Skatepark of Tampa

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spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Social media has changed the way we do pretty much everything, and @logansummers is our favorite example yet. He's using it to fund his trip to Tampa Am. What's your excuse? Check out this week's installment of Zaturdays with Zitzer, up now at - @paulzitzer | @bc_murray @watersandarmy @boneswheels @globebrand @nova_grip
tha_black_undrground : #NoExcuses
chorizotrees : Utah! Killing it! @logansummers
itz_bigx : Yeeee
lucasb3_ - jeanmsolano - nacho_flip_to_fakie - johnnyjets__11 -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
We got @thrashermag & @hufworldwide comin' at ya with this new Stoops Asia Tour collaboration. It includes everything from hats to socks to even nunchucks. Now available in shop and online at! - @d_frain
deezymanelaflare : @madditrapwell
ohhjena : @willy_t_davis
fmfs : @hughboe_ need that hat
sltchevyman : @tahoesb
_ysd19 : Trasher Maggle @filsdekemet__
filsdekemet__ : Ahahahahahahah @_ysd19
pepito_skateboarding : @alexis_arenas21
jt_malone23 : I want one
javierclozanoh - jhonnyrodriguez8 - pedro_sk8_69 - chaarlesskt -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Adding to @nikesb's solid line up of Pro shoes comes the latest from Southern ripper Grant Taylor: the GT Blazer Low. A revamp on the classic Blazer Low, this is sure to be an instant favorite. Releasing at 8:00am EST tomorrow here on the site and in-store at the park and our Ybor location at noon, be sure to move quick as these will go fast! A classic Black / Sail colorway will be dropping, along with a Cargo Khaki / Bamboo / Gum Light Brown / Black colorway. Do yourself a favor and pick a pair up to find your new go to kicks. More photos up at #nikesb @downsouthinhell | photo: @mnphotograper
nikesb -
sc_gucci_giraffe : @skatinfosatan @scxbuttahxsteez @lakejenkins
ohhjena : @willy_t_davis you need those black kicks though
littlejacob504 : Putting your name on a shoe that is already successful doesn't make you successful.
chrisnastier : @rcantada
noinstagrammalcom : @nickbussell
lakejenkins : I know man @sc_gucci_giraffe I've been waiting for @downsouthinhell to get a pro shoe for years. I'm definitely copping a pair.
bam_otw : @masterkeiffff you need these
bam_otw : @dubkub_gg you too πŸ‘†
_chill.kid.4.life_ - theskinnykiddan - planetkbomb - jooaaofernandes -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Looks like it was @mikeys1999 that came up on this @lrgskate mini hoop and BBall! Send us an email to with your mailing address + zip code and we'll get that out to you. Thanks to everyone who commented, especially the ones who made the wheel - and thanks to LRG for the hookup. Check back next week for another chance to come up big on #SPoTWheelBite. - @crissspyyy | Hoop Dreams: @mnphotograper
spotwheelbite -
pitcrew207 : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
cstahrs : #lrg πŸ‘
jabal.ahm : Ah! I was right next to him almost!! Haha
_chill.kid.4.life_ - theskinnykiddan - planetkbomb - mgk_lacedd -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Concrete check in with @dalyretrospective! Check out the photos of where we’re at today with the concrete course being put in the courtyard in time for #TampaAm. More shots up now at - @mdcollins
tampaam -
jo_choncho : Sick as fuck you guys are awsome @spottampa
brandomrivera : Diablo hay que irr puñeta @kelvinpm
hunter_morales : @stevenanthony96
stevenanthony96 : Damn they finally changed it @hunter_morales we need to skate that shit
skatetildeath : @gas_station_hotdogs
freelife2389 : @killphiladams
rogerwright_ : @andrew_winnick
gas_station_hotdogs : Oh I been seen it dog fo sho @skatetildeath
ethanbremer22 - goodskateboards - curtismcintosh - pattrick_ferris -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
What is love? The new @lrgskate 3m sweatsuit, available now at #staylifted Model: @jackloktu | photos: @mnphotograper @cstahrs @lrgclothing x Jimmy Sweat Pants ( @jimmyxsweats ) performance based skate fleece!
staylifted -
robbyhargreaves : Hahahaha @jerebroni @anthonyanaya @takeshmode @teajaywilcox
jimmyxsweats : @spottampa ✊✊✊✊
leo_tres : @shekrave_benny
catpissfunk : GAY
justdylanperry : @jackloktu Yesss! hahahhah
gadspooks : @silkills
silkills : @gadspooks art is dead
sebmills - dayatsaktian - kojo_760 - daniel.acr_2013 -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
We are stoked to be releasing the new @NikeSB Grant Taylor (@downsouthinhell) Blazer Low in-store and online this Saturday at Stay tuned for more details... #nikesb
nikesb -
music_skating : @carissadanielle_29
e_mvnny : @glojoe26 @stevegzz
eddierodriguezzz : @jerome1337 buddzz
ricardoshire : @michelcandido
_oller_juan : @nanomatteoda
nanomatteoda : @_oller_juan. Oooojjjj ... GT
lookatmy_polo : Fresh to death @spottampa
ed_word_84 : @hennaseze buy these for me for my bday n ill buy you a pair for christmas lol
mi0104ga - theanthonymanning - andrew_morris04 - mgk_lacedd -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
On this week's #SPoTWheelBite, we've got an @lrgskate mini hoop and basketball to keep you entertained on those cold or rainy days that you can't skate. Just comment on this photo and we'll pick 15 random names to go on the wheel tomorrow, then we spin for the winner. Good luck! - @crisspyyy | Hand model: @mnphotograper #lrgskate
spotwheelbite - lrgskate -
dimaspereira_ : πŸ€πŸ‘Œ
greg.gilmer : Too
greg.gilmer : Yoo*
greg.gilmer : Lemme cop that
greg.gilmer : Put my name on that board
connorwoods : Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi happy thanksgiving @brianschaefer
connorwoods : You to @spottampa
tampasmurf : Mini hoop!!!!
kevtsh - blakesewhow - nickydtv - _milesgarrett_ -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
The @boardsforbros Build Day in honor of Matt Woods last weekend was a success (over 200 boards built!) and the full day's edit is up now at, as well as some photos from @dalyretrospective. Thanks to @silvertrucks, @mini_logo, the Woods family, and everyone who donates to Boards For Bros. We couldn't do it without you. #baldeagleforever | Video by @jeanluc_vida
baldeagleforever -
spenndog : @mini_logo yeww
mini_logo : Thank you @spottampa and @boardsforbros for letting #minilogo get involved! #sk8ershelpingothersk8erssk8
bennyblahblahblahblahblahboy : @yung_beau
nic_jon_kenny : Guys I just got a iPhone 6 from @daily_iphone_giveaway
dalyretrospective : You're the fuckin' man. Come to Largo anytime you want, brotha! #Gpass @crissspyyy
_willston : @damfest
bearbeardpro : Good times
franciele.brandao.50746 : :P
ayddenc - yoloskater1120 - tj.zap - a_yo_its_anthony -
spottampa - Skatepark of Tampa
Just got a box of decks, zines, and a personal note from the legendary #SamHitz for our Deck The Halls art show, happening 12/4 and 12/5 - part of #TampaAm 2014. A collection of boards from some of our favorite artists, showing at SPoT and @thebricksybor. Thanks for the extras Sam! @creaturefiends
tampaam - samhitz -
skatesmurf - eliaskarl02 - brkwsr - strangenotes -
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