Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Well that's one way to do a live show. Come watch!
aiotechologist : Clean simple setup!
cupofjoe99 : You're one of the only Tech YouTubers who doesn't use 2+ monitors
snazzyq : @cupofjoe99 Yeah I just don't really see the need. One works great.
man_9090 - emmet_wby - mattdgonzalez - fanny_wiese -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Well that's one alternative to NFC....
allgamesking : tbh, credit cards are enough, no need for apple pay in my opinion
aaschultzy : That's weird Carl's Jr is called Hardee's in Maryland where I live
buddn : The one by my place has this yet they never let me use it....
jcanterphotography : @allgamesking apple pay is more secure than paying with an actual card
allgamesking : @jcanterphotography maybe it is, but it's just that I don't want to take my phone and unlock it and then open the app when i can just use a very convenient card
marcogarcia_g : @allgamesking you don't need to. You just have to place your phone near the NFC terminal, it will automatically detect it. Then just place your finger for Touch ID.
marcogarcia_g : @allgamesking the process is very easy, seamless and convenient.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Ugly face? Absolutely. But it describes how I feel about my love/hate relationship with the @BlueMicrophones #MoFi. Review coming later this week.
mofi -
bram_van_bergen : Can't wait. Looking for a new headphone.
che940 : 💛
austin3d : Yay Quinn! Just got me a pair of ATH-50S. Sound very accurate compared to my old Philips.
avgsteven22 : Looking forward to the review!☺
omarc82 : Be nice!
gdgtman : Much ugly
rclewright123 - calebswag7 - vedjeee - theiteckhq -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
With instruments like these, my childhood was recorded. It's wild to think that my children will have their life captured with 4K, NAS storage, and a Final Cut Pro. Wonder if my memories will remain more vivid and nostalgic....
khanrizz : 'Compact'. Those were the days
irfanchaudhri : We have a bigger one!
theeverything611 : ThatNostalgiciPhoneGuy at Nostalgic Labs XD
ifruit_and_more - kittysloth - rubengonzalezf - imerts -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Surf. Relax. Repeat.
pepelammertin : Nice man! Could you do a review on the DT 770 pros sometime? I'd really like that! And keep on surfing!!!
prsnsingh - theeverything611 - 189carousels - whoopee94 -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Sunset on Mead.
nofilter -
henrythelonewolf : Which phone? :O
snazzyq : @henrythelonewolf iPhone 6 Plus. #nofilter
henrythelonewolf : @snazzyq looks quite decent
mozford : Beautiful
nanderson6414 - justindiep99 - curiouskunal - _owos -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Hi. I like you.
frank_omar : Do a vid on your car
aaronmichaelz : @alfiehd @jacksullivan__ those two years were definitely different without Quinn. Quinn change those rims lol... Get on velos!
jacktrav5 : VIDEO
trevor_hallam : Car video!
ericisawesome77 : You can follow my example for a car video lol. @snazzyq
kanverb : @snazzyq Do a car video!!
rileymarcoux : Would love to see any tech you have in your car.
nihathaskara : Hey what car is that
villekille - bootykin.g - henrythelonewolf - asian_android -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
They look terribly gaudy, but the A-Audio ANC are the most beautifully constructed (all metal) headphones I have ever seen—they're amazingly comfortable too. I just hope that they sound good...
blahkaymeyer : Can we expect too see a review soon?
blahkaymeyer : Also, any possibility of an Audio Technica ATH-M50x review in the future? Would like to hear what you have to say about them.
gdgtman : Oh please, haven't you tried the BeoPlay H6?
snazzyq : @gdgtman Yes, I have. And the quality of these are better.
gdgtman : Well now you've got me interested
sean_016 : What's the price tag.?
mybrown : Whoa they look pretty good. Let us know
maggiembear - klimentstamenkov - mafel97 - aditya_n -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
#bendgate be gone! This is a state-of-the-art de-bending kit from gTool. It's intended for repair shops to use on customers' phones.
bendgate -
steven.schroeder14 : I wonder if you have an extremely bent phone, and you *repair* it would the internals crack or damage. Maybe the screen too
snazzyq : @steven.schroeder14 I am curious too. I don't think so because gradual tension is applied. Will be testing it out though, to see. It's designed to fix slight bends in order to fit a new LCD assembly.
buddn : Man. I hope your business takes off.
thomasmanwaring : @jonathanmabey
aaronmichaelz : @UnboxTherapy cranked the screen when he bent the iPhone back in the first test, won't this just do the same?
snazzyq : @aaronmichaelz Again, you don't de-bend the phone with the screen on. Just the aluminum housing.
snazzyq : @aaronmichaelz Furthermore, it applies a more gradual and even force. Lew used a lot of energy at once in a concentrated point.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
They must be cousins.
bidemajnoon : @havaa10
samueltheslim : Tooo cooool!!
rohilborole : Names?
dgillis98 : Mind lending me this to review once you're done with it? I'm a fairly new YouTuber. You can see my site in my bio!
parth.garg : I too... Still have my Zune HD..
bleeeeem : @marvinuylim
k_b_hosawi : Is it good
nickerrico5 : Sharp aquos
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