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shaycarl - Shay Butler
It was all I could muster. Last 2 miles were on cramped lead legs but I feel so glad to have that run in the books!
_____.bailey._____ : Alright shay that's awesome💛💙💜💚❤️
desty_4654 : I love shaytars but the best thing about it is use have so much fun
sethandrew323 : I love SHAYTARDS they are always filled with excitement and joy
curtwayne90 : Hey Shay, get on Strava! Its a great app for runners, and I believe you would like it :)
curtwayne90 : Keep up the great work ;)
michaelbaran27 : Wow, if you can do that in the thin air, you're ready for the marathon, sir
sotne_girl : Wow
fifi_bff22 : Good job ur a positive person who can do what his mind decides always remember that Good luck
yon.g.lin - shaaahrul - bauman123 - hope.harper.104 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
Happy Birthday Daxton!
sarahm114 : Happy birthday buddy!!!❤️❤️
_princessmayowa_ : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAXTON!
livliv1305 : Happy birthday bud
aayamdeuja : Happy birthday day baby boy!
dailybumpsfanpage : Happy birthdya Daxton I love you
chocolatebarawr : DAXXXXX <33333
breezy_cute : Happy birthday cutie pie I love you
taylerthorson : Happy birthday daxon
jk.lol03 - karissatorress - jasmines_ass - parker_c3 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
In a corn maze wielding a chain saw! It's a more satisfying experience than I anticipated!
eden_chapman : Happy birthday daxton
gymnastics_girl_567 : Omg i almost peed that jumped me because my volume was all the way😢😢😖😖💥💥🎶🎶
live_for_music_20 : Omg I'm going to a haunted house tonight!
adam_fakhoury : Still not scary @shaycarl
waboole8 : That is not scary
mattiesmommy03 : Omg Shay!to fuñny
pinky339 : @mayamerial @cameron_1013 @kaiya233 @momo_gymnast_unicorn @myah529 @karkar520 @c.p.h @seniabx3 @ahhthisisscarybooboo
smileyriley3333 : Oh my shay
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
The more I exercise the more I realize that 90% of the battle is getting to that starting line! Warm blankets and soft pillows on cold frosty mornings are infinitely more appealing than lung burning uphill climbs that explode your heart with every gravel strewn step. But if you're one of the brave few who can escape from those sedentary flannel grips of the comfy coffin that is your bed and strap on those rubber foot huggers and embrace the pain, you will experience the pure life altering ecstasy that happens as you hit that second wind around mile 7 and the playlist shuffle gods grant you with the perfect beat to take your pathetic jog to a transcendent hover that seams as if you are literally floating through the last 4 miles of a great day outside! #ADRENALINE #ENDORPHINS Get to the starting line!!!
endorphins - adrenaline -
amihughes123 : Happy bday daxton🎊🎉😃😃❤️❤️
ballet00000 : Happy bd bro
salome_valdis : Pshh this lenght is smaller than my thumb i could do better lol
kiera_04731 : Shut up @salome_valdis
shaytardsokay : Can u not @salome_valdis : Happy b day brotard
salome_valdis : U shut up @kiera_04731
salome_valdis : Haters gonna hate
j0c2003 - sarageis - alli_kerr101 - itscindyjtee -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
It's a sunrise from this angle ;)
kaitlyn__baker : HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY DAXTON!!!✨😘✨😍🎉🎁💝YOUR ONE😩don't grow up to fast
emmilyyy_xo : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAX!!! It seems like yesterday that I was watching you come to the world. Now your 1?!?! I love you big boy! ❤️I hope you have a great life❤️
shaycarl_is_lyfee : Shaytards fan page. I follow back!! 😎✌️
lainyloo27 : Is that a swing
officialbella12 : Happy first daxt! ❤️💕🎈
tallassee_tigers : So cutely
shaelynalexa_ : Cool
miniongirl17 : Cool be careful shay
kylielauryn - blessey88 - unnocornsrule13 - sara_azzarello15 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
It's freezing in Idaho this morning so we're running every single stair in this place! #NYCMarathonTraining
nycmarathontraining -
wts_up____the_sky : Happy birthday Dax even though you have only been in theis world for 1 year you have All ready changed my luge ur parents have raised u well @shaycarl
dancergirl2627 : Lol i saw that vlog
maddycatlover369 : I saw that blog
maddycatlover369 : And all the others A
b00tylord : This looks like Carl @alulhardeeep @organic_vibes
loolie_pop : love u
miloooor : @shaycarl yoooo I better see u I'm doin volunteer work :)
renz304 : I LOVE UUUU 😍😍 @shaycarl
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Iyn firsty!
gracetkd : Shay is bæ
jotica012 : Wow!!
captain_lalaa : *-*
xx_yonette_xx : Lol😄
jenna_loves_jhutch19 : All i want for christmas is shaytards christmas specail
cbgraves2005 : He's "drinking"
emmilyyy_xo : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAX!!! It seems like yesterday that I was watching you come to the world. Now your 1?!?! I love you big boy! ❤️I hope you have a great life❤️
butyourbeardisawesome : This video made me smile ❤️💚💜💙💛
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Headed home to my baby!!!!! WooHooo! Apply the lip gloss liberally @katiletters Cause those lips are getting attacked. #PreFlightPlanePullUps
preflightplanepullups -
averyroar : Love the backpack shay
betbet3 : Always touch the airplane
syd_m_lee : I know it is just a pic but on YouTube
shaytards_fanpage_rc : Love u
katiedomo99 : I got the same backpackXD @shaycarl
x_x.neon.wonderz.x_x : @katiedomo99 well yeah because that's his backpack lol of course he's gonna wear his own merchandise . :)
ellenshaytards_howden : Love the backpack shay x
emmilyyy_xo : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAX!!! It seems like yesterday that I was watching you come to the world. Now your 1?!?! I love you big boy! ❤️I hope you have a great life❤️
alleyisgreat - christine44445 - wtf.katt - dkaye._ -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
I'm on top of Toronto!!!
star_light_rock : Watched that vlog
awsome_bosses : Farewell shay😢💐💐
sing_it_loud_xox29 : Awesome : Just watched that vlog, that was interesting @shaycarl
loral12345 : Saw that vlog and I thought u were going to actually jump
maia.23 : @awsome_bosses What do you mean?
katelien_fan : Cool
mackenzi__e : I live 45 mins away from Toronto
alleyisgreat - angelamgarner - xo3milymaw - lillianwinkler_xox -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
My date tonight for the @bufferfestival red carpet Galla @carliestylez was radiant! I love you Car Car
juliesmolsky : Im glad your not in toronto anymore because of the shooting!
soccer_dairyqueen_16 : Carlie is so pretty
brodieleighxox : Lovely picture love it
jotica012 : Those jogs are really showing off you two!!!!
kayleedean12 : Can you put my comment I did on one on a video
swaggirl_natalia : Carlie your so pretty
jacey_hamilton : Awwwwwwwwww brother and sister
loolie_pop : shay looking goood
lupita123567 - lillianwinkler_xox - alexxtalpa - -
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