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wife, mama (to two lovely daughters and busy twin boys), neighbor, writer. clicking along in the heart of OKC.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Every single night, y'all. (And real men sleep on flowers, yes?)
haleycarrots : They are too much. Darling!
redeeming_table : Have they always shared a bed?
mrskristysteffen : Superman an Batman are twins!
lizgossom : Real men in diapers sleep on whatever Mommy decides is disposable should the occasion arise. Lol! My 2yo sleeps on a double-stacked crib mattress and blankets on the floor, because we are potty training and I refuse to put him on a twin bed with bigger sheets and blankets until it is finished.
rcjohnsen : they'll love seeing this when they get older! they make the perfect back rests. 😊
sortacrunchy : @redeeming_table yep! Since day one!
vanessajo_ : πŸ’™brothers πŸ’™
mandahix : Absolutely adorable!!!!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
So thankful for the "help at home" option of classroom volunteer work!
vanessajo_ : Our school is just now coming around to this. Because Edmond.
norine18 : Our school doesn't let us volunteer at all. Makes me so sad. Can't imagine the teachers are too fond of the rule either.
sortacrunchy : @norine18 goodness! Wonder what the reasoning is on that?!
ps11829 : As a former teacher, I LOVED parent volunteers. As a homeschooling mom of 5, I NEED a volunteer team! :)
housefullofjays : Do I spy lamination? Why does this thrill me so?! 😍
littlehousebigworld : Former teacher here that was so thankful for parents like you that were willing to do these things at home. So helpful!
twinbridges : That's fabulous!
norine18 : @sortacrunchy I think they had a few parents who took volunteering to an extreme and basically spent the day with their kids so they just took it away :/ I'm not sure why they don't allow this kind of help. They aren't the best at communication either.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
I'm singing the All Out Of Two Seater Cart Blues. (Obviously the little dudes aren't blue.)
sortacrunchy : @dawnesteed so worth it!!
sortacrunchy : @laetitiaclark @kathryncaplinger I actually did see 2 people with singletons in the two seaters! πŸ‘
lizgossom : Lol at that thumbs up - my 4-almost-5 yo doesn't seem to realize she is too big for those. We are having a difficult time transitioning to the walking everywhere stage of life. (where's my "arms are tired" emoji?)
missingfillmore : Use to drive me wild when i saw a singleton in a twin cart!
sortacrunchy : @lizgossom oh yes! My almost SEVEN year old still wants to ride in the cart!
sortacrunchy : @missingfillmore I'm ashamed to say that used to be me! Oh, karma.
alicedoyal : My twin boys are the exact same age as yours and the last time this happened, David crawled onto the conveyor belt at check out while Sam happily pulled all the candy off the rack on the other side...crazy times...
sortacrunchy : @alicedoyal OH MY WORD.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
After-dinner chill out time with John Kyle. His no-napping twin is already in bed for the night. Listening to my girls giggle over silly YouTube videos. (Maybe quite possibly counting minutes til bedtime so I can dive back into Outlander. Shhhhhhh. πŸ˜‰) #widn tag from @housefullofjays Tagging some of my favorite Emilys! @emily34331 @emilyjocarter @smoochagator @emilyaroach @emilymcclements @emily_bilbrey
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yellowhousedays : i have always heard about it...!! it's NEVER at the library, though!!
vanessajo_ : Downloaded a sample but never bought it. Good?
coffeemamma : Love Outlander!!!! Those books are amazing. So far, the show is doing them justice, too.
sortacrunchy : @vanessajo_ it was a slowwww start for me, but now I'm digging it!
kmcvey5 : The first 50 pages are slooooow. Lots of backstory, lots of laying the foundations for later on in the books. But, once it sucks you in, it Sucks. You. In. Still, after all these years (I forts read it 20 years ago), I find myself almost lost, myself, when I realize I'm not actually *in* Scotland. πŸ’— The mark of a true artist. πŸ’—
ktindeed : I've never read Outlander, either, but I met Diana Gabaldon once at a conference and got a signed copy for my mom since I knew she read that series. It was interesting because she was actually speaking more in her capacity as a scientist (she has a PhD in environmental biology or something and was a university professor before Outlander became a hit) than an author. Anyway. She was very nice and interesting and I meant to borrow-steal the book from my mom to read and never did.
vanessajo_ : I think that's why I never bought it. The sample was just meh.
housefullofjays : Everything about this guy is scrumptious. I'm curious if you end up diving into the whole Outlander series. I've got the second one on my kindle after reading the first years ago. I'm back and forth about starting it - not sure I'm ready to get completely lost in it...
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
I really did it. I've been trying to get back into the 5:00 work habit for weeks and this morning, I finally got up! Annnnnd I haven't written a single word. Just been wrapped up in this quilt, sipping coffee, listening to the clock tick. I'm afraid if I move, I'll break the spell.
twinbridges : Getting up is half the battle. Way to go!
ps11829 : I ❀️ this. I have been working hard to get back in the habit of my 5:00 boot camp class. I've made it 4 days this week. But today was the first day I didn't come back home and nap. I do love my coffee time before the kids get up!!
leighanndutton : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ
giveagirlafig : Gotta start somewhere!
anniemorris11 : Yay!!
kristin_esser : It's progress!
ktindeed : Nnnnnnope.
sortacrunchy : @ktindeed 😜
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Then there's this sweet beauty. Every day after school, she goes to an amazing student orchestra program where for two and a half hours, she studies theory, composition, and performance. At nine years old, she knows more about music than I've ever known! So proud of her hard work.
twinbridges : Very impressive!
thejenntaylor : Nurture that need!! It is a great send of empowerment for her. I'm proud of her!
jgpence : That's amazing!
katybaker6 : Wonderful!
kmcvey5 : Sometimes, they just take your breath away, and you wonder, how on earth did I get to be a part of THIS??? πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
mindyaclark : It's always so interesting to see how different two people who grow up in the same home and have the same parents are. You're doing a beautiful job nurturing their unique gifts!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
What Aliza Joy likes to do for fun after school is plan, stylize, and execute photo shoots - mostly starring Aliza Joy. ("For this one, I want to stare off into space." I cannot make this up.)
housefullofjays : This is most wonderful. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
kmcvey5 : I have no doubt that Hannah would do this, as well, if her mother could figure out how to work the Big Camera. LOL Work it, girlfriend!!! πŸ˜„πŸ‘—πŸ‘‘πŸ’—
jensonntag : πŸ’•πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
karibaumann : One million likes for her face, the caption, and her dress.
butterflysnbees : Oh my word! Too funny lol
redandhoney : Alizas are great aren't they?
yellowhousedays : Love that!!
kathryncaplinger : I die!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
It's Sunday night in Oklahoma, soooooooo .....
jennimullinix : I love that place! I wish we lived closer to one!
jillharms03 : Gurrrrrl. I lived in Broken Arrow for a time and Braum's was an absolute must. Burgers and shakes for days.
sortacrunchy : @jillharms03 yes ma'am. In high school, I developed the terrible/awesome habit of dipping my fries in my chocolate shake. Have now successfully passed that habit down to the girls.
meanttobeamama : whats a braums?
milnermama : Whenever I head back to the Midwest (i.e., Wichita), we always go! It's so, so good!
elizabethhagan : I live next to one of those
jgpence : Oh I miss Braums! Yuuuum!
sortacrunchy : @meanttobeamama it's an Oklahoma-based dairy/grocery store/fast food joint. πŸ”πŸŸπŸ¦πŸ§
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
This is where we most often find Mack. He loves to pull down the books and look and look and look. ❀️
girlwithgreencard : OH HIS HAAAAIR. It's so beautiful! Swoon.
mandiehman : That is my favorite toddler activity ever. So sweet!!!!
housefullofjays : I have spent hours restocking book shelves but it's always so wonderful when they dive in. 😍😍😍
se7en_hoods : Oh little one!!! Too adorable. Once a book lover, always a book lover!!!
meanttobeamama : squeeeee! heart melting. (also, thats my fave book in the backround. howevet, i do not agree with max's mothers parenting choices...)
twinroses77 : His curls!!!!!
vanessajo_ : 😍
czip : our moo baa la la la is in the same condition :)
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Truth-telling: penny tile and a claw-foot tub may make for a pretty design but it is a HUGE nightmare to clean. Thank goodness I have my 90s alt-pop to keep me company. #creep #loser #lump (lots of one word titles!)
lump - loser - creep -
tysonshanebrown : #creep #tlc #goodstuff
apseed_ : :)
mrsrobbinssparkles : LOVE your bathroom!
kmcvey5 : I don't like white anything. Anywhere. #7kids #learnedearly #prettybutnotpractical
kmcvey5 : And, a great, big, fat #YES to Natalie Merchant. πŸ’—
sortacrunchy : @mrsrobbinssparkles thank you! And yes + yes to @kmcvey5
czip : we have brutal tile in our bathroom to clean too - little honey comb tiles - I hate it!
andreverie : Beautiful though!
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