Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
sposearmystrong - lifeisgood -
spizzyspose : No filter anywhere in the vicinity
whitedynam1te : Dude you are freakin awesome I really hope you come in to Austin you are my favorite rapper by far
whitedynam1te : @spizzyspose
brentondstewart : I'm from Portland Maine and I been here a year it's pretty badass
akawhatever : Gorgeous! Glad to see you are doing alright. Knock on wood.
redi54 : My girl Dani in Denver said you F'n killed it last night👍👍 enjoy that Rocky Mountain high!
brandonlit : Hey dude, my friend Matt told me that you changed your show in Portland Oregon from 21+ to all ages. Is that true? @spizzyspose
myker_1 : Getting closer to cali!
tdsuhr - luciensirois - ryanjmcdade - robcha_ -
spizzyspose - Spose
THANK YOU @SposeArmy !!!!! - from me and the city of Denver !!! I'm so lucky to have you for fans! Pdank!!!
lexxiington : mothafucka you're awesome
erikrodne : P.Dank Forever.
nottmarcus : Met @spizzyspose tonight after his set. Coolest dude I've ever met. So happy to see him still going strong.
jaysonterrell420 : His set tonight was too dope! @lucas_cantin
lucas_cantin : TOO dope. @jaysonterrell420
jimmystagger : Glad you're in good spirits and I love that @piratesahl hat!
mikedezveaux : Need that hat and needed it last month. Where did you get it?
medicated_maineiac : @mikedezveaux Shopchronic.com and use my promo code mm207 for a discount
sirentrey - lmnopee - evan_thepilot - mrdylicious -
spizzyspose - Spose
I'm speechless. The past two days have been a roller coaster of lows and highs. However thanks to an unprecedented, unexpected, and unbelievable amount of support from our friends, family, AND THE GREATEST FANS ON EARTH, we are bouncing back. I just wanna issue a gigantic thanks to Adam Fishman and the Spose Army for creating this fundraiser and getting us back in the game, all the media radio and tv that shared our story (especially WCSH6, the Portland Press Herald, WCYY, WJBQ, WHOM, and Hot 104.7), and most importantly all of you who sacrificed their hard earned money - and I know a lot of us don't have a lot of money to spare - to help us begin rebuilding what was lost. We can never get back the music we lost and all my old videos of my family and pictures. But in a dark day in my life, you guys all stepped up and gave me and my coworkers and my friends and my family the most overwhelming amount of support and kindness that we've ever experienced. I will find a way to thank you all for everything you've contributed to getting us back on out feet - including specifically thanking the donors, some of whom (including John Holder and an anonymous contributor) gave us OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS. This is just the greatest amount of kindness I've ever seen in my life and I can't thank you guys enough. Pdank. Spose Army. Bouncing the fuck back !!!!!!!!
punkrockmichelle : @spizzyspose keep making that music ! I'm glad that everyone rose to the occasion !
jasongadams : You're the man Spose, keep touching people's lives with music that makes their day better. I wake up to gee willikers every day, starts me of right.
thelegendarysnackz : Fuck yes #SposeArmy
tripleawesomepants : Also, when you buy your computers and stuff again you should consider backing everything up to the cloud and a few extra hard drives
terminado907 : Awesome!
zae_207 : You keep it real for the 207 with free music and great live shows. I consider my donation to this cause payback for you hooking up a free album when I was broke. Glad to support you when you really needed it, stay strong out there and buy some hard drives to leave in a vault someplace!
nottmarcus : @spizzyspose when are you going on tonight at the marquis?
masterroller : Nothing but love @spizzyspose
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spizzyspose - Spose
I am so fortunate. I'm at a loss for how to thank my fans. I will find a way. You guys are legitimately saving my career. I will do right by you all and represent your interests and support to the absolute best of my abilities. Thank you to the SPOSE ARMY !!!! http://www.gofundme.com/SposeArmyStrong
strickross : Dude!!!!
spfinearts : We love u so much SPOSE! You mean the world to me & my family. We were so sad to hear about what happened in STL, my hometown: But keep your chin up. Our thoughts are with you and yours @spizzyspose #pdankforlife
punkrockmichelle : Fuck yes ! Faith in humanity being renewed ! #youcantstopspose
jasongadams : Made a tiny donation, hopefully enough people contribute what they can so you can continue to make a difference in people's lives every day giving us great music. You're the man, thanks for all the years of great music.
9brandon89 : This is pretty awesome.
jesse006 : Much love Spose ,from NOLA
ty_the_dreamer : Much love man. Hope to see you out here in Oregon soon :D
acaputo_ : You deserve it
nss99 - larrianna__ - gauthierm247 - breanna182 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Look who we found at rest stop in Kansas in the middle of the night!!! It's our Tourmate @mclars and Hannah!!! @jay_caron #ghosthunterstour Driving deep in Kansas. Listening to De La Soul. Playing Denver on Wednesday. Thanks so much to everyone for their help and support today. If you missed it: http://www.gofundme.com/SposeArmyStrong
ghosthunterstour -
agoddard07 : @spizzyspose just heard on the q wha happened to your bus... Hope you get your things back!
ryanjmcdade : @mc_lars
nss99 : This is hilarious, we actually had dinner next to @mc_lars at a BBQ joint in Madison, I thought he looked familiar..... Lol
p00pgrams : Seeing you guys at #thewaitingroom was a real treat for me. It's rare to find performers who are a genuine and kind as you guys. Hope the rest of the tour goes well. Be safe out there and keep up the good work. Guys like you give me hope for the future.
mnhx12 - amanda_lynn_davis - tripleawesomepants - the__white__tiger -
spizzyspose - Spose
I'm always overwhelmed by how dedicated and supportive my fanbase is. I just wanna take a minute to thank Bill Jennings, Adam Fishman (who runs the SposeArmy without my help because he's the man), and all fans who've helped me over the years and today. Our van was robbed for almost $30,000 worth of equipment today in St. Louis and I lost all the music I have ever made (including my next album). But the fans, friends, and family reaching out to offer their condolences and help is overwhelmingly appreciated and soften the crushing blow. A lot of people have asked if they can donate money or help us out and before I could devise a way to make that happen, spose fan Adam Fishman head of the spose army created a fundraiser to help us out. Thank you Adam!!!! We are back at square one so anything helps. We lost everything we use to make music, perform music live, and make our livelihood. Any help is appreciated more than you could imagine. Pdank always bounces back, an eternal thanks to out families friend and supporters. We're fortunate despite our devastation. http://www.gofundme.com/SposeArmyStrong
supviking : This ain't P town Dorothy. Good luck and keep on keepin on bro
lolingatyouho : Your fans funded your last tour and you expect us to do the same this time? Surely you have money left over from that $25,000?!!!
steezecheese : @tyrvke
medicated_maineiac : That sucks @spizzyspose good luck
audras78 : @lolingatyouho he's not asking for you to fund anything. A fan started the gofundme for people who want to help. @spizzyspose isn't asking for anything!
vreeland_j : @spizzyspose Sorry, man. I can't imagine. Head up.
spose_army : DONATE AT GOFUNDME.COM/SposeArmyStrong
matttable : We got you @spizzyspose. Sorry to hear about the loss of all your stuff!
ngthofam - amandareneedykes - irawr_love - army_strong16 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Thank you St. Louis !!! Off to Lawrence, Kansas for the show tonight! #pappyssmokehouse @chantakespictures @mainestsupplyco @jay_caron
pappyssmokehouse -
reedcham69 : The Best
littlehero502_da3 : The MC Lars shirt though! Haha best tour line up ever
jasongadams : I'm starving
tylerstevens12 : @alexa3129
tom_shopchronic : Bro, I hope they catch those fucks asap
tom_shopchronic : Let us know if there is anything we can do to help
medicated_maineiac : Same here ⬆⬆⬆
vreeland_j : FUCK ST. LOUIS! I hope those douche trumpets are caught and hung by their scrotes from the closest tree.
senbavage - joshbuildsstuff - gabriellapoulin - ezekiel__east -
spizzyspose - Spose
Out here playing for the Cardinals w @mainestsupplyco in St Louis (but go Red Sox) #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
gr8fulgrrrrl : Hahaha! Goobers @spizzyspose @mainestsupplyco
rallyh6obs : I think #ghosthunterstour needs to make a second stop in Wisconsin, maybe this time we won't smoke it all up before the show @spizzyspose
nss99 : @rallyh6obs has a great idea here, you can play that Milwaukee Show you're dreaming about!
rallyh6obs : I second @nss99 you should do a Milwaukee show
annikamickjerk : Open ur DM !:) @spizzyspose
cmesser10 - sircuddlesiv - lmnopee - axy19 -
spizzyspose - Spose
My DJ @jay_caron takes his stretching seriously. #missouri #ghosthunterstour #lieutenantvan
lieutenantvan - ghosthunterstour - missouri -
agentjay420 : That's skill right there.
smexysmexton : Dude, you're like my idol
whitedynam1te - shawntanner - derick_lastname - rallyh6obs -
spizzyspose - Spose
RAP GAME ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!!!! Took @chantakespictures to church / his money out here #ghosthunterstour
ghosthunterstour -
bigbad_bootydaddy : You can't see me in R P S @spizzyspose
amyrose979 : I KILL at Rock Paper Scissors.
ashmode : Sick @llbean sweatshirt 🌲👆
womanlywoman : Lol the @llbean is what I noticed first too
alexa3129 : @tylerstevens12
whos_collin_me : Get em, Spizzy!
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