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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
A recent intern tour of the Dibner Library at @SILibraries included books by Galileo, medieval manuscripts and even miniature books! Our branches are open to the public by appointment and we have an active internship program. Come visit or work with us! Learn more at
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luisfpinzon : ¡That's more than great, cool and super cool, even than super great, at the same time!.
hank_pdx : So cool! Will definitely schedule a tour next time I am back east.
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Evolving technologies have created remarkable opportunities for major research #libraries. Some #newspapers may trumpet the demise of #libraries and #print, and more people may equate #research with typing search terms in #Google, but @SILibraries is more relevant than ever. Here one of the Libraries’ staff digitally scans a rare book illustration of an #owl, which will go online ( for anyone to freely access anywhere there’s an internet connection. Smithsonian Libraries has always provided the raw materials that #inspire lifelong journeys of #discovery. New digital versions of the collections open them up to an ever-widening array of users – from a #botanist accessing a rare text while in the field to an amateur #historian identifying an early 20th-century potter’s mark to school-age children looking up #illustrations of early #aircraft – and revolutionizing the practice of #research. To keep up with the Smithsonian Libraries, follow us at @SILibraries.
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tealdrop : @happycamperfl
fugitivepigments : Nice, that @digitaltransitions setup!
fullerframe : Great looking @digitaltransitions DT RCams! Even better looking owl!!
digitaltransitions : @fullerframe @fugitivepigments thanks for the shout outs guys!
luisfpinzon : Rocks!.
jess_minsh : I used to use a similar machine to that in my past job. Digitisation can be so rewarding, that owl is beautiful!
mr_kevinhimself : Brilliant! Best one so far!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
One-third of the over two million volumes in the @SILibraries collection (and over 50,000 of them #rare) require #conservation if they are to remain available to future researchers. Here, the Libraries’ head #conservator is #sewing a text block back together after it received typical #conservation treatments such as repairing tears or removing dust and dirt. She is using a sewing frame to hold the #linen cords taut while she sews with linen thread through each section, or #signature, of the #book. From here, she will shape the #spine and cover the #book. To learn how you can help the Libraries’ conservation efforts by adopting a book, visit
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ctorresrouff : @toseeclearly
toseeclearly : Cool @ctorresrouff !
kimbloombergdesigns : I love this - totally fascinating!
katiloraine : @amysawyer
ksuth22 : @pandabot2.0 Interesting!
gardiner.rms : @dansmoncrane almost as good as yours! 😁
luisfpinzon : This is a beautiful thing. A seal of a civilization. One of the more important task of the institution.
thedaddyviking : Yay, librarians!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Dr. Livingstone, I presume? Researchers from around the globe use @SILibraries resources for their work. Recently, the Livingstone Online project ( visited our Russell E. Train Africana Collection and then incorporated the David Livingstone-related materials into their collaborative digital collection. And yes, that bottom right image is a teacup!
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jburnet2 : @ethancbroome
ethancbroome : I told you damnit.
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Scientists need natural history books to study life on Earth. Thanks to the Biodiversity Heritage Library, which makes these books freely available online, scientists living and working anywhere in the world have access to the information they need to identify, study and conserve biodiversity. Here, Dr. Christopher Mah, Invertebrate Zoologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, refers to a book in BHL while studying a starfish in the NMNH collection. “BHL is an awesomely useful resource! No need to carry around a rare 120 year old book if you can just open a scanned file of it on your computer,” explained Mah. Explore BHL for free today:
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sparkoftheark : Didn't even know this existed- nice!
laelaps : I know that guy! Chris is the greatest echinoderm ambassador.
thetweetsuites_shop : 🌷
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
In the 1550s, modern zoology began when Conrad Gesner, a Swiss naturalist, published Historiae animalium ("Histories of the Animals"), the first publication that attempted to describe all known animals. The book, published between 1551-58, includes this early woodcut of a tiger, the largest cat species. The Smithsonian Libraries has a copy of this monumental title in its rare book collection at the Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History, and a digital copy of it is freely available online in the Biodiversity Heritage Library at
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spicerlife : Hey I bet that dentist with a bow n arrow would love to kill that
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
One of the unique collections at @SILibraries is of zoo ephemera (“ephemera” are publications meant to be used for a short time and then thrown away - pamphlets, brochures, etc). Lucky for you, we kept it! The collection represents 30 states and 40 countries. This brochure is a great example for #InternationalTigerDay. Look for “Zoos: A Historical Perspective” at for more.
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thektrijn : @smelliot505 cool!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Martha, the last #passengerpigeon, is currently on display for the first time since 1999 in the @SILibraries exhibition “Once There Were Billions: Vanished Birds of North America” here in the National Museum of Natural History. Martha died on September 1, 1914, in the Cincinnati Zoo; she was immediately frozen into a 300-pound block of ice and shipped by fast train to the #Smithsonian. She had been recognized in her last years as the only surviving individual of a #species that was the most abundant #bird in #NorthAmerica only decades earlier. This is Mark Catesby's 1754 #illustration of the passenger pigeon, thought to be the first published depiction of the species (taken from “The Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands” v. 1.). The story of the last passenger #pigeon and the disappearance of the great auk, #Carolina #parakeet, and heath #hen (also featured in “Once There Were Billions” through October 2015) reveal the fragile connections between species and their environment.
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miked251989 : Why did they die out?
t.j.mia : @ctoledo0281
chsu : The scary thing isn't even that they went extinct, it's how FAST they went extinct
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Although the majority of @SILibraries #books, #manuscripts, #letters, #journals, #catalogs, and #rare printed works are housed behind-the-scenes, #exhibitions allow these hidden treasures to be shared. Smithsonian Libraries has a permanent exhibition space here at @smithsoniannmnh as well as at @amhistorymuseum. The Libraries recently opened “Fantastic Worlds: Science and Fiction, 1780-1910” in the National Museum of American History, which explores the scientific backstory of 19th century lost world fictions, fantastic #airships, #alien life on other worlds, #mechanical men and adventures both #undersea and underground—all of which still feature in #science #fiction today. “Fantastic Worlds” features Jules Verne’s “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” (Boston: 1873) and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus” (London:1831) and is on display through October 2016.
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maializzie : @roni_b_yessiree im down for some sciencing. Lets go to the capital one day!!!
dejongfabrication : Nice!
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smithsoniannmnh - Smithsonian's NMNH
Over 46 million pages from more than 160,000 books on Earth’s biodiversity are made freely available online in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). Headquartered at the Smithsonian Libraries, BHL includes books from the 15th to the 21st centuries about species from every corner of the globe and ecological niche. Explore (for free!) today: Get nearly 100,000 free biodiversity illustrations like those you see here in the BHL Flickr:
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gloedster : @allisonrose71 dudeee tattoo inspiration
courtneybriannasunshineee : Hope this is still available when I get my classroom πŸ˜‹
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repittluck : @arielfkin a good place for prints?
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