Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Here is a simple lesson, friends: if you're going to use a small case, don't put in 4 HDD (like me). And if you do, don't cheap out and buy a non-modular power supply (like I did). Cable management is horrific.
david_leeamg : Node 304? Nice case, had an ITX gaming PC in one. It's pretty cramped though, even with a modular PSU.
snazzyq : @david_leeamg Nice eye.
edwin.koontz : Not bad Quinn! I've seen worse
edwin.koontz : I see a SSD
fancymans : The cables! My eyes!!! D:
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Well, well, well... What do we have here...?
snazzyq : @mpronk @bigg753 @mtowle182 It's just going to act as a Plex Server for our media and as an audiophile PC for my setup. It was cheap stuff. Only $350ish for everything.
bigg753 : @snazzyq got it, I need to do that too.
bigg753 : I'm using an OwnCloud box for my media server right now. Gotta figure out how to set up Plex server on it.
mtowle182 : @snazzyq ooh gotcha. Should play nicely!
georgebroadbent : i dont think you can overclock on the H series of motherboards just letting you know them CPUs need to be overclocked
snazzyq : @georgebroadbent I'm not sure. I'll never need to overclock it. It's literally just a server. Most process-intensive work it will do is transcode HD content which isn't too processor-heavy.
georgebroadbent : Oh well I'f it's just a server then yea don't overclock didn't no soz thought you where doing a budget gaming rig lol
techafrikico : A hackintosh
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
The Das 4 is so much better than its predecessor that it's not even funny.
snazzyq : $170 on Amazon
jake_boxenhorn : How does it compare to other brands, like Feenix?
cheddixwastaken : What keyswitches?
snazzyq : @cheddixwastaken My others are blue but I went with brown this time around.
cheddixwastaken : @snazzyq I gotta stay true to my blues tho, love the clickiness
matttcarey : Are you sure it wasn't just the change in switches that made you prefer the das 4? I might upgrade myself if that's not the case, I switched from blue to brown as well and I far prefer brown.
_caden_marshall_ : 3600
_caden_marshall_ : 3601! By me
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
It's February... Why is it snowing? #ohwait
ohwait -
macmike1000 : Why not?
linnycurt : So many h8rs today
foxydoxey12 : Let's ski 🎿
maknort : The weather should just understand that once we hit 60 it's officially spring...
legosrock2 : I didn't want it to snow either Quinn.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
OSIR rage mode: engage
flux_capacitor88 : What car you drive?
aaronmichaelz : Nice mod...
snazzyq : @flux_capacitor88 2009 GTI
kurtgrosser : I ball hard in my '93 Camry.
vagila_monster : I need one for my wrx! Where can I get one?
snazzyq : @vagila_monster
vagila_monster : @snazzyq thank you!
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
This new headphone stand looks nice, but I'm not convinced of its functionality yet.
trillahkillah : Got it off massdrop?
audeze_alex : Very nice!
snazzyq : @trillahkillah Smart man.
trillahkillah : @snazzyq looks like something massdrop would sell. Haven't been on there. since I bought the shure se846.
trillahkillah : Unintended punctuation, my apologies.
honeypinemusic : Banana stand would work. 🍌
levivillarreal : All it does is hold your headphones. How much more functionality does it need.
snazzyq : @levivillarreal Its not heavy nor have rubberized feet so it slides around, no cable threading, the top doesn't have a contoured pad so the headband doesn't get indents from the metal, etc. Lots of little design inefficiencies are present.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Smells like a giveaway.
avgsteven22 : Yeah!!!!!!!!πŸŽ‰β˜Ί
edwin.koontz : What's required? @snazzyq
vipprincemufasa : @snazzyq I think I not only smell it but see it. What do we need to do?
noicant : Like an international giveaway, especially to Germany πŸ™ˆ
maknort : Pick me!
omarc82 : You ever review these?
jsphprtr : Shoot they look nice.
legosrock2 : @snazzyq how do you enter? And I live in Ut so shipping wouldn't be bad
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
A paper wallet? Yup. Well, it's actually tyvek, a woven polyethylene fiber that is hyper-durable and can't be torn—but it feels and looks like paper. It's pretty cool.
snazzyq : @james_overstreet
james_overstreet : Thanks, Quinn @snazzyq
dj_fernandez1238 : Vat19 sells something similar. But this looks cooler!
lorenviol : I have that too πŸ˜ƒ is awesome!
pablosyourdaddy : Is it made from that same material as those paper bracelets that are impossible to rip off?
jacktrav5 : Just got a SlimFold wallet very similar but I think a little more premium looking and it holds more cards
key714 : Snazzy wallet πŸ‘
howwx : πŸ‘ @geerwong
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
My new company, Screen Clinic is now open in-store and on the web. Check it out!
techrax : Congrats!
eric.sims : Great website!
mirzakantic : Congratulations @snazzyq Best of luck
kleyweg : @keaton LolπŸ˜‚ huge fan of you too!
seebas_ : I'd bring my curriculum straight away, if i didn't live so far πŸ˜” @snazzyq
meredithceleste : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
haavaan : macbooks pls lel
snazzyq : @mirzakantic @eric.sims @techrax @daviddifranco @meredithceleste Thanks guys!
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
This little IR remote wasn't very functional or versatile, but I think that it's amongst the most beautiful and impressive things that Apple has ever engineered.
snazzyq : @hrh.alfyan Again, isn't functional. Haha.
lucasbressan : I've always wondered how they did during the manufacturing proccess to put the board (or whatever else it has inside) into it since it is just a single piece of aluminum with small holes for the buttons and battery.
cjloosejr : I agree but it falls between the cushions in the couch way too easily. I had 3 of those not long ago and now I have one.
hrh.alfyan : Put it in a display case
zschmeez : I hear you.
zander.007 : It's actually welded together @lucasbressan
dj_fernandez1238 : It was fun to control iTunes with it!
kmacmonterey : I always lose that remote. I had to switch to the remote app. lol
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