Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
Peeping that new @essencehiphop at the #pdank headquarters !!!
pdank -
kat_gowen : πŸ™
noize_clothing : Place looks like it's coming together
essencehiphop : Thank you homie! Glad to see you killing life.
imababeokay : 😍😍😍
wootloopz : Man I still can't believe pdank has an hq now. You deserve this and so much more dude I can't wait til you have a Pdank suite at the celtics game and I can come and steal expensive cheese slices from your tray
lets.do.a.kickflip : Love the rasta chairs
micodin : Do I spy @jones_keeps_elevating painting on the wall?
rade_pcp : so happy for you spose finally get something you deserve!
eskimolli - airplanemanguy - g63amg_mb - paul4ta -
spizzyspose - Spose
Arundel, Maine this morning.
funkyfabab : Puuuuurty! #maine #loveME
optimusgrrime : #mainelove #represent
l3ts_g3t_wast3d : Only in the heart of maine do you see sunsets/sunrise as beautiful as these. #207mainegang
jpbsg : ATown
hollynunan : The Grundel.
mak_rav : The way life should be
christianmingl3_tc - jm_woody - brickdaily - liaahaddad -
spizzyspose - Spose
Speaking at this event tonight in Portland, ME, stoked to not shut up. : ) tix at pelotonspeaks.eventbrite.com I think? #entrepreneurialdoe
entrepreneurialdoe -
kolofskywot : Spread the word, and have a blast!
kyle_katalyst : Just speak the whole time and drink all luke's beer. Haha
ari_ari_oxenfree : @spizzyspose is this gonna be on youtube?
grand_shogun_owen : @spizzyspose for president.
alaskinpowderfreak - kitkatnat10 - ryley_lorenz - rachaelmorton_ -
spizzyspose - Spose
Recorded five albums in my house in the past five years fighting cats, furnaces, and negative temperatures in my basement. No offense basement but SEE YA LATER BRO!!!! Finally moving my studio to a commercial space. Just signed a lease on the new PDANK HQ!!! 2015 letsgoooo!!!
dalllasss_ : You've got room keys like your Cassidy
jaxon.333 : Dude that's awesome!
0wenduncan : Gee Willikers!
jameswilliams810 : @dalllasss_ I heard he's at the Red Roof Inn
ange_ohara : Congrats!
zjohnson75 : Gee Willikers, fuck that shit
mrjessecurl : Don't forget to unplug the smoke detectors!
nnisula : Congrats!
tgibs23 - sassytare - aj_13 - drmollyb -
spizzyspose - Spose
Out here #sheepforwheat #bissellbros #fuckbokoharam #saturday
fuckbokoharam - sheepforwheat - bissellbros - saturday -
the_real_trice : Yo man. Just wanted to take a second to say keep doing what your doing man. We bump @spizzyspose at work ALL THE TIME! #justdoyouandbehappy
absolutsnafu : where's yo cities and knights expansion bro?
davidladebush : Yo dude I saw you while working at Market Basket today
greatshade9 : Fuck the robber
elmo_macaroni : You need a @maineleatherco coozie for that!!
gilman4life : Man we need to SETTLE some shit.
0x1d389 : Great game
leenielew : Cattan!
jeanniepi - vinnymorg - andrewinski1 - alaskinpowderfreak -
spizzyspose - Spose
At the Garden w Curdo... Let's go #Celtics ! Had the 10 year old kid sitting next to us take this pic. He's the one. Letsgooooo
celtics -
deadicated__cat : @spizzyspose love u man met you at Great North I'm in balcony 320 holler!!! Swagless for life πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
agentjay420 : Beard on point!
nrrrrrdgrl066 : Loving the beard!
the_names_josh_shaffer : 74th like!!!
mermaed : πŸ‘
devodionne : @spizzyspose go see Dana White lol, you must see his bald head underneath one of the baskets
joe_p_43 - des_pb - bobbydolan1404 - katie.m.conway -
spizzyspose - Spose
Thanks for all the love on the ''Blow My Candle Out'' video and huge thanks to Jay Brown for his directorial magic. Real proud of this video doing such a complex song justice. If you haven't seen it yet I play multiple versions of myself and I'm dead. : ) http://youtu.be/8vaywFTs1Ao
ejohnsson50 : Nice vid! Made me listen to this song so much differently.
widtmann_4 : Na na na no shut the fuck and listin for once
fromthecocoondude : Your best vid to date man! Beautiful work by Jay as well!
_kilyce28_ : That office girl krystal stone is my cousin
rewanosaurusrex : Def remember you talking about your dragon burps. Too bad it almost got you killed xx
blacky_spiderman : #fuckyeah #spizzspose your the shit and everyone else is the pubs on the seat
14bcjones : Great video
grand_shogun_owen : I wouldn't mind going to hell if I got to chill with devil @spizzyspose lol
hillsgarrison - grand_shogun_owen - erikrodne - crazyman1157 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Too much incredible tattooers in one photo I took yesterday when I got a john Steinbeck tattoo from Chad Chase @venommattoo @chadchasevenom #venomink
venomink -
that_person_next_door : I'm 11
lucaslvcc : ^all these faggots
katelynmarie.2011 : I'll be seeing @venommattoo on the 26th! Can't wait! 😊
venommattoo : @katelynmarie.2011 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
spizzyspose : @katelynmarie.2011 @venommattoo jealous!
chelseamae_23 : Yesss! They're amazing! Saw that tattoo on their page yesterday, love it!
wisd0m86 : "This is East of Eden mixed with Reasonable Doubt"
phishing623 : My first tattoo was John Steinbeck's signature on the back of my arm. I figured I'd be the only one ever.
nikitagloria - sherlokkholmes - larrianna__ - jakoby__11 -
spizzyspose - Spose
I think the Packers just became my 2nd favorite NFL team. Go Patriots and does anybody have any wheat?
mostlocal : I'm about to go roll up some wheat.
h0we11 : Ill match some wheat bro
jacksonadillard : Been playing Catan the past week, such a fun game!
_sonny_v : Go Pack Go
absolutsnafu : you got sheep, brah?
racie_ : Wood for sheep.
itiswhatitis246 : I predict Seahawks and patriots in super bowl
logs999 : @worthingbomb @bensondubya
jackdannner - morgvan13 - queenmorganita - thastonertechn9cian -
spizzyspose - Spose
BBB x PDANK. photo credit @peterbissell 2015
bluofgreentank : Nice Jelly Asfuck
andrewcravin : Freshh ass jacket bro
ryley_lorenz : Sorry, but you looked better without the beard. Kick ass jacket🚢
harrison2197 : Jacket
professionalbeardsmith : Don't listen to that other person. Keep the beard, it's way cooler.
racie_ : Beard <3
mross212 - blisstopher_ - katvarnum - magssg2 -
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