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50 million views?!? Thank you for watching, friends! "If I could spend the rest of my life with my people..." #soja #restofmylife πŸŽ₯🎬 @marccarlini #cutmasterdon
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careariel : @ajr5810 half of those views were mine ha
ajr5810 : @careariel it occasionally still puts Stuart to sleep!!
martinezingrid07 : Lo mejor ❀
33ennairda : Love this video
ellenluca : Meu filho se amarra
sk8erob : β™‘β™‘β™‘
ikkisisi : HEyy!! Im looking forward to see u in morgantown!!!!!
adri_sjah_altar_gemstone : huyee
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Dec 3 Cordoba, Argentina Dec 4 Rosario, Argentina Dec 5 Buenos Aires, Argentina Dec 8 Montevideo, Uruguay /// πŸ“· @sjrosenfield_photography
cami_cpg : CHILEEE!! ):
lulagala : @evekuktosky 😁😁
cretton3 : πŸ˜–πŸ™Œ
fabiodanussi : @tinchocarduz holis porris.
tinchocarduz : Seeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!! Ahi estaremos hermanito @fabiodanussi
_porta : @sojagram I hope you guys come to the hearth of South America to feel a different vibe, the best vibe.. #PARAGUAY will be there waiting with arms wide open
elchingolayn14 : Vaaaaaaamoooooo
marysyta1 : ROSARIOOO SIIIII!!!!!
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Check out our good friend Trevor Hall's new album #KALA and catch him on tour (now)! Link up @trevorhallmusic
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steviefrank : This looks like Rombello @sojagram @trevorhallmusic! Killer time!
_terceiroedney_03 : Sdv.Likes
censelena : I miei due amori in una foto 😍 @anna_girardello
anna_girardello : Naaaa @censelena
ka_pfvr : Segue ae
cole_dawkins : @tylerjo22 favs
colombia_es_amor : Soja from colombia big fans, weating for u
rafa_elasouza : πŸ’ž
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"Surround yourself with people who make you a better person and be kind." I will always remember words from my music teacher Mr. Luis "P​erico" Ortiz, who was one of the greatest Latin trumpet players. He​ gave me the greatest advice that​ I will take with me forever. I remember that day. He told me that​ today's class​ was going to be without instruments. Instead,​ he needed to tell me something very important. We sat and spoke about life and while I just wanted to play, he gave me a lecture on how important it i​s to be a good person first before being anything else. He explained that you could be the best at what you do but it amounts to nothing if you're not a good human being. This is ​because good relationships are what will stay even when whatever you are the best at is over. I left that classroom and kept thinking about that and how some people are the best at what they do but aren't lucky enough to be​ surrounded by​ good people. So from that day ​on I've ​always ​ ​tried to be the best I can with ​ my instrument but more importantly a good person above all." @ralphfonzo #trumpeta /// πŸ“· @jolopezphotography
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nickidoane : Beautiful words! @ralphfonzo
zachgwapo_12 : relax and let the music take control#reggae#cooldown
zachgwapo_12 : im a reggae drummer from philippines#ilovesoja#paralizedtoreggae
daviddubshark : @anntorre29 !!!! Read
anntorre29 : @daviddubshark I stripped myself of so many people, and that is leaving room for only the good ones to come into my life. Thank you for tagging me.
jacobhemphillofficial : Wise
dcgillman : Awe.
timecomedue : πŸ‘ así es. Gracias por todo Rafa.
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"If you had told me at age fifteen that I would grow up to be a professional drummer, I would have thought you were crazy. Playing drums seemed like the last thing I would be able to do. Fast-forward fifteen years, and who would have thought that some kids from Arlington, Virginia, would play stadiums for over 50,000 people..." @byrd_official interview with @modern_drummer /// πŸ“· @jolopezphotography (
leo_the_lion0876 : @eboy9166
pdxlouie : Practice made perfect, too!
isnamaia : Love u <3
suli_juarez : Yay my daughter is now a drummer she had found her talent and i couldn't be happier! !!β™‘β™‘β™‘
_terceiroedney_03 : sdv,troco likes
dabqueen_ : One of my favorite drummers <3 @byrd_official
molluskater : Keep on growing guys, I used to go a lot to your shows in NY, now I'm in Dominican Republic you should plan to stop here one day... Bless
nufuturerecords : Bruh, I just met you yesterday, such a pleasure
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"Things will never be the same. Old doors close, new doors opening. The life we led in the past, we've got to rearrange. People treat life as it is a game. Work hard to change the people's mentality. The way the world is going now, it's insanity. Live the life you love and don't go on so greedy. Help the children to grow up and things will change speedily with faith, works and unconditional love." Bobby Lee aka @bumbleblee #soja #borninbabylon #faithworks πŸ“· @jolopezphotography (
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joseph.israel : True true @sojagram @bumbleblee
_davidsantiago_ : What class he has @myigbruh
reggaevibeeli : I sung it haha
bob_narly : Booom Bass πŸ’£πŸ’₯
silviabarroso9 : Liiiiindo demais 😍❀ @kellyanebarroso
heather_queen : ❀️🎢❀️No bad mind no hatred no envy and no grudge. Babylon destroy your minds they want to corrupt❀️🎢❀️
ncfaiella : Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝
bjornbjorkman : @brunnsjo
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"As the plan unravels my troubles become light..." @trevoryoung302 #walkingaroundtheworld πŸ“· @jolopezphotography (
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mpaulo_oliveira : Esse ai é feio @beka_sartori
_mandybrt : ultima rtb agr com 20
_diegonunes27 : 10/10
karyzitaa : Ult
itsbrionnn : I want my dreads like this!!! Ugh soja for life
andreabear : @chauntyjean mmmmm
carolinafiguerasgarcia : @juliatorrell bbbffffff 😍😍
lillvilda : Perfection
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"See, these days it's different. It's all new. The old is gone and I am too. Wishing I was closer to back when it used to matter. All my coins are gone, it's plastic now. My iPod's got me asking how - could all my albums take me down to back when it used to matter?" @jacobhemphillofficial #soja #borninbabylon #usedtomatter πŸ“· @jolopezphotography (
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ines_andrade_ : Amooooooooo muitooooo
laura_micaelly : Beautiful 😍
tafurc94 : Encontrar este instagram y ser muy feliz @paulamarleon @dmahe07
paulamarleon : @tafurc94 @dmahe07 Ahhh pues bueeeeno!😍😍😍
lethyciacoser : ❀️
victoriasilvab_ : te amo mais que tudo amor da minha vida
antoguerraa : i love u ♥
cartierk3 : ❀️
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Oct 02 Asheville Oct 09 New York City Oct 23 Salt Lake City Oct 30 Los Angeles Nov 06 Dallas Nov 14 Baltimore Dec 8 Montevideo Dec 13 Mexico City Check for a complete tour listing (link in bio)! πŸ“· @ericryananderson
chybusby11 : Nov 10, trying to connect
vinicius_oliveira_soares : Sdv
rayllananicio : September 05 Columbus Ohio ! I can't wait πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‘
peaceofmind879 : Need your love in California @sojagram
_mandybrt : sdv
_mandybrt : ultm πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
karyzitaa : Ultimaa
sdmama831 : See you in San Diego 11/1/15!! We can't wait!!! @jacobhemphillofficial @espiegalle πŸŒ΄πŸŒžβ€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸŒžπŸŒ΄πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
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Travy the Cameraman on the M-I-C, ya'll! And he's #buttcised #thisguy #sojaliveinspain (streaming link in bio) #sojaeuropetour2015
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jrod1696 : No I'm going to this concert (: in October @_coral19
leiidy_aurea : πŸ’œ
karinelopesa : 😍😍😍 : Amoooo
dcgillman : @bonguinnha ☺️😍☺️
hellmusic : @elliottlharrington thanks brother
brendinha032 : Y looove 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @sojagram
wonmeari : I love your song but there's no one know who you are in south koreaγ… γ…  that's sad..😒I hope to hear SOJA song everywhere in koreaπŸ˜‰
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