Spose. Using proper English in rap songs since 2002. In Maine like horse dandruff. @spizzyspose on twitter.
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spizzyspose - Spose
Brooklyn bowl? @davegutter @chantakespictures #friedchicken #brooklynbowl #maineilluminati
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ianstramy : First comment
sierra_scammon : What are you going to do with that honey?
spizzyspose : @sierra_scammon possibilities are endless
spizzyspose : @sierra_scammon ok I put it on fried chicken
sierra_scammon : Well isn't that kinda strange 🙊
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spizzyspose - Spose
THE FOUNDER OF THE #SPOSEARMY JUST SHOWED UP WITH A GIANT CHECK!!!! Thank you Spose Army!!! You guys are the reason I'm able to do this job for my career! #pdank
sposearmy - pdank -
djfoodstamp33 : @spizzyspose this is great shit man
starcypris : So glad you are able to get your career back on track now. Congrats!! Can't wait to see you back in Cleveland some day!!
mappygrim : @adam_fishman there you go cuz!!
phoebe.jessup : Yessss @adam_fishman
adam_fishman : @mappygrim @phoebe.jessup I know right holy shit
soccermum13 : Fuck yeah @adam_fishman !!!
cujo.h4x : Quik like Nestle.
ianstramy : Big fan, keep making songs. ;)
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spizzyspose - Spose
IM ON STAGE AT 7 PM tonight at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn! Don't be late!! Go Celtics!... live from the Barclay's Center!
oldhudson : Took me forever to realize that wasn't just a tiny court
raven_ala_best : I could so make a slam dunk
thastonertechn9cian : Spoze come to California pleeaasseee ugh
rynelamb : Guys he was like JUST in California and Seattle. Where he fuck we're you?
spizzyspose : @thastonertechn9cian played three California shows in the past month!!
spizzyspose : @raven_ala_best played Seattle a few weeks ago!!
thastonertechn9cian : Oh my gawd! Where have I been!! I'm upset haha but awesome I'm glad you've been out this way I'll have to catch you sometime love your music keep doing you haha
thastonertechn9cian : Come to Sacramento go to #AceofSpades nice place for concerts haha I've been to em xD
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spizzyspose - Spose
Found a sycamore tree in Brooklyn (I think?), reminded me of Jay Z, maybe my favorite rapper of all time. Playing in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory tonight BUT ITS A SUPER EARLY SHOW IM ON AT 7 pm!!!!! Be there early NYC!
layncinemup11 : Just because Spose doesn't have the same style as Jay-Z... Maybe in some manners but Spose undeniably raps in a much more educated way. And idk if it's just me but I really don't see many similarities in style or anything. A reference doesn't mean he likes him lol.
layncinemup11 : @gotdangdalek
iamazimith : @spizzyspose Your style's the most simplest and most unique I've ever seen.
spizzyspose : @layncinemup11 I learned that you can be eloquent and intelligent in your rap verses FROM JayZ. ''reasonable doubt'' is one of my top 3 albums of all time for sure, kinda stole my style from JayZ and inserted my own life in place of his, Wells Maine in place of Marcy
layncinemup11 : @spizzyspose Alright, whatever got you to where you are now I'm cool with. Just kinda found it hard to believe because I don't care for Jay-Z and you're my favorite rapper by far. Thanks for responding man you're the best.
spizzyspose : @layncinemup11 Preciate it, check out ''reasonable doubt'' sometime it might change your opinion of JayZ. He's very smart
gotdangdalek : @spizzyspose true that.
dayo503 : Why does his niggas in Paris song say "we killed tupac"!?:(
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spizzyspose - Spose
Literally NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN tonight! Thx for a great show Baltimore, playing NYC at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn tomorrow night, get there early I'm on before 8 pm!!!
schmuck_monkey : Soooo many tolls 💀
naples_syrup : Ayee show delaware some love while you're there for like 30 minutes
itsmaxxnavedo : Yo pass my town Edison so sad
nshap3435 : Take a detour up to scranton!
wnwsurf : Yewww @nshap3435 Scranton Represent!!!!
ryguytheflyguy2 - hoverpod222 - benfrosttt - medicated_maineiac -
spizzyspose - Spose
Alright Mainers so we've been on tour since Oct 3, played 35+ cities (we're playing Baltimore tonight and NYC tomorrow night). We've done almost all of the continental USA but I'm so very stoked to announce our HOMECOMING SHOW!!! I will be playing at Port City Music Hall in Portland, Maine on Saturday December 20th with all my tourmates and more! It'll be called ''PDANK CHRISTMAS'' & the show is all ages & tickets are on sale.... RIGHT NOW !!!! Get your tickets right here: http://m.ticketmaster.com/spose-portland-maine-12-20-2014/event/01004D74A5333C29?artistid=1445746&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=3 Tons of surprises, giveaways, and special guests at this show. The bill will include Spose, Ock Cousteau, God.Damn.Chan. and Cam Groves, as well as many other familiar faces. Cam and I will be performing a separate set of songs from ''We Smoked It All Vol. 1'' to celebrate it's five year anniversary as well. SEE YOU SOON MAINE!!
jreydacynic : A "We Smoked It All Vol. 1" set? No way in Hell I can miss this shit. Y'all gotta do Boning Smoking Chronic!
tbcherry : #pdave
tbcherry : Im so stoked for this show @shredlon
shredlon : @tbcherry oh were goin bub
joeyspinz24 : Can't wait brotha
meowitskelly : Bruh my mom bought me tickets as an early christmas present
andrewthecreatorr : Do we get to meet you if we wear your merch hahaha
brooklynaday : Yay I get to see you and my brothhaaa finally
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spizzyspose - Spose
noahjawdat11 : Follow me bruh
jacquelinebeatonnn : $$
fox.alecia : @spizzyspose Hours life bro?! Does any body ever ask you that? Do they take interest in this day n how you feel?
spizzyspose : @fox.alecia hah! No they don't, thanks for asking. Life is really good, very happy, content, and striving for success.
fox.alecia : @spizzyspose Keep up the good work man. Maybe one-day our paths will cross and i get to meet you man. Btw your song Jimmy was very inspiring to me. Have a great day bro!
riceandbeans92 : My mind is still blown from last nights show. Thank you again for being you it was fucking glorious!
mrooka : My names Daryl. It's spelled like daryl but pronounced "durl"
thick.freakness : @spizzyspose you should come to Asheville NC please!
joeythyng - triple_t_official - jape - joeyspinz24 -
spizzyspose - Spose
Thank you North Carolina !!!! Only four more shows to go! Richmond, Baltimore, NYC, Philly! Then announcing Maine show.
celiaheathbailey : @spizzyspose have fun in charm city! Wish @nwbailey and I could've seen you there!!
kaylaekelly : Amazing show thank you so much!
_kristenlynn_ : You're coming to Philly?!?! Whaat
_kristenlynn_ : Watsky and you? Lovin' it
mostlocal : When's the Philly show?
spizzyspose : @mostlocal Sunday night at the Barbary
mostlocal : @spizzyspose thanks man! I'm gonna try to make it out from the woods in NEPA. Haha, keep the real rap comin' my way! ✊
dkgj123 : Dude when is the Richmond show?
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spizzyspose - Spose
Found Maine beers in Savannah, Georgia tonight !!! Playing in Carrboro, NC tomorrow at Cats Cradle !
sam__roberts73 : Dads gut deer and sip upon shipyard beer!
benxbaker : Maine has some goddamn good breweries
suchajess : <3 saisons
jarodhernandez : Do you enjoy Sea Dog brews @spizzyspose ?
riley_kirk : Brewtiful
ryanblunt1107 : Lol
sarahbinette : We're not too far... well, Fort lauderdale. I've found a ton of Maine beers! Pretty awesome!
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spizzyspose - Spose
This moment brought to you by #SPOSEARMY @chantakespictures @jay_caron
sposearmy -
matt_giard : @jc3c96 sick beat pad
mcflurtis : Where the titties at?
jc3c96 : Gold maschine all the way @matt_giard
schmuck_monkey : music factories do exist.
matt_giard : Dat limited edition swag @jc3c96
dbh_ink : #ScenesFromASilentDisco
minay88 : @kolesnique86
ostrichofhate : Lotion on the desk ;)
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