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Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
Vibing in the lab w @decapmusic tonight ... Literally
ras_mikey : I better see a xylophone solo Saturday night
smokersunion : @shopchronic
wreckingdarren : Yup
reggie.warren : My dad wont drive me ugh
tom_shopchronic : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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spizzyspose - Spose
Just found this flyer for my Christmas show on December 20th, 2008!!!!! What's crazy is this Saturday's PDANK XMAS show is also Saturday December 20th!! Was anybody at this show and coming to the show this Saturday? Besides me? Hah #tbt
tbt -
slickrickiebobbybaby : I wish I could make it! 😫
viggy_3flip : I was there...halloring! Who's more religious than Spose is??
xxdani : Aww. The station! Haha I was totally there!
el_shupacabra : Holler
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spizzyspose - Spose
Mainers listen to @hot1047maine all week to win #PDankXMAS tix!!!! Including right now
pdankxmas -
pelkey_j : I've been trying all week!!
purpleclouds_yl : Homie my EP dropped! Peep that shit
josephramaekers13 : Damn I live in Oregon city Oregon wow hahaha
chhelseaxo : Tryin like hell brotha!
mmehigan1 : I already got mine!
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spizzyspose - Spose
This is probably how I got conjunctivitis @jaysendodge @momentumportland
madi_volleyball13 : I love your old song "I'm awesome" lmao
jaysendodge : @spizzyspose unreal. Shenanigans.
geewillikersman : I have always said the phrase gee willikers. Then i heard your song Gee Willikers and i was blown away hahah
alan.is.the.greatest707 : Swagless xD
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spizzyspose - Spose
PDANK XMAS A WEEK FROM TONIGHT! Tix on sale now right here, elf or human: http://www.portcitymusichall.com/event/727521/
redbeardredneck : Spizzy!
selenah0pe : You should come to New Jersey. Specifically my house. Private concert. I'll keep it a secret
ejohnsson50 : I heard you're live streaming this. Is that actually true?
rallyh6obs : I really wanna drive cross country to this show....
hannahlibby : Finally got my ticket! πŸ’“
_a_t_v_ : @ejohnsson50 Ayup!! Were gonna be live streaming our on concert in my apartment in NJ if anyone in the area is interested.
_a_t_v_ : Even gonna pregame that shit like were actually at the show
poetic_killa : @spizzyspose what's good fam, u need any beats/production for an upcoming project of urs? lookin to work, hit me up my dude
mcskill721 - chuckey300 - romanjoala - 1tpjames -
spizzyspose - Spose
Suns shining no complaints!! DJing @BissellBros Brewing 1 year anniversary party tonight at empire in Portland ME! Letsssgooooa
ijones9857 : Damn wish I could be there.
zoso008 : Knockin on wood
audras78 : T tried to win tickets to your show last night on 104.7 but he wasn't the right caller πŸ‘Ž
malintent4 : Rofl did you just James hetfield letsgoa? I did.
viggy_3flip : Can't wait! Do you know if you go on first @spizzyspose ?
sheilajoline08 : #thewaylifeshouldbe
jerrynotracist : Spizzy spizzy Spose!
texasncsu1 : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cd3USq-PHk#
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spizzyspose - Spose
If you live in Maine @hot1047maine is gonna be giving away tix to #PDankXMAS all week at 6 pm! Get em free from hot1047 or for $12 here : http://m.ticketmaster.com/spose-portland-maine-12-20-2014/event/01004D74A5333C29?artistid=1445746&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=3
pdankxmas -
chhelseaxo : @spizzyspose what times it at?
audras78 : We'll take 2 please πŸ˜‰
soozanna17 : The struggles of not loving in Maine #TheStrugleIsReal
ange_ohara : Another thing to be homesick for as a Maineiac past the Mason-Dixon. 😐
heeonit : Spose is fucking awesome
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spizzyspose - Spose
My buddy Clifford and I sharing a chuckle. #ti #quicktoputsomebricksinabronco #hot1047
hot1047 - quicktoputsomebricksinabronco - ti -
pakka_bole : No. Friggen. Way. That's wicked
pouya00 : You should do a song with @gwatsky , @spizzyspose
wootloopz : This is Spose feeling what it's like to take a picture with Spose
spizzyspose : Peep my coffee mug tho hahah
mostlocal : @troubleman31 @spizzyspose two of my favorites in one picture ✊
patty_light12 : Dope
tdizzle78 : Coffee mug? I'm digging the flannel!
jlbards : When did this happen??
veni__vidi__vici._ - music_star862 - texasncsu1 - momentumportland -
spizzyspose - Spose
Missing Waffle House cheese grits where they just throw an American cheese slice on top of the grits so I made some. #WaffleHouseForever @godxdamnxchanx @mainestsupplyco @jay_caron
wafflehouseforever -
mainestsupplyco : Order online today and get a free bowl of Spose grits πŸ‘
kdsturmer : Do you ship to Canada?! Lol @spizzyspose @mainestsupplyco
caitlin_phillips : Come to GA! You can have all the cheese grits you want, Waffle House on every corner
jay_caron : Cheese grits...mmmmm
weinerherzog : Waffle House be like, "remember that shit you cooked when you were high? Yeah. So do we."
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spizzyspose - Spose
SPOSE PRESENTS (get it? Presents?): PDank Christmas!!! 12/20 at Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME and live streaming online via YouTube! Shoutout to everyone who's bought tix already. Only $12 if you buy em before the day of the show (ok $13 something w taxes but still...). Available here: Tix are on sale now here: http://m.ticketmaster.com/spose-portland-maine-12-20-2014/event/01004D74A5333C29?artistid=1445746&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=3
medicated_maineiac : My birthday!
satanisntonfire : Can't wait! 😍 @heavyy_hearts
mmmsan420 : I'll be there with bells on!! Jingle bells perhaps? @spizzyspose
spizzyspose : @mmmsan420 Bells Maine !
emilyannmartel : Can't wait!
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