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A vibrant community of filmgoers & filmmakers in Bay Area & beyond. Presenter of the longest running film festival in Americas, #SFIFF, Apr 23-May 7!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
We are stoked to present NightLife @calacademy on April 2! Evening highlights include a special screening of Oscar nom'd short #TheDamKeeper with a live drawing demo from one of the film's directors; a Q&A with the minds behind Google Advanced Technology Projects and Spotlight Stories; and an exclusive clips presentation from #Advantageous, a sci-fi #Sundance prize-winner from Bay Area filmmaker Jennifer Phang, who will stick around to talk special effects. & If you feel the need to shake loose, get down at our Silent Disco, featuring synthy and riffy jams from some of your favorite 70s & 80s soundtracks. See bit.ly/SFIFFlife for tickets! Photo by Lizzy Brooks at SFIFF57 NightLife.
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sneaklab : Where do I buy?
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
We are excited to announce the Opening, Centerpiece and Closing films at the 58th San Francisco International Film Festival! This year, #AlexGibney's intelligent and insightful doc #SteveJobs: The Man in the Machine will kick off the program; #TheEndOfTheTour, a biographical drama following literary giant #DavidFosterWallace, will play as #SFIFF's Centerpiece film; and #Experimenter, in which #PeterSarsgaard gives a stellar performance as controversial social scientist Stanley Milgram, will close out the Fest. Tickets to all three films are on sale to #SFFSmembers now, public onsale begins noon Friday (3/27). Full info at sffs.org.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
#TBT: About 20 years ago, soon-to-be sci-fi & fantasy legend #GuillermoDelToro attended the San Francisco International Festival with his very first feature film, #Cronos, a vampire horror which begins in 16th century Mexico and jumps to the present day. He has done much work since SFIFF37, becoming a major player in both commercial and indie camps, with films ranging from the magical #PansLabyrinth to the spectacular #PacificRim. We are so pleased to announce that del Toro will be the recipient of this year's Irving M. Levin Directing Award. Catch him April 25 at the #CastroTheatre to hear him discuss his career, see clips from both old and new work and watch his film #TheDevilsBackbone. Tickets on sale to #SFFSmembers now, public onsale begins noon March 21. Full info at sffs.org. #SFIFF
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screensong : Bravo!!! πŸ˜ƒ I can't wait to be there! ⭐️
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fatalbot : @bayrootee daaaaamn talk about #TBT. Lol
fatalbot : @bayrootee SO DOPE!!!!!!
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hannahkleeee : !!! TY @bittermelon125 <3
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
#Regram from @ross_bros. Stoked that these guys won the Louis Black “Lone Star” Award at #SXSW for their film #Western. Congrats to the filmmakers and crew behind this stunning production. Proud that this doc is one that #SFFSsupports!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Don't call him Ricky — at least, not if you expect him to answer. The recipient of this year's Peter J. Owens Award is none other than screen legend #RichardGere! We are so excited to honor this prolific actor with one of the Festival's most prestigious prizes. Gere will host an evening at the #CastroTheatre, where he will discuss his career and screen his new film #TimeOutOfMind, a stunning, observational portrait of a man who must cope with homelessness in contemporary New York. Tickets on sale to #SFFSmembers now. Public onsale begins noon March 19. Visit sffs.org to purchase or for full details.
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alexdgs7 : @sophiakalin you should try to go!!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Each year at the Festival, we honor an actor whose career exemplifies independence & integrity with #SFIFF's Peter J. Owens Award. Recipients of this esteemed prize include screen legends #DustinHoffman, #HarrisonFord and #WinonaRyder (pictured). When Ryder was recognized back in 2000, we screened #TheAgeOfInnocence, a film for which she earned an Academy Award nomination under Martin Scorsese's direction. We will announce this year's awardee early next week. Until then, enjoy this #TBT! Photo by #PamelaGentile.
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crimeyrivers : Love Her. Wanna Date Her
sfsufilmfinals : Love her
noz4a2 : @sf_filmsociety She was nominated, but she didn't win the Oscar.
sf_filmsociety : @noz4a2 Thank you! Corrected.
noz4a2 : @sf_filmsociety no problem. We filmmakers have to stick together!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸŽ¬πŸŽ₯
alexdgs7 : @sophiakalin
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Don't walk, RUN: earlybird #SFIFF ticket packages are now on sale, and we just announced this year's slate of feature-length competition films! Golden Gate Award nominees this Fest hail from almost 20 countries across the globe and are in contention for nearly $40k in prizes. Get to know these remarkable films before we release the rest of the Fest and snag discounted tickets at sffs.org. Pictured: Run, a narrative film from the Ivory Coast & France up for the New Directors Prize at SFIFF58.
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alexdgs7 : @sophiakalin
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Missed it last #SFIFF? We've collected as many streaming links as we could dig up for films from last year's Festival. Start a SFIFF57 movie marathon while you wait for us to release the full SFIFF58 lineup on March 31. You've got 21 days and more than 40 films to choose from (including the gorgeously filmed #Tracks, starring #MiaWasikowska, pictured). Make your way to blog.sffs.org/watch – a simpler trek than one across the Australian Outback.
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
Thrilled to announce that #MirandaJuly will be bringing #NewSociety, her latest performance piece, to #SFIFF audiences April 28 & 29. Hilarious and moving, this experiment in theatrical collaboration chronicles the ways societies emerge, transform, decay and persist over time. Like July's other projects, New Society blurs boundaries between fiction and reality, and audience and performer. So excited to present this event in collaboration with #SFMOMA; tickets on sale NOW to our members & theirs at sffs.org. Photo by #PamelaGentile. #SFFSmembers #SFMOMAmembers
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reeltruth : Provocative!
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sf_filmsociety - San Francisco Film Society
These gams graced the #SFIFF stage some four springs ago, and they'll be strolling their way back into this year's Festival lineup. We will make our first program announcement TOMORROW! Find out who owns these lovely blue tights and be at the ready to purchase tickets to this awesome Live & Onstage event. #SFFSmembers: you get first crack at snagging a seat. Not yet a member? Consider joining the Film Society. Trust us, no one belongs here more than you. Photo by #PamelaGentile.
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demurecure : Miranda July! <3
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