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SF looking supreme as always. 👌🔥 #sanfrancisco #sf #thecity #sfc #supreme #indiansummer
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kickturnbail : PRIME
jademeneguel : Wow
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Stoked to be wrapping up our first run of products for my new brand @blocksbrand All the products are being cut and swen right here in San Francisco. The shirts will have a printed tag for supreme comfort 👌 #sanfrancisco #apparel #blocks #blocksbrand #blockssf #custom
blockssf - blocksbrand - blocks - apparel - sanfrancisco - custom -
skandrew : There are a MILLION private label manufacturers in LA. All of them are pretty fucken good because thats where fashion industry exists mostly. Since i am only manufacturing within San Francisco city limits its much harder for me. Costs are very high and manufacturers are very very slim. Most of them are very small time boutique spots. @antoniamarguerite
skandrew : If only you lived in the city you could help design stuff for me too! Haha @antoniamarguerite
joenathanperez : BlocksXPileStyle colab?
skandrew : Could happen! @joenathanperez hahaha
antoniamarguerite : Yeah i knows there are a ton in LA but they get busy with bigger indie & mass apparel brands n i need super small batches. Cuz ya gurl aint flowin' in the dough. Le sigh. I had to deal with a bunch of private label companies when i 1st started working in the industry in LA. And some places were plain rotten ha. so i know a bunch i don't want to work with lol. If you ever need a designer hit me up! I can flat sketch in illustrator n do tech packs etc... Besides sew, drape & pattern make.
trevirs_bwsc : Your the owner. @skandrew
skandrew : Yeah @trevirs_bwsc
trevirs_bwsc : Cool. How you get started with like team riders, sponsoring and getting a loyal crew an stuff like that. I hava a sk8 brand also, @basewear_co coming soon. But yea its a lot I wanna do and also have a page in a magazine like your brand does. I sent a DM to your brand account.
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Nike womens race came through my block today and woke me up at 6:30am #bag
bag - nikewomensrace -
tessaribs : #storyofmylife
hesher420 : How did joggers wake you up? I woulda thrown eggs
skandrew : 30,000 joggers cheering ppl and ringing bells at 630. So brutal. @hesher420
rajhoot : Omg they woke me up so fucking early! I was so fucking confused, they wouldn't stop cheering
hesher420 : "It's six fuckin thirty on sunday fuckers" as eggs start to hit them. And if they got a problem throw ice cubes. If they still got a problem resort to your glass recyclables. #DisrespectfulCunts
emilymelon : #nomorecowbell #no #more #cowbell!
skandrew : Haha seriously!!! I wanted to strangle cowbell boy at 6:30am! @emilymelon
_snkrx_ : Rude
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St. Helena park/bbq session this evening for @kickturnbail bday. #sthelena #ream #winecountry #blockssf #blocksbrand @blocksbrand @donservelloni
ream - blocksbrand - winecountry - sthelena - blockssf -
bwk_26 : Such a good bbq spot! Did it the other day, let's skate shoot soon @skandrew
adriansantos007 : Are you back in SF?
skandrew : Yeah @adriansantos007
thebumas : The best
kai_vdp : Looks dope.
dontae_smith : Love that guy. @kickturnbail my favorite fagget! Really great guy.
skandrew : Haha! Should have rolled out today @dontae_smith
chrisrayfilms : Best park!
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SF weather has been on point this indian summer! #sanfrancisco #sf #mission #thecity #buttery #indiansummer 🔥🔥
sanfrancisco - thecity - buttery - mission - indiansummer - sf -
shrewgy : For reals!
amcast : No need for a filter you goose
skandrew : There aint no filter on that fool. Learn your shit! @amcast
amcast : Jeez I wasn't saying you filtered!!i was saying no need for a filter...duh calm yourself
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Portrait of your boy.
loccnessy : haha! 👆 lookin good my friend! 👊
ashley_laurel : Strange.. Totally had a dream about you last night @skandrew
fiatluxsf : Dude that's a picture of you sitting on a couch.
lindsybears : I like that couch!
iweeney : Priming
ririyours : 👌
joey65pack : My couch
skandrew : Yup! @joey65pack
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Moved into the new HQ today in San Francisco's Mission District 👌🔥 @blocksbrand #blocssf #blocksbrand #sanfrancisco #sf #hq #blocksHQ
blocksbrand - blockshq - sanfrancisco - hq - sf - blocssf -
papaingham : Congrats son! Need any silent investors? @skandrew
skandrew : Thanks @papaingham always need silent investors!
sondonation : Classsy
papaingham : We will talk next month! @skandrew
skandrew : Right on! @papaingham cant wait for friendsgiving!
joenathanperez : Your own HQ?
arron_bleasdale : @evergrowing
loccnessy : Text me bout this ish, brother! 🔥
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Ive started my new brand called @blocksbrand had an East Bay skate day today with @stagnantsteve @donservelloni please give it a follow and we are working hard to roll out the new products and get them into your hands! #blocksbrand #blocks #blockssf #metrogrammed #metroskateboarding #eastbayskateboarding #eastbay
metrogrammed - blockssf - blocksbrand - blocks - metroskateboarding - eastbay - eastbayskateboarding -
peen_army : 👆👍
ebsk84o8 : Dope
sup_mark : Who does your prints?
demzmen : Maxprime
noexchavez : You got any room for ethnic skaters on the team? Sponsor me bro
stoney_fox : Merkin em cutty
delusionbrand : Rad!!
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Its this DUFFERS birthday today. Here he is looking too much like Yosemite Sam! #stuffer #yosemitesam #StacheGameStrong #primeFIT
stuffer - primefit - stachegamestrong - yosemitesam -
showyourbones : Happy birthday fryle!! @frylepile
the_steinberger : Haha happy birthday @frylepile
joenathanperez : Ayyyyyy happy birthday @frylepile
frankshaw_ : Happy birthday @frylepile !!!!!!
frylepile : @frankshaw_ @the_steinberger @iwearcoolpants @joenathanperez @showyourbones thanks everyone you know IM JUICED! 🍻🍻 @sincerelyrambo awesome happy bday to yo little one!
driftwood_life : Braswell. It's wilkes.
skandrew : What up homie! @driftwood_life
driftwood_life : Let's get some pics. Send me yer # killa. Supposed to meet up w @rickyflipsk8 soon. You in sac?
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Hangin in North Beach tonight with @rositarerat #sanfrancisco #northbeach #sf #thecity
northbeach - thecity - sanfrancisco - sf -
brittrose : All your photos look straight out of a batman movie.
skandrew : Its just how SF looks all the time! @brittrose
natronftm : My favorite
brittrose : I'll be up the week of thanksgiving!
skandrew : Thx! 👍 @jennybeans
iwearcoolpants : A priming
tosha_timm : Best building in the city!!! 😍 @skandrew
skandrew : The best for sure! @tosha_timm
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