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wife, mama (to two lovely daughters and busy twin boys), neighbor, writer. clicking along in the heart of OKC.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
We're at @michaelsstores celebrating Dacey's 10th birthday today! Lots of crafting, giggling, and singing along to Taylor Swift going on right now. β˜ΊοΈπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ’ƒ
jermangirl : I remember my 10th birthday and how it was a really big deal!! Hope she has a wonderful day!!
kjeldy : Happy Birthday to Dacey! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
vanessajo_ : So fun!
bethany_bassett : My older daughter is a month behind yours, and I always have a moment of "Wait, WHAT??" when you post Dacey's birthday photos. Just unreal. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!
se7en_hoods : Well happy brilliant birthday little one!!!
redandhoney : My inner ten-year-old wants to join in SO BAD.
laddyh : Happy birthday, Dacey! Awesome party fun!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Some days, we match. Other days, we mix-n-match.
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sortacrunchy : #twinlife #toddlersofinstagram
blessourlittlenest : They look older this week 😳
blessourlittlenest : But just as cute 😘😘
sortacrunchy : @blessourlittlenest wellllll they are almost TWO, ya know. 😡☺️
se7en_hoods : Oh the cuteness!!!
flowermama : Handsomes!
leannepenny : So so big!!
rachlatigo : Is that a second paci on his thumb?πŸ˜‚ They are so cute!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
AJ does her math homework in PEN. #confidence
confidence -
donab : Go girl! (I always did mine in the lightest pencil I could find.)
sortacrunchy : @donab me tooooooo!
lindsaycrandall : Oh my! That's something.
se7en_hoods : Impressed!!!
agodin28 : My high school math teacher required us to do our homework in pen so that we could go back and see where we made mistakes and not make them again. Maybe she is thinking ahead!
tysonshanebrown : I had the guy who sat in front of me do mine. #unconfidence
reneetougas : My kids use pen all the time and do a lot of scratching out!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
I've been eating lunch like a real live grown-up, too. (A grown-up of a certain age whose life is 100% better with Friends on Netflix.)
eliyahuchai : Friends in low places?
leannepenny : This is so me. I ate a salad too... But with Gilmore girls.
hayley50000 : Being up with a newborn, I've been marathoning Friends on Netflix. So good.
rachelswarm : @hayley50000 me too! I have a seven week old.
hayley50000 : @rachelswarm congrats! My daughter is five weeks old.
ranidai : Too funny I started watching the series from the beginning a couple of weeks ago.
jermangirl : Sooooo much better with Friends on Netflix!!!!
boymom_sarah : Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
I'm throwing all of my heart, body, and soul into healthiness in 2015. One little change I'm making is taking the twins on daily 30 minute walks. Those who know me know I tend to shrivel in temps under 50 degrees, but I'm making the effort to push past that Resistance. Sometimes I project my cold weather hatred onto my kids, just sure that they hate it as much as I do. Kyle is pretty sure it doesn't bother them a bit. He might be right.
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tiffanymarthagardner : Pjs and tennis shoes... My fave!
sortacrunchy : @provhandmade I KNOW!!!
ashleyoflaherty : I can't handle to be outside when it's under 50 or over 90. The moody monster comes out of me! That's why I workout inside!! I tried the happened once lol! Good for you though! I bet the boys love it!! @sortacrunchy
se7en_hoods : Oh my the cuteness!!!
alainapompa : It's only 20 degrees here but you are an inspiration. I HATE the winter but I can handle 20 degrees and the exercise will clear my mind and hopefully improve my attitude. Maybe I can get my kiddos to join me. If not I know my puppies will.
sortacrunchy : @alainapompa 20 degrees?! You are made of tougher stuff than I am! Now you are MY inspiration!
alainapompa : Ha! It was 30
alainapompa : Degrees today and I took the dogs. They loved it. If I had to use wine word to describe what it takes to live through Wisconsin winters, that word would be hardy. You have to be hardy. I'm usually grumpy, but I'm working on it.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
That darling owl hat was meant for a newborn noggin, but John Kyle - who loves a hat in ANY shape or form - is pretty pleased I could force this on his toddler head. (@leannepenny did you make these for the boys? It's only been two years, but it feels like a lifetime's worth of memory loss! πŸ˜‚)
visty_lindgren : So much about this picture I love.
friedokra : OH DEAR GOLLY.
robbiemcbobbie : Josiah too!!! He wore his newborn crochet monkey hat out....
kmcvey5 : πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’™
thefrugalgirl : So cute. ❀️
czip : Yes to 2 years of memory loss!
leannepenny : Yep! I did those and the green top onto hats :)
leannepenny : So glad he's still loving em!!!!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Good thing I'm not a crier! (Just kidding. I'm totally a crier. But not over spilled milk.) (Well. Not today, anyway.)
yellowhousedays : I have totally cried (or screamed) over spilled milk!!
nikkie82 : ^^^^^^
girlwithgreencard : Spilled breast milk is totally worth crying over. ;-)
jdaisy315 : Agree with @girlwithgreencard
rachelswarm : @girlwithgreencard oh I totally have! Lol
lindsaycrandall : Ha!
krsball : I'd cry, depending.
mamatomagslilly : That "Lala" is a fixture in our household!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Teething your two year molars is a little easier with a buddy who understands the pain. (Not so much easier for Mom, however ...) #latergram
twinlife - latergram -
jensonntag : They're so sweet! But the teething ... 😁
cathyvande : I've only got one cutting them here so I can only imagine having two.
czip : mine are totally teething too. ouch!
se7en_hoods : Owee poor poor babies... Sending love to the mama!!!
missingfillmore : Oh :( my girls go through all illnesses and teething and now losing teeth together (although on opposite sides). I feel you mama! X
kellysauer : Mercy..
redandhoney : Poor bubbas (poor mama). πŸ’—
carriestuder : The woes of double teething - I remember those days well! My twin boys turn SEVEN today - seems like they were just tinies like yours yesterday!!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
"i thank You God for most this amazing day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes" Joining mr. cummings in yes, thankful for this most amazing day.
leighkramer : Love that poem!
jgpence : I sing in a women's choir, and we did an anthem last year that was this poem. Haven't run across it anyplace else.
vanessajo_ : So much yes.
lindsaycrandall : Yes! One of my favorite poems!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
after-nap snuggles. πŸ’™πŸ’™
twinlife -
sortacrunchy : #twinlife
jillharms03 : I love them, Megan. (and you. Duh.)
kindacrunchykate : So sweet!!
kathryncaplinger : I'm glad they took naps!
friedokra : I want to snuggle with them!
leighkramer : I love them so!
blessourlittlenest : I love them. And loved my snuggles from earlier this week #iloveyourkids
justlenae : Goodness, they're just dreamy! 😘😘😘
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