Sarah Jane

Children's illustrator, textile designer, rock star mom of 4 awesome kids. Owner of Sarah Jane Studios**NEW** Wallpaper now in the shop!!
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!! #labordaysale #happyweekend
labordaysale - happyweekend -
siesaw -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
It's Friday!!!! #shesgrowinguptoofast
shesgrowinguptoofast -
jennylynndolls : My youngest just started 1st grade. It's weird to feel so sad that he's gone all day. Yet so ExCiTeD for him at the same time.
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
During kindergarten assessments, parents were supposed to write their kids names on their art folders. And just like that, I fell back into doodle-my-way-through-school mode and got a bit carried away. Kindergarten is too much fun. #artistmom #joseffrankinspiration
artistmom - joseffrankinspiration -
thehappyjs : That is so pretty!
morrlezlie : Lucky Ella to have such a creative momma
skirtastop : That's so cute. Hehe watch out the teacher is gonna start enlisting you. 😏
sarahjanestudios : @skirtastop true! Oops 😁
speakmichelle : I bet she has the prettiest folder there! Fun to see you at school!
betsyclegg : All the other kids are going to be waaay jelly.
thinktiny : Move over Lisa Frank!
jetsetcarina : I do the same thing. You can't expect me not to kick it into gear.
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Happy Labor Day weekend! Day 2 of our biggest sale ever.... 30% off the entire store! Use code fri30 at checkout. I'll be sending out reminders... So sorry in advance for all the instagrams! I just don't want you to miss out. Biggest sale we've ever had πŸ˜‰ enjoy!! #labordaysale #sarahjanestudios ps: aren't those On Parade wall decals the best? We are loving them!!
labordaysale - sarahjanestudios -
kirstylemery : @missjaymiejay these are the other ones I think would be awesome in the boys room!
jessydeane : @angiewarren look! I just placed an order 😁😁
kidgiddy : I had my order up yesterday got distracted and never placed it. I'm such a dork!
heathmild : SO glad I saw your sale way late last night! I ordered stuff I'd been wanting to get for years!! Such a great deal!
lesnels8 : Ordered yesterday! Thanks Sarah
2badash2 : @lesliebridgers
angiewarren : @jessydeane ah!!!!! 😍😍😍
paiiigge : You are incredibly talented! Can't wait to order some of your fabric!
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Wow you guys! The response has been incredible today! Don't want you to miss out if you didn't catch this! 3 more hours of 40% off with code: thurs40. Tomorrow will be 30% off and so on through the weekend! Thanks for all the love! xoxo #labordaysale #sarahjanestudios
labordaysale - sarahjanestudios -
sarahjanestudios : @brigittariley ack! My shipping assistant would know... Anyone here care to answer from experience? Tomorrow is 30% off as a fall back 😁
stephwes7 : @rachelrbarton same! We must be related or something 😜
bab_tav : So excited!!! Just bought a few prints that I've wanted for awhile!!! Thanks Sarah!!!
heathergirlut : Yay! πŸ‘ Purchased prints for my girl's room and playroom. Now to pull all your fabric from my stash to make quilts to go with it all! I'm one happy girl!!! 😊
funnyva1entine : So bummed i saw this a day late but i still bought 5 prints!
natashialaurene : I missed this... 😭😭
sarahjanestudios : @natashialaurene today is still 30% off!!
freegreenbird : @audriellew I totally snagged some art prints!!! 😁
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
This is it, friends! Biggest sale of the year. I've never had one so big before... It's kinda fun! Today only I'm offering 40% off everything! Tomorrow it goes to 30% off, and so on. So don't miss out! #sarahjanestudios #labordaysale #sarahjanewallpaper
labordaysale - sarahjanestudios - sarahjanewallpaper -
jlbmom3 : @sarahjanestudios does the sale end at midnight? Trying to get the hubs on boardπŸ˜‰
mrscony : @charitylh @chelsthatch
sarahjanestudios : @jlbmom3 yes! Tomorrow the shop moves to 30%
limorgan22 : I'd really like to see a girl version of both "Mechanically Minded" and "Rocket Launch Club." We have a daughter who I want to encourage to pursue any fun activity or vocation that interests her, even if it's typically "for boys." :)
balancehouse : Did you see this @stacie_hawley ? I wish I had a reason to buy her stuff. :(
stacie_hawley : @balancehouse - yes! So cute. Wish I had a house to put it all in!
eganfamily : Placed my order and I'm so excited!!
grammiecrew : Just placed my order - love everything you do! Thanks for the amazing discount!!
grammiecrew - eganfamily - dolphinlover777 - cavogts -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Well, it's here! Crazy Labor Day sale and biggest of the year! I've never had one this big... But I have to say thank you got all your support!! Today the entire shop is 40% off with code ▫️thurs40▫️tomorrow is 30% off and so on! We are getting excited for new products in the fall and so enjoy!! #labordaysale #sarahjanestudios
labordaysale - sarahjanestudios -
threechickscouture : Oh can hardly wait for my order to come. #fanforlife ❀️ thank you for such a great sale!
em2thej : No paper airplanes wallpaper 😭
mamakloth : Awesome thanks! Just bought my first print 😊
sarahjanestudios : @em2thej is it not showing up for you?
colorissue : Oh I sorta couldn't resist ;-)
rachelrbarton : @stephwes7 i thought I'd let you know.
stephwes7 : Haha @rachelrbarton thanks for thinking of me. I follow her on Instagram and I just put in my order. 😊 I'm obsessed with @sarahjanestudios art.
brownji : @bluefarmhousetrade I want to take you down with me... Just bought a set of prints and think you'd love them too.
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
I'm dying at my @instantlyframed print that arrived today! Do you have yours yet? Just download the app, pick a picture from your phone or Instagram, order and it comes perfectly framed as a 12x12 framed (or other sizes) print!! I can't wait to order more. I'm horrible at printing and framing my iPhone pics... And it's a shame! This takes all the fuss out. Use Code: MINGLE15 till the 31 at checkout for a 15% off discount!! Be sure to follow them too for great display ideas! #instantlyframed
instantlyframed -
inspiremegrey : @emilybenson @kebatronic For pics of Penny?
instantlyframed : Love this photo so much! So glad you love how it turned out! ❀️
laurabennett1 : @deeds123_
sewsara : Love itπŸ’œ
kebatronic : @inspiremegrey very cool!
dzjohnson : @alphabetjenn
papabirder : Thanks. Just what I need.
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
It's been my dream to have a collection of wallpaper with my designs, and I'm so thrilled with how they have turned out! Fabric wallpaper is where it's at you guys! It's peel and stick... Completely portable and so easy to move and restick somewhere else and it doesn't leave residue on the walls one but! It doesn't rip if it accidentally sticks to itself either! Just the most practical piece of decor. These are made in the USA, such high quality, non-toxic inks with water based adhesive, and they come in double the width as regular wallpaper so it's fewer seams to work with! And the colors are stunning!! This has been a dream. Thanks for all your support! I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to use myself! The tree house is getting done for sure:) (Shhhhh... But Labor Day sales are marching in Thursday... But I didn't tell you:) have fun decorating!! #sarahjanewallpaper @popandlolli #sarahjanestudios #wallpaper #kidsrooms #kidspace
kidsrooms - sarahjanestudios - sarahjanewallpaper - kidspace - wallpaper -
sarahjanestudios : @girlwithblog my website! Link in profile:)
heidisden : Beautiful xx
martawrites : Oh my!! This is fantastic news!!! Congrats.
nieniedialogues : β€οΈπŸ‘
erob77 : @juliaryancreates I feel like this could be so perfect somewhere for Wells ...
juliaryancreates : @erob77 so cute!!!! @ecsauer2 did you see this??? Boys might need a wall somewhere upstairs!
poppyseedfabrics : Very exciting!!! Wondering if it will work on textured walls?
princessdanell : Wishing I had small children or grandchildren. Swoon.
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Progress in the studio. I've doubled my space, acquired natural light and have room for interns galore:) #sarahjanestudios #artstudio #studiospace
artstudio - sarahjanestudios - studiospace -
sarahjanestudios : @hattiecox1 ikea!!! And bulletin board... Yes I did. Linen wrapped homosote. I think there is a tutorial in my blog if you search?
theliteratestitch : wow, gorgeous space :D
kariknell : What a beautiful shot!!
studiocastillo : Lovely!!
katie__richardson : I love your studio and love that it was your husbands idea. So fun and so unconventional. (PS- Liberty's Y bike came today and she loves it!)
sarahjanestudios : @katie__richardson are those y-bikes THE best ever?
rebekahsellers : LOVE it! And those little helpers could not be any more adorable! πŸ’—
rmp999 : Looks so pretty!
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