Tom McLean

Daddy, Husband, dog-lover, craftsman, knife slinger, bad-ass firefighter.
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Thank you to every single one of my 10,000+ followers! Because giveaways are badass, and you all deserve a chance at some cool stuff, I've decided to do a 10k Giveaway! All I want from you guys is to post a picture of the knife that you feel needs/deserves an upgrade, and tag it #mcleancustoms10kgiveaway, along with tagging me, with @sharpandshinyshop. Once you guys do this, and give me some backstory on your knife, I will decide based on feel. Absolutely no science, or luck here. Sell me on why you think your prized, but battered knife is in need of new shoes and a leisure suit, and I'll pick the winner. Once the winner is chosen, we can talk materials, but I'm pretty sold on a classic combo of blackwood and stabilized birch, along with my go to Brazilian Walnut saya. This is roughly a $250-300 value. #mcleancustoms #mcleancustoms10kgiveaway Good luck, get those posts in, and most importantly, thank you again for the love and support. It's because of you that I will soon have really awesome news coming down the pike. #yeahboi
mcleancustoms - yeahboi - mcleancustoms10kgiveaway -
crisanderson27 : Haha! I've got your hidden tang knife brother! πŸ˜‚. More seriously though...congrats on 10k!...and here's to the next 10k!
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
My kid loves the new gargoyles we put up. #homedecorating #design
homedecorating - design -
ihearttheearth : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jewellednails : Hooray for Lambchop :)
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
I always say I'm going to get myself a real grinder, and one day I will. But this little beast has been the best $99 a guy could ever spend. Crazy what I've made on here. #mcleancustoms #smalltime #mastercraft
mastercraft - mcleancustoms - smalltime -
grindhousehfx : That platen rig up is winner! I've been over thinking it and putting it off making one for my little Delta 1x30 #keepitsimplestoopid
13luckey : The platen is OEM i think. I've got the same 1x30. Great little belt sander.
apicius9 : So glad to see the dirt and dust, others seem to have clinically clean shops... Mine is a complete mess.
sharpandshinyshop : @apicius9 I think we're more alike than we like to admit, Stefan. :)
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Can't argue with this combo. #mcleancustoms #westlondon
mcleancustoms - westlondon -
pawneed5 : 😍
joaogferraz : 😍😍😍
themayor1969 : Want a knife. Tried emailing. No response? Suggestions?
sharpandshinyshop : @shaunsearley I'll be doing yours like this, my man. Hopefully you like the choice.
shaunsearley : @sharpandshinyshop looks great!! What's the ETA do you reckon?
angelaharrismusic : Just read the article on your work and story in Macleans mag! Love it! I'll be placing an order soon. Way to go Tom.
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
McLean Customs Premium Saya for the legendary Masamoto KS, is really coming together. #mcleancustoms #handmade #chefknife #saya #westlondon
mcleancustoms - handmade - saya - chefknife - westlondon -
heartwoodforge : Well that's clean looking. Get it Tom!
honeyandheid : ❀
joaogferraz : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Real-time fix. Back in biz. #harnermclean #mcleancustoms #fix #chefknife #handmade
mcleancustoms - fix - handmade - harnermclean - chefknife -
buceoman : That was quick.
chef_brandon_ruble : Damn that was fast
gr8_ham : @scottsharpening
charles_dean : Beautiful
__can_you_feel_my_heart__ : @baeyleigh I should get this for u
baeyleigh : @__can_you_feel_my_heart__ yes so I could enter people's souls, and make them feel the inner fire of satan
sparker_ep : @kylejmonk
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Got a nasty little fix to do. Poor parer.... #handmade #harnermclean #refurb
harnermclean - refurb - handmade -
angerknives : What happened? Dishwasher and can opening?? Is that stainless??
sharpandshinyshop : @angerknives Almost exactly...what makes this one hurt is that this is the knife that started it all, for Butch and I. We've done 54 of these, and a bunch of line knives and mini gyutos, since. This one, however is, literally, the first.
dffinger : Woof
rebeccajasminkelley : It happens. Friends bought top of the line set recently. Snapped the end off one day 1. Just happens.
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
80 grit scratches suck to get out, but that signature shape is looking tight. #mcleancustoms #handmade #woodwork #saya #westlondon
woodwork - mcleancustoms - handmade - saya - westlondon -
pterodandan : @sharpandshinyshop west london?! I thought you were American! Or Canadian~
blakeproudfoot : @pterodandan it's London,Ontario.
pterodandan : @blakeproudfoot ah I see. Thanks! ☺️
crisanderson27 : Elegant as all hell man. Love the contrast of rough, unfinished wood and clean, skillfully refined profile! Sometimes it sucks to have to finish them, lol.
sharpandshinyshop : @crisanderson27 Thanks, Cris. Since you're a knife making cyborg, I'll take the compliments where I can get them. I'm with you, though. It would almost be a cool piece to leave one all rough finished but with perfect fit and lines everywhere else.
crisanderson27 : The korouchi saya!
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sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
I love getting mail. Especially when it's a handmade coffee scoop from my friends @boothillblades. Nice work, guys. I'll be sure to get the shirt all covered in sawdust and sweat soon enough. I guess I should go make some coffee.... #boothillblades #handmade
boothillblades - handmade -
boothillblades : πŸ‘πŸ» that's my boy!
dewbie : That is a nice scoop.
elliottpapineau - peteskustomkoa - ksc4130 - cmvalias -
sharpandshinyshop - Tom McLean
Done on the grinder, and onto hand sanding. I don't think I'll ever get sick of Brazilian Walnut. #mcleancustoms #handmade #chefknife #saya #westlondon
mcleancustoms - handmade - saya - chefknife - westlondon -
michaelwaterhouse : Lovely.
sharpandshinyshop : @michaelwaterhouse Thanks, bro. Means a lot coming from you. Actually, I need to send you an email about something....
michaelwaterhouse : Intriguing..
bourbon_n_birds : It does have great color!
jtbelrose : **sigh** πŸ”ͺ
_monstu_ : I love tropical a but sources are sketch and we have plenty of beautiful wood in North America. Lovely Saya.
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