joshua j. anahonak

From Port Graham, Alaska. Finding my life in the arms of Christ in Santa Barbara, CA. I love a good book, in depth conversations, coffee, culinary.
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
It was a great night of hide and seek and wandering around the park with the starlight with the Nook folk. Oh yes, wizardry.
a_thankful_heart : Lol!
pallinostellina : Hello Joshua! It's so long time I don't see your pics... @saqurtuliq
saqurtuliq : @pallinostellina hi!! I live in Santa Barbara, Ca now. It is beautiful, but since I work in an office building all day and mainly spend my time at work, church, and the rock climbing gym, I don't have much to take photos of =[.
pallinostellina : Yes, right, I understand! Important is that you are fine! Merry Christmas and happy New Year! 🎅🎄✨✨✨
lisuliuyi : 😊
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
It's been a a rough couple of days. So I'm taking the night to myself with my new full bed with whiskey and Supernatural
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Whiskey tasting with the boys.
jchaynes123 : That's a lot of whiskey haha
saqurtuliq : @jchaynes123 it's a flight each haha!
katiealspaugh : 😍😍😍 I want in next time!!!!!
jchaynes123 : Looks good!
svnixx : What! Where is this!?
saqurtuliq : Yeeees!!! Let's do it @katiealspaugh
saqurtuliq : Eureka! They have a whiskey flight @svnixx
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Paleo oven-fried chicken! It is heavenly. Worth those 2-3 months I've been craving fried chicken
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Dinner!!! So thankful for my parents to surprise me with long crab 🙌😊
saqurtuliq : King crab*
gilkey_david_ : Nice legs 😜
saqurtuliq : Thanks, I use em well 😘 @drgilkey
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Dinner!! SB Farmer's Market has $5 a pound mussels 😊
vgodinezv : 💪
nicksegner : Mmm
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
You were my pleasant surprise. A flash flood during a drought. Refreshing mix of desert and spring. So hard to find, and I cherished every moment.
aliciajoy__ : Omg 🙈👆
ladyfayzer : I love this photo!
saqurtuliq : @fefofum thanks! It was from our last rain fall in SB 😍
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Homework spot of the day! Once I finish drafting a contract for my entrepreneurial law class I am one step closer to Spring Break. It will be a huge blessing to rest the upcoming evenings.
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Yesterday I saw a leaf fall. 
It reminded me of
my last strand of resolve 
crumbling from my fingers. 
In the dry unrepairable way 
that leaves disintegrate. In that, I admire the trees ability
to simply stand. 
Bare. Naked. Alone. 
How austere and resolute it stands. 
The way it takes its season to recover. 
No fighting. No screaming. Nothing. Here I am. Kneeling with a parody of leaves. 
A semblance of flowers
declaring: I am whole. I am fine. I am ________.
Fighting to appear ‘ok’
while drowning in the hurricane
and flailing in the storm that is my mind. 
Begging. Entreating. Screaming for a stillness. Waiting for that quiescence
that comes when staring at your fate
with that moderately grim acceptance. 
Not a graceful, respectful, or even martyred acceptance. 
But the defiant-I’ll-ride-this-out acceptance. It in this manner you will find me. 
Slowly dropping the mask of security. 
With sapphire heat and steel grey resolution
glowing from my eyes. 
Quite and still. 
Naked and bare. 
Pleasantly. Alone. // I will find my peace in this coming turbulence. Or I will burnout gloriously. - j. anahonak
christinaklein87 : I take it your going to start streaking more ? Beautiful poem
saqurtuliq : Yes! That's what's gonna happen. Clothes and I have a standing disagreement. And thank you =]
saqurtuliq : @cklein01 ^
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saqurtuliq - joshua j. anahonak
Panda being all cute and tucking himself in for a nap. 😻
pallinostellina : Good nap, kitty!! 😘
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