Mathematician, YouTuber & Fashion Blogger from London. πŸ’‹πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Β· Β·
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Suffered from an allergic reaction on the sides of my face so keeping the makeup minimal to none. Here I've just filled in my brows, dotted a bit of under-eye concealer, a smidgen of mascara and ofcourse some vase-lineeee on ma lips! In other news, loving my new Parka from Monki (purchase enabled by my boothang @barbarapbabe!). *PS* New video is coming, waiting for music to be approved! 😘
havthetrini : Wait. No makeup. hmmmm the beauty is real. LOVE the coat.
havthetrini : Your left (my left) eye looks puffy. You are soo pretty. NO make needed. Wear the coat in NYC (hint hint)
sohineeroy : If possible please make more talk your way of life. I hv already requestd for few talk videos
sohineeroy : Just to let u know that i hv planned an entire wardrope build up from scratch. Only with the white n the pastels n ofcourse the blacks
sohineeroy : Waitg for your video...
mariedouse : @shirleybeniang please check out my Colourpots official Facebook page. All made with natural oils and clinically approved and assessed. I would love love love you to trial some samples. Please inbox me on Facebook and I can get some out to you. Thanks.
1.eah : I have just unprivate my account
_ledee : Hope you're feeling better! I would love to see you MAC lipstick collection!!❀️
danieruhezamaiyazu - teearise_x - julka.b - msabonet -
shirleybeniang - Shirley
Rose gold things. πŸ”Ά
franciscam14 : @nareth24
_jaxcyn : Mac rubenesque
sohineeroy : Whr r u shirley..waitg for more uploads
sohineeroy : Can you also let us knw hw do u get invitation to fashion seems all the you tubers in fashion do.just wantd to knw how does it work
caravelle : Great shot!
chynadollmorena : @hb_honeybunch
mrs_garay24 : @shirleybeniang I think it'd be great to see what fragrance you could create?! Just a thought. My favorite is "chance" by Chanel.
onika02 : @sohineeroy I agree in the fashion invites
m_aiko_xo - elsa_2406 - drishafreeman - akiiyah -
shirleybeniang - Shirley
I do love a statement necklace every now and again. ➰
mkollection : We love it!!
mkollection : @justinaluvyourself @popofcyn @safiyawaneb @iladelrosario @nathalie_ayenoue_k @akriscardoso @lilmissstyle we carry stunning necklaces! Check us out
julie_bela15 : So pretty
dennis_themenace13 : I saw you get off the bus on friday. I tried knocking on the window to get ur attention but u didn't notice lol @shirleybeniang
baybasmom : When are you going to post a new video on YouTube? Looking forward to the next one!
sohineeroy : @baybasmom exactly
youniquelykaila : Gorgeous
_chloeketsia : @lamyabhr
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
And so my obsession with #OPI continues... gorgeous shades for autumn.
opi -
sohineeroy : U sooo inspiring shirley..every evening i watch your videos n yes so many times the same ur way towards life.please do more inspiratnal videos n closet you
sohineeroy : Also do a video about what is your job n how did you acheive this.
keziah_s_closet : @shirleybeniang hi please have a look at my page 😊
shalandaleigh : Hi! I'm on my way to living a more minimalist lifestyle. However when it comes to makeup I'm having trouble scaling down? Have you thought about doing a video on such?
ladypinkcouture_ : I HAVE IT ALL !!!!!!!! #ShopHere #StyleWeLove #Fashion #Jewelry #You'llLoveIt #BeAJewelryWhore #STOP #DressingBoring #Swag #Classy #Color & #Style #WearIt #RockIt #LoveIt
_youngveezy : I need more YouTube videos! : @shirleybeniang check us out πŸ’• xxπŸ‘—πŸŽ€πŸ’„
xxbccaaxx : @amawso01
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
New Video!!! A Lookbook inspired by one of my favourite on-screen sirens: #Scandal's Olivia Pope. Link: ...see what I did there? πŸ˜‰ I'm thinking of turning this into a series, what do you think? I could do a couple other on-screen sirens? Thinking it'd be fun, and I'll get to experiment with my style a little...even try more colour, textures, patterns etc! Haha! Going off track here, but do check out the video when you get a chance. 😊
scandal -
j_loveee_ : @beaabeille
osyomo : Love 😍
liyahfrancis : @leilataib fun work looks!
lysoulysou : Je l'épouse cette meuf πŸ˜’ cc @kisslaclass
kisslaclass : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @lysoulysou faut dire ca a Mum Berthe !
iamwonuola : Like every look
beautyofthebeat_ : YessssπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
maedre : @jumaighazal
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
There goes the neighbourhood. It's my last full day in Lagos and I don't want to leave. 😒 I have just been jollofing mehn. Good food every single day thanks to Mama and Grandmama! Plus I've only just gone and got a SIM card lol! It's hard not to feel emotional as it's been a whirlwind of a week. I've seen my parents and grandparents move from strength to strength, and it makes me happy to know that I'm going back to London sure of their wellbeing. But I'll be back for sure, sooner than later. Hoping to organise a meet and greet when next I'm here as well, and for those who have come up to me here to say hi, just a little hello and thank you. Ohhh and I managed to finish editing a video I filmed just before my trip and it should be up today! Wooo! Lots of love. 😘
olawandea : where do you live in naija @shirleybeniang
olawandea : as in do u stay on d island or mainland
svkinvt : @mssladykk
marieclairemae : @yaasays thanks.
mother_eva : Oh my you were in lagos. Would have loved to meet up.i school in unilag
mother_eva : Starting my blog soon and wouldn't mind some advice from you .I've been an ardent follower
iamnwadiogo : When you're back in #Accra I'd love to meet you #bloggingghana
pecca_damien : Blog advise pls
aishah4eva - passybeibeh - touniiiee - anny_porshe -
shirleybeniang - Shirley
Daddy's girls. ☺️ So unbelievably happy to be on home soil spending time with all my family. A little break we all really needed. Plus Dad is doing better than ever. Going to be here for another week or so, enjoying the warm days and chill nights. Hope you're all well. Speak soon. 😘 #Lagos #Nigeria #ICouldGetUsedToThisButNepaThough πŸ˜‚
nigeria - lagos - icouldgetusedtothisbutnepathough -
henriettababy : U should see her mum I bet she doesn't use anything special beautiful #
luvfromtramaine : Omd it is actually nathaniel!! Wow what a resemblance!
leesummer___ : Beautiful family ❀️
chuck_donbosco : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she said Nepa bruhhh they are the worst
ene_anyogo : Kai! Calabar people are fine.!!!!!
giovannaalles : King surrounded by two beautiful queens πŸ’
iiiimani : Beautiful
temilondon : OMG beautiful family 😍😍😍
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Goede morgen van Amsterdam. Heb ik enige Nederlandse vrienden hier? ☺️ ...Good morning from Amsterdam. Do I have any Dutch friends on here? ☺️ In transit enjoying a Chai Tea Latte and reading a mag. Escaping to the sun before Winter really comes. Lol.
capture_ladybunz : Any vlogs?? ... no uploads for 2weeks now guess ur enjoying urself too much :)
robinetheu : Omg yes πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
sohineeroy : Missing ur videos
marinabxx : Yess gurl
mode_plus : You do!!!
feauxrmidvble : Yess! πŸ™‹
reeni32 : Yes
shalenadr : Right hereπŸ™‹
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Winter is coming. ➰
lamourlibra : @otoo702 yes!! Where I first saw it!!
sohineeroy : Please do an updated closet tour and how u store bags and shoes
glittersophx : Shirley, Where are the black mules from? At Bottom on the right. They're gorgeous! πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
char_char_xx : Shirley where's the white coat 3 from the left from ? X
virginia.e : @nesmoore
muhhreeyull : Give me them all @omgdaisah @ashleydbeauty
xsabx : @sayerahossain
leironae : How do you edit your photos?
tmyyaahh_ - tmaharani - bermita_b - tayiwo_bello -
shirleybeniang - Shirley
50 never looked so good!!!! 😍 If I grow up to be half the woman you are...that would make my life. I love you mama. ❀️ #GeleOfLife #Modhellin #NaijaStandup #GhanaDeyAsWellChale
modhellin - ghanadeyaswellchale - naijastandup - geleoflife -
sueambri : Is your mum mixed?
daqueen626 : We can see where you get your beauty from!
biliguidelor : Elle est tellement belle ♥
bangoura256 : Waaooou!!!
fayevs : @sueambri yeah she's half white
shandymakeover : She is soooo beautiful
nicole.e.cole : @shirleybeniang how does she wrap her scarf like that?
kirsty_ojiem : @thunder_lightning_x
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