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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
#selfishsewingweek post on the blog, featuring the fast and fabulous #juliacardigan pattern by @welcometothemousehouse/#mousehousecreations and a pair of straight-leg #jaliejeans #isew
isew - jaliejeans - mousehousecreations - selfishsewingweek - juliacardigan -
welcometothemousehouse : You look beautiful!!
knittermama7 : Gorgeous
myhouse4nine : So nice to have such a fantastic model for the pattern :)
raychs : Oh wow it looks awesome. I need to break down and make this. #lover harmattan
imaginegnats : So so so so good!!
sewcindy : Looks SO good
ladykatza - zakalia - imaginegnats - myraroof -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
For @indie_sew : Because I'm a cheater, and also won't be able to participate later in the week, I started #selfishsewingweek last Friday. As of today: #laneraglan by #heyjunehandmade, #juliacardigan by @welcometothemousehouse, straight leg#jaliejeans by #Jalie, #GoToKnitPants track pants by @gotopatterns, vintage button down 2955 by @mccallpatterncompany, and some running leggings by #jocolepatterns. All coming soon to a blog near you. Hopefully.
gotoknitpants - selfishsewingweek - jocolepatterns - laneraglan - jaliejeans - jalie - juliacardigan - heyjunehandmade -
sewastraightline : @valarie303 it's true. And they are so unbelievably comfortable
jenjschumann : You are impressive.
lemonsqueezyhome : Amazing!
adaspragg : You are a machine!
sarahschulz07 : There's a selfish sewing week this week?? Whyyy does my machine have to be in for a tune up NOW?? Also, I really want to make some running leggings now 😍
2littlehooligans : You are amazing!
nbomeli : So amazing! I'm cutting go to leggings, Neptune tee, and a Julie cardigan right now!
karabudge : Quit being so selfish and start sewing for me. Let's have a week devoted to my needs.πŸ’‘
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Eating Cheetos with a two year old while wearing freshly sewn white pants=living on the edge. Or possibly I'm just an idiot. #selfishsewingweek #jaliejeans
selfishsewingweek - jaliejeans -
adriannaappl : My daughter grabbed those and headed toward our white couches yesterday πŸ˜±πŸšπŸ™…. In other news, your jeans look incredible. As usual.
sordidsox : Your (self-made) pants always look amazing. Also, I really like that nail polish color.
bemoody : Those pants look amazing! Do you find that the pattern fits well or do you have to make a lot of alterations?
vickiegubler : You're a wild one @sewastraightline .
sewastraightline : @bemoody I had to combine sizes because I am too hippy and have bigger thighs. After tracing the adjusted size, I used a pair of RTW jeans to adjust the rise a bit more to my liking. But the actual fit was good from the initial adjusted tracing. I just changed things to suit my style preference from there.
sewastraightline : Oh! And I tappered the yoke toward the waist. Again, hips are too big for my waist :/ That got rid of the gap
saskiabutterfly : I'd say a pair of tight fitting white leggings is living on.the edge to. They look fabulous
4crawford : Loving that nail polish on your toes and those pants look amazing on you!
joce426 - kermit.t.frog - tdsteele - twelve2dana -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Was feeling pretty proud of myself and all smug about my pattern/fabric fitting skills until I remembered I need two collar pieces cut on the fold. :/ Guess the undercollar gets to be a fun pop of color because there is not a square to spare! #isewfailed #recommendedyardageschmecommendedschmardage
isewfailed - recommendedyardageschmecommendedschmardage -
saygrrsewing : Not a fail... a design element. ;-)
lorchick : All the best design elements start with a headdesk.
sarahschulz07 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
vickiegubler : You will make it look good @sewastraightline and we will all think you planned it from the beginning.
vickiegubler - jusipra - saneyafairy - stephaniejewett -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Got to cruise around in a friend's convertible today. In spite of her predrive enthusiasm, Ivy pretty much hated it "The wind! No more wind! No more wind!"
valarie303 : I agree, Ivy.
littleajax - smoobug - sordidsox - ttu1530 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
What kind of weirdo kids don't like chicken pot pie anyway?! #dinnerindisguise #chickenislikefarmcandy
chickenislikefarmcandy - dinnerindisguise -
aliciafarrant : Lol that's awesome!!!
googiemomma : @lorchick there needs to be a Canadian version of " 'murica". because that is sooo.._______? 'nadian?
lorchick : @googiemomma #eh
shwinpics : You are a genius!
stephaniejewett : I'll eat it.
vickiegubler : I would eat it!
sordidsox : That gave me a good chuckle.
sewmuchado : Hahahaha. You are awesome.
lenachristine_w - chellby18 - semuthe - saygrrsewing -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
While playing with Play-Doh, Ivy pointed to a 3-shaped mold, and knew what it was. I had no idea she knew any of her numbers. So I had to test her a bit. She's pretty much a genius. #andanivytoo
andanivytoo -
rsg03 : Well, of COURSE!
zakalia : Wow! Smart girl! How old is she?
vickiegubler : Naturally!
sewlikemymom - rsg03 - jenniesewcrafty - stephaniejewett -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Playing along with#projectrunandplay and their 80s Cartoon theme. Kael in a Hank the Ranger from #dungeonsanddragons for 2014 look on the blog. Jacket, hoodie and pants patterns are all #ottobredesign #sewingforboys
ottobredesign - projectrunandplay - sewingforboys - dungeonsanddragons -
crapivemade : You're legit.
avaslookbook : Love this, that jacket's insane!
reneeharts : It's all perfect!
twelve2dana : So wish you had been chosen! Your boy looks are amazing!!! I started an ottobre subscription bc of you and my son loves when I sew for him. You're an inspiration!!
j0sgirl : Oh I love it!
suziramos72 : Great job! Love the hoodie tee!
imaginegnats : amazeballs!
rsg03 : That kid is just All About the Cool!!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
@lorchick @4crawford @vickiegubler hurry on over, they're going fast!
onedaywewillmakeithappen -
sewastraightline : Oh! Then we could do spudnuts, too! Dessert party long until you get here @lorchick ? #onedaywewillmakeithappen
kidgiddy : Drooooooooooooling
larissa_anotherday : Yum!!!!
emchhom : Oh heavens to Betsy, for these I would be the most reverentest person ever. Not even one wise crack during Sunday School... #outloud
aliciafarrant : Stop it!!! Need the recipe!!!! #pregnancycravings πŸ™ˆ
4crawford : Girl , I would be there in a minute. Looks so yummy, enjoy!
lorchick : I'm not sure exactly, but if you get a call from a 1-204 number sometime in the next two years, start preheating that oven.
momjewett : So, did it work?
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Cinnamon rolls: today's if-you-don't-whine-at-church bribe. My parenting skills are delicious.
seekatesew : Oh smart!
lorchick : I didn't whine at church. πŸ™‹
4crawford : I should get a piece because I was good in church. #nowhining
vickiegubler : I was very quiet and reverent @sewastraightline.
knittermama7 : Mom used to make us come home and practice being reverent.
sewastraightline : @knittermama7 haha! We did do that once: when Kael boked like a chicken during his part in the Primary program :p
rsg03 : That is so cute!
saskiabutterfly : @knittermama7 that explains it all Robin. Sorry But That Made Me giggle. Lol I really should do the same with mine. And sabra bribery is the only way to go right?
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