
stuftmama : @_jessgetsfit_ yes!!! Email me! I'll send it to you!
stuftmama : @meredithwietzkemccain stop it silly. Your tush is tiny!
you_little_minx : I miss u. My body misses u. I am almost all better. Bending is still pretty painful, but maybe we can take it easy? No burpees😜
stuftmama : @you_little_minx I miss you too! Yes- we can take it easy!!!πŸ˜„
dishouttawater : No Way @stuftmama???!! Really??! Ummmm...I might have to order some now 😍😍😍
dishouttawater : @stuftmama And, thank you for that! Just ordered a pair 😜
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stuftmama - Kristin
I'm up way too late, but it's so worth it after being in the moment and focusing on these guys all weekend. #1000gifts #blessed #family #stuftboys #countingblessings #grateful #somanydeepthoughtsatthemoment #ffcheckin #lifeisgood #lovetheseguys
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truth2beingfit : Perfect!!! I went to sleep late but it would have been later of I had done a real post today. Focused on family yesterday. πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’—
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stuftmama - Kristin
My favorite apples. #jazzapples #favorites #feltlikesharing #traderjoes #fitfluential #apples #fall #jazz #yum
feltlikesharing - traderjoes - jazz - jazzapples - yum - apples - favorites - fall - fitfluential -
igfitcouples : Love your page!
katrinaruns : I don't believe I've ever had Jazz. I'm enjoying the Honey crisp while they are in season πŸ…(pretend it's an apple πŸ˜‰)
virgo_monique : nice :)
betsymaries : I love all apples! @stuftmama why avoid red apples?
stuftmama : @betsymaries I just think they're too mushy, same with Gala. I need done extra crunch. Ha. You?
stuftmama : @katrinaruns have you seen the ginormous ones that @traderjoesgrocery has? They are awesome!
katrinaruns : @stuftmama I have not but when our TJ opens next spring, I'll add it to the list!
dishouttawater : Yes!!! We just had some of these too! SO tasty!!!! I'm also a big fan of the honeycrisp πŸŽπŸ˜‹
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stuftmama - Kristin
Naturally on the only race free weekend of the month we go cheer for our awesome friends. Laurie rocked it! Woot! Congrats to everyone out there racing today! #espritdeshe #sandiego #triathlon #stuftboys #race #doingthecheerleadingthing #fitfluential #happysunday
triathlon - sandiego - espritdeshe - doingthecheerleadingthing - happysunday - race - stuftboys - fitfluential -
carleemcdot : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
itzyskitchen : So cute
mommyrunfast : It's fun to be on the other side sometimes!!
heatherzakhar : Awesome! I was down there cheering on the Saddleback Tri Team!!
rmscarlson : I was running the sprint and saw your husband, I yelled out "Hey, that's stuftmama's husband" I'm sure he thought I was crazy! LOL
stuftmama : @rmscarlson That was you??? I yelled back at you, but then he told me that you were talking about him, not me. LOL. Congrats on your race!
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stuftmama - Kristin
Partying it up this Saturday night with some @annieshomegrown whole wheat mac and cheese with chili peppers, hot sauce, nutritional yeast and steamed broccoli. Complete with @zevialife grape soda that I've randomly been craving all day and a movie night with my boys! We're crazy! 😁 #movienight #macandcheese #dinner #annieshomegrown #zevia #fitfluential #myffmeal #spicy #saturdaynight
zevia - saturdaynight - spicy - dinner - myffmeal - movienight - macandcheese - annieshomegrown - fitfluential -
fivetenfitnessfanatic : Mmmmmmmm, @zevialife Just mmmmmmm. 😍😍😍
going_dad : Not sure if you like goat cheese, but next time you make @annieshomegrown WW mac and cheese, add a big lump of creamy goat cheese in addition to your other toppings. The taste and smell are perfection! Oh yeah, and always have a @zevialife to wash it down!
stuftmama : @going_dad I actually did that. I use goat cheese cream cheese and nutritional yeast instead of the packet it comes with. Great minds think alike!!!!!!
caitiebug_19 : Yum!!!
going_dad : Awesome, I was wondering if I was just "preaching to the choir" on that one. Guess I was! My wife is a huge goat cheese fan and anytime I mess up her meal, I just add goat cheese for instant redemption! Totally agreed; great minds DO think alike! Have a great night and rest of the weekend!
mhoekstr : i need to try zevia!!
lift2runfar : Your food always makes me drool! πŸ˜‹
zevialife : So. Much. YUM! ❀️ #zeviamunch
misspinkkate - kgrimes526 - vk_davies - hazenburg18 -
stuftmama - Kristin
Not ideal to do a long run in the middle of the day, but that's just how life works sometimes. Thanks to my #18withfriends buddies for the motivation! I had an extra long time out there to enjoy the Southern CA fall weather. It wasn't easy and I particularly did not like the many hills today, but it was glorious! Happy Saturday! @mizunorunning @procompression #mizuno #nycmarathon #nyin2weeks #fitfluential #cocoavia #marathontraining #running #socal #fall #ffcheckin #keepittight #waveinspire10 #1000gifts #lifeisgood
ffcheckin - 18withfriends - waveinspire10 - nycmarathon - marathontraining - mizuno - nyin2weeks - lifeisgood - running - cocoavia - fall - 1000gifts - socal - keepittight - fitfluential -
dasilentassassin : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
runningwithsd : @stuftmama WTG!!! πŸ‘ Glorious fall sky I see! Sure helps!
pavementrunner : We are killing it this weekend.
pammy_2014 : Lol love the #18withfriends !! If I would've known of this I would've stopped at 18 instead of 19.2! πŸ˜‰ great job my friend!!! See you soon!!!! 😘
procompression : Nice work crew.
stuftmama : @pammy_2014 you are a rock star friend!!!! I barely made 18.
nicoledeboom : @stuftmama Kudos for getting it done. Midday long runs are not my favorite thing either!
truth2beingfit : Beautiful & yes, cooler weather!!!!
irondiva71 - lift2runfar - cowgirltuff77 - swerdnak72 -
stuftmama - Kristin
Good morning! Soccer time! Keep your eyes on the ball boys. Ha ha. #stuftboys #soccer #activefamily #saturdayfun #fitfluential #family
family - activefamily - stuftboys - fitfluential - soccer - saturdayfun -
heyhay9 : Awww such a cutie!!
kaileymichellee : SO CUTE
stuftmama : @mommyrunfast isn't it so fun?
lil_foodie : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ is that your other boy in the background??? So hilarious
stuftmama : @lil_foodie yes!!!!! 😁
nicoledeboom : @stuftmama I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Yikes!!!
robynbaldwin : Look woman I have abs!!!
truth2beingfit : 😍😍😍😍😍
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