Quinn Nelson

1993-born entrepreneur. Founder of Snazzy Labs. Amante of vinyl, wakeboard, filet mignon and cholitas.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
The year was 2009. Microsoft wanted to give the increasingly popular iPod touch a run for its money. It put out an impressive device, but with weird regional restrictions, a lacking app store, and a crappy slogan, Zune was unable to triumph over its competitor. It is now a distant and fading memory. #retro #oldtech #history
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metalheadgcn : I LOVED the Zune HD!
snazzyq : @metalheadgcn It was (and is) a superb music player. It wasn't much good for anything else, however.
_iamnguyenning : Any update on the G Watch??
jsbhifi : Apple released a 2009 ad taking the crap out of the Zune, I had never heard of one until watching the ad.
matthewmahony : I still have my brown Zune. Really loved it and it held up like a tank through hockey trips around the US and Canada.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Just found this picture that I took in Bolivia. These are the coolest shoes I ever saw. A girl getting on the bus was wearing them. I bet she had no idea what Apple was. But I did. And boy, did I want those shoes.
bridgesm14 : @3btc3
vipprincemufasa : Those look so cool!!!!
zachwetzel : Apple converse
evanbobbitt - portortor - bmttruong - gg38 -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
It's amazing to see what big leaps we have made in since 2007.
preston_lynch95 : @connorn
appscreencast : I remember when i thought the original iPhone was way to big, how wrong could I be.
cupofjoe99 : @snazzyq does that still apply if it bends?
princess_orozco : @orozco_54
philipreed : @appscreencast hahaha same.
s0me._.0ne : I thought your iPhone 2 back was all scratched?
snazzyq : @s0me._.0ne It is.
dannychat69 : Big leaps in hardware yet software looks almost unchanged
mohanadbaraya - shikomohamed98 - johannes__2 - s2000_rx7 -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
The #MotoX is a really, REALLY amazing phone.
motox -
nikhilpaladugu : Please make a what's on my iPhone?
vince_ydg : What do u think about the bending iphone 6 plus?
jsantana319 : The Nexus 6 might look the same with a 5.92 inch screen
fabioadias : Dont know wether tk get the Moto X and stick with Android or get the iPhone 6 and get back to iOS..
nickconnors27 : Quinn are u more of an ios or android guy?
kyle2926 : @snazzyq so this or the note 4. Decisions decisions
dylanseeger : @snazzyq I feel like it's uglier than the 2013 version. Does it look better in person? That flash is huge.
joelpena_m : Is like a iPhone 5c
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
DO NOT upgrade to the iOS 8.0.1 update that came in this morning. It breaks TouchID and all cell functionality on GSM carriers. You'll just see "Searching." I don't know what group of idiots approved this update, but STAY AWAY.
the_cupertino_kid : Ok thanks I better do that before they stop signing 8.0
wallbridgey : Just a question, does the iphone 6 really bend when placed in the pocket? @snazzyq
anzollo : My 6 plus hasn't bent at all. Also apple pulled the update.
mal_roz03 : If your wondering about the iPhone bending go watch @mkbhd video about it
czarbock20 : What other great and innovating things should we expect from the great Apple, snazzy?
jsbhifi : Yes 8.0.1 is no longer available, sort of like the latest version of Android not being available on the latest hardware after about year. #support #NoteTheDifference #Samsung
mobiljuice : A friend of mine said she now has to charge her phone 4x a day versus with the iPhone 6 versus 2x a day with the iPhone 5. Really curious about the battery life especially since my company sells phone chargers haha 😉
krk2211 : @venaikkaran
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
#snazzymusic This album came out today and it's amazing. Think punk and funk together. Yeah. It's a weird combo. It's called "Electroshock Death Grip" from Black Taxi. #btxi
snazzymusic - btxi -
snazzyq : BTW, discovered today that the headphone amp inside the iPhone 6 Plus is much better than the iPhone 5S. It powers my Sleek-Audio CT7 wonderfully. iPhone 5S couldn't do it.
patrickmills5 : Rdio?
cupofjoe99 : Have you tried using Audyssey Music player? It's beautiful. It's also in the Songza app but not able to change EQ's. @snazzyq
hayleyfrederiksen14 : You may feel really jealous about this but..... I got to dance on stage with them with about 6 gay guys
ryan_t_williams : How do you like the 6 plus compared to just the 6?
alaynanelson : @hayleyfrederiksen14 and an old lady!
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Shirt pockets are the world's greatest invention.
pandaondrug : That going to fall out bad idea @snazzyq
avgsteven22 : Hahaha! At first I read that as "shit pockets."😹😹😹
aaronmichaelz : They're great, till that beasts falls out of it
fancymans : Use it to make a time lapse of your entire day LOL
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
This is a Fracture. You upload a favorite picture that you have taken, and they'll print it directly onto glass. Pretty cool.
austin3d : GH4
cole_pollard22 : I'm so getting one of these
meredithceleste : 🆒!!!!
k1lla_keith : It's nice that they named the after what is going to happen to the picture
k1lla_keith : ^company
jack_benzakein : How much does it cost?
billiamlewis : @snazzyq who's toe thumb is that?
snazzyq : @snazzyq Ashley's.
henrythelonewolf - igarrett416 - thechrissmas - cmtexan -
snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
As they say... "When your car breaks down, take the commuter train." Wait... They say that?
samanthameier : Frontrunner is bomb tho
whiteblingin : How do u like ur new phone @snazzyq
avgsteven22 : Hope you get your car fixed soon.
eddielrosado : That's such a shame. The Golf GTI is such a badass car.
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snazzyq - Quinn Nelson
Decided to pick one of these up too. Many of you told me that I needed it (not sure why, lol jk). Mustering the motivation to use it however is difficult. It just makes a massive phone even more ginormous.
jeremylikecorvettes : Don't drop this in water Quinn 😂
jaed0n : This was a good move lol
aaronmichaelz : I bet you'd still find a way to break this or no case...
djay_dannyb : What case is this? @snazzyq
spencerjsimpson - maxfaye - k1lla_keith -
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