Megan Tietz

wife, mama (to two lovely daughters and busy twin boys), neighbor, writer. clicking along in the heart of OKC.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Mary's Violet Eyes Make John Sit Up Nights Periodically. Whenever I see violet, I think of Mrs. Allen and fourth grade science and how badly I wished my eyes were violet. The solar system has always been romantic to me. #latergram #nofilter #myviewfromhere
nofilter - myviewfromhere - latergram -
kellyatlovewell : A weather/science/beauty Insta. ::sob:: #soulmates
sortacrunchy : @kellyatlovewell 😘😘😘 (soul mate kisses)
vanessajo_ : It was amazing tonight.
mindyaclark : Aw! I've never heard that one:) Much more romantic than My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas;)
liznemethduffy : We were taught: My Vampire Eats Mars Jam Sandwiches Under Neath Pillows! (Australia, circa 1983!)
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Thanksgiving Dinner: School Cafeteria Edition πŸ˜‰
rachelswarm : Flashbacks to elementary school! Yikes.
rosiejam : It's all rather it tastes good though!
morganchantelle : Ha! I go to mine in about an hour.
twolittlebirdsknits : Did it yesterday. I declined to actually eat. 😝
thoroughlyhere_ : I loved turkey and mashed potatoes day. That gravy was my favorite.
softletters : I'd eat that without complaint 😍
jillharms03 : I'll trade you my Snack Pack for that roll!
sortacrunchy : @kimborchert @rachelswarm @rosiejam @morganchantelle @twolittlebirdsknits @thoroughlyhere_ @softletters @jillharms03 I have to tell y'all it was surprisingly GOOD!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Jammies and books on a (too) frosty morning. πŸ’™πŸ’™ #twinlife
twinlife -
se7en_hoods : Love that!!!
christiepurifoy : Little hands holding little books. ❀️
jaimelmitchell : Looks a lot like my house this morning!! ;)
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Oh, Sunday.
ambernoel226 : Ps, HOW do you keep those lovely lamps there without a small boy pushing them over???
yellowhousedays : LOVE!!!!
laddyh : So stinkin' cute!
tiffanymarthagardner : Amazing pic!
bethany_bassett : GAH.
deviduerrmeier : Gorgeous! And yes how do you keep the lamps intact? We list one of ours to the three year old last week.
lisajobaker : Stop it!!
sarah_rific : That is unbelievably adorable.
foodfitforkids - starstruk - milnermama - lindseyleeleigh -
sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Close-up of the tattoo sleeves. I'm overly amused by this. #halloween #twinlife
twinlife - halloween -
mandiehman : Hahaha!
brennajd : I keep looking at this and the more I look at it the closer I am to wanting just one. more. baby......
sortacrunchy : @brennajd yes. Just one more, we said. We'll just try for a boy, we said. 😜😳😍
heart_hearthandhomestead : These are awesome!!
yellowhousedays : Love!!! And @sortacrunchy hah!! Just one more!!!
foodfitforkids : Hilarious!!
poosli - sarajoysnaps - agodin28 - ajunkel -
sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
If you are in OKC, be on the lookout for The Stroller Bandits! They are armed with pacis and extremely cute. I mean dangerous.
yellowhousedays : Hah!!!
se7en_hoods : Oh your boys are too darling!!!
housefullofjays : 😍
rachelswarm : The tatoo sleeve!!!
momdiggity : So stinking cute!!!!
foodfitforkids : Awwww πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
lifewithkate - mindyjyoung7 - awaytoblue - zizzivivizz -
sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Bummed that my only pic of them is so blurred, but I'm so stoked about the costumes they chose this year that I'm posting anyway! Dacey = Athena; AJ = Batgirl Without A Mask (no masks at school, but rest assured she has one for tonight!)
robbiemcbobbie : How absolutely fitting! What a beautiful picture.
sortacrunchy : @robbiemcbobbie it's true! Somehow every year, they manage to pick costumes that are pretty much THEM, you know? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š
kellyatlovewell : Perfect!
axesandfeathers : Pen has that goddess costume and we love it! Your girls are so rad. Love!!
kathryncaplinger : They both look SO dang gorgeous!!!
homecookmemory : I love their choices!! Girl power!!
sarah_rific : That's so cool!!!
justlenae : So awesome!
czip - mindyjyoung7 - tiffanydnorris - b_schwartz09 -
sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Still haven't decided if it's a good or bad thing that these two can fall asleep anywhere. ANY.WHERE.
ajunkel : Never. Even sleeping in the car seat was a rare shock
candicembullard : What a treat! I couldn't get mine to sleep anywhere except his dark, quiet room in his crib.
smellgoodlady : h
agodin28 : And there is always an extra paci in his hand. So sweet.
jillharms03 : #paciskillz
writinginpencil : Target is too wonderful to sleep through!!
kearamariec : I have never had a kid do this. Love it!
nicolemkemper : How are these little dudes doing when you take them out? Thought of you the other day, hope they are outgrowing the escape artist phase of going out!!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Not many days left with these loyal friends. Don't worry, though. I'll wear them long past the moment logic would suggest I pack them away (as is my custom).
momofwaters : Right there with ya, @sortacrunchy! Jerod said I must be part Somalian.
yellowhousedays : As long as possible!!
nicolemkemper : Yes! As long as possible! (Which, up here has been a huge blessing to still be wearing them!)
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Parallel Play: Bathroom Edition #twinlife
twinlife -
leannepenny : Your. Tub. #drooling
se7en_hoods : Oh those busy little heads!!! Love that the shelf above the bath has nothing to grab on it... Tells a story!!!
visty_lindgren : This is one of my most favorite pictures of yours.
sortacrunchy : @visty_lindgren thank you!!!
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