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Championing the finest filmmakers & films. Presenter of the longest running film festival in the Americas, #SFIFF. Taking submissions through Dec 7.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Pleased to announce that we are hiring an exciting Programming position! Looking for individuals who excel in cross-media event creation and community collaboration. Deadline to apply is December 18. Learn more at sffs.org/careers.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan at our 2013 Fall Celebration. Very excited that this pair, who collaborated on the stunning and powerful SFFS-supported #FruitvaleStation, is back in action with #Creed. The film looks totally awesome, playing off the classic #Rocky storyline to address much more complex issues of race and class in contemporary America. Truly way beyond a sequel. See it! Photo by Drew Altizer.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Excited for another chance to see #TheWonders starting FRIDAY at the Smith Rafael Film Center! This gorgeous film, a favorite from #SFIFF 58 & winner of the Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, is a richly textured drama that centers on a family of beekeepers in the isolated Tuscan countryside whose lives are disrupted by the arrival of a troubled teenage boy and a gaudy reality-television show intent on showcasing their traditional lifestyle. Tickets & more at rafaelfilm.cafilm.org.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Seeking Sunday relaxation? Head over to the Vogue for the FINAL DAY of #FrenchCinemaNow! The last day of our last Fall Season program kicks off at 1:30 with the ever-gorgeous #IsabelleHuppert opposite Gérard Depardieu in #ValleyOfLove.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Saturday morning cartooning: A lovely sketch from director Louis Clichy, who is in town to share his charming animated film #Asterix at 1:00. This & much more #FrenchCinemaNow at the Vogue today! Details at sffs.org.
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mcmarian : 😍😍😍
domcicle : @joelleksantos why aren't we going to this
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
#FrenchCinemaNow continues TONIGHT! #MyFriendVictoria, an acute exploration of race, class & identity in contemporary Paris, and #Disorder (pictured), a character-study genre-thriller hybrid film featuring stunning performances from #DianeKruger & #MattiasSchoenaerts, play at 7:00 & 9:00 at the Vogue. Tickets & more at sffs.org.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
‪#‎FrenchCinemaNow‬, a showcase of the very best new French-language work, kicks off TONIGHT at the Vogue. We're honored to present this program, which highlights the rich artistry and immense talent of one of the leading artistic cultures on this planet. Tickets and more at sffs.org. Still: Opening Night film #MyGoldenDays, which rolls at 7:30 tonight.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
We are thrilled to announce the stellar projects that have won the latest round of San Francisco Film Society / Kenneth Rainin Foundation Filmmaking Grants! These seven filmmaking teams will receive a combined total of $270,000. Learn more about the winners at blog.sffs.org. Also! We're currently taking applications for the spring iteration of this prize, which is awarded to socially-minded narrative features that elevate Bay Area film culture. Early deadline November 30; late deadline December 7. #SFFSsupports
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dagmarwm : @silash
alexdgs7 : @sophiakalin hmmmm
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
#WorldOfTomorrow, a favorite from last year's animation program at the Festival, has been shortlisted by The Academy! Short-form filmmakers: Get your start with #SFIFF & submit to the 59th. Final deadline coming up on December 7.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Presented in partnership with the San Francisco Film Commission, #EssentialSF is our ongoing compendium of the Bay Area film community's most vital figures and institutions. We are so excited to announce this year's inductees—filmmaker and curator Craig Baldwin (pictured), longtime film distributor California Newsreel, Mill Valley Film Festival Director of Programming Zoë Elton, journalist Michael Fox and filmmakers Jenni Olson and Jennifer Phang—all of whom have made invaluable contributions to the local film landscape. Head over to sffs.org to learn more about these outstanding individuals and organizations.
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jenniolsonsf : Very proud to be included!
jennifertphang : Thank you so much, what an honor !
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