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sesamechew - Sesame
I grumbled about this hairstyle but my latest is a disaster. It was so bad I had to go to EC house to fix. (Had contemplated going to Gracie's groomer even). Imagine! The hairstylist had given me an odd asymmetrical cut that didn't work for me at all so I asked EC House to fix that dangling side. Now I look like I'd a pixie cut. I'll wait a few more days before taking any pics. My hubby said I looked like a holocaust victim before the fix. Even Gracie's haircut looks way better. πŸ˜–
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sesamechew : #greenbloggers #shihtzu #haircutwoes #haircut #dog #ilovemydog #graciemydoggy #shihtzulovers #instapets #instadogs
afuzzymemory : Awesome photo :)
sesamechew : @afuzzymemory thank you! 😊
kittensmittenss : You look nice...😊
rubyrainorganics : That's awful! So sorry. I'm sure you look adorable with a pixie cut.
marytoptoptop : Aww you look nice here! Lol @ going to Gracies groomer πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that bit made me crack up
sesamechew : @marytoptoptop 😜
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sesamechew - Sesame
Latest on the blog are these steam eye masks from Kao. Awesome aid for getting to fall asleep almost immediately. And no worries about your eyes on fire. They just use the word 'steam' to get your attention. With the mask over your eyes, you ain't seeing anything even with eyes wide open! 😳😴
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sesamechew : #kao #MegRhythm #sleepaid #sleepmask #eyemask #facemask #mask #greenbbloggers #bbloggers #beautyaid
keidi : @sesamechew I love these!!!!! Works to sooth my tired eyes
sesamechew : @keidi i only like the one with the rose scent though. The lavender is disappointing.
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sesamechew - Sesame
I hope I can successfully dress up my eyes with these. Never put on falsies on my own. I used to hate them (will continue to if these turn up horrible on me). I remember telling my makeup artist not to put them on during my wedding. But she insisted and so I let her. As soon as she left, I ripped them off! 😝
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marytoptoptop : And HAHAHAHA I love your captions. I am so glad I found your instagram sometimes lol. You're so funny and witty and really creative too!
808soos : Make sure you trim them and flex the lash strip before @sesamechew
sesamechew : @marytoptoptop Thank you for your comments. ☺️ yes, Ecotools have falsies! Got these from iHerb btw.
sesamechew : @808soos oh ok, thanks for the tip! πŸ‘
bossacafez_ : hi SS! happy to have found u here!! i cant live without these but i usually get cheap ones from daiso or thefaceshop. theres just no substituting with mascara. maybe u could try the more subtle ones ie.
bossacafez_ : the crisscross or sparse ones with thin "bone" so it will look more natural :D
sesamechew : @bossacafez_ Hi Evan! Great to see you finally. This is the first time I see a pic of pretty! I still follow your blog using a feed reader. Always ogling at your pretty desserts. Yeah, you're right about the falsies. These don't look too natural. Will check out those you mentioned.
mai0bsidian : I have got tons of falsies i bought a few years ago but end up not using them. Too lazy!
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sesamechew - Sesame
New sunscreen from #dermae. Zinc oxide content 16%. Easy to apply and indeed non-greasy. Need to use a little longer to determine if it's great. But do wish zinc oxide content is higher. Oh, got this from iherb. πŸ˜‰
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sesamechew : #greenbeauty #greenbbloggers #cleanbeauty #natural #bbloggers #beautybloggers #naturalskincare #sunscreen #spf #skincare #iherbhaul
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sesamechew - Sesame
One of the two brands I have been wanting to try. The gel cleanser smells like kiddo's cough syrup. The cream cleanser is quite good--cleanses better than other cream cleansers I have tried. Anyone tried #Antipodes skincare?
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midnight_plue : @yvonnechow87 yup! I did try all 3
detailoriented : Love Antipodes! You need to try the masks and the hand creams!
oilbox : I use antipodes eye cream and face moisturizer. Both products I am completely in love with!!
yukaeshi : Their Ananda toner has been my staple for more than a year!
sesamechew : @detailoriented ok will try to get them soon. In need of both!
sesamechew : @oilbox the eye product? Gonna check it out. πŸ˜‰
sesamechew : @yukaeshi sounds good...too many stuff to lay hands on.
oilbox : I use the Kiwi Seed Eye Cream and the Vanilla Pod Day Cream. The eye cream lasts forever. The day cream is amazing!
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sesamechew - Sesame
What time is it? #pinklove #mbmj #watch #armcandy #fashion #fashionaccesory
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sesamechew - Sesame
This is so brilliant. I am so pleased...with tinfoils. 😁
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sesamechew : #eggs #lunchbox #lunch #baking #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthyliving #greenbloogers #cleanbeauty
nephriticus : Egg in foil! Super cute!
chefkinwood : πŸ³πŸ³πŸ³πŸ³πŸ³πŸ³πŸ³πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
organic_spirit : Haha looks yum though
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sesamechew - Sesame
Went vegan for lunch today with baked eggplant, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and beetroot. Probably the last time I'll be eating beetroot though; just not a taste I can acquire.
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sesamechew : #lunchbox #lunch #liveclean #eatclean #eatwellsg #cleaneats #cleaneating #healthybeauty #greenbbloggers #whatiate #foodbox #foodpicture #foodstyling #food #instafood #igfood #vegan #beetroot #eggplant
ecobeautyvivi : I was about to ask how roasted beetroot tastes like. They usually sell the pickled ones but the taste is just weird to me. 😟
organic_spirit : I love beetroot, especially in salads yum!
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sesamechew - Sesame
Walked Gracie along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade recently but she was in complete distress cos of the NDP rehearsal. Details on the blog.
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sesamechew : #shihtzu #shihtzulovers #instadog #ilovemydog #graciemydoggy #dogs #dogpicture #dogsofinstagram #puppypalace #petsofinstagram #pets #fluffy #furkid
dogflavinho : She is such a cutie!!!
sesamechew : @dogflavinho Thank you! 😊🐢
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sesamechew - Sesame
The best things in life are round, edible and uber tasty. #timhowan #dimsum #igfood #food #yummy
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gringovato : @judychien
ecobeautyvivi : I love these. One of the first suckers who lined up during the height of the tim ho wan craze lol...
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