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spincushions - Shelley
Back in Melbourne town for a quick stop before heading home tonight. I think I've earned this treat thanks to mr @zumbopatisserie πŸ˜† I'll respond to all your lovely comments tomorrow. Sobbing in the food court at Emporium wouldn't be pretty. πŸ˜† I promise I'll be all crochet crochet crochet again from now on. Thanks for indulging my sook. 😊 #thisisaustralia
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gradientaus : Yum!
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spincushions - Shelley
You're so pretty Hobart. 😊 See you soon. 🎢🎢 I'm leaving on a jet plane. Don't know when I'll be back again 🎢🎢 #thisisaustralia #sandybayhobart
thisisaustralia - sandybayhobart -
moerks : Dropping off a uni kid?
mignon.d : Tis pretty, sad to say my couple of days did not include Salamanca markets
mobiusgirl : Beautiful!
1955sal : Make sure you visit an amazing wool shop called 'The Stash Cupboard' in Hobart @spincushions .
carlacoogan : 'The Stash Cupboard' is scrumptious :)
mr.rushberg - knitting_crocheting_oh_my - asma2789 - myshina -
spincushions - Shelley
Hotel crochet. I have a nice new shiny 6mm hook. I packed a plastic one only to find it was a 9mm when I went to use it πŸ˜… So I just "had" to go to Morris & Sons during our stopover in Melbourne to get a 6mm - lucky they stock my knitpro waves πŸ˜† No problems flying with it. Of course as per usual I was pulled aside to be swabbed. If it's random, how come it happens every single time I fly? πŸ˜… Sweet flower is a present for me by oldest who I've just waved a teary goodbye to as she begins her uni adventure. I won't be able to look at this post without sooking so please forgive me not responding today. #crochet #crochetaddict #imabigsook #theygrowuptoofast
imabigsook - theygrowuptoofast - crochetaddict - crochet -
dollmadesign : It's like prep all over again. It gets easier over time! 😘
marjolein_van_dorsser : To make it worse... Play slipping through my fingers by ABBA.... Take care!!
woolyana : So sweet and very hard. Sending you big hugs, my friend!
hstuart3 : Good luck to your girl!!! Hugs to you!
shibuble : Oh, chick. Ofcourse, it's heartbreaking. But, you couldn't have done it all just to not let her fly. But still, it's hard. I know. Let me hug you and wipe away those precious tears. Equally, she'll also have a few of her own. Reach for the stars she must.
dacecilia2014 : @cgmiguez . Será a próxima? 😍
coffeepaperyarn : Big hugs, x
ishatoo : @spincushions Lots of love hugs and kisses. She will be just a famous as mom. πŸ˜™
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spincushions - Shelley
Who needs to go to Bali or Thailand for a fishy foot nibble? πŸ˜… Just went down the beach and the river (that's not open at the mouth to the sea at the moment) is exploding with wee fish. Stand still for 1 minute and you get a free fishy pedi. Just so you know I only stood still enough for this pic then I was outta there. Not a fan - freaked me out a bit πŸ˜… Hubby & middle child loved it though #lovewhereilive
lovewhereilive -
miss__neriss : I've holidayed in your corner too (well, Pt Fairy). I love and miss my little corner of the world.
buttonbeautiful : Yeah, just like me at the beach yesterday. You saw the pics right?! πŸ˜‚
sweetpea_crochetery : oooh I've tried it a festival, a big pool with a lot of them. Dipped both of my feet and I couldn't stop laughing for full 15minutes, they were so ticklish!
jen515833 : That's hilarious and very neat.
queen_babs : I find the idea a bit off putting myself!!
freja_blomst : Freaks me out too! I can't handle that feeling!
spincushions : @buttonbeautiful hehe - I just did. πŸ˜†
spincushions : @sweetpea_crochetery @freja_blomst @queen_babs @jen515833 It was icky for me. I thought I'd like it but not. Too creepy 😱
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spincushions - Shelley
New on the blog - teaching kids to love crochet by making simple chained bracelets. I did this last year with small groups of kids and a lot of you asked how we did it. Tutorial post up now. Just click home after you click the link in profile. 😊 #crochet #crochetaddict #yarnlove
yarnlove - crochetaddict - crochet -
lover_ryoko : I saw your post a few months back and taught my kiddo how to do this. What a great memory. Thank you for sharing this with the world!
tikkiknits : LOL! YES! I see what you mean! How in sync are we? We clearly need to hang out more in real life. xx
handmade_by_nordic_crochet : That's a great idea and looks very cool πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™
spincushions : @lover_ryoko that's awesome 😊
spincushions : @tikkiknits it's true πŸ˜… we must try that this year.
spincushions : @handmade_by_nordic_crochet thank you. They really loved it. 😊
tikkiknits : Absolutely! Tarndie retreat?
spincushions : Oh that'd be fabulous @tikkiknits 😊
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spincushions - Shelley
Aussie folks, has anyone flown domestic flights lately and taken crochet? I checked prohibited items and it says "crochet needles" are allowed or not at the discretion of airport security. I'm wondering whether to risk losing my only 6mn hook. #crochet #crochetaddict
crochetaddict - crochet -
annreynolds : Glad you asked this question @spincushions. I will now take my crochet with me when I travel. Gee how much could I have done while flying to Europe and back last year. I just assumed you couldn't take them.
buffy3031 : I crocheted on flight from Gold Coast to Melbourne in November using a small 3.75 mm hook. No problem at all.
hathaleighcottage : I've taken crocheting all over the world never a problem
nataschasood : Whenever I fly, I always use my plastic or bamboo needles. Never had problems
bblithely : I've never had a problem with my Clover soft touch hooks. They have such rounded ends that no one has questioned them (even the times they've been pulled out & examined).
ash_savageted : Yup, I fly all the time with a hook or two in my handbag (and the rest of my hooks in my suitcase), with no problems :)
emlyt : Did you get through ok @spincushions I was stopped at Melbourne with my favourite scissors, luckily I had time to run out to the car to leave them there. Nail clippers are a better idea!
spincushions : I did thanks @emlyt I didn't take any scissors or needles. 😊 no worries at all. 😊
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spincushions - Shelley
Thanks for the tag @mobiusgirl to share #widn I'm trying to figure out if I'll have enough yarn. I'm pretty sure I will. This is the big big big block of the upcoming Mystery CAL. It's almost a blanket on its own. It took practically 1 whole 200 g ball. 20 g left over. 😊 What are you up to @intheyarngarden @abagfullofcrochet @puurcreatief 😊 No pressure. #crochet #crochetaddict #designing #franthemanghan #franmysterycal
franmysterycal - crochet - franthemanghan - widn - designing - crochetaddict -
spincushions : @suregal27 yep πŸ˜†
spincushions : @reemany4350 I'm sorry but I don't understand?
wdrko : 😍😍 @yoshitadevi
intheyarngarden : Thanks for the tag! πŸ’•
gracedimuzio : Thanks....will look forward to it...
charlieleth : Crazy! Can't wait
raineydaydreamin : @spincushions what brand and color is this?
spincushions : @raineydaydreamin it's bendigo woollen mills cotton 10 ply in french navy.
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spincushions - Shelley
Ok yarn chicken players. πŸ˜† Will she make it? Let's see who wins this round. 73 sts per side. She's just begun the second last round. It's going to be a close call. This round is dc/tr (US/UK). Last round is the classic sc/dc round to finish it off. Edge of your seat stuff πŸ˜… Also - don't go do 2 hours of stand up paddle boarding in the morning and expect to be able to smash out loads of crochet in the afternoon. My whole body hurts πŸ˜… yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton 10 ply. #crochet #crochetaddict #designing #FRANtheManghan #franmysterycal
franthemanghan - designing - franmysterycal - crochetaddict - crochet -
buttermilkcandy : πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
elzavan912 : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†yeah!
samjaynestreet : Oh you won that's good πŸ’œπŸ˜‚πŸ’œ
suedukehayman : And the winner is....hey, I love to crochet and I love to SUP! Friends in common across this wonderful world!!🌏🌎
suedukehayman : My rule of SUP is ...I'm on it, not in it. I fell the first time, but have managed to follow my rule since then. I need to get back out there and have some fun again!!
spincushions : @freja_blomst hehe. Me too. πŸ˜†
spincushions : @suedukehayman it was only my second time yesterday. My friend has boards. 😊 I haven't fallen in yet lol. I'm sure I will one day. It is fun and so peaceful. 😊
spincushions : @elzavan912 @samjaynestreet πŸ‘ πŸ˜†
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spincushions - Shelley
I was asked by the super amazing designer @carolynchristmas to share #widn. Well I'm faffing about with my design project squares trying to resist joining them up as I know I'll need consistent individual photos later in 2016. What are you up to @theindieyarnstore @olivesandpickles @amelia_put 😊 no pressure to share. Only if you want to. 😊 yarn is cascade ultra pima cotton Patterns available in 2017 ebook. 😊 #crochet #crochetaddict #designing
widn - designing - crochetaddict - crochet -
darcydaydream : Beautiful πŸ’™
theindieyarnstore : Just gorgeous as always @spincushions !! You have a fantastic eye for colour 😍
olivesandpickles : Gorgeous!! Thanks for the tag beautiful!! I posted a photo.
amelia_put : I love Cascade Ultra Pima! And your crochet is amazing as always! Thank you for tagging 😘
shooshoos55 : @mshtaqlkya
bordadosclaudia : Lindo
altnknhl : İşte bunlar benimkiler :)
thepatchsmith : Beautiful πŸ’Ÿ
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spincushions - Shelley
36.5/41. I'm seriously worried about my maths skills - 41 is definitely the total. Not 43 not 53. πŸ˜… the next time you see this stack it will be 41/41. Yay. Yarn is @bendigowoollenmills 10 ply cotton called french navy. 😊 #crochet #crochetaddict #designing #FRANtheManghan #franmysterycal
franthemanghan - designing - franmysterycal - crochetaddict - crochet -
haslemere8 : Great colour. Are you going to include any other colour in it?
marjolein_van_dorsser : Love the colour! It won't start before april right? Please.... I am too busy with another cal...
spincushions : @haslemere8 nope. I'm doing mine in single colour but will be doing samples for colour options. 😊
spincushions : @marjolein_van_dorsser thanks 😊 umm i really don't know yet. Possibly march, but I've got a lot of work to do yet lol.
marjolein_van_dorsser : So take your time @spincushions ... Take your time ;-)
handmade_by_nordic_crochet : Nice colour πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
elizabethparkcollections : Beautiful colour @spincushions
kellynordwall : HA! Yes, take your time, my Greg is at the Bob-1 stage πŸ˜‰.
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