Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Playing one of the best games of all time on the best game console of all time on the weirdest Mac of all time. It's a good time.
lucasbressan : And I thought that the Hockey Puck mouse from the iMac G3 was weird...
caizor : I'm feeling that custom dualshock 2
rewin.d : SSX? I forgot the name.. It's the snowboarding pipe dream game. Loved it on the GameCube...
sadoxey : This is my game man. Garibaldi all day baby
paulandtech : Tricky
snazzyq : @sadoxey Nah.... Bruh. Pipe Dream. Come play, son. Haha.
dave.christensen : It's trick to rock around its right on time it's TRICKY
computer_ace : @macintoshmatt
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Crispy audio incoming.
farbstein : hey Quinn, please check your DM when you have a chance!
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Recording is just basically organized chaos.
tomas_villegas : Slider looks awesome!
austin3d : Summed it up pretty eloquently, Quinn.
snazzyq : @tomas_villegas it is just chilling here waiting for you to come check it out.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Say 'hello' to the new studio. All future Snazzy Labs videos will be shot here. This, and huge changes will be announced late tonight on
farbstein : Hey Quinn, I am 15 and just gave a TED talk on technology. Would love for you to watch and let me know your thoughts... it is in my bio!
mtowle182 : Bombass.
sjs.15 : Love the setup!
orbitly : What's the couch model?
wpnapier : Looks great!
techguywes_ : Dang Quinn! Looking good!
jamesthomas_25 : Seems like u uploaded the wrong file on YouTube.
legosrock2 : I need to know where you got that epic furniture! @snazzyq
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Meet @vpiindustries Prime: a turntable that sounds even better than it looks—and one that sounds better than some competition costing 3x as much.
rclewright123 : @snazzyq wow that is beautiful. And quite snazzy.
kurtgrosser : I'm drooling.
ziahhsings : @creepypeeepeee
hifiguy528_ : #Pimp
pratikkhandelwal : One word "Sexy"
ryan_williams_t : @snazzyq hey snazzzz, you wanna let me take that baby off your hands...?
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Hoping that the Edifier Luna Eclipse HD sound as good as they look.
hannadosman : I can't quite process the size that close,how big is it @snazzyq
snazzyq : @hannadosman They're desktop speaker size. I'd say 6" tall and 8" deep.
hannadosman : ๐Ÿ˜‚Oh at first it looked like the size of a computer case
superscientific : What the hell those are huge!
omgjustjordanthings : I've got edifier e10s and for 70 bucks they are a miracle. Can't wait to see your thoughts on these
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Sometimes they may be ugly, but Apple products are never unoriginal.
kostakis07 : @snazzyq The only original thing about the last iPhone is the screen resolution, the design is mostly the same as every other iPhone, not even mentioning the last wwdc where apple tried catching up with the rest of the world.
snazzyq : @kostakis07 Yeah, they're in trouble—haven't been successfully innovating at all—they suck. That's why they're the most valuable company in the world—and have 2x the market cap of Google. Apple sucks.
ivan_balajic : Quinn is on a roll ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
josh_drews : @snazzyq They really haven't been innovating that much.
seamlessly : Apple isn't in trouble. They are making innovations but most are under the hood - refinements. People say "apple is catching up" to the rest of the competition, but, In my opinion, I think that the smartphone industry itself is not making anything ground breaking or revolutionary. The market is maturing so that's why most of the improvements are just refinements and spec boosts, which are things to be expected with a new product. When I pick up a flagship smartphone from 2012 and a 2015 flagship, The only noticeable things improved would be screen resolution, camera, maybe fingerprint sensor. Just my two cents.
kostakis07 : The point of a smartphone is to help you with your day, all of it. The latest iPhone needs two full charges to make it through a day of heavy usage. It's not innovative to make a razor thin smartphone. The only strong point of apple is the design, everything is sexy as hell. Oh and a bunch of icons is considered to be an os, a fraction of Android's ecosystem. I'm sorry, 2x market cap over google? 2008 maybe, now not a chance
snazzyq : @kostakis07 Google each company's market cap. :)
fancymans : Looks like bewbies
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
The Oppo PM-3 are such remarkable headphones for the price. Can't wait to get a review out to you soon. I'm absolutely loving them.
kimble_9 : Are u doing a review? @snazzyq
oppodigital : We're so glad to see you're enjoying the PM-3s! We hope they make your flight back home easy and enjoyable.
rashad_48 : whats the price?
snazzyq : @rashad_48 $400.
_nicolas.bustos_ : El-8?
edwin.koontz : Are they comfortable? @snazzyq
snazzyq : @edwin.koontz Yep! Some of the most comfortable I've used thus far!
edwin.koontz : Awesome!
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Today was a good day.
sir_mason_fink : I love Hawaii
gregory110987 : I just started getting into golf @snazzyq
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Obligatory sunset ocean gram.
jackmayofilms : Where are you?
snazzyq : @jackmayofilms Maui.
jackmayofilms : same. Close to where I am? @snazzyq
deni_dns : @snazzyq with which photographing device did you take this picture?
legosrock2 : I'm so jealous
michaelbillig : Whalers village sunset right?
snazzyq : @deni_dns iPhone 6 Plus. ;)
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