Official SOJA Instagram • New album “Amid the Noise and Haste” is NOW AVAILABLE! “SOJA has emerged as a superstar act…” Read Billboard's new article:
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"I'm not mad that all I hear on the radio are songs about strippers and planes to Ibiza," Hemphill added, "I just want conscious music to have a place at the table, too." If contemporary reggae with a forthright social conscience has a chance of impacting mainstream radio, SOJA is likely the band to accomplish that feat. On August 12th, the eight-piece outfit released their sixth album, Amid the Noise and Haste (@ATORecords) and scored their highest chart debut position to date, No. 20 on the Billboard 200. READ MORE (link in our bio): @sojagram Article by Patricia Meschino / @Billboard #SOJA #AmidTheNoiseAndHaste #Billboard
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diel_lopes : █▓▒ SEGUE? CURTO TODOS ▒▓█
laaluuhw : @lovee
laaluuhw : Love love love
leitocorrotea : #wau! Como me encantan sus #temas ... #BsAs me hubiese gustado sacar la entrada para verlos en el #personalfest pero de estar caras -.- ya había sacado la del #Vorterixreggeafest para la prox sera...
shelovesrasta : Not sure what to think about this . All i can think about is . Why i keep being unable to comment on Jacob 's posts . Its starting to hurt my heart. can someone tell me why this is . Can you ask him please . I feel like he blocked me . All ive ever done is love you guys .
teamfennell : Well deserved ✌️👏
woll_lara : Y love you
mu_viana : Brasil em Dezembro ansiosa
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SOJA and the American Reggae Movement: D.C. Band Makes 'Noise' With Highest Debut Via @BILLBOARD: "If contemporary reggae with a forthright social conscience has a chance of impacting mainstream radio, SOJA is likely the band to accomplish that feat … SOJA has emerged as a superstar act within the proliferating American reggae scene." Article link in our bio: @sojagram #SOJA #AmidTheNoiseAndHaste #Billboard
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andreamasifuen : Much love 😊
fctrevoryoung : Come to belo horizonte, please. @elliottlharrington libera a agenda moço. Love u guys ♡
clara_ilove30secondstomars : Jah esteja com todos
desu_desta : Luv soja!!
heydjou : Rasta Courage
bruninhastrini : ♡
courthollo : Fellassss lookin' good!
diel_lopes : █▓▒ SEGUE? CURTO TODOS ▒▓█
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@michaelfranti @jacobhemphillofficial @doitforthelovefoundation #ibelieve
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greccs : I KNOW BRO HAHA @henryfillo28
ooo6ghost : All the best band ever I'm a big fan
kdpop : Heard you guys at lockn. Thanks for the coozie Trevor. Well meet again someday #and #thats #that 💋
1dcphotographer : Bless!! @jacobhemphillofficial @sojagram @bumbleblee @kennybongos BIG UP VA homies!! Me and my boy, Chill Will are both wondering why y'all don't ever play "Watch Them"???!!?! Bruh's, that track is so #roots | Me need thissssss!!!
fc_kennybongos : Belo Horizonte? @sojagram
fabio_12345eu : I dont wanna wait
diel_lopes : █▓▒ SEGUE? CURTO TODOS ▒▓█
maripousa_apaixonada_guadalupe : @luispluzorio
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Just announced: SOJA will return to AUSTRALIA to rock one of our favorite music festivals --- @BluesFestByronBay! Also playing: @TheBlackKeys, @Alabama_Shakes, @MichaelFranti & Spearhead, @RebelutionMusic, @Bronxovision & many more amazing artists! Tickets & info link in their bio: @BluesFestByronBay #SOJA #BluesFest #ByronBay
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jessbell75 : Mine too @niecianb in need of a fest w u
britny427 : @cheese3 please. K thanks.
concertchick1 : Wish I could be there! That would be amazing!!
kymanibaas : Oh im Soooo excited i get to go to this festival cant wait
clobert : @cm_tillotson OMG this is amazing, why am I broke?!?!
bibziedee : @jasonmufc92 they're not coming to perth so devo. 😭😭😭 They're going to byron bay. Hmmm Possible cheeky trip 😉😉😉
jasonmufc92 : Omggggg nooooooo :( ooohhh its a possibility @bibziedee
sam_ventures : @thefirstfabian please come?!
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#Skydiving @skydivehawaii before showtime! @ralphfonzo & @bumbleblee are ready to rock #Waikiki #Tonight!!!
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tkhinshaw : Yeah! Skydive!
mayroncampos : @sojagram #Brasil#Orappa#BRASÍLIA1212 TAMO JUNTO
pedrokasper : @sojagram. SOJA SP 03/12 and RJ 05/12 #Brasil @orappa. I need to listen the ALBUM "Born in Babylon" I went in a lot of shows and i didn't listen the most of it yet. I LOVE SOJA AND I LOVE THIS ALBUM. See you guys there!!!
pedrokasper : @ralphfonzo @jacobhemphillofficial @trevoryoung302
kat_spicerr : So badass! You guys are epic!
sam_ventures : amazing day!!!
stophbarry : @sam_ventures way
phototeddo : @naeface
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Our last show in #HAWAII is #TONIGHT at #WaikikiShell w/ the very incredible @michaelfranti & #Spearhead and indie rap icon @murs316!!! It's been an amazing 10 days on the islands. So far we have played HILO, KAUAI and MAUI. Performed live on Island 98.5. Shot #EASIER music video w/ @anuheajams and @jboogmusic on the North Shore of OAHU and met a lot of amazing fans/new friends along the way. We are feeling blessed and ready for the #GRAND #FINALE #TONIGHT in #HONOLULU!!! #SOJA #LIVEINHAWAII #AMIDTHENOISEANDHASTE photo cred @sjrosenfield from last nights show in MAUI
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kene808 : We b dea
djerz84 : Love Murs - nice addition
sairus808 : Next year soja I'll be dea!! You guys raged! Loved the old vibes and loved the new ones!!! VIP next year maybe can have me skank with the boys for a song cheeeee! I remember you guys 12 years ago back in lahaina I believe. Idk what venue but I was just a boy. I grew up with SOJA! It's what keeps the peace. Jah! OneLove! Keep doing your thing SOJA!! Come back soon!
sairus808 : @sojagram
eddie_rocha : 💣💣💣💣💣
kdizzlefoshizle : Wish I was there ♡♡♡ love soja!!!! :)
fumanchuclothing : ❤️🙏
sojafrases_ : <---- SEGUEM
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Mahalo, Maui! Oahu up next!
dragonpassionfruit : Wicked shot! Keep killin' it.
weedfede : @sojagram Milanooooo 7 ottobre. Yeahhhhhhhhh ✌️👍❤️
pedrinhomoreira88 : @cristianesantos92
beril28 : "A year from now you'll wish you started today" Love that! Motivated* saw you guys in concert @ the Maui Arts & Cultural Center on Aug 29th 14, I was in the back waiving my grn/orange bandana left to right = P ...Blazed and buzzin...frm Alexandria Va originally, loved your show! Unique & original, thats what being and livins all about! Wish you guys everlasting success. 1 World 1 Life 1 Love 1 Time***BeRiL
beril28 : Hope you see this message
sabineweiss : @copito_de_nieve
kdpop : Also, thanks for helping me learn so much because now I know 💋💋💋💋
_baahrodriigues : ♥ ♥
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#HAWAII @michaelfranti has arrived. #TONIGHT we rock @mauiartsculture and #tomorrow #WaikikiShell @sojagram #MichaelFranti #Spearhead @murs316
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japaroots420 : 🙏lindooooooo❤😘
larisss : ♥♥♥♥♥
themuffinman124 : So badass @sojagram
brianmirick : @jessshea9
andy_greens : @vito___o
jacobmashatt : Uhhhh. @willhallfitness
amanibsmw : Belgium❤️💛💚
5thdphotography : @djv016
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We are excited to share the Official Lyric Video for "Your Song (feat. @DamianJrGongMarley)". Check it out at @MetroLyrics (Link in our bio: @sojagram)! "When I stop singing / Just keep singing along / So I can hear your song" #SOJA
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angie_mora_ : Come to Costa Rica 💚💛❤️ @sojagram @jacobhemphillofficial
diegofernas : Braaaasiiiil
ziggyallan : Sickest image, love gong on the side
rayllanequeiroz_ : #soja #brasil
missfe_hemphill : #Come to Braaaasil please we love #soja
jarajare : Pleeasee visit Puerto Rico
ceduardo0 : Top
sofiapessoa : @mariliadiascordao insta do sojaaaa
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We are very excited to have @michaelfranti and #Spearhead joining us this weekend in #HAWAII! @mauiartsculture on FRIDAY and #waikikishell on SATURDAY!!! Also performing: @murs316!!!
spearhead - hawaii - waikikishell -
nlr23 : ❤️💛💚
larissacarnicel : @isabelaguidotti
megdoza87 : 😍🙈 @bozangeles
preetjovan : Grat @megdoza87
devoshon : Sad to miss my faves...en voyage Calif xox send some aloha this way! Xox love u Michael!
hmufasa : Great pic!! 😍 what a hottie #likesforlikes
isabelaguidotti : Orra meo 😍 @larissacarnicel
pricabrall : He looks like Jacob
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