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shirleybeniang - Shirley
In Transition | New Post on πŸ“· @shenoutar
lenakimbe : @aksumita ich schau mega oft auf ihren youtube channelπŸ˜„ der mantel ist cool, ist der von zara?
ahmeow15 : classy
yasmin_gibbormua : I'm totally in love with this look so classy!
memoalshehri2222 : Ψ§Ω„ΨΉΨ¨Ψ―Ψ§Ψͺ 😝
paulinemelinda : @barna_cukor thisssss 😍😍😍😍
barna_cukor : @shes_the_khaleesi seen 😍
ird_london : @kizzykm
rebeccabanno : Hi guys I've just started a new blog, check it out.
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
I'm part of the distressed denim appreciation society.
ambermariaaa : 😍 where are these baddies from ?
london_babie : @parislesley ..we need those nudes
stylebydeex : Beaut
jereese : @shirleybeniang Heyy ive just started a new blog! Please could you have a look and let me know what you think😘
r.rxo : My gawd 😍 @hammad187uk
ajaavaname : Dear Shirley could you please make an update video about your life in general. Just like the time you did with 'cleaning out your life and bad friends'. So enjoyable to watch
glamourshimmer : Nice
kindy_kins : Those shoes r gorgeous
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
My Vampire is buff βšͺ️ #OPI
opi -
wedohairuk : ❀️
frenchgxrl : wow
shamzy33 : Niceeee
flazzy : @littl3t
laluz1atu : That is one of my favorite colors!
beedi84 : Shirley! Please help me out! I'm in London just for tonight and would love to go out to some great place that plays hip hop and r'n'b etc. Do you have any recommendations?
numberr1belieber : @shirleybeniang you did a video a few months ago with beautycrush and you wore agrey leopard print skirt from Zara and I wanted to know can you make another video styling it more because I have one just like it? Pretty please
mariamacquaye : You have a nice skin
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Brand new post on a brand new designed blog! Check it out... And I know it's Tuesday, but have you seen my Chilled Sunday GRWM? If not, here's a link: πŸŽ₯
bumascloset : Love the new design layout. So pretty β€οΈπŸ’•
manigazer : @shirleybeniang Thank you beauty ! 😚
thesheenz : @shirleybeniang your lighting is always perfect! Just daylight and iPhone 5?
_jessinunu : What is that polish!?!
ayaslittleworld : I love your 2 latest video With the work wardrobe and the chillax one and your rocking that hair right πŸ‘ @shirleybeniang i thinking of going With Final Cut Pro for éditing my Youtube video is it a great investment @shirleybeniang thx u 😊
yiohane : @simbebee photo styling
sun_stoned_collective : Sent you a dm 😘 @shirleybeniang
sarahstylesseattle : πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Today's outfit. Just had my hair treated and trimmed (more like cut because a lot had to go!). Thinking of going weave-free for a while. Need my hair to get back to it's healthier days. Now off to a BBQ! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 😘
mcstephanton : ❀️❀️❀️so much white to clean! 😱
pa.tia : I love ur jeans @shirleybeniang!! What's their name pls?
beauty_n_brains_too : Weaves are bad and creates FAKE illusions!
fashionlawlawyer : Are you relaxed?
amazinninav : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
destinys_only_1 : Tight jeans
b_jamila : Omd shirley i love ur style. Every time i watch ur video i end up online shopping
jalfie92 : @shirleybeniang please tell me where you got your floorboards! They are so beaut
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
I have to say, I love it when it rains. Perfect weather to snuggle up inside with a cuppa and a book... or if you like, some videos! I have a new one up! Could it get any better than one featuring @thepatriciabright? Check it out, link: (Also in my bio). πŸŽ₯
idameh : Please where is the top u were wearing from@shirleybeniang
finegyalss : Can you do a whats on my iphone/how i edit my instagram pictures/selfies
mildreck86 : Just discovered your chanel, I'm obsessed!! You are such a beautiful , smart, funny and charismatic woman. Love from Norway! πŸ’œ @shirleybeniang
scripted_dreams_love_beauty : @shirleybeniang i swear to god i loveee you guys sooo much. Both sooo talented <3 love ur vids!!!!!!! xxx
pamys_world : just watched the video,you girls are very funny
smarie___ : @aingram27
allendrestar : Yayyy
doye_xo : @m1ssk4
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Last night with the girls. πŸ’‹
nelson_sara : @elo5000 πŸ˜‚
ilfashh : Beautiful! All of you!
amanddos : Necklace details plz! Xx
itsdee_rsn : In this picture michelle and barbara look so alike! :D
elenitinou : Beaut table πŸ‘Œ
nxasha : All buff ❀️
beautyparadox : @amanddos It's from Topshop ☺️
anasofiachic : You girls are all stunning! X
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
Little luxuries. Spent today just reading my favourite magazines and getting inspired. Sooo looking forward to Autumn fashion! My new mid-year diary came in the post too, and I've managed to pencil in all those important meetings, events and notes! My dad always said that the shortest pencil is sometimes better than then longest memory, so I've always made it a habit to pencil everything down, or else I forget! Random bit of information for you, lol! *PS* New Video tomorrow, and it's featuring a special guest! ;)
kareema1992 : @maariak27 reminds me of you this xx
thepinkcocoon : Nice! Same style here!
maariak27 : @kareema1992 love it :D
the_zariarose_show : @nizzcosmetics
ayshaswarovski : Please whats the shade and number of the lipstick?@shirleybeniang
_allisonmr_ : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
kiimiikorose : Hey Shirley I'm starting my YouTube channel with my bestfriend and I wanted to know how long have you been on YouTube? Thanks hope you reply :-)
iosenge : Hi @shirleybeniang Could you please say what is the actual name of the planner that you got a Foyles? I can't seem to find planners a bit like the ones from Erin Condren and it is driving me nuts.. Thanks !
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
She's fire, she's loyal and shares my love for all things monochrome. Just a few reasons why I love her! @beautyandtheblog πŸ’‹
nilu.fleur : hoooot πŸ™ŠπŸ™Œ
__.esther : @your1shoutouts got me 1k
captainsaveafrohairqueens : Shes gorg
denzylpinto : Sexy cheeks
yasmag : And she's beat honey yaaas
sooverit : #rhondameetshirley
dogao_56 : Gata
loretta.afriyie : @_maamedufie 😍
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shirleybeniang - Shirley
"The road to success has many potholes. You'll fall into some-and they're messy. Not only will you have to climb back out, you'll have to dust yourself off, refocus, recommit, and keep going."
bamazina : Nice pic
parislesley : @london_babie
merlinian4life : Hey I'm in love with ur youtube and I'm just 15 years old I ♥♥♥♥♥ ur view on fashion :) follow bak plz :) @shirleybeniang
luvkaddi : This is herrrrr @sirsebastian1st
aliebot : @jeanmichel.b
jeanmichel.b : @aliebot. Simple, but perfect! There's not much to add
ashleyyoungxo : @melisimxo
icigrace : Rawwr!
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