Shay Butler

I take the best pictures you've ever seen me take!
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
key_to_my_heartt : I just finished watching the vlog
yarely003 : U make awesome videos shay and your whole family is wonderful to
c0smogyral : SHAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE AWESOME!! Going to surprise my little bother with one of your bookbags!!
makeupbylaila24 : I think Colette married u because u are rich and famous well I think sontard is perfect for me
pandasrock1029 : Please give me a shout out
taylernickole44 : @makeupbylaila24 You do realize that they got married before he started youtube videos and got all this money, right? He's already said in previous vlogs they started out with little to no money and got to where they're at now. You should probably read up on your facts before making some stupid comment.
blazedbour : #cannabiscupcontest
kristenkib : @makeupbylaila24 Lol they got married WAY BEFORE YouTube! He even has mentioned many times that they were literally had asked "how are we going to eat?" You really should watch some of his older clips! I mean honestly NO ONE ever gets rich just by not doing anything! It takes hard work and many wealthy people have hit rock bottom before they became successful! Watch their video called "We're Debt Free"
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Today was the 1st time doing the zip line on his own... This is now his 36th time!
xxcjbrownxx : He getting so brave
oreos_and_cookies_ : And by the way @anna_tuv I've been in hospital because I've had cancer so I've missed allot of stuff on the shay yards
oreos_and_cookies_ : That's why I didn't know what was happening :D not to be rued or anything!
skaijacksonfan1 : @shaycarl where's Emmy I didn't see her in today's vlog
llove3054 : Rocktared is so cute
haleyhal : Haha aww! Brock your such a cutie patoot!
derpybot : Omg I love your videos
demariowashington1 : Hi
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
If you could see how high he was you'd disapprove.
pitbulls_dont_lie : That looks so fun
clash_of_clans_2147 : Lol
mia_bia10 : I saw that video just now
llove3054 : I saw the blog
dragonvale_likeaboss : I shay ha rocktard I just wanted you to know you are awesome and the family I watch you everday by the way my name is kyle pretty please with a cherry on top give a shoutout or say my name kyle on the next video you guys rule
farahblake : Hi shay Carl i love the video about rock tard
jacey_duva_128 : I just saw the video right now
jacey_duva_128 : It was awesome I love you shaytards so much! If I had one important wish : it would be to spend the whole day with you. Cause I've been watching your videos ever since day one and I'm In love with you guys
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Today's #NYCMarathonTraining run came with a medal! Great race put on by my local town. I can feel the fat going away!
nycmarathontraining -
rachelluvsyewtons : Good job Shay!!! 🏃☺
_graciee_13 : Great job Shay! 🏃👌
ilove_life12 : Good job @shaycarl
cookies_sara : Good job👟
bl.ondie : U deserve it shay!
morrow_bryson55 : I watch your guys videos every day andyou have inspired meto do a whole year with no pop, I'm starting tm wish me luck @shaycarl @carliestylez 👌👌👌
daysonnbailee : They live at 4588 buckskin road pocaletto
daysonnbailee : I mean 4558 buckskin road pocaletto
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
We did it! @carliestylez was amazing! 13.1 miles!
mariamaforever : Shay Carl u are my hero u are the only one that I watch on YouTube other than bf and gf and I love u for that thank u
lgp204 : Welldone
avierocks32 : Awesome
totally_aussie : Good job shay!
i_post_funnies_14 : Too bad she lost hahaha😹😹 @shaycarl @carliestylez
raid_alghamday : @othmanalthomali ذا هوه
haleyhal : WOOW BABY! Awesome job u guys!
othmanalthomali : @7soon46
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Half way! Mile 6.6
shaytard_fan_page_12345 : 57795 like ! 😘🌹⤵️
dani_doll45 : Hi Shay, me and my best friend Emma are 2 of your biggest fans... Can you plz mention us in one of your vlogs??☺️☺️ Our accounts are emmastewart2 and dani_doll45. Thx
tbonetori : Check out my account
gilinskyemily : Ugly
coraevans11 : Carlie isn't breaking a sweat
nadia_babe_47 : Good job shay am very proud of yu I remember when yu started the family vlogs and now Gavin is about to be a young man, Avia a beautiful talented young lady, Emi is going to be a crazy but beautiful little girl , Rocktard is growing up so fast!!! I remember when he was born and now he's 4 years old😭😭😭 and Brotard oh brotard the day he came into this world was the happiest day ever and now he's learning to crawl thank yu so much shay for starting videos on YouTube
nadia_babe_47 : @shaycarl
blazedbour : #cannabiscupcontest
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
shaytardsandgreysanatomy : Go shay and carlie!💋
emma4dy : Well done
caprikeogh : I am so happy for you two. @shaycarl and @carliestylez
water.melon : So inspiring! Great job!
emma4dy : Well done for running the mile
alyssia320 : Well done shay and Carly
tabithat2005 : Hope you win and also CONGRAULATIONS!! So inspiring
budchuck11 : Great job 😀
ally_rocks16 - hal3y_bowman1663 - icecream412 - softball_player104 -
shaycarl - Shay Butler
Sometimes this is the hardest part to get to.
makk108 : Oh ya
evacrouch : Love this picture shayyyy
shaytardstuff : 🚨❤️SHAYTARDS FANPAGE! ❤️🚨
youtubelover5 : 2 days ahead found the starting point
youtubelover5 : That's some deep stuff though Shay. The caption..
mr_space_man : "More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin"
face_q00 : Good luck @shaycarl (even tho it would be finished now but) GOOD LUCK!!
fiiiiireee : This reminds me of the carmax commercial @shaycarl
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
Figured I'd break in my ski helmet on my mountain bike ride!
leah_rose_oxo : @gilinskyemily rude much.
leah_rose_oxo : Wow.....why do you hate shay so much? @gilinskyemily and is that the best thing you could come up with?
gilinskyemily : @leah_rose_oxo I have my reasons
leah_rose_oxo : Which are? @gilinskyemily
gilinskyemily : mor jävla dö I ett hål @leah_rose_oxo
leah_rose_oxo : English? @gilinskyemily
glitterytardis : They called you very bad names >.< @leah_rose_oxo
blazedbour : #cannabiscupcontest
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shaycarl - Shay Butler
We waited until now to tell you but Sontard is going to a special school this year ;)
daisy9093 : 6th grade I start tomorrow
its_me_keke110 : 6th grade I started august 4th but we have today and tomorrow off
its_me_keke110 : I was born late 2002
ritznails_rva : He's going to 5th grade
hamadrb : @its_me_keke110 hi I'm at 6th grade too I will start at September 8 Becouse I am at a private school but still super cool
athena_dancer13 : Hi , I'm athena , I'm starting school on September 4, 2014 , I'm going to be a 8th grader
athena_dancer13 : I'm from Brooklyn, NY
cupit111001 : Sontard you are so cute
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