Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
These came out of a printer. Guys.... we are from the future.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
My favorite iPod (2003) disassembled. 80% of the weight and thickness? The 10GB mechanical hard drive disk.
foxydoxey12 : Wanna fix my ancient iPod nano
foxydoxey12 : Dead serious
zschmeez : Is this gonna be a video?
patrickmills5 : yes upgrade!
snazzyq : @foxydoxey12 Do I want to? No.
foxydoxey12 : Can I pay ya and will you? Haha
snazzyq : @foxydoxey12 Usually they can't be fixed. Logic board errors.
foxydoxey12 : Dannngg it
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
People get mad when they see me laying a phone face down on cement with a tripod resting on top. But I gotta do it for the shot. Haha. Video on the Meizu MX4 Pro coming tonight!
wpnapier : @snazzyq How dare you
whoopee94 : #Savage #NoChill
avgsteven22 : 😯😨😨
snazzyq : Muahahahah!!!!!
superscientific : Camera daredevil!
reesenator : @snazzyq lol
gdgtman : You should have pulled the center column out and positioned it horizontally.
prsnsingh : Do it for the vine.
iphonemoreyt - atuckey99 - anthony_powell14 - aldoborraz -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
OMG. It is beautiful.
dominiclarocca : @l4ur4_y0ung Look at this phone… I don't know what it is… but it's gorgeous
l4ur4_y0ung : @dominiclarocca meh i like mine ❀️ and its a meizu mx4 pro
dominiclarocca : @l4ur4_y0ung Let me guess… you checked the comments to find out the name of the phone?
l4ur4_y0ung : @dominiclarocca nooooo... Im just smart 😏
dominiclarocca : @l4ur4_y0ung I think you checked 😘
maniksapal__ : @imjustjustice
eugenernator : Doesn't this thing top the benchmarks but falls behind elsewhere?
patrickmills5 : is that the s6
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Think retro.
snazzyq : @therealjohnluca Yep!
therealjohnluca : @snazzyq awesome!
legosrock2 : @snazzyq I'll call me down to Murray and buy one from you
franco182i : Why are u always going retro? What about the future?
kurtgrosser : MUST. HAVE.
xmollv : @snazzyq A lot of people have that mouse, and I always read that the click wheel sucks. How about yours?
snazzyq : @xmollv I've been a believer in the MX for almost 5 years. It's the only mouse I truly love. The wheel has always been fine for me; that is, on a Mac. On Windows, I've heard the scrolling is more jittery.
cguhd__ : I'm left handed. I saw this mouse and cried.... @snazzyq
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
It's finally here. And I love it. Like a lot. So comfy.
nhirschler : A $5K chair.
gdgtman : Get with the times man
capehorn : Um, that's my dream chair!
foxydoxey12 : Yeah I want another room tour too
meredithceleste : Dangggggg
cameron_leaney : You should get a wassilly chair
itdahldraw : Looks reeeeal comfy!
kellenmajcher : Is it a Herman Miller or some other brand?
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
#Throwback to when phones were small. Remember this little number?
throwback -
jasontramonti : Bought one of these a few years back for $50, it was the last one in stock on Newegg. I instantly fell in love with the keyboard, but sound was borked out of the box. It was a shame I had to return it, I loved this thing.
zackpancoast : I had the palm pre, I enjoyed that phone!
williebright14 : PEACE
zhelfrich : I always liked the palm pre and pixi
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
LP cleaning day.
snazzyq : @agman35 @nbeegle99 @yungedible I'll look into this! :)
snazzyq : @foxydoxey12 LOL
mrpandino : @snazzyq what's the difference between a normal vinyl and an LP? (Sorry if that question is weird). Does solarsuit have vinyls and if yes where can I purchase them? Can you make a video on about your pic? (Sorry for the amount of questions). Saludos desde México, te veo desde el 2010-2011 antes de que te fueras
agman35 : @snazzyq Thanks, man!
nbeegle99 : @snazzyq thanks!
lfcard : You should do some vinyl vids.
snazzyq : @mrpandino LP, record, and vinyl are all interchangeable and they mean the same thing, though LP typically refers to a 33 1/3 rpm record that's 12". I have a few videos on vinyl plan for the future! As for Solarsuit, they do not have their album on LP; however, their music is available online and digital format. ¡Qué bueno que eres de México! Es un lugar hermosísimo. Saludos desde los EEUU. :)
nowontour : @nathantstarr
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
It's a retro kind of day.
oheyjoe : :0
meredithceleste : πŸ†’πŸ†’πŸ†’
lfcard : Yes it is. Been listening to vinyl all morning.
demetraefr : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
kurtgrosser : I prefer Elton John's version
jaredm1272 : Just got out of The Who's tommy play an hour ago. Seeing this just now. This is very weird
apple.fanaticos : Top! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ”
macmike1000 : ο£Ώ
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
"Hm." That's all that really comes to mind right now with the new @Skullcandy Grind. They look nice, they're very comfortable, build quality isn't particularly great, and the sound is... "Hm." That's all I'll say right now. It's not great but it isn't bad either. It's "Hm."
francotalarico : Is it "hm" hm or "hm" hm?
snazzyq : It's "hm."
rewin.d : hm.
bs0rn : #hm
salzcamino : Hm is about as good as you can hope for from Skullcandy
gdgtman : πŸ’©
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