Sarah Jane

Children's illustrator, textile designer, rock star mom of 4 awesome kids. Owner of Sarah Jane Studios**NEW** Wallpaper now in the shop!!
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sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Loving this pillow from @lukamish Did you know there are tiny footprints in the "meandering" print? I love how she paired it with a print from my very first collection. Sweet Dreams! #sarahjanefabric #weewander #childrenatplay @michaelmillerfabrics
sarahjanefabric - childrenatplay - weewander -
lukamish : Thank you so much!!
dorydoyle : @sarahjanestudios - Can I still get that balloon print somewhere?
jennysews : @bridgetmo this is the blue print I have of the balloons. :)
nanabecca : This is precious.
bridgetmo : @jennysews So cute! I hope the pinks match Cora's bedding!
btrt : Adorable! I just fell in love w/ Wee Wander ... Dangerously gorgeous!
heidisden : This is beautiful! I love both collections x
aimeeferre : Love love love your fabric lines! I wish my girls were little again.
cassiejeanmcclelland - worek213 - instamama4 - fieldhousecreative -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Loving this grouping from @chickadeechickadee The coral Summer Ride is one of my favs! #weewander #sarahjanefabric
sarahjanefabric - weewander -
thepaintedpalette : What! Love!! The collar!
gnome_and_post : Oh this is soo nice!!
meg_in_progress : I've been looking at your fabrics allll day! I am dying for some bedding made out of them and am nearly remedy to teach myself to sew! So so perfect, sister!
chrysalispreschool : Adorable!! We were at #harmonyprovo today, dying over your fabric. Genius!
btrt : Oh my! Must get some of those horses!!
oatsandivy : Amazing!!!!!
katy_mychinadoll : @freshdesignsaus check this out xx
chickadeechickadee : @sarahjanestudios always a happy day when I get to sew with your fabrics! ;)
madsvictoria - maryannbryson - leahelizabeth55 - monettemagleby -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
The beginning of something magical. #treehouse2014
treehouse2014 -
kivascout : tree house! ;p
kariknell : Oh boy! What fun lies ahead! πŸ˜ƒ
quiltstorymeg : I saw your pins πŸ˜„ how fun!!!
willstrong : I fully support this venture. Let me know if you need an extra set of hands to help out.
annielovesadam : Adam has been dying to build a tree house. We will have to get some tips from your handy man.
sarahjanestudios : @willstrong really? Sure! Shoot me and email 😊
mtolivier1 : Oh man. I've always wanted a treehouse!
paigeambre : I want to plant a tree that can become a good treehouse! I'm going to have to live with a free standing playhouse unless I'm planning for future grand kids. Quintessential kid need!
madsvictoria - maryannbryson - bree0735 - kaileknell -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Came home after being away for weeks...and the blackberry bushes welcomed us rather graciously. #imissedourgarden #iheartblackberries
imissedourgarden - iheartblackberries -
calleenegan : Yummy!
kariknell : Oh yay! You got home just in time!
monettemagleby : Yum
annettemorrell - cameracassidy - lizkenealey - hudozhnytsya -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Still on a cloud from my stay at @goodstoneinn it's the closest I've felt to the English countryside in a long time. So picturesque! #icouldlivehere
icouldlivehere -
goodnightmoon6 : i love our english countryside. it's so magical.
saralynn13 : This looks like a painting. Gorgeous.
bestof2sisters : Beautiful πŸ’š
figtreeandco : Gorgeous!
kerstinbean : That is beautiful
rebekahsellers : Wow!!
noellelaise - hannahbonnenouvelle - jennydespain - kleinfamily0004 -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
Truly one of my favorite historical places to visit. #MountVernon
mountvernon -
annielovesadam : That's on my to-do list.
themakerista : Yes!
emgottschalk : Mine to #mtvernon
degnacademy : We loved our yearly pass here, and it really is the best site in DC that takes you back in history. Moved away last year to Utah. Miss this stuff!
mlee1969 : One of my favorite spots in our country! It's a must-see, IMHO.
bab_tav : Aw.....mine too!!! Love walking through there and imagining GW living there. So surreal! Such a beautiful place! ❀️
justusquiltchicks : Truly a breathtaking setting. Everyone should go once in their life!
quilterseden : Great place to have lunch or dinner too.
lisasc20 - aymekem - kendooloves - margenob -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
New favorite book... Not so new really, but it's currently my inspirational go-to. Wish I could read French better! #paulemarrot
paulemarrot -
hallahall : Her work is incredible!!!
pen_and_paint - jenloumac - monettemagleby - frecklefacejane -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
We've had the most amazing summer so far as a family... Overcoming fears, challenging ourselves, enjoying the outdoors, building character. I've not worked this summer as much as I usually do, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Tonight I climbed to the top of a very tall telephone pole and zip lined through the forest which is a big deal for a girl like me who is scared of climbing a ladder! But even better than that is watching my kids push themselves, challenge themselves and overcome their fears. This girl is pretty adorable at incredible heights on a zip line, that's for sure. I'm going to miss this amazing month we've had... But I'm cataloging all the life lessons and taking it all with us. #calleva #familyteambuilding @callevaoutdoors
familyteambuilding - calleva -
b_in_my_bonnet : Come visit Teen Ranch Australia!!! Lol pleeeease
sarahsedg : We love Calleva, my sister in law's family owns it. Trapeze was the scariest thing I have ever done.
jenloumac : @kellyejensen @sarahjanestudios I love seeing some of my besties make connections!
kellyejensen : @jenloumac jen. Just move home already. This California thing is getting ridiculous. Those twins need me and ruby need olive. And all my boys need yours. Sarah and I are waiting. Get here. 😘
sarahjanestudios : @jenloumac @kellyejensen πŸ˜€no way!
kate_mags : I miss calleva! So jealous!
becky_giles : That place is awesome, isn't it??!!!
rmp999 : You look so young and beautiful in this picture Sarah, just like we were back in high school again.
anniemgold - kislanykim - leahelizabeth55 - bordeauxbound -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
#weewander hit 1,000 posts on Instagram tonight! I love seeing all your creations! I can't post them all so take some time to scroll through. I love it all! Thank you so much for all your support. It means so much to see the children who get to enjoy it! #sarahjanefabric #sarahjanestudios photo by @dnzgltkn
sarahjanefabric - sarahjanestudios - weewander -
brimfulshop : :)
oatsandivy : I love love all your prints: fabric & paper- you're simply amazing.
shovelandspool : Well done !! no wonder as it such beautiful playful prints !
dnzgltkn : Oh.. what a surprise for me.. :) Thank you so much dear Sarah @sarahjanestudios .. I admire your gorgeous and brilliant inspire us about childhood days, and still being child.. thanks you..
tmtoney - marisagrimmius - natmarkoff - minniesakuntala -
sarahjanestudios - Sarah Jane
I haven't shared as many pictures of my #letspretend fabric collection and I should! This Make Believe border print is on of my favorites and looks so cute as a play apron! Thanks @cherrymoonbeams for sharing! #sarahjanefabric #sarahjanestudios
sarahjanefabric - sarahjanestudios - letspretend -
beachbabyc : I love your border prints!
cherrymoonbeams : @sarahjanestudios thank you! I adore and πŸ’• your fabric for my creations
saykayhawk : @megmstrain check this out. Cute!
kimmbranch : @nyc2sea you'll love this
bridgetmo : This needs to be a wall decal!! @sarahjanestudios
nyc2sea : @kimmbranch so sweet!!! πŸ‘ ordering children on parade to make a birthday dress for Jane!
handfullofdaughters : Using this to make quilts for our twins.
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