SKINNYFATTIES specializes in tailoring and designing neckties. Putting ties to good use since 2012. Free shipping worldwide.
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Setting the needle down to take a break with @saraheartbacon on this beautiful afternoon. Proudly wearing @bottledbrooklyn.
ejlectric : MCM
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
ALL NEW SKINNYFATTIES PocketPlants, $21.95 – Get Yours Today!!
kbella : Is this the only style you have?
skinnyfatties : @corydoitch Yes! and @kbella we also have tumbleweed, pine cone and ivy. This is the weed one, and already selling out.
jessicapilar : I'll take them all, I'm going to need them tailored to 3" tall... Must be uniform or I will have to return. Also, if you could make sure that each of them has only been alive for under 1 month that would be amazing. I am only interested in newborn weeds.
skinnyfatties : @jessicapilar Yes we can accommodate this request. Let us just talk with the florist first.
jessicapilar : Oh wonderful. I'll be wearing these at my wedding. And also at my funeral. So freeze a few. Thnx xoxo
crywhenugetolder : Dibs on @werkformyself
werkformyself : @crywhenugetolder first and only bid, you win
ejlectric : What a babe
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Craftsmanship isn’t just some fluff word we toss around. Our business was set in motion with one basic mission: to outfit customers with high end neckties, so we operate under rigid quality standards. Actually, we’re sort of perfectionists. Our commitment to craftsmanship puts us in control of quality, which means no tie leaves our shop until we’re sure it passes (human) inspection. From helping customers to hand-stitching, every action we take has a well-devised thought behind it. We place a heavy focus on detail, making sure our customers are completely in love with the results. We take pride in using our bare hands to bring you the highest caliber of craftsmanship.
eriicdaniel : πŸ‘πŸ‘
janmanegro : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
_ahughes : Great pic babes πŸ“·
irockmyhalo : This is awesome!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Made this custom 2" floral tie for @kbella. What do you think?
epsisforstyle : I love this. @skinnyfatties
shpantalonessss : @bridgeskl
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Get excited for some new SKINNYFATTIES limited edition ties in the works :-)
ejlectric : I want the floral one 😁
sitriiiighthere : @kamg29 boo. So my b day is coming up and that tie w the flowers is deff. Calling my name haha haha πŸ‘”
caroline_artist7 : ❀️
kamg29 : @sitriiiighthere where do they sale it?
sitriiiighthere : Hahaha haha make it happen boo @kamg29
skinnyfatties : @sitriiiighthere @kamg29 Would be happy to make you this tie for $75. Shoot an email over to
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
BIG HUGE THANKS to @dollarshaveclub for sponsoring SKINNYFATTIES with a brand new sewing machine. Can't tell you how much you've helped!
buildingpictures : Amazing!
urbanboulder : @dollarshaveclub is awesome!
ejlectric : #mcm
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
Glad we could be there to celebrate – congrats @imdiego!
dandyinthebronx : Yessss!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
@dressedtoill nicely fit the L.L.Bean Boots tie we tailored for him into the mix. Looks good!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
I started SKINNYFATTIES two years ago this month. This photo is from when I set up a table on the side of the street. Feeling very grateful that I listened to the voice in the back of my head that said, "Joshua, just run with this."
blakescott_ : Congrats Joshua!!!
marcwear : @skinnyfatties great concept. Congrats!!
shoeshineuk : @skinnyfatties legend in my eyes
lindsayrn : You're amazing, Joshua!! Congratulations on your success and all that is to come!!
dirtyfacemaryla : Fuck yeah for you. That's fucking amazing.
sanfordrodriguez : @sojournersego if you're interested in tie making and even restoration then check this guy out. Really neat startup. This is what we need down south!
sojournersego : @mrrodriguez90 nice!
dmercer : Congrats and happy anniversary!
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skinnyfatties - SKINNYFATTIES
A neat visual of SKINNYFATTIES customers all over the globe
brandslut : South Africa :(
skinnyfatties : @brandslut Oh shoot! Yeah, we've shipped to @whatmyboyfriendwore many times! Wonder why it's not showing up...
mentate_ : Gotta get Guam on that map!
skinnyfatties : @jaredxo Oh man, that's right!!
donnie_lotus : @makingtie @skinnyfatties how come I don't see Italy ? 😝
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