Tom McLean

Daddy, Husband, dog-lover, craftsman, knife slinger, bad-ass firefighter.
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
The walks with the beagle, in the new neighbourhood, smell like a wood-burning fireplace. We like it. #winteriscold #thenewstompinggrounds
thenewstompinggrounds - winteriscold -
kvartire : Nice colour
likesummersnow - cheflou95 - _beard_papa_ - he_wears_boots -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Our new kitchen is a giant light box. @rader_blade @billippknives Nice material to work with.... #chefknives
chefknives -
canadian5star : Is that an invite for lunch?
roco29 : @xophero
mf_dish : Not quite @bloodwieser
stephensfamilyadventure : Not too shabby, the knives help too.
sharpandshinyshop : @canadian5star Sure! You any good with unpacking, taking care of any boys, and Westmount trivia?
sharpandshinyshop : @stephensfamilyadventure Yeah, they are two of the best.
canadian5star : Hahaha!! Sure am!! I need a lesson in knife sharping as well and heard you may know a bit about knifery!!
blazed_charizard : @djew27
filipahlin - hosto - sdsalvesen - overtheedgecincy -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Cleaning out the old shop, and moving to a new, blank canvas of a space. I made some amazing pieces in this little building, and hope for even bigger and better things in the new one. #mcleancustoms #newchapter #letskeepitrolling
letskeepitrolling - mcleancustoms - newchapter -
billippknives : Hell yeah man!
cookingincopper : Dig it..... #burstingattheseams
maslaq - iancookingthings - alexanderaronsson - russtyrox -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Somebody has been watching too many videos by his homeboys @mattydeathbro and @frankcastronovo. #baby #food #spah-gett
baby - food - spah -
alirezarasoolinasab : @sarah__fk
sarah__fk : @alirezarasoolinasab jurab :)))
xanderemanuel : Well doneπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
darwinwooooo - winn_crw - krisnmack - happyminibaking -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
I know it isn't Throwback Thursday, but I was looking through old pics and saw this one from over two years ago. We were forging a million layer billet, over at HHH Knives. That was an awesome weekend. #handmade #damascus #carbonsteel
damascus - handmade - carbonsteel -
maumasifirearts : What a stud! @sharpandshinyshop
adamperrylang : @sharpandshinyshop nice pic
bobbysmale - efecaliskan - jasminkliko - danmeyersurfboards -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
That 15 minute nap felt AMAAAAZZZZING! #kidsdeezdays @silvadina
kidsdeezdays -
rodrigueknives : @sharpandshinyshop you gonna have your hands full buddy! πŸ˜‰
colleenpierre : He sure tired Harrison out with his dance party this morning!
lindsaysater : I remember 15 min naps! πŸ˜‚
9leegram - silvadina - jewgu - he_wears_boots -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
When I get pictures like this texted to me from my wife @silvadina, I realize two things: This little guy is going to keep us on our toes and be dangerous around the goal. And, he is my favourite thing in the universe. #kids #famjam #wifeyisaclosenumbertwo.... ;)
famjam - kids - wifeyisaclosenumbertwo -
xanderemanuel : Lucky manπŸ‘
silvadina : You'd be so proud of him today. He was such a smily flirt at swimming and with the customers in line, at Costco! #ladiesman #thatsmilethough #daddysrubbingoffonhim
peteskustomkoa : Haha! Love it! My youngest boy is six, and he's the same way: total flirt!
sharpandshinyshop : @silvadina That's my boy!
ambeard76 : @sharpandshinyshop love those eyes! Great kid!
rodrigueknives : Cute little guy Tom!
9leegram - mamaharner - markxs1ha - canadian5star -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Je m'appelle casserole de "poulet Buffalo". #firehallfood #frenchwordsmakeitclassy #butseriouslymywifespeaksfrenchlikeaboss
frenchwordsmakeitclassy - firehallfood - butseriouslymywifespeaksfrenchlikeaboss -
mkrhovsky : @hbohlmann
hindskivelvet : @thewickedspy
flosssue : Recipe please!! @sharpandshinyshop
_kanundrum : I need this in my oven. Please post the recipe dude!
deborahelson : @sharpandshinyshop recipe please ~ this looks mouthwateringly delixious!
3_mo3taz : @maged_ashmawy w de 3obara 3n eh 3ashan shaklaha 7elw πŸ˜‚
maged_ashmawy : @3_mo3taz da kalam kbeer
canadian5star : Sick invite
nc_hi_88 - _anoukv - subwaymomma11 - ailennka -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Dat old number 8. #food #castiron #firehallfood
food - firehallfood - castiron -
razorock : That's how it's done : The only way to cook.
cheeseburgess_and_fries - markxs1ha - thememphisjoe - canadian5star -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
A little bit of "market research" needs to be done, and I'm hitting my amazing following on IG to start it up. We've been approached by a few different sources, regarding the Harner-McLean line of high-end, badass kitchen knives. I need to know if you guys would be truly (and we mean legitimately) interested in seeing these in a store near you. On top of that - and more importantly - would you buy them if they were produced by a very reputable manufacturer, to my specs and strict quality control measures? I am trying to find out whether or not we can make this dream a reality by coming back with solid numbers for the interested parties/retailers. If you think this is a good idea, let me know. If you would buy one, let me know. If you think this could take kitchen cutlery in stores, to the next level - let me know, and share this post! Also, a huge thank you to my 8,500+ followers. You guys have taken a passion of mine and turned it into something unreal. Thank you! #harnermclean #mcleancustoms #chefknives #changethegame
chefknives - mcleancustoms - harnermclean - changethegame -
fricker777 : Absolutely would love to be able to get one!
sharpandshinyshop : @angerknives This is exactly what I'm after. You sometimes have to go outside to look inside.
mikemclassic : Look at Frye boots, still handmade and people are still willing to pay $500+ a pair for that quality. Not everyone can own a pair but people save up to buy them. Find a a bigger space, hire a few people, keep hand making your knives. Don't license your name to a manufacturer. Some times the best things in life are unattainable. I will never be able to afford a Lamborghini and if they made a cheap 50,000$ version I would never buy it because that's not the one I dreamed of growing up.
canadian5star : I'm no professional but I would have them in my kitchen.!!
lifetouring : Yes please!!!
fattcoffee : Love your work bro...woukd love to purchase some of your work... and hit the follow button... fellow FF for the last 16yrs.... πŸ‘ Cheers mate
tessa_light : @tpwoodsy
ddweybright : @sharpandshinyshop are you able to make custom blade covers for a shun knife? I cannot find a nice one anywhere. These are gorgeous!!!
nerdyandgirly1004 - kiinky_kitty - angelsoso44 - mogleneann -
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