STAPLES Center is the sports & entertainment center of the world. Home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.
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staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Happy Birthday @lakings forward Tyler Toffoli from all of your fans & friends at @staplescenterla #LAKings #HappyBirthday
lakings - happybirthday -
this_guy_has_cali4nia_swagger : My guy
kinggoldchaainz : @jesse_tapia61
mattanm99 : Happy birthday, TT
noanelson : HBD love u Toffoli
joon.b_524 : HBD TT!
gabriel25._ : Go sharks
baileylak72 : @manduhh86
joshschaefer5 : This day last year we took game 4 from SJ and the birthday boy scored in the McFlurry minute. #never forget
adam_whale - puckjoy - sbonilla2230 - aidanmclure3104 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Happy Birthday to the very talented @kellyclarkson! Don't miss when she performs here this summer with special guests @ptxofficial & @erichutchinson on August 19th. Select tickets are available at
blakroze90 : Should we go @xobello
abigail.grace14 : Happy birthday @kellyclarkson it's my birthday too!!!!
albertomonsterr : @_dalmaperez 🌚
cguzman_101 - vividiaz3232 - abigail.grace14 - ulysses34237 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
We are headed to OT! Let's do this @laclippers. #WeAreLA
wearela -
runningboard : @calheel 21-61 is your team. Man up and accept the present.
runningboard : The more bitch made laker fans mention banners, the more yall remind everyone the fall from greatness and how disgraceful your current squad is. No Phil, no prime Kobe, no Nash, no Dwight Howard. A first round pick cannot stop the dark times. So please keep reminding us of what you had years ago, because its pathetic πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
calheel : @runningboard The Clips will never fall from greatness, BECAUSE THEY WILL NEVER GET THERE. Clipper bandwagon fans need to wake up and realize LA will forever be about #Lakernation. Win or lose. #neveraRing #neveraBanner #neveraParade
runningboard : @calheel lolll 21-61. LAKER ERA OVER. we got multi year contracts with multiple star players. we got a future. you have a past #Fact #BitchMade #LakerFan
calheel : @runningboard Too bad your "star" player lost game 2 at the end with those two big turnovers. #BigChokeTeam. Come back when your "multi-contract" team can get out of the first round. Lakers will win another 'ship before Clips.
runningboard : @calheel "lakers will win before clips" lolllll u fucking moron. im done here. enjoy the draft you cum guzzler.
tocarrytheflame : HAHAHA
calheel : Hahahahaha #blowout
_almightyj0hns0n - andrewpaleto - luke_earnest23 - art.ekm -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Almost ready for tip off!! #WeAreLA
wearela -
vam1324 : Buns! Wack ass shit.
e_rod_88 : @mr_glo don't see any clippers statues out there lol!
king_jagraj_23 : Lakernation bitchesss
nicky2432 : Lakers forever
nicky2432 : How come I don't see any clipper statues down there ??πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
boss435 : Clippers need to move to Anaheim!
ashwxo : @j_rainero I spy with my little πŸ‘€..πŸ”₯
_tezil_ : #WeAreLA = We Are Losers Again @losangeleslakers @bleedpurpleandgold @kellicaaren
boyboii2005 - _almightyj0hns0n - benjijay33 - art.ekm -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
@blakegriffin32 getting warmed up before Game 2. #WeAreLA
wearela -
steelphotos_ : Must be a fakers fan^
jamalcristopher : @vam1324 hater
vam1324 : We got 16 you got nothing. What am I "Hating" on? lol! πŸ˜‚
vam1324 : @jamalcristopher
bradtoorad : @vam1324 you know what hating even means? You're literally hating right now lmfao you ever wonder why everyone hates laker fans? You're why
vam1324 : @bradtoorad They hate us cause they ain't us.
calheel : Series tied after tonight.
_tezil_ : #WeAreLA = We Are Losers Again πŸ˜‚ @lakersworld16 @lakersscene
camonnecobbins09 - tyl1212b - andrewpaleto - queen.of.roblox -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
The arena is looking good tonight and warm ups are underway! #WeAreLA
wearela -
swaggyg22 : Lakers
vam1324 : Laker city!!! We own 16 you own nothing but a good few seasons... But nothing successful.
jamalcristopher : @vam1324 dude chill lmao the lakers watching the clips tonight just like you i know that 20 win season was tough to live through but its gonna be alright i promise.
vam1324 : @jamalchristopher Damn son, hop off my dick. Did my comments really get your attention?
vam1324 : @jamalcristopher
camonnecobbins09 - 1b_mark - lar_86 - acraven17 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Tip off is in just 3 hours! @laclippers vs. @spurs Game 2. #WeAreLA
wearela -
rayrocha2 : Lmao sick as comeback πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @chrisss_kinggg
vam1324 : @rayrocha2 Nigga you gay
vam1324 : @rayrocha2 Nigga you gay as fuck.
vam1324 : @rayrocha2 Bruh? Yeah you definitely gay you bitch nigga.
cncpyro : @vam1324 @rayrocha2 ROFLMAO!!!
vam1324 : @rayrocha2 Go look in the mirror and figure it out.
vam1324 : @rayrocha2 Hop off my dick you gay ass nigga.
joshschaefer5 : That hashtag is the funniest thing I've ever seen. THATS CUTE
seth_fillmore - adam_whale - wtonriddimz7 - ava.lac -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
All fans in attendance tonight will receive this awesome shirt! #WeAreLA
wearela -
branden_farrington : I respect that @og_xray and naw I've been loyal to clips since like 2009
matsimpkins : #ClipperNation
amandambaduria : @lerlsauce Try to grab one for me! Haha JK 😜
rick13 : @leftfootofgod_15 you guys are in the Lakers locker room right now! go back to San Diego. This will always be Laker Nation
leftfootofgod_15 : @rick13 go back to Minnesota
jeremiahharville24 : @og_xray they're originally from Buffalo
la_thrash16 : @leftfootofgod_15 πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ Nice.
pdaddy_8 : Lakertown all day
mjdrakemoonwalker - benjijay33 - _almightyj0hns0n - art.ekm -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Happy Earth Day from all of us at STAPLES Center! #earthday
earthday -
22gmgj22 : ITS MY BIRTHDAY TOO! Go clips!!! Win tonight
sirijale : 2nd comment
joseq32 - hockey_freak122567 - queen.of.roblox - acraven17 -
staplescenterla - STAPLES Center
Tonight the Los Angeles Clippers defend home court and host the San Antonio Spurs for Game Two of their first round playoff match up. Tip-off is at 7:30 PM. #WeAreLA #Clippers #Spurs #NBA #Playoffs
playoffs - nba - wearela - spurs - clippers -
littleklaus : Perfect πŸ‘Œ
mynameismelinie : Going! :)
lakerfanatic1990 : Go Spurs!
pdaddy_8 : Spurs should tie this up
jackson.boyd : Let's go clips
christian.vaillant : Go Spurs I'm goingπŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ€
arnaugaspa : #ClippersNation
lil_men_0308 - ulysses34237 - _harrisonbaxter_ - pkfoodtruck -
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