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Abba's Princess. Jesus' Beloved. Green Beauty Convert. Sunscreen Enthusiast. Clean Eater. Stationery Junkie. Dog Lover.
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sesamechew - Sesame
Blogged about training my son to be a fashion photographer. It's kids' play I tell ya!
kristenarnett1 : Perfect! ! :-)
canarycosmetics : I see happiness πŸ˜‚. Guess you enjoyed Disney afterall 😘
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics it was fun but we still like Ocean Park better. 😁
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sesamechew - Sesame
Been using this nightly for over a week and this is potent stuff. I see how it's making my skin more youthful looking. Surprised that it's made of natural and organic ingredients too. The key active ingredient is bee venom, said to be nature's alternative to Botulinum Toxin, the first product of its kind. No wonder fans include Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman and several other celebs.
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sesamechew : #heavenskincare #heavenskincaresg #deborahmitchell #beevenom #organicskincare #greenbeauty #greenbbloggers #naturalbotox #nontoxic #cleanbeauty #bbloggers
hazelnutt_house : Where did u get this tub of goodness from?
sesamechew : @hazelnutt_house from PR agency. But check out qbeautywellness.com (see paper bag).
detailoriented : Sounds good!
brycegruber : :)
hazelnutt_house : πŸ‘Œ
mscskincare : Beautiful!
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sesamechew - Sesame
The flurry Santa waiting for bags of treats.
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beetrice : at least you can find clothes that fit her! even XXL is too small for #marleythemutt πŸ˜”
sesamechew : @beetrice must buy from plus sized dog stores. πŸ˜›
beetrice : apparently I need to order 8XL for him from eBay πŸ˜‚
ecochicbeautydiva : Lol awww so sweet!
sesamechew : @beetrice πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sesamechew : @ecochicbeautydiva thank you!
greeniebeauty : Adorable!! πŸ’—
sesamechew : @greeniebeauty thanks! 😊
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sesamechew - Sesame
Scored! Best sellers from Melvita. The rose floral mist smells divine. Haven't tried the cleanser. Anyone loving this brand? But I love the cute graphics. So many outlets in HK but nary one in Singapore. πŸ˜•
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sesamechew : #greenbeauty #greenbloggers #melvita #melvitahk #organicskincare #organicbeauty #naturalskincare #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #ecofriendly #greenliving #nontoxic
nicolegranato : Beautiful
nitikachopra : Omg love xo
halalcosmetics : :)
livewild_befree : πŸ’•
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sesamechew - Sesame
Famous milk tea but aint't my cuppa.
erikatangy : Try the iced one instead :) the hot version is a bit too thick for me as well!
erikatangy : U at Tsui Wah right? Must try the crispy bun with butter and condensed milk 😍
sesamechew : @erikatangy I wanted to but didn't in the end. I can't take much milk. That's why this milk tea made me nauseous.
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sesamechew - Sesame
I thought it funny to eat chicken rice since we have so much of it in Singapore. So never have I tried it when in HK. Boy, I missed so much! This is Da Bomb! The rice is so fragrant and the garlic chilli sauce is too awesome. My son was also impressed and we both basically polished up our bowls and plates. A must try at #tsuiwahrestaurant!
tsuiwahrestaurant -
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sesamechew - Sesame
Was sooo looking forward to eating brekkie at this place after reading all the raves but alas. Planning for a trip is subject to a kid's fancy. Had to forgo all the food plans cos all he's interested in is soupy marcoroni served with ham. He actually prefers eating at the same place every day. πŸ˜‘
thedottyness : There is also macaroni there I think
sesamechew : @thedottyness Yes! I showed him pics. But he was not keen after seeing the queue and being told we might have to share table with others. πŸ˜•
thedottyness : The queue moves really fast!
sesamechew : @thedottyness He was more particular about the possibility of sharing seats. Anyway, I rather deal with unsatisfied cravings than an unhappy, sulky child.
thedottyness : Oh dear! True thou! Happy Holidays!
sesamechew : @thedottyness Tq! 😊
gringovato : When I was a kid, I'd be lucky to be taken on any kind of trip-- let alone be able to pick where to eat every day.
sesamechew : @gringovato thanks for your proper comment.
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sesamechew - Sesame
Full day of rides at Ocean Park today. Thank Jesus for clear weather! But it was chilly especially during this ride. OMG. Tomorrow at Disney but not too excited really. On another note why are people whom I don't know leaving funny comments on my pics? Hope these are not trolls, a word my son has been using so much, it irritates the heck out of me. Maybe I should start blocking out trolls.
canarycosmetics : Trolls... Is that me?!!! πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚Disney is pretty. The props, the parades, the fireworks. Can't say much regarding the rides though. And TungChung was fun ❀️
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics Of course not you! Look up my previous post. Some farny pple whose accounts are private (prolly got things to hide) making strange comments. I don't care what they mean but I rather they be upfront. Otherwise, it's trolling to me cos they have really poor manners.
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics I hope he'll like it but great there is Tungchung to check out. πŸ˜‰
canarycosmetics : @sesamechew oh! strange comments indeed! 😳 Perhaps you look like their mom, so they were making an inside joke and didn't think/realize how it'd sound to outsiders like us? /big hugs/
canarycosmetics : @sesamechew yes! Let's focus on the happy shopping ahead instead of those spammy messages 😁😘😘
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics Yeah. Can't steal my joy. Just wanna let known what I think and why I would block. πŸ˜‰
canarycosmetics : @sesamechew we hear ya πŸ˜πŸ‘
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sesamechew - Sesame
So glad I packed two knit wears. 14 degrees. Thank You, Jesus, for keeping the rain away. My son is my photographer for this trip. This is one of the better pics. Others were crappy on purpose. πŸ˜‘
canarycosmetics : On purpose? πŸ˜‚
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics yes! He was having fun shooting funny shots of me. And he made all sorts of faces (he calls them troll face) when I took his pics.
canarycosmetics : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sounds awfully familiar! My brother does the same. Thank heavens for the delete button nowadays. 旅途愉快 and have tons of fun dear @sesamechew 😘
sesamechew : @canarycosmetics thanks dear! 😊
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sesamechew - Sesame
Just completed a crash course on how to make my own blend of body lotion using essential oils complete with top note, middle note and base note @ Neal's Yard.
greenbeauty - cleanbeauty - greenbloggers - nealsyard - nyrsg - essentialoils - diybeauty -
sesamechew : #nealsyard #nyrsg #greenbeauty #greenbloggers #diybeauty #essentialoils #cleanbeauty
mai0bsidian : ❀❀❀ having a major crush on EO at the moment!
organic_spirit : That's awesome that would've been fun
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