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I have kids and a sewing machine.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Two days shy of his ninth birthday, and guess who finally has his first loose tooth?! #ilikesethyesido
ilikesethyesido -
knittermama7 : Right on Sethie!
valarie303 : He could have been a child actor. Great looks and personality aside, keeping his baby teeth means he could play younger roles.
vickiegubler : That face just brightened my whole week!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
And on my blog, I've got a free pattern for the hat and handwarmer to go with the Ruffled Coat. Three children sizes available. Also, some fun pictures of Ivy. Link through profile. #freepattern #sewingforkids
sewingforkids - freepattern -
kikieno : πŸ˜πŸ‘
sewinglikemad : Love this pic!!!
schneidernmeistern : Georgeous!!! Looks kind of Dr. Schiwago.
rsg03 : Ditto that. I also like the vague snarl going on.
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
I'm over at @mellysews today, sharing my take on #blankslatepatterns #RuffledCardigan Go to to see it
blankslatepatterns - ruffledcardigan -
aestheticnest : Seriously adorable!
tearosehome : So sweet. :)
mellysews : Love this!
rsg03 : Take this pic and make her into a dolly with the cardigan, shoes, dress, Everything!
lauracalifragilistic : So cute
saskiabliss : So cute
adriannaappl - soccerbree6 - bethadamy - this_livvya72 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Snake skin print jeans on the blog! Pattern is altered #jaliejeans and fabric is from @joann_stores #junglejanuary #howtoweardiy #isew
jaliejeans - isew - howtoweardiy - junglejanuary -
sewnewbie : And the shoes... Love them!
boyohboyohboycrafts : You are seriously the coolest person I know.
lemonsqueezyhome : 😍😍😍 you are my hero!!
lorchick : You are my hero.
kid_approved : Love it!
thebainbridgebunch : You rock!
rsg03 : Ooh, I love dem
stellar2005 : Sexy pants!!!
truly_allie - yepits_shannon - soccerbree6 - rsg03 -
sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
On Wednesdays, she wears purple #threeyearoldfashion #realkidsrealclothes #andanivytoo
andanivytoo - threeyearoldfashion - realkidsrealclothes -
pinkalou : I'm jealous that she can be outside without a coat and gloves :)
sewastraightline : @pinkalou it has been a super warm, crazy winter for us. Makes me nervous. But it has been nice in the short term
diycrush : Cute!!
pinkalou : Enjoy it! She's adorable in purple :)
lorchick : We've been outside in light coats&hats this winter which is insanely warm here too. Normally dressing like that would get you frostbite in minutes at this time of year!
vickiegubler : Whatever color she wears she is a doll!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Tagged by @lemonsqueezyhome for #fromthecuttingroomfloor or something. This is from just before Christmas. I never posted it because I'm not sure how often a 36 year old is allowed to take selfies. But I'm doing it now because I love this picture. This just never happens anymore, and it was so sweet. And a little sweaty. But so sweet. All day I've been nostalgic for my *little* boys. I always heard time would move fast. But until you are there, you just have no idea. So fast. #everyoneneedsajonas
everyoneneedsajonas - fromthecuttingroomfloor -
andreapannell : So sweet
girllikethesea : If you're 36 and look like you, and have one of those guys on your chest, I'm pretty sure selfies are allowed 😍
corinnea : These kind of selfies should be taken more often. My kids are all grown and there are not enough photos of me with them. You are correct, it goes by so, so quickly.
2littlehooligans : Sweetest picture ever!
sarahschulz07 : This is so sweet. πŸ’– And I think selfies are totally allowed, especially ones like this.
kid_approved : Sweetest picture ever! And 36 year olds are totally allowed to take selfies!
youandmie : 😍
lemonsqueezyhome : So sweet. And you are beautiful. :)
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
It's all fun and games until someone gets a woodchip in his eye. The orange is from the dye the doctor used to see the scratches, of which there are a few. #playgroundcasualty #everyoneneedsajonas
playgroundcasualty - everyoneneedsajonas -
trashn2tees : Awww. Hope everything is feeling better this morning!
lorchick : Ouch! Poor guy!
stephaniejewett : @sewastraightline you could make him an eyepatch. With minecraft fabric!
lilbitbeth : Dang wood chips! Such a pain. Poor Jonas.
robinsager : Ouch! Poor guy.
perfectionnotincluded : Oh, ouch! Hope he heals quickly
lemonsqueezyhome : Oh my gosh!! So sad!! Poor guy:(
clara.gubler63 : Oh poor Jonas! That seems very painful. πŸ˜–
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Im stuck in the basement with a sick three year old, whose fever broke at 2:15 am, and who now feels the need to celebrate by dancing, jumping and singing. Loudly. Send help!!!
sewthrifty : Oh goodness. This was me about 3 days ago. Except without the dancing, jumping, and singing. Hope you have thick walls!
2littlehooligans : How is it kids can recover so quickly?
stellar2005 : Ugh! So sorry πŸ˜’
vickiegubler : Umm...that was 10 hours ago. I'm probably too late. Sorry. PS- hope she's all well today.
rsg03 : Wow!!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
Snake print jeans for #junglejanuary. It seemed the right thing to do.#isew
isew - junglejanuary -
kikieno : #welcometothejungle
ladykatza : Omg love!
stellar2005 : Nice!
kid_approved : Love it!
joce426 : Ooh lala!!
grayalldayblog : It WAS the right thing to do! Good call.
soisewedthis : Awesome!
sassytsews : Fabulous!
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sewastraightline - Sabra Gubler
😍😍 this lasted for at least ten minutes before she ditched him. And there were dips and lifts involved, too. Or at least some super adorable attempts at dips and lifts #everyoneneedsajonas #andanivytoo
andanivytoo - everyoneneedsajonas -
linzeebrie : Could they BE any cuter?!?
deliacreates : So cute!!πŸ™ŠπŸ˜
sarahschulz07 : Ahhh adorable overload!
saygrrsewing : Aaaack, SO cute!!!
boyohboyohboycrafts : Oh my! So cute! What a lucky girl to have such great bug brothers.
vickiegubler : Best dancing I've seen! It must come with the Jewett genes.
sewmuchado : So sweet! That Jonas must be the best big bro ever!
schneidernmeistern : Reminds me of Dirty Dancing!!! 😍
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