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sesamechew - Sesame
My review of the Antipodes cleansers up on the blog. Love, love, love, especially the Hallelujah cream cleanser. Effective un just one wash! 😘
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sesamechew : #greenbloggers #greenbeauty #antipodes #nontoxic #cleanbeauty #chemicalfree #organicbeauty #organic #facecleansers #cleansers #skincare #naturalskincare
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sesamechew - Sesame
What's in today's lunchbox? Introduced a new ingredient: baked tau gua or beancurd. Intend to eat it with a sesame sauce dip.
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waldgalopp : SO GOOOOOD!
makeup_blogette : Ooo baked! Easier to prep in the morning! Thanks for sharing! :)
sesamechew : @makeup_blogette yes's a no-brainer! I add eggplant, mushroom and sweet potatoes too. @waldgalopp
huixinpitt : So healthy! I like tau gua dipped in chili and soy sauce mix
sesamechew : @huixinpitt Yeah, that'll be nice. I have no chilli sauce now. LOL. I wish for satay sauce though!
huixinpitt : Lol! Chili sauce will be far more accessible than satay sauce right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now new assignment for you: DIY stay sauce! 😏😏
sesamechew : @huixinpitt 😝
fit_models : Awesome.
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sesamechew - Sesame
My small loot from Muji. Bought more compressed facial masks. By the way, just posted a tutorial on how to use these facial masks on my blog. Other stuff: eye mask sheets, toning water, pencil, dried fried sardines. πŸ˜‹
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sesamechew : #greenbloggers #bbloggers #muji #facemask #masksheets #skincare #diymask #diybeauty
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sesamechew - Sesame
Freshly baked muffins for the boys when they wake up later. I had three. πŸ˜‹
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sesamechew : #muffins #baking #glutenfree #breakfast #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthyliving #yummy #livetoeat
shortsmallsweets : What a coincidence, I am making muffins NOW! :D
sesamechew : @shortsmallsweets πŸ‘‹πŸ‘
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sesamechew - Sesame
Got my hands on the Cell-Gen Portable Travel Buddy. Yay! No more lugging big water bottles around. Just add filtered or bottled water and this buddy will so all the work to activate natural minerals, hydrogen and antioxidants to detoxify the body on the go. Better than Evian! Woo Hoo!
portableionicwater - waterbottle - travelbuddy - cellgen - mineralwater - greenbloggers - antioxidants - ionicwater - travel -
sesamechew : Typo *do all the work*
sesamechew : #greenbloggers #mineralwater #cellgen #travelbuddy #portableionicwater #ionicwater #antioxidants #waterbottle #travel
keidi : @sesamechew how much?
mai0bsidian : Interesting! I have never heard of this!
sesamechew : @keidi It's $128. Sorry this is Travel Mate. Travel Buddy is larger at 740ml and cost $160. If you want to get, I pass you contact.
sesamechew : @mai0bsidian I wanted to get it for a long time but only saw it online from overseas. Finally the brand that is supplying the water filter system I have at home introduced this.
sesamechew : @keidi the minerals need changing every year. $60.
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sesamechew - Sesame
Having a royal meal of wild fire duck confit @ The Queen& Mangosteen Gourmet British Pub.
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sesamechew : #eats #dinner #vivocity #duckconfit #instafood #food #foodpicture
808soos : Mmm @sesamechew
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sesamechew - Sesame
My table is such a mess I missed this that came in some weeks earlier. Body butter and silk hand cream from #tatcha. The hand cream is not white but grey! Feels quite good. Haven't tried the body butter though. Btw, I love their blotting paper.
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kimberlyloc : I love @tatcha blotting papers too!
sesamechew : #greenbloggers #greenbeauty #bbloggers #cleanbeauty #skincare #nontoxic #bodybutter #handcream
tatcha : So glad to hear that you're enjoying our Indigo hand cream! Excited for you to try our body butter and thank you for sharing the Tatcha love :)
sesamechew : @tatcha haha took a look again and yes, it's indigo not grey. Then again I often confuse navy blue with black. πŸ˜›
sesamechew : @kimberlyloc I definitely took a long time to use a pack cos I almost couldn't bear to use them.
kimberlyloc : I feel ya! Everything they make is so beautiful.
nighttbird : adore!
tatcha : @sesamechew Doesn't matter what color it is as long as it works! :)
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sesamechew - Sesame
Pure Thanaka Powder from Argo Naturals. Use as a face mask and exfoliant. Very fine and comes with a very subtle natural scent. Love the nature-inspired packaging. The company also sells pearl powder! Products come with refills too so this is definitely a green brand. πŸ’•
cleanbeauty - thanakapowder - diymask - argonaturals - chemicalfree - skincare - greenbeauty - greenbloggers - facemask - nontoxic - diy -
sesamechew : #argonaturals #thanakapowder #facemask #skincare #greenbloggers #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #nontoxic #chemicalfree #diy #diymask
santhi_19 : Where is this available?
sesamechew : @santhi_19 from
santhi_19 : Thank you
marytoptoptop : What's pearl powder for?
sesamechew : @marytoptoptop for brightening complexion. You can check my blog where I shared 6 ways to use pearl powder. Search using search box. πŸ˜‰
marytoptoptop : Oooh I will definitely check it out!^^ thanks for the reply hehehe :))
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sesamechew - Sesame
I grumbled about this hairstyle but my latest is a disaster. It was so bad I had to go to EC house to fix. (Had contemplated going to Gracie's groomer even). Imagine! The hairstylist had given me an odd asymmetrical cut that didn't work for me at all so I asked EC House to fix that dangling side. Now I look like I'd a pixie cut. I'll wait a few more days before taking any pics. My hubby said I looked like a holocaust victim before the fix. Even Gracie's haircut looks way better. πŸ˜–
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rubyrainorganics : That's awful! So sorry. I'm sure you look adorable with a pixie cut.
marytoptoptop : Aww you look nice here! Lol @ going to Gracies groomer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that bit made me crack up
sesamechew : @marytoptoptop 😜
gringovato : @yanetchien @judy_chien SAGIM!
mai0bsidian : Hahahah u joker u!!
sesamechew : @mai0bsidian it was no joke Mai...really upset about the cut. Probably the worst I ever had. 😞
yanetchien : @gringovato tooootally
organic_spirit : Oh come on love your looks lovely!! What will you do next?
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sesamechew - Sesame
Latest on the blog are these steam eye masks from Kao. Awesome aid for getting to fall asleep almost immediately. And no worries about your eyes on fire. They just use the word 'steam' to get your attention. With the mask over your eyes, you ain't seeing anything even with eyes wide open! 😳😴
megrhythm - sleepmask - mask - kao - sleepaid - bbloggers - beautyaid - eyemask - greenbbloggers - facemask -
sesamechew : #kao #MegRhythm #sleepaid #sleepmask #eyemask #facemask #mask #greenbbloggers #bbloggers #beautyaid
keidi : @sesamechew I love these!!!!! Works to sooth my tired eyes
sesamechew : @keidi i only like the one with the rose scent though. The lavender is disappointing.
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