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Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
anothertreepicture -
benportnoy : Where is that @snazzyq
snazzyq : @benportnoy Here in Utah!
legosrock2 : @snazzyq I was there last night!
maknort - mcheung1010 - jk_lott - alanharborne -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Tall tree is tall. And Christmas-ey.
thatbrenkid : #charliebrowntree ๐ŸŽ„
eddielrosado : Purty.
leskovar1063 : Hey
snazzyq : @leskovar1063 Oh, hey.
leskovar1063 : I love ur channel
meredithceleste : I love your tree!
henrythelonewolf : Great photo :D
kentucky_fried_cocks : Damn i love the effects of the lights
_happyapple - pinellp - kdxiong - roboticediting -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Protip: if you don't have a notebook, write on your MacBook with a pencil. It works great!
snazzyq : @ogrodoixki Sim, eu fiz isso.
snazzyq : @cohenspire @david_kristiansen No way to easily sketch graphs. :)
ogrodoixki : @snazzyq e eu só querendo um
darkassassin9402 : Ya its the only thing its good for
woolleybear233 : Econ. Always fun
georgefikri : @john_fekry ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
eytyxhs : @konstantinoskrr
alliestapley : @samstapley
irvin_servin - sarthakkakar - kazomaestro - aldoborraz -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Must have studied too late. Only one purple light marks the path.
eric.sims : Dat iPhone 6 Plus low light tho
jsbhifi : That is stuff of nightmares.
anderz_91 - bkroeckel - iphonemoreyt - adame199 -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
The most important smartphones (note: not necessarily 'best') of 2014. HTC One M8 Google Play Edition (Lollipop) OnePlus One (CyanogenMod 12S) iPhone 6 Plus (iOS 8)
macmike1000 : @scurtin21 just go naked, no cases
snazzyq : @zschmeez I did a screen replacement myself.
zschmeez : @snazzyq cool.
jwenz23 : @snazzyq Hey Quinn, how stable is the most recent cm12 for OnePlus One? Thinking of flashing it.
snazzyq : @jwenz23 You're better off with LiquidSmooth.
jwenz23 : @snazzyq Thanks for the reply, will have to look into it.
stevenssgramss : @snazzyq Could you do a tutorial of jailbreaking iOS 8? I know I can trust you lol
cjloosejr : Agreed!
dejex22 - goshdarrenit - frenirixican - t_mnzs -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Stuff is going down inside the GTI. Check the channel tonight for some neat stuff.
carlostj664 : Did you use a @soundmanca iPad kit for your install?
linweisean - 189carousels - edis0ncevall0s - iphonemoreyt -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
This essay needs to be 6 pages long. In Spanish. I've done 1/3 page (including my name). That's close, right? #hatefinals #essaysaredumb #quevaina
hatefinals - essaysaredumb - quevaina -
snazzyq : @nikhilpaladugu Just-Mobile Mtable
netcvb : I'm so glad I'm junior in high school and still have 2 years or so of not have to essays with finals yet.
welchy4 : Im doing the same one
snazzyq : @welchy4 Rubio?
scottsanger : #essaypuns
welchy4 : Yeah Rubio
keltonewing : Hi @snazzyq , where did you get that stand thing for your monitor?
snazzyq : @keltonewing Its the Just-Mobile Mtable. You can find it on a lot of sites.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Snazzy Labs has had many "firsts" as of late. And we are the first to get our hands on the Accidentally Extraordinary Bluetooths. I loved the original 51st Studios model. Initial impressions: with cable they sound fantastic-even better than the originals. When using Bluetooth, they sound good—much better than most Bluetooth headphones—but they still don't even come close to the sound you get when using the cable. Luckily, you can use the cable when you can and ditch it when you want. Cross compatibility, baby. If you're looking for a great Christmas present, this is it.
momuemmi : Whats the name of these?
snazzyq : @momuemmi Accidentally Extraordinary
momuemmi : Wohhhhoooooo @snazzyq just answered me๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒ crazy! I'm not a youtube fan, but I've been a loyal fan of you for the last 4 years! Greetings from good old bavaria in #germany!!
smoothstone_5 - nickcollett44 - _xmoll_ - fabianmarkusw -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Talk about retro...
adamsusbruh : What is that?
snazzyq : @adamsusbruh It is an opaque projector. They were superseded by overhead projectors.
eduvansijtveld : Man, what do you thinl about the gopros, it would be great too se a video of yours about that @snazzyq saludos desde venezuela!
edwin.koontz - dylan_cox90 - mathewcrogan - attarddan2017 -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Lollipop 5.0.1
snazzyq : @heyitshaydenrussell Yep. Mine is/was an AT&T model. You just need to spend an hour to do it. You need to unlock the bootloader, acquire S-OFF, enter RUU and flash the new firmware, and for finishing touches, change the CID.
heyitshaydenrussell : @snazzyq OK! Awesome! Would love to get lollipop on mine
dsutanto : @hidayatkelvien ini vien uda dapet jg 5.0 haha
chairosner : Can you do it to a verizon one?
cactus_cactus : @snazzyq hi
clamson95 : I did this on kit Kat and wasn't impressed. Definitely doing it for lollipop though.
chxrlay : Didn't you put that phone on eBay a while back?
aaron_lamarr : I surrender
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