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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
#Boom! Woke up this morning all excited and getting tighter! I love Mondays for some magic reason it's the day I notice changes the most!! Perhaps it's the rest or the #photoshoot we did the day before with my girls of @krfitness_team_no_limits for @ena_fit with our awesome #fitnesstrainer @kyle619pt ? Idk but I'm super stocked to see results at last. We had a #posing class then the #fitness shoot which was awesome. Everyone looked great and excited to see the outcome of it. Those photos we post run on the 101 and training again and cardio tonight! I've been out of simple sugar for some time now and not moody or bitchy at all just happy and can't wait!! AND I'm an all #NaturalCompetitor. I'm competing Saturday and Sunday in #Arizona so wish me luck! 👙🏆 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Show this picture or drop my name at ENA nutrition store in Mira Mesa for 10% #discount #coupon!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #fitnesscompetitor #NPCFIGURE #NPCNationallyQualified #shredded #NPC #vline #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen #Fitchicks #FitFam #Paleo #GlutenFree #DairyFree #Celiac #Athlete #PaleoAlthete #BikiniModel #Modeling #Actress #SanDiego #LosAngeles #FollowMe
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gabbimatz : Good luck! You're going to kill it!!! Xo
socalseaangel : Thanks babe @gabbimatz 😘❤️ and make up shot 😳🙈😜
hekks1oak : Good luck!! .. My Roomate will at the bodybuilding convention in Arizona this weekend @socalseaangel
lezgueg13 : @socalseaangel how was San Diego ?
socalseaangel : You mean LA @lezgueg13 ...? I@couldn t open the other app the other day sry.
socalseaangel : @hekks1oak for real?! Cool. Have them cheer for me sat at pre judging ;)
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
So much fun today!!!! #FridayFunDay I'm no longer a #SoCal #train virgin🙌😳🚉 I've always wanted to ride the #Amtrack up the #coast to enjoy the #beach scenery and free myself from driving in the nasty Friday afternoon traffic north bound to #LosAngeles away from all the idiots driving dangerously ... and my back is happy too!!! Yay 🚈🚫🚗🚕🚛🚚🚖🚙🚌🚗 on the road😜🚙💨🙈💁#eurostyle #green #LAFW #LA #StressFree #Surfline #Coaster #SoCalLife #SoCalLifestyle #LoveMyLife #Fashion #Modeling #Model #Runway #Style #LAFashion #FollowMe #Adventures #Surfer #Bodybuilding #SanDiego #France #LifeIsGood
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djayeboogie : Nice!
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
#FabulousFriday. 1 week out from @europagamesexpo yikes. Back from my big vacation this #summer here is my progress from last 6 wks..& 1 year ago when I started to #eatclean finding out about my #foodallergies. I can see it on my #abs #vline gradually popping out and leaning out as well as (not much in te photo) but my legs getting #shredded. It's a slow process people!! Thank you for all the sweet words of encouragements, the texts, the messages and calls I get asking questions & complimenting. It means the world to me to keep on pushing daily when realistically I would rather sleep in!!! Driving 30/40 min daily to meet with my super #trainer #KyleRogers @kyle619pt from @krfitness_team_no_limits isn't easy as well as fighting my cravings and desires in my mind and plate 🍴🍝🍛🍗🍕🍸🍹🍷hey ... You're not alone I struggle too at times ... It's normal and natural but you have to see the bigger picture and keep your 👀🏆#EyesOnThePrize !!! Oh and the #haters don't waist your breath.. I don't give a rip!!!!!🙉😸😹 I DO HAVE SEVERE FOOD ALLERGIES. I received some idiotic messages. Here is the thing. #GlutenFree #DairyFree and #grainfree are my only option. Yes I do cheat rarely bc I have to live BUT I DO PAY A HEAVY FINE EACH TIMES I DO ... In America. In Europe it's not even a question since the food is processed a totally different way. #gluten , dairy & grains have various ways to play evil games with me making me sick from my skin to breakout to be really sick 😿🙀🙈💥it's called #SilentCeliac really few people knows about this real condition. It's basically #celiac w/I having the government saying your are disable. As this has become a disability. That really sux. Yes I miss home and fantastic food and wish I can eat pasta, pizza and cake but it's. Iinger my calling and I'm a #fitnesscompetitor now. That's my second lease in life that I enjoy and embraces 100%. Wait up I'll come up with a #recipebook by next year so you too can overcome what I have or simply feel sexier, stronger, leaner and ultimately the best version of yourself #God intended for you to become regardless the excuses you might have.It's all about #motivation, perspective & goals 💃👊😘
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krfitness_team_no_limits : Wtf is that chocolate?
scott_wrench : Follow?
socalseaangel : Bahhahaha @krfitness_team_no_limits it's so you lol!!! It's a joke!! Found that chocolate post and was sure you'd love it too🙈🙌
socalseaangel : @scott_wrench done 😘 follow back! And feel free to send me a women shirt if you make them 💪💁
safehappyfamily : Love it!
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
Happy Thursday! Today is 10/16 and I'm 9 days out! Yikes!!! My surprise suit is being made and I'm getting ready for my next #NPC competition right around the corner: the @europagamesexpo. A bit more nervous this time around since I was bit being good w diet this summer lol. But I'm glad my signature #vline and #ABS are popping out at last!!!😊😜✨👌💪🙌😃 #Bulkseason is OFF, #shreds is ON! 🚙💨💪👌💁💥💥💥💥💥💥 GO to the ENA store in #SanDiego Mira Mesa (@ena_fit ) and show this photo to get 10% OFF your supplies!!! Or give them my name #AngeliqueKenney 👍💪🏃💃💪👙💥💥💥💥💥 BTW If you are complaining about too much of my fitness posts or my amazing shape I honestly don't care bc I'm the one to kill myself at the gym and I know how much work and dedication it takes daily in the gym, in my mind and in my plate🍴. It's not easy and getting harder each times and as I'm getting older too! Only my #fitfam can understand. Thanks for your support I love you all dearly❤️😘💋!!! Now let's go get that winning Cup👙🏆 next weekend!!! #TeamNOLimits #shredded #Bodybuilding #Fitchicks #fitnesscompetitor #NationallyQualified #NaturalCompetitor #BeastMode #Shredz #Paleo #Athlete #PaleoAlthete #EnaFit #EnaArmy #NPCFIGURE #NPCNationallyQualified #Bikini #SwimsuitModel #Surfer #SoCal
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socalseaangel : So I've completed 6.11 miles in an hour and conquered 293 floors!!😳🙈😜💪💁it was so hard today for me. I woke up late and really pushed it to finish and the music wasn't working. At least I'm done!!!! Yay!!!
socalseaangel : @cloudyclaud merci 😘 and Ty @briancoester 🙌👍
gabbimatz : Get it girl! Love u!
socalseaangel : #SponsorMe
socalseaangel : Thanks babe @gabbimatz 😘💋
manywaters87 : @socalseaangel hello pretty lady :)
manywaters87 : )Whoops meant to have a longer message) I wanted to know if you could help me out with my diet. I have done clean eating before but I'm really interested in building muscle and the diet is the part I always can't seem to figure out without getting stuck in a rut. Would you be able to send me a list of what you eat? Just the basics since I know your a busy girl 😉
socalseaangel : @manywaters87 no Pb babe and thank you for reaching out 😻😘💪💁 message me on Facebook! Happy to help ya!
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
That moment you typed the whole text ... And when it posted, it disapeared 🙈😟😩😥
teamnolimits - arizona - europa - figure - stunts - dairyfree - jiujitsu - actress - surfer - bikinimodel - chandelier - naturalcompetitor - vline - bodybuilding - npcnationallyqualified - fitchicks - mma - absaremadeinthekitchen - transformationtuesday - paleo - french - glutenfree - athlete - boxing - nationallyqualified - absofsteel - npcfigure - npc - sponsorme - figurecompetitor -
socalseaangel : Tuesday morning I woke up like that and was stocked! #TransformationTuesday. Took me 1 mo to get back the 1 mo off rom my Euro Trip and world vacation indulgences✈️☕️🍹🍷🍴🍕🍝. Back to training shirt off, is such a great feeling!!! No, I'm not conceited, just training against my yesterday's self. Yet you wouldn't believe that when I took that photo as I woke up yesterday morning I felt like s* and was sick so I went back to bed💤. My body was life *enough* take some rest!!! And sure enough little turbo ended fast the routine back at the gym today at 7AM with the girls and my teammates of #TeamNOLimits. A few of us are training for the next #NPCFIGURE contest in #Arizona called the #Europa. Bring it baby!!! (BTW The lighting 💡🔅sucks because I installed a new #chandelier🔧🔩🔨🙌💡🔆🌟💪💁 in my bedroom but didn't finish yet... Will post photos when finished👌🙌✨) #NPC #Figure👙💪👑🎀#BikiniModel #FigureCompetitor #Bodybuilding #Fitchicks #Vline #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen #AbsOfSteel #Surfer #MMA #Boxing #JiuJitsu #French #Paleo #GlutenFree #DairyFree #Athlete #Actress #Stunts #SponsorMe #NaturalCompetitor #NationallyQualified #NPCNationallyQualified
socalseaangel : @ENA_Fit
socalseaangel : @fightstrongmmasc miss you guys! Can't wait to come back!!
fightstrongmmasc : We would love to have you again !
yocarslow : @mentalissues__
staymooked : Sick!
rickylundell : I like this one. Thanks for posting it. :-)
socalseaangel : Ty @staymooked and @rickylundell 🙈😊😘
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
Happy #Monday everyone! Ready to take over the world?! After one month of training I'm happy to say my #AbsOfSteel are finally coming back! It's about time. I was blessed to all I wanted in #Europe and #Israel this summer without being sick!! With less than 2 weeks to go till my next #NPCFIGURE contest I'm on the #shredded wagon! Back to my beloved (NOT!) #tilapia and #asparagus and dull diet lol. Bye bye #nutbutter and all the fun (well it's been over already for a while) well it's a question of choices, #EyesOnThePrize 💪👌🏆👀👙💁 Full #NaturalCompetitor #Paleo #GlutenFree #DairyFree #DrugFree 💉🚫💪💁🎉 #TeamSoCalSeaAngel #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen #Vline #Figure #bikini #BikiniModel #Athlete #FigureCompetitor #SilentCeliac #SanDiego #LosAngeles #Actress #Stunt
europe - israel - losangeles - tilapia - figure - shredded - dairyfree - drugfree - actress - eyesontheprize - naturalcompetitor - vline - bikinimodel - stunt - absaremadeinthekitchen - beastmode - paleo - monday - teamsocalseaangel - glutenfree - asparagus - athlete - absofsteel - bikini - celiac - npcfigure - nutbutter - sandiego - silentceliac - figurecompetitor -
socalseaangel : #celiac
socalseaangel : #BeastMode
arcadebelts : kewl
socalseaangel : @arcadebelts what's kewl?! Btw love to wear your stuff and post it if you send me some 👌💁
calibreeeze : Very cool!
socalseaangel : Merci @calibreeeze
absolutetanfortwayne : Love this post! Exactly & Amen!!
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
What a nice #weekend. I got to finish a #project dear to my heart #operation Starry Night is complete🎉👌😎🌙🌠💁. My #backyard finally looks like the pages of a #magazine and I'm glad I can do some simple #DIY. Who needs a #men or a #husband around the house? Well that would be nice but in the meantime a women gotta get it done herself 🔩🔨🔧💪💁 Half the light are metrically operated and looks like a wedding backdrop or a #starrynight from a #MarthaStewart's magazine or a wedding party and the other half of the lights are totally self operated being #solarlights. The #dog are happy and will have more lights since I replaced the little ones with beefier and more decorative ones. I was tired of replacing those cheepy ones. I installed some red bark and red #lavarocks to transition with the green of the law and the natural #flagstone color. I'm just missing some patio Furnitures! ... And finish the back side of the yard ...😳🙈😜. What do you think? #remodeling #lava #rocks #backyardheaven #Ididitmyself #christmaslights #WomenAtWork #HomeSweetHome #HomeOwner
instapic - christmaslights - men - flagstone - homeowner - backyardheaven - ididitmyself - backyard - operation - solarlights - weekend - homesweethome - followme - starrynight - womenatwork - dog - lava - rocks - project - magazine - diy - marthastewart - remodeling - lavarocks - husband -
foodsourcenutrition : Cool!
socalseaangel : @foodsourcenutrition thank you 😘
socalseaangel : #followMe #InstaPic
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
I should write a #book. Never a dull day!! Here is my Friday night... After I went for a late #groceryshopping for my #fitness #mealplan and upcoming #NPC #competition, Nalu come to me all happy and showed me one her stitches that came undone and started bleeding. Grand! It's was 11PM by then. Yes I like to shop late so I can take my one rather than watch #tv and beat the #weekend crowd! So after I came back from getting her toys and chewy treats I had to go back to the #vet. Thank #God the vet is a shirt drive and this new #veterinarian #hospital is bomb! The night crew just happened to be a #French doctor. What a sweetheart and so as Nalu was getting all stapled up. The docs fell in #love with her as she was greeting them with kisses. The #doctors were sounded by how old she was and how sere in and brave she was. She didn't even flinches at the staples!!! She's my girl for sure!! I'm a proud #pitbullmum!!🐶👌💁😻❤️🎉💪😷💉 Then when we were ready for bed, she rush to an area of my bedroom (yes I know it's getting creepy😰) and Tyson joined the chase. I couldn't see anything ... Long and behold a few minutes after I saw this humongous #mutant #bug. No clue what is it after I searched the internet all grossed out. But this bug scarred the crap out of me!! It was several inches long. I tried to out it into a bottle thinking it was dead... But t wasn't so I had to capture it into a Tupperware to release it outside. It was super jumpy and massive!!!!😰😳🐝🙈 I released it outside and run back like a little girl I gotta confess. Lol. I definitely had to take a shower and was scarred to sleep after that. I felt like the attack of the mutant bug or something. Yiiiiikes! So hey you #buglovers could you tell me what kind is it? Is this a #cicada or #KillerWasp?😳🐝 #beastmode #bodybuilder #pitbull #homesweethome
mutant - love - beastmode - pitbull - potatobug - competition - piercing - cicada - french - doctors - weekend - bug - homesweethome - pitbullmum - vet - mealplan - tv - god - hospital - bodybuilder - groceryshopping - book - veterinarian - neverdull - fitness - npc - killerwasp - jerusalemcricket - buglovers -
johne_alexander : Oh my goodness those poor puppies... Wow. Great post!!
socalseaangel : @johne_alexander Awwww Ty!😜story of my crazy life. #NeverDull
mandy80588 : @socalseaangel that is a potato bug and they are nasty and evil!!!!
socalseaangel : @mandy80588 is it really?! Wtf. Where do they come from? Scary s***
socalseaangel : @mandy80588 just google it. Yikes!!!!!!
socalseaangel : #JerusalemCricket #PotatoBug
itisnatpossible : Scaaaaaaaary!!! 😳
socalseaangel : Yep @itisnatpossible And now Nalu is rocking some temporary #piercing lol🐶💁
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
I absolutely love #Coronado! Enjoying showing #RealEstate #listing #properties in this "presque île" #homes #architecture #drooling #househunting #MillionDollarListing #buywithme #HouseHunter #BusinessWomen #Surf #SanDiego #California #Surfing #Surfer
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socalseaangel : #Realtor #Realty #Invest #Investment #Residual #ResidualIncome
iamjr24_ : email me we can make alot of money together
lord_rodriquez : Have you ever considered joining National Wealth Center
bankeuros : Superb!
zriime_hdlife :
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socalseaangel - AngeliqueKenney🇫🇷Entrepreneur🏡
Today was another hard day #training! #EyesOnThePrize 4 weeks out and after "little turbo" as my trainer called me today finished 1 full round ahead of everyone, I had to do 50 min of #cardio after that #lift session. Each day closer to the #NPC #Figure competition is getting harder. That yellow towel on the picture is completely drenched in sweat daily and so I am. I lost a lot of friends this last year not understanding my heart´s desires, health and medical issues, ambitions, passion and dedication. It's sad because I live a very clean and healthy life thriving for perfection and dedicating myself through hard work at the #gym pushing my limits daily and at work in #RealEstate and my other Business giving the best to my clients. I don't expect people to understand me, I've always been a high archiver, full blown type A since a young age and that's not gonna change. I just want people to be kind and accept that being an #athlete we are part of something greater, better, harder and we have to accomplish and fulfill higher standards. It's not for everyone that why we are part of the #pinnacle of society. I have even a tough time eating 🙀🍴8 meals a day right now in prep mode👙(6 meals + 2 shakes)!!! Not everyone is willing to give up a lot and make insane sacrifices for just a personal #glory. Just accept that it exist and support my cause. I am an athlete and proud to have overcome a badly damaging life changing car accident. If you were in my shoes you would understand. I'm fighting against myself, competing against my yesterday self. No one else. Against all odds I have won competitions and able to train hard with a damages body and massive food allergies that makes my preparation a pain but do I complain? No! I just push onward and forward and I am a NPC #NationalCompetitor. Yay!!!😉🏆🎉💁 No it's not a #Nike commercial just my heart pouring out today... #mindset #beastmode #NoPainNoGain #gymbarbie #bodybuilder #fitnessCompetitor #fitfam #ncpfigure #TigerMode #fitnation #AthleteLife #SponsorMe #mma #BikiniModel #surfer #sandiego #California
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rebekahmanella : Nice!
swankpets : Wow!! #beastmode !
socalseaangel : Thanks @rebekahmanella and @swankpets 😘
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