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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Apparently I was feeling bemused during this photo shoot? Who knows. I pull the oddest faces. But three great pieces from three of the six fabulous women's patterns included in the current @patternparcel on the blog now. #hudsonpants #juliacardigan #brontetop. Get the #perfectpatternparcel through October 31st
perfectpatternparcel - juliacardigan - hudsonpants - brontetop -
patternparcel : So damn cute. I love it. Crazy faces are always better.
skirtastop : WERK!!!
jenniesewcrafty : You are adorable!
naehconnection : Too annoying that just some weeks ago i bought the julia and hudson patterns. Plus the bronte is on my wishlist. Had i only known that would all be in this parcel...
sassytsews : Love these. Just awaiting payday, and it's hellooo pattern parcel.
rsg03 : Cute faces!
saskiabliss : Love the striped shirt
sewmuchado : Love it all! I want to make some Hudson pants so bad!
agub11 - laineedeeyee - bethadamy - rsg03 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
I have been informed she and dinosaur are having a sleepover #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
ljkdh : It took me forever to see the dinosaur!
4crawford : Adorable!
vickiegubler : I hope they sleep well. How cute are my grandkids??
rsg03 : Way cute pic ,
mhunters_ - j0sgirl - sheri_foster23 - rsg03 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Hiking at 10,000 feet. Barely got Jonas in there #kidsonthetrail #middleofnowhereroadtrip2014
middleofnowhereroadtrip2014 - kidsonthetrail -
rsg03 : Love that family.
knittermama7 : Love!!!
knittermama7 : It's nice to see my handsome baby brother
vickiegubler : ♡♡♡this family.
joce426 - mistycopper - magnaeyuki - thebainbridgebunch -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Cave kids hanging out with the 'mites and the 'tites #kidsonthetrail #middleofnowhereroadtrip2014
middleofnowhereroadtrip2014 - kidsonthetrail -
knittermama7 : Were they cool? I've never been.
fernlung6 : that is so fun. how did they like being splunkers?
vickiegubler : I never know where you people are!
mhunters_ - gingerkmartin - gingercakesews - emily7n -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
I- spy... #middleofnowhereroadtrip2014
middleofnowhereroadtrip2014 -
rsg03 : Looks like Wall-e!
sumossweetstuff - 4crawford - holtullis - feathersflights -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Just checked into the biggest motel in 100 miles: 6 tiny rooms that feel and look like a grandma's basement. And the kids think it's the coolest! #middleofnowhereroadtrip2014
middleofnowhereroadtrip2014 -
monica_adirondackinspired : Old school!
aestheticnest : I feel your pain. Our kids are loving our grandma hotel accommodations tonight too.
vickiegubler : It looks better than THIS grandma's basement.
knittaddiction - craftymamajen - saneyafairy - rsg03 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Dinner tonight was pretty and delicious. Seth said it was heaven food and Jonas declared the yams "aren't totally disgusting!" #dinnersuccess. So I'm documenting it!
dinnersuccess -
knittermama7 : Looks delish
vickiegubler : Oh my deliciousness!
rsg03 : Jonas, what a hoot!
shelahbooksit - greeneyesmcgee - saneyafairy - knittaddiction -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
I'm most productive when I'm procrastinating something else. Seven sets of skivvies on the blog. And now, I guess, I should go finish the last two Halloween costumes. Blah. #sewingforkids #ottobredesign
sewingforkids - ottobredesign - toddlerundiessweatshop -
fromedentograce : Looks amazing. I've been wanting to see that for a while. My daughter is finally in the size range. Yay.
joce426 : Holy moly you are the whiz!
aestheticnest : My favorite projects are like that too. Guilty pleasures.
ljkdh : Themes are the best but I know my time is limited. The oldest is done, although he has agreed at some point to participate in one more (Batman), because really who can resist the promise of a purple velvet jacket 😉, but he and hubs are out of town this year for H-ween :(.
eleganceandelephants : Impressive!
knittermama7 : T just scrolled through your blog saying "I need that! And that!" Then she went nuts over Ivys costume. So cool
sarahschulz07 : I need to make some more skivvies for my own little girl...
lily28923 : Ooh, they are so adorable!
threadsbyelizabeth - stephaniejewett - bigredhope - lily28923 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Cousins of the Corn #pumpkinpatch
pumpkinpatch -
ladykatza : Is that like a ball pit but corn?
sewastraightline : @ladykatza yes! Sensory delight!
lorchick : Corn hole?
lorchick : 😁
crapivemade : I'm super grossed out by this. Not sure why.
sewastraightline : @crapivemade does it help to imagine them playing in a giant vat of pudding ;) ?
sewastraightline : @lorchick hehe
vickiegubler : Josie and Ivy look so related in this photo @sewastraightline .
vickiegubler - girlinspired1 - lemonsqueezyhome - jelynnca -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Using @raegunramblings trick of zigzagging over floss to gather, for the first time. Absolute genius. So so much better than trying to work a basting stitch to gather. Genius. Have I said that?
robinsager : I have never seen this! Will have to try it.
saygrrsewing : The first time I ever tried to gather something (about 12 years ago) I used that trick and hated it so much that I didn't gather anything until 6 years later. Then I tried normal gathering, and it wasn't bad at all. Maybe I should try this again though. =)
raegunramblings : Yay! I'll never go back. @saygrrsewing it's only really with it for large gathering jobs and you have to be careful not to catch the floss
saygrrsewing : @raegunramblings My problem was that the gathers shifted too easily, but I think possibly I used too wide of a zigzag. Now that I know how to sew well I need to try it again. =)
raegunramblings : Hopefully that's it. I really do love this way especially for skirts @saygrrsewing
aliciafarrant : So true! First time I tried it I was like wow where has this been my whole life!!!
handcraftedrhiannon : @kathrynmc34 have you seen this?!
kathrynmc34 : Fab idea
kermit_misses_jim - spencergrl - nbyboy - adriannaappl -
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