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Seasick Records

New and used record store in Birmingham, AL. 4513 5th Ave South. Tues-Fri: 2-7PM Sat: 12-7PM Sun: 12-5PM
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seasickrecords - Seasick Records
We just got the new @covemusic LP in stock on two awesome colors! We're open until 7PM if you want to stop by. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
xforneverfestingx : Siiiiick! Save me a red eyeball
vommit_comet : Mine sounds great!!
byronsonnier - hannahfayelewis - roadwarior - steve_rodia -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Spin your records in style with this brand new Seasick Records™ slipmat! The perfect accessory for the vinyl collector in your family. Come pick up some records and a slipmat to put under the tree!
seasickrecords -
seasickrecords : #seasickrecords
likeabridge : This is awesome
fckinshit : 👆👆
_november_blue : Any way to order them?
seasickrecords : @_november_blue yeah send me an email and we'll figure it out - seasickbham@gmail.com
mikujordan : Oh boy daddy needs one of these
vommit_comet : Finally!!!!!
papabayou2 - coflegel - mattgunn - ericanderton -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Join us tonight at @bottletreecafe for a screening of the Jingle Bell Rocks documentary presented by @sidewalkfilm! Bring a wrapped record for the record swap and leave with a surprise record of your own. There will be peppermint hot chocolate (with bourbon), Christmas tunes, and a holiday costume contest! Best dressed will win a weekend pass to Sidewalk 2015! See you tonight.
seasickrecords - jinglebellrocks -
seasickrecords : #seasickrecords #jinglebellrocks
classicnewman : Should be Jingle All The Way
errantandamused : Agreed @classicnewman Chayse and I watched that last night.
sammanthagarcia : What time is this at?
fatsandwich : @sammanthagarcia 7PM
sammanthagarcia : Oh ok. Damn. I work til like 10
dreamsofbuttholes - lewdmeat - cbirdwell - aspenk99 -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Getting down over here until 5PM today! #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
greatbearwaxco : Do yall ever have the newest Amos Lee record?
seasickrecords : @greatbearwaxco we haven't had it but we could probably order it if you'd like
__cimmerianshade - kenleighdra - xforneverfestingx - lbsmeatmarket -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Happy Saturday! Come down to the shop and pick up some Christmas presents, get a haircut, or just hang out. We have gift cards too! We're here until at least 7PM. #seasickrecords
seasickrecords -
sinbrad : @hailsanta666
koolmoedrew - magnoliastate - lewdmeat - fatsandwich -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
If you're planning on checking out the Holiday Film Series at the @altheatre this year, make sure to keep an eye out for the Seasick tree! Post a photo of the tree with the hashtag #seasickchristmas for a chance to win a $50 gift card. The more creative the better. #seasickrecords
seasickchristmas - seasickrecords -
kmbrlylynne - pandrewlairdjr - jenifercm - hannahfayelewis -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
We’ve got a few last minute additions this week. Check out the list below. Don’t forget to tune in to Wax Control from 3-4PM on Substrate Radio! We’re here tonight til 7PM! Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty 2xLP Beastie Boys – Ill Communication 2xLP Beatles, The – A Hard Day’s Night LP (MONO) Beatles, The – Abbey Road LP Beatles, The – Help! LP (MONO) Beatles, The – Revolver LP (MONO) Beatles, The – Rubber Soul LP (MONO) Beatles, The – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP (MONO) New Basement Tapes, The – Lost On The River LP Rocky Votolato / matt pond PA – Om Ma b/w Petit Oiseaux 7” Ryan Adams – Gold 2xLP Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams LP Sleep – Volume One LP Smashing Pumpkins, The – Monuments To An Elegy LP Tame Impala – Innerspeaker 2xLP Tame Impala – Lonerism 2xLP Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2xLP Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Show Your Bones LP
seasickrecords -
seasickrecords : #seasickrecords
lewdmeat : niice
xforneverfestingx : Awe yeah! Dat SLEEP tho!
byronsonnier : What he said 👆
thetonysicilia : @seasickrecords any other ryan adams albums in the store?
johnmarkdorough - flower_child__ - sicknicksnickpics - kenleighdra -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Who's coming by the shop tomorrow to see the doctor? @classicnewman will be in from 12PM until you stop coming by. See you there!
seasickrecords -
seasickrecords : #seasickrecords
carynorton : I'll be there
realbobdylan : @classicnewman, Doctor of Barbery
m_dunne : @classicnewman do you cut curly hair?
xforneverfestingx : Me and @uncle_cc !!!
classicnewman : @m_dunne I do!
akcwill : @bamazen after @pepperplacemarket ?
bamazen : @akcwill yep, absolutely!
themooseknowsall - jvice02 - bamazen - fatsandwich -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Just restocked a couple of other favorites from 2014! We also got a few more things in. Here's a list: Father John Misty - Fear Fun LP Goat - Commune LP Jack White - Lazaretto LP J Mascis - Fade Into You 7" King Tuff - Black Moon Spell LP Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires - Dereconstructed LP Postal Service - Everything Will Change DVD S - Cool Choices LP Sleater-Kinney - All Hands On The Bad One LP Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out LP Sleater-Kinney - The Woods 2xLP
seasickrecords -
seasickrecords : #seasickrecords
magnoliastate - hannahfayelewis - ericwallace - trickybones -
seasickrecords - Seasick Records
Sorry for posting so much today, but our new hoodies just came in! If you ordered one, come pick it up! We have a few extras if you didn't pre-order. Thanks to @newrepublicprinting for always being awesome!
seasickrecords -
turbulentseas : yes! is there any way I could pick mine up after 7? I just got off work but am on my way to a meeting סּ_סּ
fatsandwich : @turbulentseas how late?
themooseknowsall : Any extras in large?
dr_uzie : Stoked you liked them! 💪👍
fatsandwich : @themooseknowsall one or two, but if they are gone by the time you come in...we are doing a pre-order for the next batch
themooseknowsall : How can I pre_order one?
seasickrecords : @themooseknowsall come by the store
themooseknowsall : Ok cool. Thanks
themooseknowsall - katiefordkelly - realbobdylan - thirdworld_marshall -
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