STAPLES Center is the sports & entertainment center of the world. Home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.
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staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
How amazing does Bette Midler look? #BetteMidler
bettemidler -
april_disneylover : @kimmy42188 she sung songs from Beaches too! Had no idea she would be there, or I would have gone!
kimmy42188 : Omg there doing something special at WDW for Halloween 😍😍 @april_disneylover
woody_1000 : Sounded great too!
_saruhdmacius : I just love her @cortez5610
cortez5610 : And she still looking good @_saruhdmacius
littlewoman85 : @mabear79 love the dress
rositasadventure : πŸ‘
sicilialawoman : She looks Awesome!
justin_alvarado1994 - orangecountyturf - bere_356_ - esterbar_montana_ -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
#Repost @mylalive with @repostapp. ・・・ Check out Kendrick Lamar on top of the light post in front of STAPLES Center today shooting a music video! See him back here on June 27 at BET Experience. #kendricklamar #BET
kendricklamar - bet - repost -
melodyismusic : @allen_zohrabians CURRENTLY LISTENING TO HIM AND SEE THIS
aidens.mama : @1deeptilim6deep
kevv_ii : @crithb
pdaddy_8 : Damn
isabee4 : @iliebee
hotwingharry : @hazel.vee
meannou : @ava_x7 cool
acarrillolex : @joceee5 @paulrvega
ncryan27 - justin_alvarado1994 - ericvirgines - orangecountyturf -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Tonight we the incredible Bette Midler back at STAPLES Center for the first time in over ten years! Doors open at 6:30 PM and show starts and 8:00 PM (*times subject to change). #BetteMidler
bettemidler -
drizzy1124 : @ej_1124drake
brownxbearx : @gr00vechick get it!!
pasteldecafe : @r21bruce
stephenmcramer : I'll be there!
johnlachenmaier : @damnit_jill
bwaraksa : @serge19 @kylie_elizzabeth @megstraw I wonder if she'll sing "I put a spell on you"
supermarito : @babylove908
woody_1000 : She did!
ncryan27 - bryce_tillo_33 - 1b_mark - vividiaz3232 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Don't ever forget this! #MemorialDay
memorialday -
kasraestedadi : First
annette212 : Amen
adrien.abastillas_ : 3rd
six2sixmonrovia - cpkepicnation - justin_alvarado1994 - gifted614 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
One week from tonight Bette Midler will be bringing her "Divine Intervention" Tour to STAPLES Center. Select tickets are available at #BetteMidler
bettemidler -
supermarito : @babylove908 @88chatis
stephenmcramer : I'll be there!
babylove908 : @supermarito I'm super excited. My first time seeing her concert
88chatis : @supermarito Can't wait!!
jared.cutting - anuskiewiczaidan - the8a_1958 - edub2005 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
REMINDER: Tickets to see Zedd here on September 18th go on-sale TODAY at 12:00 PM (PST). #Zedd #TrueColors
truecolors - zedd -
chachmamba : @bamtasticgirl
chuckie33 : @mrcheese714
supermarito : @jerryriveraa
sweetpea1329 : Can't wait!!! @ksuaco @mrs.zedd @stayfit_kris πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
adriansleeps_oncouches :
angcorral : @carlitooos vamos!!!
38eiram_nej : @jessiedee27 @jax_nail
jax_nail : Yeeaahh! !!!πŸ˜€ @38eiram_nej
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staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
#Repost @lakers with @repostapp. ・・・ The Lakers snag the #2 pick in the 2015 @NBADraft!! #LakersDraft
lakersdraft - 2 - repost -
fatherchrisss : I'm a proud clippers fan πŸ˜‹
ak_blakely : @jcxceja__ preach πŸ™Œ
johne03 : @jnt.ypz
aliciaesp15 : πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’œπŸ’›
marquislee4 : Winslow
beaubenson36 : @ed_raya88 it's ok the cap room is going to go up a lot in the 16-17 season so we can get a better bench
tee7575 : @fatherchrisss Please...all the Lakers fans think that all the Clips fans are new. I am not and I know others are longtime suffering fans. The definition of fan is that you are a fan during the good and bad times. Half of these guys - I bet- hardly watched the Lakers play this year. They only know good times and don't know how to be real fans. Lakers have sucked these past 3 years because of Kobe and his selfishness. Let's see if the Lakers fans are patient enough to see this new era through. My money is that they won't be...
mokai74 : I am an old time clipper fan as well. It's been lots suffering years but it's okay.
jared.cutting - vic_torito_7 - tbhcaterina - mbonilla006 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
#Repost @lakers with @repostapp. ・・・ The ping pong balls start bouncing at 5:30pm PT on ESPN. #NBADraftLottery #LakersDraft
lakersdraft - nbadraftlottery - repost -
jonbanx : I'm having a blast. #ClipperNation #clippers @jerad_k_olson97 #ClipperNation #clippers
_562_crowell : #clippernation
jerad_k_olson97 : It's a shame you're a dodger fan to, giving the true LA teams a bad rep...smh @jonbanx
jonbanx : Hahahaha @jerad_k_olson97 #ClipperNation #clippers #DodgerGang
jerad_k_olson97 : #Lakers#Dodgers#Kings#Raiders @jonbanx
jonbanx : Lol the lakers and the raiders?? Two losing teams lol @jerad_k_olson97
jerad_k_olson97 : lol that's 19 championships between the two #facts
jerad_k_olson97 : @jonbanx
m4jon - anuskiewiczaidan - _allstarlifestyle_ - edub2005 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Congrats to Nicki Minaj on her nomination for BET Best Female Hip Hop Artist and congrats to Kendrick Lamar for his nomination for BET Best Male Hip Hop Artist. Catch them both at STAPLES Center for the BET Experience June 25-28 at #NickiMinaj #KendrickLamar #BET #BETAwards
betawards - nickiminaj - bet - kendricklamar -
nickyplain : If that b**h wins I'm sooo going to lose hope for America...
truecalderon : Of Nicki Minaj wins We Riot #WeRiot
level420eric : We already know she won. That shit fake... Only one who deserves to win is Kendrick Lamar
pdaddy_8 : Minaj πŸ˜•
therealbridgetmiller : @lauracolemann @vanessaseawright @jasmine_alam @megan_carroll BET round two?
jasmine_alam : @therealbridgetmiller too bad I'll be doing school all summer 😩
mr_clippers - larry_big_bird_6222 - anuskiewiczaidan - abuzanad2000 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
@ktlamorningnews Mark Mester hit the shot so one lucky Twitter follower of Lee Zeidman will win tickets to @lakings @lakers @laclippers opening night. Follow him now and tweet him why he should pick you.
trevorbloom23 : I would be happy with just the kings tickets
tee7575 : F*# the haters. Lakers fans need to chill out. There is no need to hate on the Clippers. These are all good guys who were trying to bring a championship to LA. Y'all are sounding like insecure bullies. Cheering for their loss is so classless and mean. Grow up. #CLIPPERNATION #LakerNationShouldGrowUp
clipset909 : Real talk @tee7575
p_in_ur_butt : Yup proud to say im a clipper fan im also a la kings fan and a laker fan but they way the laker fans were acting on here and fb @tee7575 got it right. They sounded like lil kids they were probably the same ones that flipped n lite cars on fire when the lakers won a championship #lobcity they better resign dj
mattanm99 : Go kings go fuck basketball
mattanm99 : @christiandeoliveira hahahaha
pdaddy_8 : Wrong home court πŸ’›πŸ’œ
mokai74 : πŸ”΅πŸ”΄
mr_clippers - jared.cutting - sleepytisi - niki_los_angeles -
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