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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
#FossilFriday: A small mite was clinging to the leg of this winged ant when it was trapped in plant resin. Both were preserved as the resin fossilized, 20-30 million years ago. One of the highlights of the fossil collections at #NMNH is a unique set of more than 5000 amber pieces, like this one, from the Dominican Republic. Photo by Jorge Santiago-Blay.
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smithsoniannmnh : #amber #insects #entomology #fossils #paleo #paleobiology #smithsonian #instamuseum #science #sciencemuseum #naturalhistory #naturalhistorymuseum
cleolast : @brebreana - So neat!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Today is International Day for Biological Diversity! We’re celebrating by introducing you to the Global Genome Initiative, our mission to preserve and understand the genomic diversity of life on Earth. As part of a Smithsonian-wide effort to harness the power of the genome, GGI will be sending scientists around the world to better understand not only life on Earth, but how life adapts to a constantly changing environment. Read an introduction from our GGI Director, Dr. Jonathan Coddington: (link in profile), and stay tuned for more pictures and stories from #SmithsonianGGI! Image: African Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx lecontei), taken by Brian K. Schmidt during field research in Gabon.
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smithsoniannmnh : #BiodiversityDay #IBD2015 #birds #kingfisher #ornithology #biodiversity #naturalhistory #naturalhistorymuseum #sciencemuseum #nmnh #instamuseum #smithsonian
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1974runner : @mmmeganmyers look at this little guy
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
#ThrowbackThursday pre-1958: The world's largest, flawless quartz sphere is 242,323 carats, weighs 106.75 lbs. (48.5 kg), and measures 12.9 inches (32.7 cm) in diameter, from the collections of the United States National Museum, now the National Museum of Natural History. Image SIA2009-2187 via @smithsonianarchives. The sphere is still on view in the Gems and Minerals Hall.
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Today is International Fascination of Plants Day! We’re pretty fascinated with the Coco de Mer (Lodoicea maldivica). Native to the Republic of Seychelles Islands, an island country off the east coast of Africa, this species of palm tree produces what are considered to be the largest seeds in the world. The entire palm fruit (a double coconut), containing a single seed, can weigh up to 50 pounds. This fruit is an excellent example of the remarkable diversity of size, structure, function, even color of the more than 400,000 species of plants and plant relatives. It is historically known from five islands, but it now occurs naturally only on two islands—Praslin and Curieuse. With a restricted range, slow growth rate, and limited dispersal ability, L. maldivica is listed as endangered in the IUCN Red List. Its main threats are illegal harvesting and poaching, human induced fires, and introduced pathogens.
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smithsoniannmnh : #FOPD #endangeredspecies #cocodemer #seeds #doublecoconut #seychelles #plants #botany #biodiversity #endangered #naturalhistory #naturalhistorymuseum #sciencemuseum #nmnh #instamuseum #smithsonian
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Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) at the Bharatpur National Park in Rajasthan, India. The most striking characteristic of the pangolin is its scales; they’re literally as tough as nails. Their scales are made of keratin - the same material found in human nails, which protects them from some pretty fierce predators. However well protected these bundles of toenails may be to their natural predators, pangolins are helpless against humans and are the most trafficked mammal. An estimated 40,000-81,250 pangolins were collected in 2013 alone, and this is a conservative estimate since detailed stats from wildlife traffickers do not exist. Learn more about how wonderful and unique pangolins are: (link in profile). Image by Ansar Khan Keoladeo, NBP Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2013.
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mintale : So beautiful
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vivalavidamrs : Amazing
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foxy__lucy : @marstojc one of my favorite animals!! My mom wrote her thesis on the illicit trade of pangolins in Southeast and East Asia. All 8 species must be uplisted to appendix I of CITES at the next CoP, and they need to be listed under the ESA!!
lindsayandrew13 : Is this even real? @is_a_freeman
is_a_freeman : @lindsayandrew13 yep!
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Today is β€ͺ#EndangeredSpeciesDay! To help raise awareness, we spoke with our scientists to find out about species that have inspired them, see their responses: (link in profile). This Smooth Coneflower is delightful for many reasons, but since 1992 it has been on the list of Federally Endangered Species. Due to the changing landscapes of America's prairie habitats, scientists have seen a decrease in populations because of habitat loss. Which endangered species do you care about? Share your stories in the comments below! Photo by Melinda Peters.
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carniflora : My top priority endangered species is definitely Sarracenia jonesii or S. alabamensis. Very restricted range and they look incredible.
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Museum specimens and records in historic literature and archives represent the only available information for many rare, extinct, and endangered species. The #BiodiversityHeritageLibrary has over 46 million pages spanning the past five centuries of recorded knowledge about Earth’s biodiversity, a free and accessible resource to scientists around the globe! To raise awareness for β€ͺ#‎EndangeredSpeciesDay tomorrow, BHL highlights three of their favorite endangered species in this guest post: (link in profile). Image: The kākāpō (Strigops habroptilus). Buller, Walter Lawry. A history of the birds of New Zealand. (1873).
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smithsoniannmnh : #parrot #ornithology #birds #archives #biodiversity #endangered #endangeredspecies #ESday #historicliterature #digitallibrary #records #illustration #sciart #naturalhistory #naturalhistorymuseum #sciencemuseum #nmnh #instamuseum #smithsonian
tutwillo : One of my favorite parrots!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Our friends @ngadc are exploring β€ͺ#jewelry this week with β€ͺ#‎ArtAtoZ! Here is a treasure from our collection, the Royal Butterfly Brooch created by Cindy Chao. The 2,318 gems in the butterfly make this brooch extravagantly rich in color and full of life and radiance. Among the diamonds are four large rough diamond slices stacked atop a pave layer of faceted diamonds, forming the centerpieces of the wings. These rough diamonds have a faceted top and flat bottom, and before faceting, they had a natural pattern that appeared similar to the microstructure and scale on a butterfly’s wings. The Royal Butterfly is set with sapphires, fancy-colored sapphires, color-change sapphires, rubies, diamonds, fancy-colored diamonds, and tsavorite garnets.
butterfly - diamond - geology - brooch - jewels - feeltheflutter - smithsonian - ruby - minerals - instamuseum - gems - sciencemuseum - jewelry - naturalhistory - wings - sparkle - sapphire - naturalhistorymuseum - mineralspecimen - gemstone - nmnh - cindychao -
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
A #behindthescenes view from the collection today: honey-colored specimen of wulfenite. Light interacts with impurities of chromium to color wulfenite shades of yellow, orange, and red. Wulfenite commonly grows as thin tabular crystals, but also assumes other shapes. It is prized for showy crystals and has been mined for lead. #MineralMonday
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smithsoniannmnh : #minerals #mineralspecimen #wulfenite #crystal #yellow #geology #geologist #geologyrocks #naturalhistory #naturalhistorymuseum #science #sciencemuseum #nmnh #instamuseum #smithsonian
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Happy Mother's Day! Cheetah and cub at the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. At birth, cubs average 11.8 inches long (30 cm) and weigh 0.6 pounds (0.3 kg). They are grayish white in color, with black spots only on the lower body. A mantle of mane-like hair along their back camouflages the cubs in the grass. During the first few weeks of life the cubs are moved every few days by their mother to avoid predators. Image by Marco Urso/ #naturesbestphotography Windland Smith International Awards 2013.
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