Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
YOU got that shit that make Kanye go zzzzzzz
lindseycamuso : @chrisbartoli
lyn_wood : @campbellc7
hellawitch : Make Rick Ross go SNORE SNORE
industria_skate : I know you're at a loss for energy...
itscadelitooo : People at Meek Mill concerts like...
most_hated_artist : Ha
frizzyfrozze : Bruhhh
eddiiie_00 : πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
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spizzyspose - Spose
At the office #trophies #muglife #korg #pdank http://www.districtlines.com/Spose
korg - muglife - pdank - trophies -
e.l.l.a_p_ : First likeπŸ‘πŸΌ
steven_cruthirds : @e.l.l.a_p_ who cares
99techno : πŸ€
nathaniel_baskin : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ check it page! 😊
e.l.l.a_p_ : Assuming why you commented "who cares" you would care. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ @d_u_c_k_2111
catyabb : I need an AJ right about now.
4ever_timenspace : "24 oz of Aroma Joes..."
alecgirouard : @seana_mccarthy he got the AJ
shankz_n_shivz - __.luis.diaz.__ - isthisnebraska - emileebetz -
spizzyspose - Spose
Why Am I So Happy? out now everywhere except Iraq and North Korea πŸ“·@andrewfosterphoto
lawrence_carr33 : @_mackenzieswan the caption
mak_rav : Spotted the red nikes #fly
thelegendseier : @grnat_kimblel
smarshl : Hey look it's Forrest p. Dank
wolfie_pro : Some places you say shit like that you get your hands cut off
abeltherapper : It wasn't at the F.Y.E. i go to @spizzyspose 😭😭😭
danblakesleemusic : There better be #moxie in that suitcase!
chloe.002 : Omg can't wait to see u in september❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
jwi_ko_li - raine_mcginnis - ucantcmatthew - rocknroll_dogs -
spizzyspose - Spose
#tbt YUNG OVERALLS with my mom and dad IN THE SAME PICTURE !!!!
tbt -
catspoiandhiphop : The good days lol
moosetwinkle : Sporting the osh kosh BAGOSH! :)
noah_mcgovern : trash cities
robert_fizz : @spizzyspose Do you remember what the present was
funny_boi_1221 : Spizzy. Was a lil man. Looks like his mom a lot but haha
julieorino : RY too cute....I have a pic of us and you are in those overalls!!! 😊
funny_boi_1221 - itsgonshane - ygktheassassin - _fvwn -
spizzyspose - Spose
So stoked to be a part of both the incredible Armies album as well as KGFREEZE's 'Hypocrite'!! I was honored to contribute rhymes to both of these projects recently and the albums are both so good. So many amazing artists in #Maine putting in work right now. Sidenote: Is there a monopoly emoji ?
maine -
dj_walrusking : There is not monopoly emoji
pumpkin_modwife : πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ•πŸŽ©
oster76 : I smoked it all
john_harlow_ : @ladylambjams wouldn't let you rap on ripely pine?!
heathermelissa92 : I just bought every album they had in SoPo. ❀❀❀
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spizzyspose - Spose
Good morning neighbor!
catyabb : Where's the pooch
jaxon.333 : This picture is beautiful
sr_buck89 : Bad ass pic !
maria.koch : @certainly.real @rose.millard majestic
certainly.real : @maria.koch true
white.scrub : Follow me ily
hannahmae_j : Hey you went to school with my cousin! :)
yeahbarry : is that a @rook_brand shirt? @spizzyspose
cisco_kid89 - raine_mcginnis - ucantcmatthew - ye_memo -
spizzyspose - Spose
What track is your flavorite 🍦 ? <--- just invented that word
mello12_ : Lies song
courtney_cable : I literally can't choose one because this entire album is diverse and damn good. Greatest Shit Ever, Happy Right Now, Nobody (obviously), Kanye Go, and Lies are probably my favorite tracks to bump in my 03 Altima! :) #WAISH #theaudicity #petersparkermixtape #preposterlydank #bimpin
scottsssss : #nobody
forrest2thegump : Nobody for sure, I like the others too but it is so amazing, you and watsky should do more shit together
gavindunn157 : Honestly your the best rapper of this generation
twerkmasterpete : Nobody, lies song, greatest shit ever
cooney_mart : Nobody happy right now and basicly the hull album
tasha_kelsey - bailey_bierman - ygktheassassin - nathan_tardif -
spizzyspose - Spose
If you haven't read the 14 page article in this month's Down East Magazine, it's now online here: http://www.downeast.com/spose-interview/ Photo by πŸ“· @andrewfosterphoto
mainezelle : Read it in the copy I get; wonderful article!!!!!
officialyoungflo : I'll be working on the songs! Also email me officialyoungflo@gmail.com
thelegendarysnackz : Don't fuck with me I got kids to feed
tasha_kelsey - _fvwn - ygktheassassin - funny_boi_1221 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Just finished this book. So good. Will be wildly popular when they make it into a movie. Looks like Spielberg is gonna direct it, too (!!!!). Tons of parallels to Harry Potter series, like I could write a book about how similar these two stories are. Shoutout to whoever recommended this to me on my Spose fb page when I asked what book I should read a few weeks ago. Now taking book suggestions again tho !!! What should I read?
ryley_lorenz : All This Life @spizzyspose I was at a bookstore and I decided I'd get a random book I've never heard of. I have to say, after I finished it, I could not do anything but think of you. I think you'd love it and it'd also probably give you tons of new song ideas. Anyway, it's All This Life by Joshua Mohr. Just read it
martynloudis : Read S. By JJ Abrams
levi.basinger : Left Behind- Tim LaHave. If you haven't read this book yet but, it truly is a master piece
allcaps26 : Life of Pi (if you haven't seen the movie)
mermaed : I'm reading this right now, love it.
dillydillylady : Read this a few weeks ago. So good!
dana_punk : As someone already mentioned, the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, or really anything by her.
grnat_kimblel : Everlost series by Neil shusterman
ianroyskis - badasscars999 - officialyoungflo - arkhamknight64 -
spizzyspose - Spose
#dadlife #drakesisland #footfetish #justkidding
footfetish - whyamionneitherofthetowels - drakesisland - dadlife - justkidding -
pouya00 : #hotdogsorlegs
spizzyspose : #WhyAmIOnNeitherOfTheTowels
kevinbillingslea : #dadfeet
jake_miele : #sandybuns
r.shurkus : #hashtag
bengcomedy : #nice
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