San Francisco Film Society

A vibrant community of filmgoers & filmmakers in Bay Area & beyond. Presenter of the longest running film festival in Americas, #SFIFF, Apr 23-May 7!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
The Film Society is proud to support female filmmakers making outstanding contributions to contemporary cinema. This year's lineup features a wide variety of new stories brought to us by leading #WomenInFilm from around the globe. Two dozen feature-length films in the #SFIFF 58 program were made by women. Pictured: documentarian Kim Longionotto, who will be honored at this year's Festival with our Persistence of Vision Award before screening her newest film #Dreamcatcher. To see the full list of films by women at SFIFF, visit festival.sffs.org.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Not just for kids, but also the young at heart, our Shorts 5: Family Films program truly has something for everyone. One of the most popular film series at #SFIFF, this year’s lineup includes the newest short from Pixar, Lava, as well as a wide spread of animated films. Music also finds it’s way into many of this year’s selections, including the world premiere of Aria for a Cow, featuring a never-before heard song from award-winning collaborators Howard Ashman & Alan Menken. After films screen, we host Q&As and meet-and-greets, where you’ll have the chance to chat with filmmakers. This year’s guest list is overflowing, with 6 of the 11 films represented. Pictured: Lila, a short by Carlos Lascano.
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alexdgs7 : @sophiakalin
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
#SFIFF section spotlight: Global Visions. An in-depth exploration of the current moment in filmmaking from every corner of the planet, this Festival category takes audiences on a cinematic journey that starts right here at home and goes anywhere that films are made. Often yielding unexpected delights, this section provides an opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in a variety of cultures and travel the world from the comfort of a theater seat. Still frame: The Look of Silence, Joshua Oppenheimer's stunning follow-up to The Act of Killing.
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myroadmovie : It's an excellent doc!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Our #WCW: the incomparable #IsabellaRossellini. Catch her and director #JodyShapiro at the April 26 & 27 screenings of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno Live!, a doc that features segments from her intelligent (and hilarious) sex & nature series #GreenPorno and includes behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the show. Thrilled that #SFIFF will host the world premiere of this film.
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vegetababble : @morbydfacination u wanna go?!?!
morbydfacination : @vegetababble yes!
cmsheahan : My fave! Gonna be so good.
nylsoj : @terikem your #sfiff #datenight xo
sarahmeaton : 🐌💕🐛
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Feeling ready to take on Monday? The week's climb has only just begun! Thankfully, none of the challenges ahead daunt nearly as much as those faced in #Meru, the #Sundance Audience Award winning doc that traces the journey of three world-class mountaineers as they attempt to become the first humans to ascend the 21,000 foot Himalayan peak from which the film takes its name. A hybrid of gorgeous nature photography, riveting nonfictional storytelling and unexpected narrative twists, you won't want to miss this jaw-dropping documentary at #SFIFF.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Next up in our section spotlight: Masters, a new Festival designation that showcases films by established directors & writers from all over the world. Featuring new work from cinema's leading voices — and a few hand-picked gems from the archives — in this #SFIFF section you'll find recognizable names from Festivals past and the latest output of the artists who have defined this generation of filmmaking. Still frame: #AlbertMaysles' final film, #Iris, a doc that follows unlikely fashion icon #IrisApfel.
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nylsoj : @zweigomatic iris be poppin that blang
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Hosting out of towners this weekend? Likely none as out there as these guys, members of the Unarius Brotherhood, who in the 70s & 80s were on a mission to spread their “interdimensional science of life” and the principles of reincarnation via some of the most wildly inventive public access TV programming ever. With otherworldly costumes and makeup, guerrilla location-filming techniques, elaborate sets and no-budget special effects, this ambitious collective produced some of the most mind-shattering, oddly uplifting gems of American outsider cinema. Curious about these guys? Catch them, some of their films and Unarius researcher/#Cinefamily LA programmer Jodi Wille at #SFIFF's Welcome, Space Brothers at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas on May 2.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Excited to announce the recipient of #SFIFF's Kanbar Award: #PaulSchrader, whose writing credits include #TaxiDriver, #RagingBull (pictured), The Last Temptation of Christ and more, will be honored with this prestigious Festival prize, which aims to elevate the crucial role that storytelling plays in the creation of great film and television. On April 28, Schrader will host an evening at Sundance Kabuki Cinemas, discussing his career and presenting one of his most acclaimed films, #Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters. Tickets on sale now at festival.sffs.org.
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roridarling : @rayrayfuntime Saw this and thought of you
rayrayfuntime : It's a very good movie @roridarling . Somehow I think that Grudge Match came to your head when you thought of me.
roridarling : @rayrayfuntime hahaha that's exactly what happened
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Badass: We are stoked that #AsianArtMuseum members will have unprecedented access to this year's Festival! AAM is partnering up with us to copresent a specially curated series of contemporary Chinese narrative films at #SFIFF: Peter Ho-sun Chan’s Dearest, Wang Xiaoshuai’s Red Amnesia and #TsuiHark’s The Taking of Tiger Mountain (pictured) all examine China’s history and current condition in stunningly unique ways. #AAMmembers, check your inboxes for a promo code for discounted admission to all programs at the Fest. #SFFSmembers: don't forget that you get discounted access to all AAM exhibitions now through May 10!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Each year, the Festival features exceptional new work by and about the #BayArea, providing a window into the region's film culture and practice at its best. This #SFIFF, 13 shorts and 12 feature-length films from local talent or about the area will screen across Festival sections. We're so excited to present this stellar new work. Browse the full list of films at bit.ly/SFIFF58cbtb. Pictured: #TRex, a movie by Oakland-based filmmakers Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari that follows 17 year-old Olympic boxer #ClaressaShields. #SFFSsupports #CinemaByTheBay
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relsultan : So excited to see it at #sfiff!
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