Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
I'm always overwhelmed by how dedicated and supportive my fanbase is. I just wanna take a minute to thank Bill Jennings, Adam Fishman (who runs the SposeArmy without my help because he's the man), and all fans who've helped me over the years and today. Our van was robbed for almost $30,000 worth of equipment today in St. Louis and I lost all the music I have ever made (including my next album). But the fans, friends, and family reaching out to offer their condolences and help is overwhelmingly appreciated and soften the crushing blow. A lot of people have asked if they can donate money or help us out and before I could devise a way to make that happen, spose fan Adam Fishman head of the spose army created a fundraiser to help us out. Thank you Adam!!!! We are back at square one so anything helps. We lost everything we use to make music, perform music live, and make our livelihood. Any help is appreciated more than you could imagine. Pdank always bounces back, an eternal thanks to out families friend and supporters. We're fortunate despite our devastation. http://www.gofundme.com/SposeArmyStrong
manda3_11 : Wow!! This is crazy! Messed up situation, but way to go friends and family!! Good luck!!
cole.constantine : That sucks so much! I will donate👌 @spizzyspose
wanderingrobot : That's absolutely terrible. I bet it was Jimmy. Man, fuck Jimmy.
mainegoulart : Not the 808's! They just opened Pandora's Shit-Box @spizzyspose
zetanai : Holy shit man that's insane I'm so sorry. No backups? Damn... :(
magnetix_lv : Just bought some merch for ya! Never stop doing what you do because of some bullshit hoodlums.
ethan_christ55 : @wanderingrobot haha yeah fuck Jimmy
ty_the_dreamer : @jessesmith_dmg @marx_dmg this is hella fucked up
galedotpauly - therealwillclare - 21andgod - mcskill721 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Thank you St. Louis !!! Off to Lawrence, Kansas for the show tonight! #pappyssmokehouse @chantakespictures @mainestsupplyco @jay_caron
pappyssmokehouse -
reedcham69 : The Best
littlehero502_da3 : The MC Lars shirt though! Haha best tour line up ever
jasongadams : I'm starving
tylerstevens12 : @alexa3129
tom_shopchronic : Bro, I hope they catch those fucks asap
tom_shopchronic : Let us know if there is anything we can do to help
_striksette_ - amir.pira - edward_207 - robcha_ -
spizzyspose - Spose
Out here playing for the Cardinals w @mainestsupplyco in St Louis (but go Red Sox) #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
gr8fulgrrrrl : Hahaha! Goobers @spizzyspose @mainestsupplyco
rallyh6obs : I think #ghosthunterstour needs to make a second stop in Wisconsin, maybe this time we won't smoke it all up before the show @spizzyspose
nss99 : @rallyh6obs has a great idea here, you can play that Milwaukee Show you're dreaming about!
rallyh6obs : I second @nss99 you should do a Milwaukee show
annikamickjerk : Open ur DM !:) @spizzyspose
hellokittydinosaur - zach_and_sierra - chase_slc - magssg2 -
spizzyspose - Spose
My DJ @jay_caron takes his stretching seriously. #missouri #ghosthunterstour #lieutenantvan
lieutenantvan - ghosthunterstour - missouri -
agentjay420 : That's skill right there.
smexysmexton : Dude, you're like my idol
stephanie.johansmeier - shawntanner - whitedynam1te - rallyh6obs -
spizzyspose - Spose
RAP GAME ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!!! Took @chantakespictures to church / his money out here #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
bigbad_bootydaddy : You can't see me in R P S @spizzyspose
amyrose979 : I KILL at Rock Paper Scissors.
ashmode : Sick @llbean sweatshirt 🌲👆
womanlywoman : Lol the @llbean is what I noticed first too
alexa3129 : @tylerstevens12
whos_collin_me : Get em, Spizzy!
backwoods_mary - jtlbaby - lag_tuba - blaze_tke228 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Minneapolis last night. IOWA CITY TONIGHT AT GABE's where one time I played for four people. Literally four people. Still did a full set tho. Gotta treat every show as if it's your big show, even when there's only a handful of people. I have a feeling tonight will be much better hah #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
gr8fulgrrrrl : That's why I love you! Thanks for being cool. Miss you! @spizzyspose
viggy_3flip : @spizzyspose I remember when you were Abe Lincoln for Halloween at Post Road in OGQ. Have it on DVD somewhere
_a_t_v_ : Your the fuckin maine dude i can't wait to see you in philly
nubz8919 - for_example10 - johnny_shores - courtland_austin -
spizzyspose - Spose
Love when entire crews come out rocking pdank and/or Spose gear !!! Thank you Minneapolis! Iowa City tomorrow night at Gabe's !
greatshade9 : Cant wait for your show in denver!
cligityclank : Is Nashville a tour stop?
ayyez : I wish I could go to your shows in Cali but their not 16yo friendly. :(
tyson_springer - labelle182 - indirw - axy19 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Genius producer God.Damn.Chan AKA Yung Asleep at Denny's @chantakespictures #khed #ghosthunterstour #wahlberg
khed - ghosthunterstour - wahlberg -
airplanemanguy : All R`s
micodin : All Z's
casein_point : Man if I had a dollar for every time I found him passed out in public or sitting straight up I'd be rich.
el_shupacabra : Hahaha oh man that's not the first time I've seen Chan asleep at a Denny's
chantakespictures : #classic
boatznhoz : What's better than Denny's? Sherris
thed___17 - lobsterkochan - jm_woody - willvanessen -
spizzyspose - Spose
Still love this album!! #thrice ... Madison WI tonight at High Noon Saloon! #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour - thrice -
edfurlong747 : Title track rules
sethjacobs : @spizzyspose one of my all time faves.
agentjay420 : Yes!
sassytare : Me too!!
evry1lovesiteli : Thrice is the shit always @spizzyspose
racie_ : Love! You were great in Ann Arbor. <3 come back to Mi soon. Yeah? ;) @spizzyspose
danafuggenb : Best Thrice song - To Awake and Avenge the Dead (Illusion of Safety)
jaredwilbur : So good!!
shawntanner - larrianna__ - brettmaurice - twothumbsdyd -
spizzyspose - Spose
It's been real Chicago !!! Madison Wi tonight, Minneapolis tomorrow #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
tom_shopchronic : This pic is the truth🙌
tom_shopchronic : Started a new account. Follow me breh!
spizzyspose : @jones_keeps_elevating me too man, it's always incredible and way too big for me to ever take in even 1% of it
spizzyspose : @jones_keeps_elevating best big city in America tho
jones_keeps_elevating : @feel that. I'll definitely be returning. #sochi
mikedezveaux : Where's that hardstyle?
_____ev____ : Man I can't wait for you to come to carrboro NC It would be a honor meeting the real Maine Gretzky @spizzyspose
tom_shopchronic : This pic is the truth
kyleniekrasz - katouch_84 - lvqueso - austinegy -
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