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shawnalad - Shawna
| you are my H O M E // thank you BC for giving us a day to prioritize family // life throws us many curve balls and things that we don't expect to be the way they are; or we watch other people and think "wow they sure do have their crap together" // no, nobody is better off than another // we all struggle, in one way or another, we all strive for something better than the generation before // my fear is that we will loose touch with where family started; be it a humble dinner at a table in a one room house bursting with one too many children or a well-to-do family home with multiple bedrooms // at the end of it all the very best thing we can do is remain rooted around our family table; look at one another, encourage and have hard conversations when needed, but most of all we must love // love intentionally and without fear of being loved in return // love multiplies and grows; may we grow with love this year // with thoughtful intention, good conversations and difficult ones, but may we grow with love | #bcfamilyday #lovelove
lovelove - bcfamilyday -
kstarmstrong - briekie - pdougf - dianeblair56 -
shawnalad - Shawna
| LEGO time on a lazy Sunday afternoon // daddy is installing a closet organizer for the littlest man // we have three tv's on watching/hearing the game | #sundayfunday #lego #shawnasboys
shawnasboys - sundayfunday - lego -
amandajoyfro : Sounds perfect. Enjoy!
snowalee : πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
jamielcooke : Lego is the best!! Did you build a little table!?
shawnalad : @jamielcooke // we didn't, it's this little scrappy table we had, just so happens that it fits the flat Lego sheets perfectly πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
joannemcclelland - jamielcooke - nickfreemansworld - jaga_rai -
shawnalad - Shawna
| ello Wednesday | #rejoiceandbeglad #plannerlove #iloveflowers #hellospring
iloveflowers - rejoiceandbeglad - hellospring - plannerlove -
vjyeats : Nice flowers πŸ˜œπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
shawnalad : @vjyeats // thanks, a hot blonde gave them to me 😍
emilymariaminion - teagan_brally - tieastring - billbbuzz -
shawnalad - Shawna
| latest addition to our family // welcome to the world Hudson // you're already so loved | #lovelove
lovelove -
christyjoymcclelland : Sweet baby boy!!!!! 😘😘😘😘
normaantonia : Is this your new one @shawnalad ?
hughesashlee : I adore his name!!!
shawnalad : @normaantonia // no, no...I'm done ---this is @jordiemac newest creation πŸ˜‡
normaantonia : Oh ok! I was wondering because you didn't look pregnant in any of your pics. ☺ He's a cutie.
briekie - christyjoymcclelland - faith_sheppard_bateman - meeziehorvey -
shawnalad - Shawna
| reunited at last // sad farewell but sweet homecoming // we can only imagine how great that first cup of tea will be that share in heaven // Hugh, you've got your Elsie back // sweet reunion | #generations #thankful #eternityisourhome
thankful - eternityisourhome - generations -
kristin_pue : Sorry for your loss ❀️
ashleyd_mohr : What an amazing couple ❀️
angeladoell : Pretty special people. Much love.
christyjoymcclelland : What a sweet couple. Much love to y'all as you say goodbye.
sharon_roscha : I remember these two, beautiful❀️
joannemcclelland : Sweet Elsie. Praying for comfort and peace. Oh what a hope we have!
erinjayner : Sending White Butterflies @shawnalad xoe
drydenstains07 : Sorry for your loss. Glad to read their memory will continue to live in so many people's hearts.
di__stone - kstarmstrong - dianeblair56 - missyrosedean -
shawnalad - Shawna
| nothing like getting a knock at your door from your cousin with 138 (or so) dozen English muffins // being blessed and passing on the good fortune is so much fun! // thanks Sean!!! | #thewholedangfreezerisfull #sothankful
thewholedangfreezerisfull - sothankful -
missnickie : Why so many????
ericanerling : Wowsers!!! And yum πŸ˜€
sugarjbennett : English muffins for you! And for you! And for you and you and you! ~ Oprah
shawnalad : @missnickie // because the recipient (a large restaurant) didn't have the space to hold the 19,000 dozen that the container was holding --- so it was returned and they were told to destroy them...they gave away 1000 dozen but tomorrow 18,000 dozen are going to a pig farmer. The truck needs to be empty for the next load tomorrow. So crazy! He would have given us more, I just don't have the space!
drydenstains07 : We will enjoy these...thank you, thank you, thank you x 6 dozen πŸ˜€
vancouver_stacie : Oh good I am following you! Nice to meet you tonight 😘
covetfashions - mamamiafro - coby_jordan - togoyourway -
shawnalad - Shawna
| sweet #celinedion // I can only imagine your heart ache // you celebrated #renecharlesangelil so very well 🌹// our thoughts and prayers are with you |
celinedion - renecharlesangelil -
ceeleewags : Heartbreaking πŸ’” 😒
mamaconverse : Seriously so SO so sad 😒
jamielcooke : Oh man, that's a powerful photoπŸ˜“
angiemaghami : @mrshgomes
c_billows : So sad😒. Such a picture of grief.
kimberlygottfried : You may never read this but am saddened by the loss of your husband. May God bless you and your family, and give you the strength to be there for your children. With prayers, a loyal fan.
mrshgomes : @angiemaghami 😭😭😭😭 @ldoubroff this is so painful.
vanharmelen : Hard to "like" when there's so much grief shown here. Peace and comfort to her and her boys.
drmashtiana - polan_marie_alix - hungerfordinteriordesign - stephaiverson -
shawnalad - Shawna
| this is the first night in five years our boys have slept apart // Cole decided he wanted to be in his own room // there have been quite a few tears over this transition so I'm not sure it will stick but we set up a cute little room for him with what we had on hand // even though it's been a teary transition he's quite smitten with his new room |
jamielcooke : Aww:)
amandajoyfro : Looks great! That's a big transition
joannemcclelland : Growing up...time for a bit of his own space. Love it.
lylaveinotdesigns : Looks great! I love that Cole is exploring his independence and individuality! Growing pains!
drydenstains07 - stephaiverson - erinjayner - hannahcumminsphotography -
shawnalad - Shawna
| my favourite post-Christmas clean-up // taking all the photo cards and adding them to my friends profile in my contacts on my phone // once that's done I put them up in our mud room where we will see your beautiful families everyday + say a quick prayer for you ❀️ // love this chore most of all! | #lovelove #happynewyear #beautifulpeople
lovelove - beautifulpeople - happynewyear -
sharon_roscha : Great idea!
instaamygirl : Fabulous idea!
jamielcooke : Awesome! I never know what to do with them all! I always put them in a box:)
caniwigirl : We are doing a New Year card this year! @shawnalad can you text me your addy please πŸ˜ƒ
monikahibbs : awe that's so sweet!!!
stephaiverson - the.lash.girl - jeswandler - melissa.hiatt -
shawnalad - Shawna
| ello winters morn | #winter #godsmasterpiece
godsmasterpiece - winter -
drydenstains07 : Incredible photo...
drydenstains07 - aljafacio - ashfield_photography - thespicydiva -
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