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Nearly 50. πŸ˜„ Feel like 20. πŸ˜‰ Ageless in Christ. πŸ™Œ
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
I shared 5 tips to selecting the best mineral makeup on the blog. πŸ˜‰
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mscskincare : Beautiful!
organic_spirit : Lovely shot!
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
Packed: baked chicken wings for a colleague's birthday today. Everyone says my marinate is great and here's what it contains: 3 tbsp honey, 5 tbsp dark soy sauce, 5 tbsp sesame oil and dash of black pepper. Chopped garlic is optional but it enhances the taste. πŸ˜‹
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mai0bsidian : Awesome shall give it a long & at what temp u bake them for? Sorry im lousy at these kinda cooking stuff 😳
sesamechew : @mai0bsidian bake for 20 mins...200 degree c. Remember to turn them after 10 mins.
mai0bsidian : Thanks loads!
organic_spirit : Can you please pack my lunch!!'
jolaurenbaby : Looks super delish!!
sesamechew : @organic_spirit haha...DHL or UPS?
sesamechew : @jolaurenbaby πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
organic_spirit : Hahaha I'll pay extra for the quickest 😜
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
Goodies received from Marie Veronique--my favorite brand. It's from their latest Pro collection. Favorites include their Mist de Jour, Serum de Jour and Oil de Jour (vegan). Their Gentle Retinol Serum is great if you like Retinol cos the results are quite noticeable. I have not seen much difference after using their eye serum though. And I just received the cleanser and have yet to try.
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livewild_befree : πŸ’•
ecobeautyvivi : @kirasworld weee ✌️@sesamechew really loving the gentle retinol serum! πŸ’–
cleanfitfuel : Seriously great!
consumerista_ru : πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
mai0bsidian : Have not ordered from them for a v long time esp since they kept having changes in their line. Im confused!
kimberlyloc : This line is so fantastic! Love that Marie has a chemistry background, and her new packaging is so pretty. The Gentle Retinol and Serum de Jour are my faves.
citrinebeautyaz : Nice! :)
trinitystyles : 😍
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
What I use for cleansing: Mychelle, a honeydew cream cleanser (my nth bottle) in the morning. In the evening, double cleansing with Andalou Naturals milk cleanser and then the 1000 roses foam cleanser. Hated the smell of the foam cleanser at first but now easing into it and liking it better. Bought 2nd set. Review was on the blog last week.
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oilessentialsfamily : πŸ˜„
mai0bsidian : Im using the foam cleanser! Not too bad i think thou i was more amazed n intrigued with how the foam shot out of the dispenser. Lol.
swapna_george : @sesamechew i love the mychelle spf, so the creamy cleanser is next on my list ☺
sesamechew : @mai0bsidian it's such a novelty right? I love foam cleanser and this one because it's very dense and just one pump will do.
sesamechew : @swapna_george I heard a lot about the Mychelle SPF but yet to try. Glad you're loving it. Mychelle's cleansers are nice but quite ex IMO.
true_glue_adhesive : Nice pic!
sesamechew : @true_glue_adhesive thank you!
antonymcosmetics : love it 😍
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
No more blogging for free--I am changing the rules of the game. Read all about it on and join me if you like.
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swapna_george : @sesamechew loved your blog post πŸ‘
sesamechew : @swapna_george thank you. 😊
swapna_george : @swapna_george i have been following your blog for quite a long time and i have always found your reviews very useful. Great to see the blog moving in a positive direction 😍
sesamechew : @swapna_george So thankful for your support and kind comments! 😘
swapna_george : @sesamechew your welcome ! 😊
swapna_george : @sesamechew Hello Ms. Sesame, i had a question nagging me from the past rwo days. I am planning to buy a natural deodarant. I have read your reviews on schmidts and soapwalla. Do you still use these? And i think you mentioned you prefer schmidts. I am travelling to a humid destination in a couple of days (temp soars above 30 😐) want to know which you would still pick in terms of carrying around on a trip and ofcourse the efficacy because i sweat at the slightest heat. Thanks for reading the rather long comment πŸ˜€ cheers. Love from London πŸ’•
sesamechew : @swapna_george Yes, I am still wearing Schmidt's. I like it because it is absolutely protective. Only thing is the baking soda which may cause allergic reaction for some skin types. But they have a solution which they proposed on their web store...I think it is adding more oil?
swapna_george : @sesamechew thanks Sesame for your reply πŸ’—
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
South Coast at MBS. Good spot to eat, drink and chill with a nice view. Must book in advance to get an outside table.
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sesamechew : #southcoast #mbs #dinner #foodpicture #igfood #food #familytime
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
This is what I eat some mornings. Trying hard to make a paradigm shift in the way I view breakfast especially in terms of eating fruits although not always successful. Speaking of which, I'm seeing a lot of ungracious bloggers who make disparaging remarks about those of us who like to choose our greener, cleaner lifestyles. You'll think that the Internet is a place where diversity gathers and are celebrated but no. What they don't seem to realize is, the Internet has room for everyone. As long as you're not promoting anything damaging, I don't see why we can't choose to write and showcase our preferences. Anyway, what is wrong with us trying to be cleaner in what we use or eat? Or what is wrong with instagrammers who spend time beautifying their flatlays? I don't drink smoothies for personal reasons but I enjoy looking at those pictures. I appreciate people who go out to make the Internet a beautiful place for everyone, whether or not I agree with their cause. Life is so much better when we focus on looking out for the positives.
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sesamechew : #greenbloggers #greenliving #greenbeauty #cleanlifestyle #cleaneating #cleaneats #nontoxic #healthliving #bbloggers #healthyliving #eatwellsg #eatwellsg #flatlays #begracious
ecobeautyvivi : I don't condemn bloggers who do and use what I'm against of exactly because of what you said. The internet is a beautiful place because it's big enough for all of us. However, I have also encountered a few "green / eco / clean" beauty bloggers who go about slinging mud at those who live differently or who make "occasionally" different choices in the products they use / food they eat. The whole thing really dusgusts me. I think you might have experienced at least one or two comments like that before. But anyway, nothing we can do but ignore them and just better ourselves by trying not to do the same thing to others 😊
swapna_george : @sesamechew well said πŸ‘
sesamechew : @ecobeautyvivi I've seen one regarding something I ate but other than that, most of the green bloggers are quite supportive. But I get a lot more flaks from those who are not for green and clean and I wonder why. These are not just readers...they are bloggers too. I would think bloggers should be more open-minded but no.
belly.bistro : Very cool!
recipesandworkouts : Sweet page! Keep it up :)
kaitlyn_hurt : Great pic! Stay lifted πŸ’ͺ
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
A nation weeps today, for the loss of a great man--a man who did everything he could to ensure that we not only survive, but we succeed. Sir, you have given us your all, you have captured our hearts. Today, we will all stand united to say, "thank you, Mr Lee, for making us proud as Singaporeans because of all that you have done for us." #riplky #LeeKuanYew #rememberingLKY #singapore #singaporemourns
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ecobeautyvivi : I feel that Mr Lee's death was his final gift to Singaporeans, especially to the younger generations. After he passed away, a lot of people suddenly became interested to revisit history, to immerse themselves in the events of the past, to watch and read Mr Lee's interviews and to witness how Singapore picked itself up from the mudlands through the hardwork of the older generations and Mr Lee's extraordinary stewardship. I admire him greatly and I wept for him with grief. But slowly, my tears turned to almost that of joy as I watched Singaporeans unite like one family during this time of mourning. A person with steadfast vision and who can stay true to his actions amidst an evolving political landscape is not born everyday. And not everyday does a nation mourn for the death of a man who had truly lived his life to the fullest for the nation. Thank you, Mr Lee.
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
Lettuce wraps, anyone? I swear it's the best way to eat veggie! And it's so easy to prep.
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chef_ronaldo_ : Nice! :)
shanszaam : 😸
mai0bsidian : Im always in a mess when eating this 😳
sesamechew : @mai0bsidian I find it messy when I try to wrap it but eating it with the food laid flat, it's manageable.
mai0bsidian : Oic..ok shall try next time! Thanks for the tips 😊
organic_spirit : That looks real good!
mis2288 : So nice!
true_glue_adhesive : Beautiful!
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sesamechew - Sesame (Viva Woman)
Pre-fruit feast shot cos I like the look of halved fig. 😁
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mxkstyle : Those figs look delish
sesamechew : @mxkstyle yeah they are!
ecobeautyvivi : Hi Sesame, where did you buy your figs? Have you see them lately again? 😁
sesamechew : @ecobeautyvivi I got it from NTUC. But I didn't see it anymore. 😞
shopcarbonbeauty : love it!
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