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Shay Butler

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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Making something in the new studio!
_shaytardsfacts_ : I have good facts
vavadiboom : 💚
amanda_guard : Please please please check direct message!!!!!!!!!
_shaytard.fanpage : Shaytard Fanpage!
cristi.tkd : Shay pls answer my direct message
monsters_university_13 : That is so pretty I saw it in one of your youtube videos all I want for Christmas is to meet you :)
tool2211 : I watch and really enjoy your shaytards channel on YouTube every day!
shaytarddds : Please check dm!!!
_gracemeredith_ - kira_helmstetter - sugar._.cx - i_rock_too_much -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
The Vlog is going to be late because I'm in a bike race in the #PhillyAirport
phillyairport -
love02131 : lol
love02131 : she wasent even paying attention till the last minute haha
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
_the_coolest_unicorn_buddies_ : I love the shaytards blogs and it would be amazing to meet you guys @shaycarl
juls2525 : Omg i live in Philly and like if that lady was me I'd literally scream if i saw u
julia_bandi : Lol
jackanator23 : Shay carl I have a crush on Avia and can tell her oh and p.s my name is abraham but don't let Avia know
deniskoleva8 : OMG
gwensolis23 - shermietan - nicolecip22 - itsandrea111 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
It smells like fresh cut grass down here! @edbassmaster is not impressed! #Eagles vs #Cowboys
eagles - cowboys -
lowell_the_boss_24 : I don't like the Eagles I like the Seahawks
davis_isawesome : Hi shaycarl ths is Davis Teitelbaum please give me a shot out
elissa1227 : Christmas special 2014 can't wait
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
jazminegowdy : Please give me a shout out you and your family are the best i watch your videos every day
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
_shaytard.fanpage : Shaytard Fanpage!
seahawkfan_22 : I love the Philadelphia eagles and the Seahawks
bebebintoubobo - meltingfobbie - kaylamvolleyball - tool2211 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
#Football #Beards #Cowboys #Eagles #NFL
nfl - eagles - beards - football - cowboys -
lizeth_r10 : Lol
lizeth_r10 : Sorry but the cowboys are better
gymnast_tard_ : Lol the guys face
djbatman145 : The face the guy had :)
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
kaykarafael : I am a fan of the Eagles and I love the shaytards
kaykarafael : But the Eagles lost
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Landed in Philadelphia & went straight to @jessewelle's house to wrestle his cheetah!
fl0werp0w : @bliss_wisher_2019
_maddie_martin : Bamboo😍
kateparry2003 : Omg shay x
skylar_steckerr : shaycarl you are awesome and I love all of your videos!!❤️
daf_teague : Looks like you dont have a beard there
ciao_bella003 : Looks like mama kitty
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Watching the #P4A live stream with @johngreenwritesbooks and @joshsundquist from seat 33F 30,000 feet over North Carolina! Technology is rad! http://www.ProjectforAwesome.com/Live
p4a -
makxyla.ann : hey lives in my town
makxyla.ann : he*
rebecca_caffrey : Cut your beard man it's a bit extreme movembers over Jesus
chelsea_fan_page_2014 : F*ckers f*ckers
n33d.wifi : I think his beard is gross @rebecca_caffrey
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
rebecca_caffrey : @n33d.wifi so do I its at the stage now that he needs to cut it
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Taking the beard out for some fresh air!
mysterychick_11_ : You guys rock u are my fave YouTube Chanel I subscribed after watching my FIRST video I luv your Chanel, family, happiness,and family spirt I watch your videos a think sometimes " wow I wish my fam were that connected" were never at the house and you guys just are so connected with each other it just makes me so happy luv you guys keep doing what your doing and.......well stay awesome SHAYTARDS
midgetman.jr : Cool
tiz_69 : I want be in the snow now
everythinggymnastics117 : Saw the vlog!!! You could do the backflips only just couldn't land them!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!
bae_boo_bye11 : Say this vlog and I go skiing there too!¡ Maybe il see you there some time
jayjade125 : Am a big fan watch your videos every night
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
kensie.darrington : I'm a huge fan of you guys!!!! I love your family!!! Also skiing is the best where do you ski?I go skiing up at pomerelle you should go there sometime! (It's in Idaho)
logantheboss23 - kaylamvolleyball - owlsanddaisies - lillian_517 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
Just picked up my Idaho surfboard!
hollywood_homies : Say iphone 5 times pick a color post on 5 other pictures and look under your pillow
shay.tizzle : 👈Shaytards fanpage here please check it out I post daily shayatrds edits help me reach my goal of 800 by Christmas !
megan111705 : You guys should come to Miami
spaghettishodown : That's cool but I snowboard
lika_boss_mcintyre : Lol . NICE SURFBOARD
lizzie_schreck : Rockin the beard #beardo #awesesauce @shaycarl #dude
princesstard._.avia : @shaycarl
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
_jetpack0_ - hello_fausta - that.gibson.girl - sarahascoli_ -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
Outside my window weather forecast right now calls for a 98% chance of Daaaaaaang!
kayci_lee : That is so nice like your children and the rest of your family ps. I have the same name as your bro Casey and I am the same age as sontard ( Gavin )
the_real_mccarty1 : That is so beautiful I would live there with them but I'm stuck in Mobile,AL
layla.kayy : That's gorgeous😩✋👌💕❤️😍
nutmegwhy : Gorgeous just gorgeous.💋😊
popcorn303 : Beautiful sunset
_shaytard.fanpage : Shaytard edits! 💜
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
c_h_r_i_st_m_a_s : New Christmas account!!! I don't do shoutouts but I post awesome Christmas pictures!!! 🎅🎄🎅🎄
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Almost 12 years and 5 kids ago I got down on one knee in this very room and asked my girlfriend @katiletters to marry me. I told her that I wanted to make Christ the center of our relationship and family. She said "of course" Cool story hu?! Anyways I'm going to go kiss her now bye!
eheather15 : Awwww that is so cute I watch your Video all the time !!!!
kylee_schommer : I love you and your family shay! ❤️
x_regan19_x : @shaycarl OMG I love you and your family so much I have been watching your volgs over and over (I've seen all of them) I love you guys so much thank you for giving me such happiness ☺
arianar45 : What religion are u guys again
madwoman2003 : Mormon
shay.tizzle : Shaytards fan page here help me get to my goal of 850 by Christmas
beard_tard : Hey i made an edit of youu check it out please??
alexis_noel02 : Emmi in this picture is just too cute! 😍
jessicascupcakes4 - kaylamvolleyball - tool2211 - lilliax0x0_ -
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