Megan Tietz

wife, mama (to two lovely daughters and busy twin boys), neighbor, writer. clicking along in the heart of OKC.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
These friends are part of my owl collection, a collection which was once thoughtfully arranged on the built-in shelves in our living room. One day when I was pregnant with the twins, @leannepenny came for a visit and warned, "you know you'll have to move all those, right?" It seemed like an impossible point in the future at the time, but here we are and her prophecy has come to pass. For now, they huddle in a corner, but soon I'll have to find higher ground for them all. Nothing and no one is safe with two climbers on the loose!
kathryncaplinger : Gosh how do you choose a favorite? But I love the red!!!
bethwindel : I just love a of these!!! 😍
girlwithgreencard : I used to collect owls... I think they're all in my parents' attic now.
alsomelissa : I like to think of "toddler proofing" as "an excuse to reconsider my decor." Mostly that means I but more wall-mounted shelves. :D
eatingcrowpie : @hharcrow
lizgossom : @alsomelissa yes - me too - I'm buying more bookcases this week, with wall anchor thingies
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Mega messy start to another dreary morning in OKC.
letlovegrow : I cannot believe how much hair they have! ❀️ I think our babies will be (mostly) bald until 4! πŸ˜‚
sortacrunchy : @letlovegrow it's insane! My girls didn't have this much hair until they were 2 at least! We cannot get over it.
janiceleahtz : It must come from the Tietz side of the family :)
janiceleahtz : ^^^ All of that thick hair ^^^
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
It's classical conditioning, I think: it rains, I bake bread. What else is there to do, really? (PS - King Arthur Flour's GF bread mix is the BEST we have found. Hands-down, no comparison.)
ahithersay : Good to know!! I've been wanting to make some. And I'll keep my non-gf boys' hands off it!!
misswimms : Oh my gosh thank you so much for posting this!! I'm in need of a good GF bread recipe and actually just posted on Facebook about that haha. Seriously, Thank you!
eviekeat : @ashleyalex GF bread mix recommendation
sortacrunchy : @ahithersay @misswimms you are welcome! It's the King Arthur GF bread mix (and I think it's for pizza dough, too)
messycanvas : It was totally a warm bread day!
dougmatlock : This looks brilliant!
sortacrunchy : @dougmatlock It was! Quite.
friedokra : Me too. β˜”οΈβ„οΈ= 🍞🍞
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
As the old saying goes: the watermelon is sweeter on the other tray.
se7en_hoods : Good to have you back!!!
robbiemcbobbie : Love the shirts -B
gadanke : Hehe those shirts together!
simplyrebekah : I see some commenting that they are glad you are back. Did you take an IG brake on purpose?
sortacrunchy : @twinbridges @se7en_hoods I'm glad to be back πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
sortacrunchy : @simplyrebekah a little summer sabbatical πŸ˜‰
thislovelylittlelife : I am a new follower and noticed you live in OKC, we just moved here for my husband to attend law school! I feel a little less alone now :) You have a beautiful family!
sortacrunchy : @thislovelylittlelife I could swear I left you a comment earlier today but maybe I'm losing my mind. Anyway, welcome to OKC!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
On Easter morning, one of our pastors shared an amazing talk on The Culture of Resurrection. I haven't been able to shake it, and I've spent the whole summer turning it over in my head, thinking about what that looks like for a mom at home with four kiddos. This morning, I'm finally putting some thoughts on paper in hopes that writing will lead to action.
iveyleaguemama : I can't wait to see what comes of this. Hoping you'll share with us!
sortacrunchy : @iveyleaguemama I hope to .... if I can just pin down all the swirly, you know?
jensonntag : Yay! Thanks!
erinbassett : Was it recorded? Would love to hear it.
sortacrunchy : @erinbassett yes ma'am - go to then podcast and listen to April 20th!
erinbassett : Thx!
samiati : Gorgeous handwriting :)
sortacrunchy : Thank you @samiati ❀️
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Gosh, we just couldn't have asked for a prettier summer day in OKC! Sunny, temps in the 80s, just perfect. The toddler dudes played hard, so it's a scrub in the tub and off to bed for these two. Mama won't be far behind!
yellowhousedays : A full day!! I remember these days... Two in the tub!!
sortacrunchy : @yellowhousedays yep! Double the bath time sillies!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
It's the first day of their very last week of summer break. On the agenda: laziness, snuggling, and soaking it all up.
kristin_esser : Love the art!
sortacrunchy : @kristin_esser we've been playing around with zentangle - she loves it!
kristin_esser : I love zentangle too! My doodling has improved with a little direction :)
se7en_hoods : Love it right back!!!
jrlevans : Love it! Finally emailed you back. Y'all start school kind of early huh? We don't start until August 25--which feels like a mixed blessing right now πŸ˜‰
being_caitlin : I LOVE coloring with sharpies!
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
There's always that one guy on the plane ...
kmcvey5 : Adorable!
aubrygsmith : They are so precious!!
twinbridges : Megan, they are getting so big! Absolutely adorable! : I love their hair. So sweet
amandagray825 : Never cut their hair!!!
mindyaclark : CUTE!!!
alilittle28 : Oh my goodness! ❀️☺️
bohomamasoul : Oh, I can't handle their sweet bond.
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
Kinder grad.
visty_lindgren : ❀️❀️❀️
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sortacrunchy - Megan Tietz
bethyoung : We like that couch? Where from? And cute kids 😘
teenbug : Oh wow. Big boys! 😍
se7en_hoods : Love your huge couch!!!
milnermama : We have that same water toy/squirter! My toddler is 2, and he loves chasing his big sister with it.
provhandmade : Little men.
kmcvey5 : They are so not babies anymore!!! πŸ˜₯πŸ’™
sortacrunchy : @se7en_hoods @bethyoung thanks! It's actually just a loveseat - just looks big with bitty toddlers on it. πŸ˜‰ We got it at a local furniture store (OKC).
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