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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
She discovered the joy of edible flowers on our last camping trip, and now she's eaten almost all my forget-me-nots. I blame you @knittermama7 πŸ˜ƒ #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
knittermama7 : Right on Ivy! Cutest flower eater ever. I love it xxoxo
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
This grip tape is entirely too "sticky"! And short. #skatergirl #andanivytoo
andanivytoo - skatergirl - kcwinthewild -
sewastraightline : #kcwinthewild
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Seth loves food-themed clothing, and has since he was about three years old. He also has a thing for the absurd. He told me he was going to cry from happiness when we found this tee. Kittens holding tacos while riding a laser-eyed shark through a sea of orange with pizzas flying around them. And a double rainbow. I'm saving all these crazy tees of his as he outgrows them. One day, I'll make him a rad tee shirt quilt out of them all. #ilikesethyesido #andanivytoo #realkidsrealclothes
andanivytoo - realkidsrealclothes - ilikesethyesido -
straightstitchdesigns : Haha @adriannaappl!!
laineedeeyee : I love that kid
sewastraightline : @adriannaappl he'd probably go for that. He wants to be a farmer when he grows up. Goats would come in handy
stellar2005 : That shirt is amazing in so many ways. Seth is right up my alley.
vickiegubler : He is awesome - Ivy thinks so, too.
suziramos72 : I think that might be my favorite of his tees yet! Love you Seth!
stephaniejewett : Every day he validates my crush on him.
karabudge : What a character!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Zucchistache? Mustchini? #ilikesethyesido #kcwinthewild
kcwinthewild - ilikesethyesido -
weaksaucenumber1 : How can i grow one?
sewastraightline : @weaksaucenumber1 fertilizer and puberty
vickiegubler : That mustache makes him look much older!
veraluna79 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
stephaniejewett : @sewastraightline "fertilizer and puberty"- HA!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Annnnnd she's out. Seriously, exhausting. #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
peppicooley : Too cute!
vickiegubler : Comfie!
rsg03 : Awwwww...
stephaniejewett : Cute boots!!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Post errand-running-carpool-pickup collapse on the kitchen floor. So tempted to join her. This whole back to school thing is exhausting us all. #andanivytoo #realkidsrealclothes
andanivytoo - realkidsrealclothes -
perfectionnotincluded : Those are great boots! My youngest would love them.
sewastraightline : @perfectionnotincluded aren't they fantastic?! I bought them 1.5 years ago amd they just now fit her. I grabbed a navy blue pair in a bigger size, too πŸ‘From Zulily
valarie303 : We have that dress. Never paired it with boots.
sewastraightline : @valarie303 Ivy is kind of a fashion rebel
rsg03 : This makes me laugh. That scowl.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Finally blogged my French terry #LaneRaglan and boyfriend-style #jaliejeans I've been wearing all spring and summer. All fabrics from @girlcharlee #isew
jaliejeans - isew - laneraglan -
sewinglikemad : Wow, looks so good!!
tearosehome : So cute!
avisiontoremember : Love it! πŸŽ€
straightstitchdesigns : Boyfriend style handmade jeans 😍😍
joce426 : Cute cute! Major seamstress skills!
rsg03 : Hot mama!!
adriannaappl : You jean game is untouchable πŸ”₯
adriannaappl : *your
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
This morning's tantrum trigger: Made myself clothing without first consulting her regarding the fabric choices. #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
sewastraightline : @stellar2005 totally
sewastraightline : @simplesimonandco @oliviaomega I clearly wasn't thinking
adriannaappl : How dare you sir.
portialawrie : πŸ˜‚ love itπŸ˜‚ #selfishsewing
vickiegubler : I'm sorry but I think that's hilarious!
jelynnca : Lol. Do you follow #assholeparent ?
tearosehome : πŸ˜‚
rsg03 : Ha-ha!!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Had my first riding lesson tonight. My neighbor asked me if I was having a midlife crisis. Maybe. If you have to be middle-aged, might as well make the most of it.
jehremy : Come down and see us and we'll hit the track
bluesusanmakes : I totally agree. So awesome!
boyohboyohboycrafts : You are awesome!
sarahhillam : My husband wants me to take a riding course. He says its empowering and everyone should learn! So, good for you! & now I think I need to go have a "mid-life crisis" too! You look great!
sewastraightline : @sarahhillam my husband has gotten into these dual sport bikes this past year. He's been wanting me to do it, too, so we can ride together. I have been really nervous, but it was so fun! It helps that he's a really patient, good teacher. I'm excited to get better and more confident.
sewastraightline : @jehremy I need to learn how to go beyond 2nd gear first
stellar2005 : Woot woot!
rsg03 : Awesome in so many ways!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Told her I wanted a picture before her first gymnastics class. She did this. Leotard and shorts are made from #sunandfunswimsuit and #monacoswimtrunks, both patterns by @peekaboopatternshop and fabrics from @joann_stores #kcwinthewild
monacoswimtrunks - kcwinthewild - sunandfunswimsuit - andanivytoo -
shelahbooksit : Someone has big brothers.
vickiegubler : Did she like her class?
sewastraightline : @vickiegubler very much. The narrow balance beam and the parallel bars scared her. But the rest, she loved!
sewastraightline : @shelahbooksit truth
vickiegubler : Good @sewastraightline . I can imagine that she would be a natural!
desifurn : That's straight outta Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" video. Love it!
sewastraightline : @desifurn it's true! Perhaps I should have gone with dance instead of gymnastics?
rsg03 : Ninja-style!
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