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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
This picture is one of my all time favourites!! Taken last night after the game, Zala is pointing at our amazing fans!! She is such an outgoing little girl, she loves anyone who will give her the slightest bit of attention. If you smile at her, there a big chance she'll blow you a kiss or go to give you a high five!! She's excited to be doing exactly this, in Key Arena.....pointing at you all. A&Z xx
t_a_k_i_f_i_t : Cute
eliana_awesomness : Shes really cute
elly_kirlis14 : Aww so cute. Such a beautiful photo πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
adhultz : Looking forward to it @abbykate10!
omgma : @belgica1314 Oruguiiiiin
belgica1314 : Ya c
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
Day off: The little miss was kind enough to let me sleep in until 8am this morning!! She must have known that it was a day off for her Mumma. It's been cold and raining outside though, so we have mucked around inside playing with her mega blocks, watching peppa pig, attempting puzzles and snacking throughout doing all these fun things!! Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!! It's nearly bedtime here in Hungary! A&Z xo
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
Hey from Hungary πŸ˜„ Tonight we played game #2 of the semi final series v Peac Pécs. We got the win so the series is now tied 1-1 with the deciding game on Thursday!! If anyone has any questions I'm happy to answer πŸ€
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doherty04 : Hey @abbykate10 what's the biggest difference between the 3 leagues your playing in this year (wnba, wnbl and Hungry)
casdog15 : What do you like best about playing in Hungary?
abbykate10 : Hey @doherty04 I think the biggest difference is length in season. Wnba is just over 3 months and you play 33 + games, WNBL is 5 months and you play 22 games and Hungary is 6 months for 18 games!! πŸ€πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
abbykate10 : @casdog15 i like that it's a small country so the travel isn't too much. Also, the people. From both experiences over here they have really looked after Zala and taken Zala in as one of the team. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ€
doherty04 : Wow, I don't know how you do it @abbykate10 makes me tired just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing your adventures with your supporters via social media. Not many are as open and honest. As a supporter and fan of the game it's nice to get an insight into the life of a pro athlete. All the best
abbykate10 : Thank you @doherty04 πŸ˜„
casdog15 : That's awesome @abbykate10 you really are a role model for both the basketball community and every1 else . And I agree with what @doherty04 said. Good luck for your next game and can't wait on see you suit up for Seattle πŸ˜ƒπŸ€.
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
Live from Hungrary! #Takeover #TogetherWeRise
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firstlisten62 : Love Abby!
mattygange : My favourite player 😍 @abbykate10
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
"We're with the @indianafever and @pacers in support of inclusion. I'm proud the Seattle Storm ownership and franchise stand against discrimination and for equality." - @alishavalavanis Storm President and GM
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
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betto_ortega_24 : Go Zags! Win Today
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
#Repost @wnba ・・・
#TBT...The last two times @seattlestorm had #1 picks, @sbird10 & Lauren Jackson. Who will go #1 this year?
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iamvictoriaanne : @mercfan LJ had surgery a few weeks ago. I doubt it
emsanderson11 : Best draft in storm history!
little7sum : Doesn't matter that much. NO player in this draft will have that type of impact. #weakdraft
jtskip3 : I'm excited for Storm basketball!!
wnba_hoopz : @little7sum I wouldn't count out Brittany Boyd! She's a walking triple double POINT GUARD! Reminds me of Jason Kidd.
little7sum : @wnba_hoopz oh I totally agree. I live her but I doubt we draft her but if we do that would be AWESOME I just really doubt we do with the other guards we have like Bird, Simmons, Clark and Rene. But trust me I've watched Boyd her whole career and have been lobbying for her I just don't think we are going to draft her.but in my opinion they should draft her.
wnba_hoopz : I think they would be crazy not to draft her! With them having the 1st and 3rd pick, it's possible! the shock definetely aren't going to draft her with the 2nd pick, so she still should be on the board after the first 2 picks. They could do a combination of Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis (1st pick) and Brittany Boyd (3rd pick), or Elizabeth Williams (1st pick) and Brittany Boyd (3rd pick) OR EVEN bringing in a already great chemistry duo, Reshanda Gray with the 1st pick amd Brittany Boyd with the 3rd pick. I think that would be awesome to put the 2 team mates on the same team! It gives the shock a dynamic duo moving forward @little7sum
little7sum : @wnba_hoopz yeah I love all those combinations I just don't care for K.M.L from Uconn she is a great shooter but to play in the West she has to get in better shape. She's chubby and I don't think she's that great defensively but we will probably draft her first but I think the Storm would be making a HUGE mistake if they don't draft Williams she's a great post player and we need that seeing as that LJ will probably never be back. But I want Boyd she is SO fun to watch play I hope we definitely get her.
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seattlestorm - Seattle Storm
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annefrancisquini : So beautiful...
nwdominos : About time!
dotcizzle : Yes🌸
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