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steveberra - steveberra
Repost from my friend @tddbllrd - I remember all those kids at school that were dicks and made fun of people and bullied around the somewhat awkward kids. It's not so funny anymore. They all grew up and life had a way if paying them back. Be kind. Respect people. The world needs you.
thebieberhole_69 : They're all just peaking in high school. They'll get what they deserve
fepetrucci : Fuck yeah Berra!!! SKATEBOARD! RESPECT!
brandonsickles : Hell yeah Berra!
tylersmith_ : @joyous777
andrewpwarcraft : πŸ‘I'm a public school teacher in Philadelphia and this is awesome.
marisolnichols : Love.
astronot_ : @steveberra could yu bless me with tickets to streetleague to see the best compete
rayfernandezdoe : YesπŸ‘
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steveberra - steveberra
unf4th0mable : @iwillneverbeyou thank you for serving sir
be_lujan : How bad is America? Really think about it. Sure there are hidden agendas to go to war or be in foreign countries but America has done more for other countries then they have for their own for centuries. Massive areas are still dirt roads, come on people..
mc_onsno : #no
johnnno : Kill them all. Kill every single one of those mother ****ers. Obama needs press the red button!
ekamandarin : Nice
bretto841 : America is often the oppressor but this Isis is just monsterous butchering innocent people just because they will not comply to there religion.
rayfernandezdoe : r.i.pπŸ‘
rayfernandezdoe : πŸ™
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steveberra - steveberra
A long time ago I started using a typewriter to express myself as a writer after I realized I couldn't use a guitar, the piano, or my voice to do it as a musician. I never thought skateboarding would turn into what it did. I think we all try to find a way to express ourselves. I think we aren't living unless we are. About 5 years ago I tried getting these keys tattooed on my forearms, but the artist and I just couldn't see eye to eye on how it should be... so I put it on hold.
kaarins : @hambone509 do it
devilsbeauty : @jojomiller666
erikachristensen : I totally remember that.
ninepoundhammer : πŸ‘
__cup_o_joe : I learned how to type on a type writer thanks to my grandma. Download the typewriter app. @steveberra I think Harrison ford came up with the app.
jonny_chinaski_giger : πŸ‘Œ
__cky____ : Your part in the dvs skate more was the best! I watch it all the time and thats one of the best skate movie parts ever berra! @steveberra
lurkerkills : Great stuff Steve. Hey just wondering if the berrics would ever have a chrome cast setting to use on mobile @steveberra
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steveberra - steveberra
Coconut Records
justsayruh : My jam! @steveberra
juan_smith : @esquirrely haha
scotttakai : Thank you for helping me find this beautiful song!
dangerdamian : Jason schwartzman's band. Kind of crazy
oh_josh_darnit : @legendofmaxine
ughhah : πŸ’“πŸ’“
jonny_chinaski_giger : πŸ‘Œ
kennyjmack : @mattdiener
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steveberra - steveberra
Please make more music, Jason.
kuyadayn : love
sparrowsk8s : @billy_marks could be his stunt double/ Harlem globe trotter
bhigaj : Bring back #BoredToDeath
vexavexa : Yes!!!
jonny_chinaski_giger : Waiting on it for a long time..
ibuildpixels : @brandon_butternutts hahahahaha
adrian.garcia09 : @sebastian_42o
mollienixxx : #westcoast
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steveberra - steveberra
Without a guy like this there could be no guys like you. One of the major building blocks of our culture has passed away, but his influence over it will never be passé. Til we meet again, Jay. Thank you for being you. @jboyadams
ljthvtstoner : @kbk1ll3r I was at work when it happened bro
kbk1ll3r : @ljthvtstoner ok
ljthvtstoner : @kbk1ll3r ha yup
jackpaster : True legend. RIP #zboys #dogtown
zaf_yusof : RIP
_shoutouts_1456 : @shoutout.helperz got me 1k
sabrenorris : πŸ™
jwmayo : Beautifully put @steveberra
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steveberra - steveberra
Every day the ecosystem of life suffers great rupture. Today, even more so. Until we all meet you again.
kipsol : Thank you Mr. Robin Williams
matderi : @mehrdadghaderiz
dnschivell : r.i.p dawgπŸ™πŸ‘Šhope ur in a better place..gone to soon:(
hope_you_enjoi : Are you lost did you not read what I just wrote? I'm a Cristian I know what I'm talking about haha @jenniferx____ "Childish" know what you are saying before you do
joebuffi : Rip he put a smile on everyone's face and is known as the worlds funniest man, we will and always have loved you
guicuton : Saadly lost
jillianspeer : Beautifully said. Thank you. πŸ’“
l0r3nz007734 : Gonna miss you in the living buddy, but you live on in my memories and my heart and in your movies, Rest now my friend.♥♥:'(
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steveberra - steveberra
I don't have a lot, but I have this.
noodlepuffedyermom : @crabsandrainbows
crabsandrainbows : @noodlepuffedyermom I believe in YOU!
skatingjosh : πŸ™
issackinz_ : Thank you Steve
greasymophead : I think you've probably got a lot as well as that.......
dmetty : Me too bro @steveberra
seaveystreet : @mandamrie
kim_cherryhomes : ✌️
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steveberra - steveberra
josie_feeny : πŸ™Œ
chase_doege : Why
shriane : @tellyvizion
lazzihex : There are those that do, and those that criticize.
willjameskerr : I'd rather live a realist than die a romantic, but in between, in the quite moments of darkest night you can dream, and you can be whatever you want to be.
brendengrauling : I sent a dm
_skategram : Yo I know you heard about what's going on hear in stl
angelplanb84 : Follow back plz
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steveberra - steveberra
Every once in awhile, some fun goes down at the @berrics
headinthegutter : @glenhammerle Pshhhh I was there ;)
margguido : Little niggaaaaa @valeyoum
jasonhouck1 : Rad...
akidnameddirty : Man your a mofukin g dude so awesome.
g_redda : make a battle commander @steveberra
adamsb13 : #skateboardingisfun
jimthiebaud : Rad
skateboarderpho_life : I wish I could go skate at the @berrics it would be a dream come true :)
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