Skatepark of Tampa

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spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
@ishodwair Backside Nosegrind up the escalator during practice for Tampa Pro 2012. #skateparkoftampa - @lukepallone
skateparkoftampa -
amainstreamhipsta : CANT WAIT TILL SAT!
_callmegeddy : Where can I find those kind of socks?
captain_jackelstun : Flowing
coookie_doe : Overcroook
mwkells444 : I remember see @ishodwair smashing these all day.
dizz2l3 - josh_hoops_harvey - mrshittooth - clarke_lauderdale -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
#SPoTLife Finals & Best Trick edit from #DamnAm Portugal is up now on the site. Thanks again to all our sponsors and to everyone who killed it all weekend. Full results and more at - πŸ“Ή: @frankbranca | @ridechannel @volcomskate @independenttrucks @dakineskate @boneswheels @zumiez @hellaclips @redbullskate @thrashermag @moche #volcomdamnam #cascais
damnam - cascais - volcomdamnam - spotlife -
anthony9922 : Wat is the mofo song????
burgersandgin : πŸ‘
thomaskring : Super dope edit. Thanks everyone. Dope shit Frank good work
peterrrsweeney : Fucking songggff
180skateshop : It was an amazing weekend!!
madmax898 : Lamest song dudes! Wtf!
madmax898 : @yungdooom hahaha
madmax898 : So true @yungdooom
medalmash - henriquemenezesb - 559_angel - quintonrod22 -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
9 year old @danedowding is getting started early here at our SPoT Summer Camp! Thanks again to @vans @thundertrucks and @spitfirewheels for sponsoring us this week. - @blackjosh
josh_williford : I got showed up by a 9 year old @brandonlhall
dominicb22 : That 180 was switch too #props
senorskate : @brokethemc it was switch tho
vascopaisgt : @afonsorf
afonsorf : @vascopaisgt fds
__henryluis : @davidduvall you
mike23mueller : @sethgraper my son in a few
drumgodd69 : I wish I could skate like that kid lol
sk8dex - estebansaenz - joeyy_johnsonn - danndamasceno -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Thanks to our sponsors @vans @thundertrucks and @spitfirewheels this camper got hooked up with some cool product today! We give out prizes through out the week during summer camp. Sign up at
jqcob : He looks like he put in hella work
cook_noah : @buttermymuffins24 your bro? πŸ˜‚
infamouslyweird : Oh shit I got the same trucks and color scheme wheels, bones right?
figagrowa : Is there an age limit for skate camp?? ;-). Lol
knowcomply : I am definitely going to camp next year @spottampa
tj_turnt_up : I have the same bored
lolleffler : I got spitfire wheels
abiqawari - sk8_for_life__ - elalemancubano - i.skate.mental -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
#damnam Portugal is a wrap! Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone that helped out along the way. Congrats to @nassimguammaz for first place and @hermannstene for a close second. Check out some photos at and stay tuned for a #SPoTLife edit coming soon. πŸ“·: @flatspotmag @mathijstromp | @volcomskate @independenttrucks @dakineskate @boneswheels @zumiez @hellaclips @redbullskate @thrashermag #volcomdamnam
damnam - volcomdamnam - spotlife -
java_ko : 2nd most legit contest in skateboarding .....number 1 is and always will be the TAMPA PRO!!!
redbullskate : Congrats @nassimguammaz
guilhermejustus : @xalaoo Oiá ai pia... Achei que era você até na gringa
xalaoo : πŸ™πŸ˜œπŸ˜²
jdogcasanova : Such a sick photo
henriqueperuca : Um crooks ou uma voadora? Kkkkkk @denner_dsa @fellreis @cyromiranda7
_paaulojuan : Niceeee
alex_l_neto : The guy on the foto should have won this contest he killed it !
mcabrera02 - riokuda - kojo_69 - kiiko_alves -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Check out our ad in the new issue of @thrashermag hitting shelves soon... Hyped to be right next to the #Gonz. - @crissspyyy
gonz -
crissspyyy : I'm "reflecting" @mrshittooth
jackloktu : @crissspyyy don't worry I'll be back soon... Just take it one day at a time
yoisthatpnutt : #Thegonz
kevparisd : Chile!β€οΈπŸ’™
faridramjor : Colombia !!!!!!!
imtheafrosam : Eyy that's so dope
ariaramnsah : where Indonesia? @spottampa @thrashermag @crissspyyy
mrwomacktoyou : How do people know who is advertising? Does everyone know the logo outside of Tampa? Just an observation.
joao.soares.sk8 - ryan__foo - jp_franco - jg_arruda -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Back here in Tampa, it's business as usual in our #innetech offices. We've got a new Case of the Mondays up at, featuring a restock of @newbalancenumeric kicks. @bottlecaptain knows what's up. - @crissspyyy @newbalance #nb #newbalance
innetech - newbalance - nb -
sdog48 : Haha i swear I didn't see ur comment @chrisfowler239
_yung_django_ : Prod put on a couple of pounds hahahaha
angemor_ : @reuben_raymundo yeh these look pretty noice
bunchycollins : How much for the NB?
michaelhughes__ : I have those on the right
youdontknowjak : @freshgnar πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
freshgnar : Lol @youdontknowjak
907evox : @williambondiv
romain_sk8ter - joehd98 - _marioo_239 - lucaskoaski -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Your top three winners for #damnam Portugal are (from L to R): @gardhvaara - 3rd @hermannstene - 2nd and @nassimguammaz - 1st. Congrats to all three and a big f*ck yeah to Nassim for winning two years in a row! Look for the Finals #SPoTLife edit coming soon to and thanks to all our sponsors: @frankbranca @volcomskate @independenttrucks @dakineskate @boneswheels @zumiez @hellaclips @redbullskate @thrashermag #volcomdamnam - Viva Portugal!
damnam - volcomdamnam - spotlife -
matbaracco : It was crazy!thanks volcom for the livecast!
sk8lopez : Hope everything went well big by from Portugal to all the crew off @spottampa thank's again and you are more then welcome to Portugal
nyjah_huston : Fuck yeah! Congrats @nassimguammaz
manowolf11 : NASSIM!!!!!
aubysworld : Yea dog! @hermannstene
sushi_meaw : Meaw
supreme.ct : hi, I forgot the password for my customer account and I reset the password but I'm not getting an email? @spottampa
alikhardey1 : Yew
romain_sk8ter - ruiskatelife - holaketalsoymartin - joshuasellers -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Watching the last runs of #DamnAm Portugal from the comfort of my couch. Catch bangers like this live at and stay tuned for the @independenttrucks best trick contest immediately after. - @crissspyyy πŸ“Ή: @frankbranca Skater: @hermannstene | @volcomskate @independenttrucks @dakineskate @boneswheels @zumiez @hellaclips @redbullskate @thrashermag #volcomdamnam
damnam - volcomdamnam -
volcom : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯#TrueToThis
babyselfie : πŸ™
crookarna13 : Nice :)
dragoon_williams : Hahahaha he is screaming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
response_dist : Yeah @hermannstene πŸ‘Š#truetothis
clarksonnenberg - romain_sk8ter - redtop_photography - hunterjedward -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Photos and #SPoTLife episode from yesterday's #DamnAm Portugal throwdown are up at You can also watch the live broadcast from today and check results there too. Who do you think will take it this year? πŸ“·: @flatspotmag @mathijstromp πŸ“Ή: @frankbranca | @volcomskate @independenttrucks @dakineskate @boneswheels @zumiez @hellaclips @redbullskate @thrashermag #volcomdamnam
damnam - volcomdamnam - spotlife -
doctorslick : GG allins version of that song is better
tiagodna : @migueljmbastos
dylan.bra : @doctorslick whats the songs name
flauzinoeverton : @psouz98
doctorslick : "Dont talk to me-gg allin" @dylan.bra
shorty_crod : Bora @jorge_simoes !!
mostoegl.fabian - joao.soares.sk8 - funskater1 - shaun_tha_goon -
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