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See what's happening at the National Museum of Natural History! #NMNH Commenting policy:
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Our new exhibition, “Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards,” is now open! #naturephotography
naturephotography -
eyeballljuice : @sirshootsalot
therealbergoo : @samsheline leggo
itsmarvelgirl : @lonewolfpak
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Today the #NationsTrex continued its journey. It’s on its way to a special studio in Canada that specializes in building the custom armature we need to dynamically display it in the new fossil hall. It will return after a temporary trip, and take its place as the star of our new exhibition. We can’t wait! #TrexRoadTrip #trex #nmnh
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catlitten : #RoadTrex? #TrexTrek? I feel like there are many hashtag possibilities for this.
architeuthidae : Hey @elizharanas wanna go on a TRex Road Trip!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Mixture of pearls on view! A mollusk will protect itself against an irritant by covering it in layers of aragonaite (a form of calcium carbonate) and the organic protein conchiolin. These layers, called nacre, give the pearls their unique luster. #pearl #pearls #gems #nmnh
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easterncoastgold : @smithsoniannmnh do you have access to all maryland and Virginia natural gold samples and specimens not on display? (In museum archives?)
baylyekay : @jburnet2
jburnet2 : The nacreous layer y'all! @baylyekay
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Last week we helped our friends at @airandspacemuseum with some CT scanning! Our expert Bruno Frohlich assisted their conservation team with a CT scan of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit. #suitup
suitup -
jammasterjackknife : @sselbe @robinbirdlady
aazevedosoares : @kitato genial
robinbirdlady : Whaaaaa?! So cool @sselbe @jammasterjackknife curious to what that image would look like
sselbe : @jammasterjackknife @robinbirdlady oh man. So cool
windihughes : @dustinahughes
miscelena : So curious... why do this? I mean, presumably you know what it's made of and how, so.... ?
smithsoniannmnh : @miscelena We'll learn about its condition in detail, which will assist with future @airandspacemuseum conservation work.
miscelena : Aha... very cool. Thanks for the reply.
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Just behind this object wall is Q?rius jr., our #handson room for grades K-8. You can look at fossils, skulls, shells and minerals, use a microscope, and more! #Qrius #scied
scied - handson - qrius -
sunnydaze22 : That egg on the bottom is massive! Cool!
scoobycos - r56_nimbus - jujubabies123 - ashleymorhardt -
smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
#MineralMonday: Calcite specimen with goethite. Calcite has been found in over 2,500 distinct shapes. No one is quite sure why there are so many varieties of calcite, but impurities, temperature and composition during growth all may create variations on basic shapes. #mineralspecimen #minerals #geology #nmnh
geology - mineralmonday - nmnh - minerals - mineralspecimen -
ro_hult : @ian_pedigo 😀
splitthesky : @carls9913 if Allison knew this was on my instagram feed she would probably cry tears of joy
splitthesky : @carls9913 also I remember which one calcite is because it reacts with acid, and that is the only reason I continue to attend earth science
carls9913 : I learned today there is limestone in our unit and I think if we go out and just squirt mass amounts of acid it'll be hella cool @splitthesky
carls9913 : The Montpelier rock unit @splitthesky
splitthesky : @carls9913 coat the entire area with acid
carls9913 : Make it rain.... @splitthesky
carls9913 : Acid @splitthesky
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
We're excited to welcome a group of #Wikipedians to the museum for an Edit-a-thon today! They'll be writing about #HumanOrigins content, follow along on Twitter with #WikiHumanOrigins! #GLAMwiki
wikihumanorigins - wikipedians - humanorigins - glamwiki -
rodolforeyes78 : Increíble
r56_nimbus : Wow😯
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
View from the hall in our #mammals department. #whenyouworkatamuseum #nmnh
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colleenmdavis : 😻😻😻😻
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Uncover #fossils with Dinosaur Valley State Park in the #Qrius Theater! #NationalFossilDay #hyperlapse
hyperlapse - fossils - nationalfossilday - qrius -
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Celebrate #NationalFossilDay and take the pledge! As a JUNIOR PALEONTOLOGIST, I promise to: EXPLORE the ways that paleontologists work; LEARN about Earth’s history, ancient life, and changes through time; and PROTECT our public lands, including fossils and rocks in which they are found. I also promise to have fun and share what I learn with my family and friends.
nationalfossilday -
noelani_pics : I visited when i was 4 and fell in love with the mammoths. My love for all things ancient started with you! 😍😍
britishluke88 : @katharinamarino you're costume this year needs this badge haha.
sgetterman : @kgetterman
lowcountrybird : @bfpcollins Is Fraser one yet?
bfpcollins : @lowcountrybird nope, but we are on our way to @smithsoniannmnh now!!!
davidtana : @joebrewer @stephbrewer
katharinamarino : @britishluke88 haha love it!
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