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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Well-styled look by our friend, Sergio from @whatmyboyfriendwore!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Is anyone else completely OBSESSED with this floral tie? Because we are! Great look by @thedressedchest
avrydude : Actually that tie is hella cool, it would look really good with a Navy colored business jacket and salmon pocket square.
skinnyfatties : @avrydude Yeah, to bring out those reds. Nothin beats a pop of color!
avrydude : @skinnyfatties 100% agree!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Looks like Mr. @Johanneshuebl is Wimbledon ready!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Love this floral tie and pine green lapel pin combo (via @gasketraynes)
iameducated : @rafuse925 @trange86 the floral!!
gasketraynes : Thanks!!! You're too kind!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Nothing beats a classic black tie. Use our service to slim down your wide ties.
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
As a gay small business owner, I am proud to take a stand as a company and congratulate America on this national achievement. Happy Pride!
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jonyboyy : Josh, your gay?😧
jonyboyy : @skinnyfatties
skinnyfatties : @jonyboyy It's true!
jonyboyy : Whaaaat? Didn't know tht...
skinnyfatties : @jonyboyy Nothing changes β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™
claytonhavens : So happy for you man! That's awesome! @skinnyfatties
jonyboyy : Not at all...
dapper_jojo : @skinnyfatties you got my support! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŒˆ
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage nationwide. A huge achievement for this country and a time to celebrate!
ties_and_timepieces : Haha @skinnyfatties. Who was spewing hatred here. Your voicing your views to all of your viewers who have multiple opinions and claim yours is correct. I would argue that your wrong. Not disrespecting anything or committing some hate crime. It's the simple fact that I disagree with you posting your views on a page that should be kept to its purpose. Especially when you sell a product. In addition, @artschlgrlfriend, it's amazing how ignorant your side of the table can be. The moment we disagree with your views you claim we "hate" and "were trash". Good luck with your apparent view of equality. It's a joke.
keycomponent : Since I have to see this on my profile, I personally do not support it.. But you have my respect.
ohitsjustjordan : Why every person that claims other people are "incompetent" still doesn't know how to use the correct form of "you're" ... I'll never understand. And @ties_and_timepieces - I don't know where you're from, but @skinnyfatties is an American company. If you weren't aware, America is a country that considers free speech and enterprise to be extremely important. A lot of businesses take public stands for what they believe in.
ties_and_timepieces : Oh I'm not saying they don't. @ohitsjustjordan and I understand that. If you read the comments above, you'll see that me stating I disagree and that it's a shame that big enterprise promotes this stuff, I get told that I'm trash and spewing hate. My point is that this entire equality idea is a joke. The moment someone disagrees with you, their an ass hole, racist, homophobe arc.
skinnyfatties : I think there might be a misunderstanding, @ties_and_timepieces. Freedom of gay marriage across the USA and the LGBTQ suicide statistics are facts, not my opinions. My intentions for this thread of comments was never to bash you or make you feel unwelcome, but I need you (and others reading) to know that our words have weight, especially with the younger crowd. For the record, I do not think that you are trash, nor ignorant, and I do believe you can serve as a positive role model to others that share your viewpoint. Let's amicably agree to disagree and only share respect for each other. Truce?
ties_and_timepieces : I have no hatred towards you @skinnyfatties. Nor quarrel. I just disagree when people who influence others state opinions that have a huge impact on our youth such as this. Maybe you have a true understanding of equality. If you respect me and understand that I do respect your opinion as well. I just am simply stating my opinion. Which is, anyone with influence posting about this should truly rethink what their doing. It's offensive to other people... Period the end. If people believed in real equality they wouldn't be praising this. I don't need to hear about it during the day from a page I follow because I liked their socks.
skinnyfatties : @ties_and_timepieces I understand and I'm sorry we were unable to serve up better content for you this time. Also, we're not in the sock business – we make wide neckties slimmer. As a gay small business owner, this exciting time means a lot to me and I hope that you can respect this achievement for USA. Thank you for following and I do hope that we can move past this and slim down some of those neckties for you!
mike_boogie85 : It's going to be a looong weekend for the bigots. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Tie width affects the way you look. Visit our Tie Slimming Service to give your old ties a makeover. PS: this width is 2.75"
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Make your dollar stronger at! Offer valid until Friday, June 26, 2015 at 11:59pm EST
cfelix08 : Does he come with the tie?! 😍
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Let this be a reminder to you all!
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