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Your daily dose of adorable from the San Diego Zoo. Warning: May cause a visit to the San Diego Zoo.
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bonniejane08 : 😍😍😍
neilnatkin : @reneenatkin
litrinigirl : Lori
ericleiva : @tanyanicolesamarzich
sealteem6 : AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Preach it! They need to read in the Bible about Sodom and Gamora!! I never have hated these people! I love them. But I hate their sin. God loves them but he hates their sin. You got it right!!!! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever beleiveth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. KJV @hectorbphotos @yamsbeauty
hectorbphotos : πŸ‘Œ@sealteem6
yamsbeauty : @sealteem6 Amen and I pray that you are prosperous in the faith!!!
sealteem6 : You too! Thank you!! @yamsbeauty
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
This year's #NighttimeZoo is all about music, so it's time to flex those pipes. Film a video of you or your kids howling like a wolf or roaring like a lion and share it on Instagram with #HowlAndRoar for a chance to win free passes or a behind-the-scenes adventure for two. Click on the link in our profile for details.
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a.takhar : @doc_holliday052
elentier18 : @marmuluke @ah_etot_evgenij @dominikanis як Π»iΠ² Ρ€Ρ‹Ρ‡iΡ‚
lj521h : Wow. Such a Beautiful Beast
amariagabali : @suuzinthesky ahhaha j'avais vu ! Belle bête avec ses petits à côté 😻
ndianas : @ray_jay_baby @denkqueen I think I would been running right with those babies!! 😳
mehdyab : make 800 a weak driving around. sing up for uber this 4th of July or at any holiday long weekends you can make 1500 easy. use the link and sign up now . make 150 for singing up now.
anna2mas : AHHH @raleighwalters
leemichael_martinez_89 : @sedona.terry Me!!!!😍
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
#tbt May, 2013 - San Diego Zoo Global researchers working on our gorilla project in Rwanda capture mountain gorilla babies playing in the rain forest. Click on the link in our profile to learn more about our global conservation work. #EndExtinction
endextinction - tbt -
angelinemccomb : @bigfrank32 hardcore dead body
money_718 : Ack just like ah Human right @katt_so_pretty
katt_so_pretty : @money_718. He's related to my kids Lmao
6x.m : @mohd_aldaisi @7amood_bm11 @3amoor_aldaisi m7md wtf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yaraidigrazini : Me and you @cashrules_talia
cashrules_talia : @yaaraaidi omggg i died this is cute and funny asf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eb5280032 : @megg_lynn7
ethan_is_jesus : @cooking_with_owen I didn't know Keaton got put in a zoo?!??
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
#WhatIsItWednesday Time for another mystery avian. Can you name the species? This unique, pre-historic looking bird can be found at the @sdzsafaripark. Follow them for more animal goodness => @sdzsafaripark
whatisitwednesday -
yoliban : Shoebill stork, my favorite bird!
sarruh07 : @jooliestaz @flyingcabot23 @t8ertottt @moosesalways
teutanishori : Sa e mir je @anitanishori
teutanishori : Qka je qudit ashtu qka ke pa @anitanishori
anitanishori : Tyy qat venin ku po rrishe @teutanishori
eoghandmufc : Shoebill
lindseyvigne : Shoebill stork
angelinemccomb : @bigfrank32 haha
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
Shout-out to Mike Wilson for this great look at Kasi the handsome 11-year old bonobo. Bonobos were described as a subspecies of chimpanzee in 1929 but identified as a separate species in 1933. They are still the least understood of the great apes, even though they are thought to be closer genetically to humans than chimpanzees.
bonobolove : @bokchoyknob
ck_haryy : @mah_shiiid avaaaaziiiiiiiiii
alrakxo : Looks like you babe 😘 @lordapex__
lordapex__ : He's a cutie like me 😈 @alrakxo
artuur_hps : Essa cachorrada q eu to ouvindo é da 12 ?? Será ??? Se pá vou encosta !!! @leoo_mosca
oldirtybrys : @jesus_ogkush
jesus_ogkush : The San Diego zoo is the best @oldirtybrys
bigfrank32 : What?!? @AngelineMcComb
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
Valerio the jaguar cub is our #Caturday crush. DM us a photo of your #Caturday crush. (pic by Debbie Beals)
caturday -
wyattgnarley : We need to go soon !!!! @alicia_mcleod
jbodnar37 : @sarahssv lol probably a coincidence, but I wouldn't doubt your family's ability to influence even zookeepers in San Diego all the way from PA
thecakecompany : @diannakiss kedves sziii a vadonban 😍
sarahssv : @jbodnar37 I thought maybe you had a connection there through your cool job and had risen through the ranks so quickly you are now at the stage where you get to name the new animals ;)
jbodnar37 : @sarahssv I can only dream. If I ever have such a privilege, I will certainly keep you in mind. ;)
isaarti999 : @anamgenis_17
anamgenis_17 : Tia que monada @isaarti999
westfieldcarlsbad : Absolutely beautiful!!
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
#fbf June, 2013 - Mr. Wu insists vet exam is actually play time.
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natjann4u : @angelamjann this will be me one day! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸΌ
lizzzie__lu : @alexl_195
fleurbaanders : @manonvanwouwe PANDA
ezzmayyy : @amylee986
thenewstephanietilli : @georgetillinghast
daniella_rozen : @adgutierrez17 😍😍😍
angelamjann : Yeah it will @natjann4u !!
estherrr.xx : @alyssa.deannaa look look look!!!! I want one! 😍🐼
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
Our western lowland gorilla troop welcomed baby Denny in December, 2014. As Denny's teeth have emerged, so has his enthusiasm for thumb-sucking; but his dental development has tested Jessica's tolerance of her son's habit of sucking on her fingers. Western lowland gorillas are critically endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, but our gorilla conservation team in Ebo Forest, Cameroon, is working hard to ensure their survival. #EndExtinction
endextinction -
nikaleng : @_christina_johnson_ @kayferrer good morning! here's a morning selfie i took!
_christina_johnson_ : @nikaleng omg!!! this makes me soo happy...
heatherhoush22 : So sweet!! @mjoy25
sarah_korah : looks like you @arjunmanoo
anaparra.__ : @wwjfd I FOUND ANOTHER ONE!
_joeylynn : @_jredondo_rn_ maddie!!!!
dominiccajamarca : Them eyes tho
_kellzzz7 : @diego_carvajal !!!!
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
Anna the snow leopard is the definition of beauty. Surefooted climbers, snow leopards have been seen at altitudes as high as 18,000 feet in summer, which is just a few thousand feet short of climbing Mt. Everest. (photo by Debbie Beals)
angeliiiiii_ : @tobisthehobis
_thecars : @shaynaxjma 🐱🐱
bigcat123_animals : So PRETTY
riley_jamison : @jennaberlin I've never seen this one whaaa
jennaberlin : @riley_jamison I haven't seen this one either! Where is it!?! I'll believe it when I see it!
__lilyh__ : My bebe @elphabasic
elphabasic : Aww @__lilyh__
__lilyh__ : πŸ˜„ I need a new pass @elphabasic also I'm going to the fair today so I'll be making up the work on the weekend and maybe Monday and Tuesday.
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sandiegozoo - San Diego Zoo
A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it. - Frank A. Clark (pic: Kiera Carvalho)
jaywowzers : @dforniss489 😭
cbmeagher : @kmeagher08
blalock_shawn : @avyonsmith
itzztania : @randol.breh 😊
kathylega : Hey we know him @kaylega @karlalega @jeffywolfe @ap2_aj
jesscalifas_sf : @simplycassandraa I'm a hippopotamus raaaar!
vivhyu : @keatongr hahaha this is too good
morgen_greer : @alexandrampreedy
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