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Sabra Gubler

I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
All 11 pair of cousin Christmas PJs finished and on the blog (link through profile). Thanks so much to @peekaboopatternshop for the #LilLongJohns pattern! #pajamarama2014
pajamarama2014 - lillongjohns -
karabudge : That is just downright impressive! So festive!
momjewett : You didn't show the back:)
lilbitbeth : Holy moly! You've been busy!
linzeebrie : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (11 hearts for 11 winning jammies)
linzeebrie : Also, that playhouse 👊
saragaisford : I wish I could sew like you! You are so talented! Maybe someday you can teach me! 😊
raychs : Holy cow that is pure awesomeness!
littlekidsgrowco : @highcottoncraft is right. It DOES look like Whoville, LOL. You are amazing!!!
mrsrayray - blackeyedsue2 - bigredhope - nbyboy -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
The picture you should see if you look for "doted upon" in the dictionary
adriannaappl : Yes, daily in my house too. At the airport yesterday Zoe excused June's crazy behavior to the people around us saying, but she's so cute! I wonder just how spoiled she'll be. This picture is seriously adorable though.
raegunramblings : Oh this is the sweetest ever!!!
deliacreates : Awww!
joce426 : Soo sweet!
lemonsqueezyhome : Oh so cute!
boyohboyohboycrafts : Ahahaha! I'd buy that dictionary!
sordidsox : That's a lucky girl.
vickiegubler : She seems to enjoy the doting.
wildflowersandwhimsy - megjorgy - sarahschulz07 - valarie303 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Just finished Ivy's birthday dress and I'm not sure how I feel about it. This is one of my favorite prints, but *this* much of this print is a bit much. You know? Also, I'm pretty sure it's going to be huge on her. But the striped leggings I love. So, make a new dress by Friday to go with the leggings or no?
sewdelighted55 : Turquoise leggings will pull the outfit together
lily28923 : Well love that print too. And i think the dress is cute (is it an ottobredesign pattern - looks oddly familiar) but i second the night gown look if it is too big. And obviuosly another knit dress wouldn't be to hard to whip up in a day (unless you have alot of other things going on too). I'd probably would go with a little skinnier siluette for the bodice (like a skater dress) so she wouldn't be drowned by fabric...
lapetitamarieta : I love both but i think de dress would go with another leggins to brighter It. Something blue like the clouds or a plain brighter color
grimmelfux : What is the print calling? ( sorry my english is terrible but i have to know it because I love it so much)
sewastraightline : @grimmelfux your English is great :) It's Bunny Good Night from @lillestoff
saskiabliss : Can't wait to see it on her. I like funky clothes so I say let her wear it.
rsg03 : Ditto on the plain leggings . I think the dress is adorable. And Ivy could wear a paper bag and look stinking cute!!!
lemonsqueezyhome : Love it!! Those leggings are awesome.
j0sgirl - riannajenkins131 - karabudge - saneyafairy -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
The eight-year old decided to take it up in himself to remedy our No-Mistletoe Situation. But he's really a total tease and runs away when you try to claim your yuletide lovin' #ilikesethyesido
ilikesethyesido -
vickiegubler : That boy! He's a keeper for sure.
knittermama7 : So funny!
kikieno : 😂👌✨
boyohboyohboycrafts : Ah ahahaha!
littleajax - gbayne - holtullis - megjorgy -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Big vs. Little. 15-year old vs. Newborn. Crazy. #pajamarama2014 #almostdone
pajamarama2014 - almostdone -
thebainbridgebunch : That's gonna be a lot of buttons! You are a machine! 👊
skirtfixation : We have this disparity at our house too!
saskiabliss : Awwww
peekaboopatternshop : Love the inseam difference! Newborn froggy legs 😃🐸
adriannaappl : Just out of curiosity, do you think a 15yr old size would fit a 33 yr old? No reason.
knittermama7 : These are going to be so cute!
knittermama7 : They ARE cute. I'm just thinking of all of the kids together
vickiegubler : Can't wait to see them being modeled.
anthony_messi_ramos - bigredhope - jelynnca - britawolf -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Jonas requested a size comparison. hee #mutantdinner
mutantdinner -
valarie303 : Your family is my favorite.
lorchick : 🐍
4crawford : 😂
saskiabliss : Lol.
vickiegubler : Cutest buns ever! :)
stellar2005 : This made my night
sewastraightline : @stellar2005 seriously lame night. Sorry ;)
rsg03 : What in the world??!
shaffersisters - rsg03 - pinkcherryblossoms - thebainbridgebunch -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Making pulled-pork sandwiches for dinner, and I may have made the buns just a bit big... #mutantdinner #excusemeiorderedthelarge
excusemeiorderedthelarge - mutantdinner -
sewastraightline : @herbunniesthree I notice stuff like that all the time :) I am pretty sure it's called Graceful
sewastraightline : My rogue thumb hit enter before I was ready. Graceful by Revlon @herbunniesthree
alissaeng : Your nails look spectacular!
shwinpics : I have that problem, my families favorite quote is "first bite all bun"
vickiegubler : You really can't make buns too big -especially if you are having pulled pork.
abonds1215 : Local Kansas City brewery has a quadruple ipa that is amazing.... It's only.available on.tap in their restaurant/brew house.... called the saminator by rock and Run brewery...liberty, mo
herbunniesthree : @sewastraightline thanks! ☺️
adriannaappl : No such thing!
stephaniejewett - knittaddiction - sandra_stitch - shaffersisters -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Wearing my passion today with me-made jeans, friend-made scarf, and this fabulous sewing-themed tee from @mmadalynne Studio 6 shop. Her shop has so many gorgeous prints on tees, canvas, even phone cases. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the sewing-lover in your life, check it out http://society6.com/madalynne
mmadalynne : I'm sure you are a stunner in this outfit!
joce426 : Cute! Bonus points-it looks comfy!
katiebug1301 - zakalia - clara_gubler63 - bethadamy -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Oh my goodness! I just received the prettiest package in the mail from my sister-in-law, complete with tiny handknit stocking. Thank you @knittermama7 !!! I haven't even opened it, and already I love it the most!
knittermama7 : Yay!!! I'm so grateful you're in my life lady! xxoo
karabudge : I can appreciate that cuteness!
sarahhillam : It's so cute and tiny!
saskiabliss : Hopefully the other sock is in the package :) dolly socks
ms_g_a_b_b_y - raychs - lauracalifragilistic - saygrrsewing -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Yay! It finally snowed! #everyoneneedsajonas #andanivytoo
andanivytoo - everyoneneedsajonas -
vickiegubler : They're taking full advantage!
avisiontoremember - jandjyee - 4crawford - vickiegubler -
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