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Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
Hosted an award's show last week. Now accepting invitations to host the Oscars, Video Music Awards, the Turkish Lesbian Ice Dancing Awards, or whichever one pays the best HMU
windatyourback : Did I see the King of Market Basket earlier?
mattcphotog : I'd host the TLIDAs for free
essencehiphop : If you do the the Turkish Lesbian Ice Dancing Award without me we are over. 😭
dommorrison : How about The Dundies??
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spizzyspose - Spose
I Have had this chorus stuck in my head all morning and I never even knew what the words were until I looked at the song title just now. Rivers Cuomo melody God. This album is still so good a month later.
joebrav190 : Listen to prom night. It's a bonus track that was only released on the Japan album but it's on YouTube and it's sick
jaredwilbur : LA Girlz is my jam!
therealdealfr : YessssπŸ’―πŸ’―
will_montembeault_photography : @spizzyspose "king of the world" maybe the ultimate devoted love song of this decade. Yeah I said it.... πŸ‘πŸ»
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spizzyspose - Spose
This was a great time last year stoked to get up to Belfast, Maine again for the #allroadsmusicfest on 5/21!!
allroadsmusicfest -
crosseyedking : How does Spose feel about The Beastie Boys?
shark_martin : @spizzyspose how do we get on this bill!
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spizzyspose - Spose
Everything about this album is genius, we are not worthy πŸ‹πŸ
207ambassador : @abuthemagician lmao I don't think that was his point even a little bit man
spizzyspose : @abuthemagician yeah I think I was making the opposite point than what you thought. she is very smart, very hands on, everything she does is intentional, she has a team but they all are just following her orders. She is not successful for 15 years by mistake. This is just her latest stroke of genius
abuthemagician : @spizzyspose my mistake, totally misread that. Still think she is totally taking people for a ride and using feminism to further line her pockets
abuthemagician : Also my opinion is just that, an opinion
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spizzyspose - Spose
Erin and I are hosting the #vmea16 awards at the University of Southern Maine tonight, they told us to post something about it soooo here it is! @erinovalle
vmea16 -
thatyodadude : @spizzyspose please make more PDANK hoodies available. And come to the NW too. #pnw
cisco_kid89 : @spizzyspose Hey, do you have a mailing list or something I could join? Or is social media basically doing that already? :) It's cool either way - was just curious.
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spizzyspose - Spose
donshuggin : Evan Turner miracles through double team; cut to Robert Kraft slow clap
josh_t_smith_14 : πŸ˜”
ys_yoyo : πŸ˜‰
naturen8 : Was that you in the Boston Herald this morning?
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spizzyspose - Spose
Odelay Taqueria in Keene, NH is AMAZING ps #dadlife
dadlife -
sevensinlegion : Dude Peter! I've been telling u nf is the bomb!!!
sevensinlegion : Check him out.
mainemckeown : Yeah baby Keene, my alma mater. Keene State to Sanford, ME the path taken only for the chosen few.
bradlyj21 : @spizzyspose oh really? Sweet I'll be there!!!
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spizzyspose - Spose
Portland, Maine was beautiful last night 😍 the dude on the right asked his girlfriend to marry him on stage and SHE SAID YES(!!) so I made them come back on stage for this squad picture they earned it!
noaveragenerd : Aw man, just got cut out of frame on the left. Great show nonetheless! Can't wait to see you again!
eyeholes_man : Ugh watsky came to santa cruz why no spizzy :'(
ashb131 : Exactly what @scottimusrhyme said.
ashb131 : And a bazillion other reasons too, but that's a huge one! πŸ’―
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spizzyspose - Spose
My thoughts about Prince and various other adventures today viewable on my snapchat ( therealspose is my snapchat )
tiashab : You're show I'm portland last night was incredible. Hope to see you next time and every other time. Love you! Keep being awesome. @spizzyspose
tiashab : In** crap..
taabsxo - michaelte03 - austin611a - assblaster666 -
spizzyspose - Spose
This is a picture of Mark Davis and I last night in Cleveland. Mark is a die hard Spose/PDANK fan who flew to all four of our shows this week starting in Salt Lake City. So thankful for the support of Mark and all the #SposeArmy ppl I've met over the years you guys are nuts/amazing. I dunno if Mark is coming to the show in Portland, Maine tomorrow at @portlandhouseofmusic but I wouldn't be surprised at all if I saw him, so great!!!!
sposearmy -
chubba9 : Ur the best
cmsieja : @shelbyknerr its that guy from the front row!!!
ashb131 : I asked him if he was so I cud pay him back he said he cudnt make it but to give the money to a homeless vet. The 20 he randomly offered as a savoir to get is outta the garage.. Ill b there tmw! So excited. @spizzyspose
snowninja : Spose got roadies! I remember that dude from the slc show helping you guys pack up while I went and had a beer. I'm such a dick!
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