Sarah Jane

Children's illustrator, textile designer, rock star mom of 4 awesome kids. Owner of Sarah Jane Studios**NEW** Wallpaper now in the shop!!
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Had so much fun with @nieniedialogues in her adorable girls bunk space today. @christiannielson is good at math and me and Stephanie had so much fun putting this up before her girls get home from school today. This was my first time putting it up in a more complex space and it was a breeze! #fabricwallpaper #peelandstick #soforgiving #madeintheUSA
fabricwallpaper - soforgiving - madeintheusa - peelandstick -
mandaleavitt : Love!
iheartstitchart : So cute!
severton : Love it!!!
kariknell : SO GREAT!!!
casspete : Where can I get this?!?!
sarahjanestudios : @casspete on my website... Link in profile
tiffanyleestrong : So jealous you met her! Amazing.
linniebell : ❤️❤️❤️
amyjojb - polarblairbear - toniolson - elephantgrace -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Make-a-doll-house-from-mamas-shipping-boxes kinda day. Thanks for an amazing sale this weekend! My kids are loving the room full of cardboard at the moment:) and shout out to @everydotandtiddle for our Sunday hair bows that are my fav! #girlygirls
girlygirls -
beneaththerowantree : The best kind of fun !
dsherps : Love this!
kariknell : Kids don't need REAL doll houses (Grandma Knell's) when a card box is better. :)
sombrasblancasdesign : I used to do that all the time as a kid! :)
everydotandtiddle : Thank you so much!!
frecklefacejane - avintageposter - ashleberri - kiwi.sweets -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
My boys. Building their dream. #likefatherlikesons #treehouse2014
treehouse2014 - likefatherlikesons -
nobiggie : Wow! How fun!!
sheconfessions : Awesome!
onemoremushroom : This is amazing, Sarah!
borupkim : It is going to be good.
maryannparsons : So fun. Can't wait to see the finished product.
72ideias : @estefi 💛✨😱;)
rebekah_thedoodlegirl : Completely amazing!
mer_mag : Sooo cool
angy_hyseni - soldiertam - sam9012899 - marenbennett -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
The sale continues today with 20% off the entire shop!! Use code sat20 at check out. These mermaid wall decals have been a hit this weekend! I can't wait to see your transformed spaces!! Happy weekend! xoxo
crochetcii : 👍
mommyguru : @sarahjanestudios oh this is too cute!
ashleyhazenfloyd : @shaunamcbueno
iheartstitchart : Awesome! Love your work!
yumsire - superlovers35 - nettaf_01 - jenmaxwell2 -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Wouldn't want you to accidentally forget! Here's a reminder for you busy moms.... Have a lovely weekend!! xoxo Sarah
beautybyelizabethfaye : Woot! Woot!
tnees_tpees : I may be hoarding different fabrics of yours to someday think of something great to do with them. They are so beautiful I might just frame them
buffalolane : The best!
clarehorsman : Awesome thanks!
madsvictoria - emmalrogers21 - emmadonnellan01 - soldiertam -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
❤️❤️❤️You always hope that you'll have a camera ready for this once in a lifetime moment! I caught his very first steps ever!! You never know when it will come... and in the art studio too! It's too precious not to share. My heart could just BURST!! And Oh his laugh....❤️❤️❤️
jessica_alicelane : 👏👏👏 Yay!!! Thanks for sharing!
cls531 : ❤️
nataliemhanson : What a great moment
darlingduckie : That is so blasted cute!
rmp999 : SO cute!
monettemagleby : Love it!!
aliciafarrant : How adorable!!!
rebekah_thedoodlegirl : Too much!! So very precious!!
douce_aponi - carliewen - siddrakamil - sam9012899 -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Happy Labor Day weekend! Enjoy!! #labordaysale #happyweekend
labordaysale - happyweekend -
best.animations : Nice
rainydaywren : @twinkling_of_an_eye
marykp : @elzabar check it out.
elzabar : Dreamy. I'll send this to my sisters too!
elzabar : @merzyhayes @sarahreynoldsyeah
goodideamomma : @melamoose_ Check this out!!
samane.moslemi - linda_and_co - aguslax - nataliemhanson -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
It's Friday!!!! #shesgrowinguptoofast
shesgrowinguptoofast -
jennylynndolls : My youngest just started 1st grade. It's weird to feel so sad that he's gone all day. Yet so ExCiTeD for him at the same time.
best.animations : Nice
jenloumac : Her hair is so long! We need to get her and r together more! They were insta-friends! #justliketheirmamas
sarahjanestudios : @jenloumac I know!! Kindred spirits
kariknell : On how I miss my lil Ella!!
madsvictoria - kleinfamily0004 - valbark - soldiertam -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
During kindergarten assessments, parents were supposed to write their kids names on their art folders. And just like that, I fell back into doodle-my-way-through-school mode and got a bit carried away. Kindergarten is too much fun. #artistmom #joseffrankinspiration
artistmom - joseffrankinspiration -
betsyclegg : All the other kids are going to be waaay jelly.
thinktiny : Move over Lisa Frank!
jetsetcarina : I do the same thing. You can't expect me not to kick it into gear.
applegailclothing : So pretty! She definitely will have the best folder!
sheconfessions : What a cool kindy mum to have!
kariknell : Her friends will be so jealous!😏
hall2home : Yip. I did the same.
rmp999 : This is SO you. 😀 Reminds me of all your homework growing up!
madsvictoria - dolphinlover777 - inthesewingroom - soldiertam -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Happy Labor Day weekend! Day 2 of our biggest sale ever.... 30% off the entire store! Use code fri30 at checkout. I'll be sending out reminders... So sorry in advance for all the instagrams! I just don't want you to miss out. Biggest sale we've ever had 😉 enjoy!! #labordaysale #sarahjanestudios ps: aren't those On Parade wall decals the best? We are loving them!!
labordaysale - sarahjanestudios -
kidgiddy : I had my order up yesterday got distracted and never placed it. I'm such a dork!
heathmild : SO glad I saw your sale way late last night! I ordered stuff I'd been wanting to get for years!! Such a great deal!
lesnels8 : Ordered yesterday! Thanks Sarah
2badash2 : @lesliebridgers
angiewarren : @jessydeane ah!!!!! 😍😍😍
paiiigge : You are incredibly talented! Can't wait to order some of your fabric!
lesliebridgers : @2badash2 love this stuff! Have you gotten anything?
melissaluzader : @howellcircus you need to follow!
missjaymiejay - roxbuberry - ernielizzo - adlewiess -
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