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New and used record store in Birmingham, AL. 4513 5th Ave South. Thurs-Fri: 4-7PM Sat: 12-7PM Sun: 12-5PM
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Hey, this is gonna be cool. Thanks to @wereswan for drawing this cool flyer. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
classicnewman : She's getting an awesome core workout
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
The @recordstoreday Black Friday list is up on their site, go check it out! #rsd
rsd -
electric_shrine : Are you guys going to be getting a lot of this in? More importantly, will you get the guardians of the galaxy cassette?
turbulentseas : oh man
seasickrecords : @electric_shrine we will be getting a good amount of the releases on the list, but won't really know what we're getting until that week
thatteenagefeelin : Get those Neil Young shirts in XL for ya boy. Preferably Zuma and On The Beach.
whowoowoo : I need a dead milkmen please.
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Sleater-Kinney "Start Together" 7xLP box set out tomorrow on @subpop! We've got one copy of the box set and we won't be getting anymore cause it's sold out! This is the only way to get the color vinyl versions. We also have individual reissues of all their albums on black vinyl. Come grab a copy this week! #seasickrecords #sleaterkinney
seasickrecords - sleaterkinney -
numberonesillyhoe : @barfinguplungs
brandirinks : 😍
xelton_chronx : ❤️❤️❤️
rockettpower : Will yall ship the color box set if someone orders by phone?
eazyrooster : What time do you open tomorrow?
seasickrecords : @rockettpower nope in-store only on this one. Sorry!
seasickrecords : @eazyrooster we open Thursday at 4
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
What are you doing tonight? Oh, you're coming to @bottletreecafe to get rowdy while listening to your favorite 80s, 90s, and classic country records? Good choice! See y'all tonight.
nowmorethanever : GIG 'EM YAHHH
thatteenagefeelin : ^ lol
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Looking for a used turntable? $50 and this one is yours. We're here til 7 if you want to take a look. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
twobotttles : @levee91
spaceframes : usb connection ?
seasickrecords : @spaceframes nope not on this one
dvnmichael : What's the output?
dvnmichael : Output(s) that is
seasickrecords : @dvnmichael just normal RCA but this thing is sold. We can pick up these up new as well as the LP 120 if interested
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Hey y'all, it's almost like we have a porch. Come hang out. We've got all this new stuff in stock: Altered Boys - S/T Cassette Beck - I Just Started Hating Some People Today 7" Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation LP Boards of Canada - Geogaddi 3xLP Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out In The Country LP Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest 2xLP Boards of Canada - Trans Canada Highway LP Boards of Canada - Twoism LP Budos Band, The - Burnt Offering LP Carl Sagan 7" Chuck Ragan - Till Midnight Cassette Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism 2xLP Elliott Smith - S/T LP Elliott Smith - Either/Or LP Elliott Smith - Roman Candle LP Gaslight Anthem - American Slang Cassette Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound Cassette Groovie Ghoulies - Flying Saucer LP Hiss Golden Messenger - Bad Debt LP Hiss Golden Messenger - Haw LP Hiss Golden Messenger - Poor Moon LP Jeff the Brotherhood - Whatever I Want 7" Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at Third Man LP J Dilla - Donuts Cassette Madlib - Go! 7" Madlib - Madvillain Cassette Mastodon - Live at the Aragon LP Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue LP Mineral - EndSerenading LP Mineral - The Power of Failing LP Muscle & Bone - S/T Cassette Pearl Jam - Vitalogy LP Pearl Jam - Vs. Phoenix - Fences 12" Radiohead - Pablo Honey LP Soul Jazz Presents - No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds of the North-West Grunge Era 1986-1987 2xLP Swamp Dogg - Gag A Maggot LP Tame Impala - Lonerism LP Various Artists - A Tribute to Guided By Voices LP Widespread Panic - Everyday LP Widespread Panic - Ain't Life Grand LP
seasickrecords -
sicknickspicnics : I need those BoC EPs. Like stat.
seasickrecords : @sicknickspicnics come by in the morn
electric_shrine : Is the Carl sagan 7" the Symphony of science one?
seasickrecords : @electric_shrine it's the third man one
xforneverfestingx : #bumlife #sparechange #dumpsterimgcrusties
devinluns : Holy shit that Madlib. If the Freddie Gibbs/Madlib album has been released on vinyl, best believe I will be there the second you get it.
mzauner : Where's our record dan 😱
seasickrecords : @mzauner it's not here yet! Next week :)
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
This is a week from today! Yo! Tune in to Wax Control today from 3-4PM on Substrate Radio and then come by the store and hang out! #seasickrecords
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
It's open door weather! Come enjoy it with us. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
yankeesjc : Any leads on a possible in store by Sturgill Simpson yet? I love listening to his in-store show he did at Grimey's in Nashville this past May!
seasickrecords : @yankeesjc nope unfortunately
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Have y'all heard the latest @kief_whitley album? It's great and we've been spinning it a ton! He's playing at @workplaybham on 11/9 and we'd love to have him do an in-store at the shop! If that's something you'd like to see, tag him in a post and maybe his management will take notice. #sturgillatseasick #seasickrecords
seasickrecords - sturgillatseasick -
rebelking : @kief_whitley you should do an In store here.
johnpstrohm : @rebelking his management will see this, and I'm sure they'll do it if it makes sense. My influence will not sway things.
rebelking : @johnpstrohm sorry meant to clarify can you tell them who to reach out to.
seasickrecords : @rebelking sent an email to his mgmt but didn't hear anything back so I thought I'd try this haha.
yankeesjc : Ha! I was just about to send you all at @seasickrecords about getting an in-store! You guys beat me to the punch! I just saw them Friday night in Atlanta & they killed it! Can't wait for next month!
magnoliastate : One of my favs of the year.
workplaybham : Yall the best! Hope it works out.
greatbearwaxco : #sturgillatseasick would be badass @kief_whitley
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
What are you guys doing today? If you're bored, bring some records over to the store and we'll listen to them together. We're here til 5. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords - sturgillatseasick -
magiccitystreetteam : @seasickrecords do you have a phone # i can call & talk to a human? please? ): trying to find something specific. thanks!!
j_rodswanson : I spy @kief_whitley #sturgillatseasick
magiccitystreetteam : specifically @seasickrecords or #birminghamvinylcollectors i'm trying to locate a red vinyl #rodrigoygabriela before the show tonight. thanks!!
seasickrecords : @magiccitystreetteam we do not have a copy unfortunately
seasickrecords : #sturgillatseasick
magiccitystreetteam : SUGAR! thanks anyway you guys!
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