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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Was feeling pretty proud of myself and all smug about my pattern/fabric fitting skills until I remembered I need two collar pieces cut on the fold. :/ Guess the undercollar gets to be a fun pop of color because there is not a square to spare! #isewfailed #recommendedyardageschmecommendedschmardage
isewfailed - recommendedyardageschmecommendedschmardage -
saygrrsewing : Not a fail... a design element. ;-)
lorchick : All the best design elements start with a headdesk.
sarahschulz07 : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
vickiegubler : You will make it look good @sewastraightline and we will all think you planned it from the beginning.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Got to cruise around in a friend's convertible today. In spite of her predrive enthusiasm, Ivy pretty much hated it "The wind! No more wind! No more wind!"
valarie303 : I agree, Ivy.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
What kind of weirdo kids don't like chicken pot pie anyway?! #dinnerindisguise #chickenislikefarmcandy
chickenislikefarmcandy - dinnerindisguise -
lorchick : @googiemomma ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think I can handle that. You'll die, but my hubby is actually butchering a bear right this minute. Not for pot pie, nor for us even ๐Ÿป but for eating.
aliciafarrant : Lol that's awesome!!!
googiemomma : @lorchick there needs to be a Canadian version of " 'murica". because that is sooo.._______? 'nadian?
lorchick : @googiemomma #eh
shwinpics : You are a genius!
stephaniejewett : I'll eat it.
vickiegubler : I would eat it!
sordidsox : That gave me a good chuckle.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
While playing with Play-Doh, Ivy pointed to a 3-shaped mold, and knew what it was. I had no idea she knew any of her numbers. So I had to test her a bit. She's pretty much a genius. #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
rsg03 : Well, of COURSE!
zakalia : Wow! Smart girl! How old is she?
vickiegubler : Naturally!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Playing along with#projectrunandplay and their 80s Cartoon theme. Kael in a Hank the Ranger from #dungeonsanddragons for 2014 look on the blog. Jacket, hoodie and pants patterns are all #ottobredesign #sewingforboys
ottobredesign - projectrunandplay - sewingforboys - dungeonsanddragons -
crapivemade : You're legit.
avaslookbook : Love this, that jacket's insane!
reneeharts : It's all perfect!
twelve2dana : So wish you had been chosen! Your boy looks are amazing!!! I started an ottobre subscription bc of you and my son loves when I sew for him. You're an inspiration!!
j0sgirl : Oh I love it!
suziramos72 : Great job! Love the hoodie tee!
imaginegnats : amazeballs!
rsg03 : That kid is just All About the Cool!!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
@lorchick @4crawford @vickiegubler hurry on over, they're going fast!
onedaywewillmakeithappen -
sewastraightline : Oh! Then we could do spudnuts, too! Dessert party long until you get here @lorchick ? #onedaywewillmakeithappen
kidgiddy : Drooooooooooooling
larissa_anotherday : Yum!!!!
emchhom : Oh heavens to Betsy, for these I would be the most reverentest person ever. Not even one wise crack during Sunday School... #outloud
aliciafarrant : Stop it!!! Need the recipe!!!! #pregnancycravings ๐Ÿ™ˆ
4crawford : Girl , I would be there in a minute. Looks so yummy, enjoy!
lorchick : I'm not sure exactly, but if you get a call from a 1-204 number sometime in the next two years, start preheating that oven.
momjewett : So, did it work?
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Cinnamon rolls: today's if-you-don't-whine-at-church bribe. My parenting skills are delicious.
seekatesew : Oh smart!
lorchick : I didn't whine at church. ๐Ÿ™‹
4crawford : I should get a piece because I was good in church. #nowhining
vickiegubler : I was very quiet and reverent @sewastraightline.
knittermama7 : Mom used to make us come home and practice being reverent.
sewastraightline : @knittermama7 haha! We did do that once: when Kael boked like a chicken during his part in the Primary program :p
rsg03 : That is so cute!
saskiabutterfly : @knittermama7 that explains it all Robin. Sorry But That Made Me giggle. Lol I really should do the same with mine. And sabra bribery is the only way to go right?
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Fabric for this year's Cousin Christmas PJs just came. 11 pair of bum-flap long johns coming right up. Right after I finish (and start) Halloween costumes. #tistheseason #pajamarama2014 #whatthewhatisonmyshirt
pajamarama2014 - whatthewhatisonmyshirt - tistheseason -
momjewett : Oh my goodness!!
indie_sew : Wow! You are wonder woman! ๐Ÿ‘
sewastraightline : @momjewett are you so excited? ! ;)
bailjane : Oh boy that's a lot of Jammies!!!
saskiabutterfly : Can't wait to see it all
advleague : pajamarama love it!
saygrrsewing : They are gonna be awesome! Also, I almost always have something on my shirt. Kids.
momjewett : When do we start? :)
truly_allie - vickiegubler - schneidernmeistern - rsg03 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Upon waking this morning, she informed me her right hand was named Calaloo and her left is Lisa. She has been playing and having conversation with them all day. #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
vickiegubler : Love it! Maybe Calaloo and Lisa should meet KistaPista and Lark some day.
tearosehome : I guess she inherited the creative gene from her mommy. :)
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
I'm ridiculously proud of this graphic I came up with to add to Kael's hoodie. 100 True-Child-of-80s points if you know what classic Saturday morning cartoon it plays homage to! #projectrunandplay
projectrunandplay -
kidgiddy : It was the wizard hat that was throwing me. I recall the d&d name but don't think I watched it as much as I did the smurfs. Lol.
suziramos72 : @sewastraightline I have the DVDs if you all want to borrow them. And have you seen Hank? Who wouldn't be crushing?!?
sewastraightline : Did you know Hank's voice was Willie Ames?! From Charles in Charge! @suziramos72
sewastraightline : @kidgiddy that was the thing with cartoons when we were kids. You had to choose what you watched and commit to a station. None of this DVR or Netflix to watch what you missed! ;)
suziramos72 : No way!! I thought he was cute too, but too dumb. I loved Charles in Charge, I sang the theme to Richi just the other night! @sewastraightline
knittaddiction : My favorite!
stephaniejewett : I guessed it right too, btw. Suz just got here first. Hank was a babe, even though I usually don't go for blondes.
caadddyyyy : ็œŸๅฅฝnice @kristine_xueni
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