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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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Tonight's dinner: a pizza, popcorn and Potter picnic. We finished Harry Potter Book Six last night, so we get to watch its movie for the first time tonight. #halfbloodprince
halfbloodprince -
stephaniejewett : Awesome! Did anyone cry at the end?
nanabecca : I cried buckets at the end.
melcollette : I stopped Brooklyn from reading through the end of book 4, she was having nightmares. I think we will have to stick with something a little more carefree for a while, I sometimes forget that although she reads crazy well, She is still only 7. I can't find anything challenging that isn't too mature though. #probs
sewastraightline : @stephaniejewett @nanabecca I didnt cry as much this time, as I did the first time I read it. Though I did cry. Not at all in the movie, though. The boys cried in both.
sewastraightline : @melcollette my sister is a children's librarian. Maybe she could recommend a challenging read that isn't scary or too mature? @stephaniejewett ?
rsg03 : How fun is that! Your kids are looking so big.
raegunramblings : Raising them right πŸ’•
boyohboyohboycrafts : Potter picnics are the best. I still haven't let them watch the last 3 because they get so dark.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
This is how my kids welcome each other home from school. I grew up with four sisters, no brothers. We did not fight for fun. Ivy is learning much different life skills than I ever did.
sewastraightline : Besides the kids
fishsticksdesigns : Haha! I so understand! I grew up in a house with just my mom and sister so this boy thing is crazy to me! My husband grew up with two brothers and insists that our boys are totally normal.
raychs : This was my childhood with 3 brothers and no sisters so I have taught my girls how to smack down like pro. #proudmomoftomboys
mellysews : I know it's a normal boy thing, but it Because someone always ends up crying.
radianthomestudio : Mine are the same. 4 boys and 2 girls. When the girls play family, it always ends with a pirate invasion or something like that.
tearosehome : So cute!
girllikethesea : I used to come home to nobody. So this is better. Lol.
handmademartini : It happens here, too, and is simultaneously terrifying and delightful.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
A fancy dress for Ivy on the blog today, and a chance to win one of The Freckled Pear's sweet little girl patterns. Link through profile. Fabric from @joann_stores #sewingforkids #thefreckledpearpatterns
sewingforkids - thefreckledpearpatterns -
rsg03 : Such a beautiful little model.
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A new #unionsttee by #HeyJunePatterns, using fabric I was saving for the boys. Too bad for them. And I need to mop my floor. Too bad for me.
heyjunepatterns - unionsttee -
raegunramblings : I love that pattern so much. Since I made one last week I keep thinking of stealing the Viking fabric I bought for Teddy
stellar2005 : So cute!
gbayne : LOL! @sewastraightline and @crapivemade
gbayne : And the shirt is super cute!
vickiegubler : You have the right attitude.
adriannaappl : I love you.
vickiegubler : @sewastraightline I am still laughing about your 'small, but hard working' rack!!
sarahhillam : Look at that trim body! I mean that cute shirt! ;)
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Seth's illustrated argument against his monthly fluoride rinse. The conclusion: fluoride leads to a life of crime and premature death. #deathbyhygiene
deathbyhygiene -
knittermama7 : Right on Sethie! Auntie Robin supports your arguments. :)
kid_md : Hahahah!! Very creative!
4crawford : Ha! My 10 yr old agrees with Seth...πŸ˜‚
stephaniejewett : I used to really like those little pink fluoride pills we had to take.
vickiegubler : Seth is a clever lad!
stellar2005 : It's true.
scarybobbins : And calcifies your pineal gland 😞 We don't even drink the tap water.
rsg03 : Love that kid!
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Sharing my love for @shaffersisters #BettySkirt pattern, with a cameo by a new #kensingtondress tee by #heyjunehandmade, on the blog. Discount code for 30% off the Betty Skirt, too!
kensingtondress - heyjunehandmade - bettyskirt -
shaffersisters : So cute! I think miss b might have to have one to match.
aestheticnest : Adorable
skirtfixation : A denim #bettyskirt. How perfect!
adriannaappl : Oh ha, I didn't even realize! I just thought, hey cute outfit! PS: Ivy is a pixie.
rsg03 : Oh, my gosh! She's such a Cutie patootie!
4crawford : Can you make me one?! Cute model!!
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Buffalo check and a bunch of cheese on the blog today for @boyohboyohboycrafts series: #MatchWithMe
matchwithme -
stellar2005 : Love it πŸ˜‰
sewlikemymom : These are all so cute! I'm going to have to make Ollie something that matches me. :)
raegunramblings : 😍
sarahschulz07 : Loved it! So fun.
2littlehooligans : Loved your looks! Your so talented!
bailjane : Love it so great! ❀️
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She told me she couldn't eat her dinner tonight because her "eaters are broken".
vickiegubler : Those darn eaters!
holtullis : Ha cute!
raychs : My girls eaters break all the time too πŸ˜”
cjcalhoun : Mine once told me she couldn't eat because her fork was too pointy.
welcometothemousehouse : So cute!!!!
laineedeeyee : Huh. Wonder if that's what his cousins problem is?
rsg03 : My eaters work overtime.
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#widn is trying to figure out the details for the photo shoot I have got to get done asap, @seekatesew . Can't decide between the red flats or the grey booties. I love the red, but also love not looking as short as I really am. I know, #firstworldproblems I'm tagging friends I'm working with on posts this week: @boyohboyohboycrafts @sewmuchado and @shaffersisters
firstworldproblems - widn - : :P
valarie303 : I told you to make yourself red boots. Problem would have been solved. #icobble
sewastraightline : @valarie303 I really should listen to you more often :p
seekatesew : Booties always!
boyohboyohboycrafts : Ack! I love those booties! Now u have to go back and look at your post to see what you decided.
sewastraightline : @boyohboyohboycrafts @seekatesew I was too tall compared to my son in the booties.
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Petit Ivy in her Pretty In Peplum dress, posing in front of a port-a-potty. Because I'm classy like that. #alliterationgram On the blog. #prettyinpeplum pattern by @sewmuchado Horse Play fabric from @girlcharlee
prettyinpeplum - alliterationgram -
lemonsqueezyhome : So cute!!!
deliacreates : Love it!!! And the port a potty alliteration πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
danielleleelee : port a potty pret a porter!
raegunramblings : Brilliant use of what's available! 🚽
nanabecca : πŸ˜‰
sewmuchado : It's all perfect - the peplum, the ivy, and of course the potty!
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