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No filter, no cry.
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
bumpin tracks since 1980
laurie_christina : Your nose changedπŸ™Œ
bad_girlriri : Rihanna's cousin is getting RIHANNA to follow the first few follow him and ask him for Rihanna's follow. Here is his account ~~>@jayquanfenty
colourbliss7 : follow @msanalopez
ejgsomoza : Too cute
solonaguiar : I love you!!!
jean_linda : Happy Birthday to you on the 30th we send you kisses
ladytecniq : 😘
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
last thing the judges see before they walk on stage #idol
idol -
rzawho : Keep Simon on Ryan's roses! @ryanseacrest @1027kiisfm
jeunerois : Follow me for free heels
xosylox : So bummed tickets are already gone for next Weds show :( me and my girls are huge fans and would have loved to see Kelly Clarkson perform but just received my email and tickets are already gone. I guess we will stick to hearing you on the radio. :( this would have really made their spring break. @ryanseacrest
merci_check : Follow all →→@sinaleopold←←
alyssa6112 : Stop with spreading rumors about 1D. That's so rude and mean. Liam and Zayn tweet and talk about how they are good and no one else is leaving and that good is to come. Won't believe a word till 1D says somethig or a song comes out from Zayn or till Harry is in a movie lol!πŸ˜‚πŸ™† Really? don't be saying things you don't know and arnt for sure of. I thought more of you guys but not anymore. What's the point of saying stuff if its not for sure if someone is leaving. Tell when it's for sure, for sure. It only makes it worse and you know that. Alls you guys like to do is ruin things and make is worse by what your say and post on E. @ryanseacrest
lizalessi : @ryanseacrest Ryan tonight when JLO comes over to your house make a move. You guys would be perfect for each other. You are close to the same age. You are both very down to earth. You are both funny, hardworking, ambitious, successful and always busy. you guys would make a lovely couple.
kaitlynnfields : @xthekris10x
foxxest : @evethompsun the words I live by
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
was on push-up number 187 before debbie added some resistance #idol
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laury_dz_10 : Go Ryan!!! :D
bodyproud_initiative : #bodyproud !
nora.ross : You go
bubblegum6633 : My pictures need likes! Ill like all yours.!πŸ˜‰
leegomad : Ryan I remember u on 98.7 back early 2000's ... You mad a racists remark about large Mexican ladies LIVE ON THE ON THE AIR... Something to the fact "it's as bad as waking up to a fat Mexican girl early in the morning!" Never forgot that remark! Never will! U little bitch!
guanobowls23 : @jeffreygvsu can we have super hanging nipples too?
redneckdiva0 : This pic really @ryanseacrest? Please let me help you out with your Social Media PR account & Marketing Communications. I'm eager to start a new job challenge, and ready to work for you!
mlesstrang22 : @leegomad get over it
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
i woke up this morn and georgia was sleeping like this... clearly comfortable
annakellner7 : Aaaaaawwwwww soooooooooo cute and lol :)
cheshire134 : Georgia is so cute i want her
mochi_grimm : So cute
zahra_0796 : @fitions ino
ariyahbishop : @ryanseacrest I love american idol you are a great host and your dog is cute
emitoelmo : Wow!!
thedoghouseguys : @ryanseacrest Georgia in our custom houses...
giantsupply : We want to hook you and Georgia up, @ryanseacrest!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
WHERE'S THE πŸ€ SPIRIT?? snapchat: ryanseacrest
morantheresa : That is funny.
emma_3_neal : They should all get pinched. πŸ˜‚
redneckdiva0 : @ryanseacrest Please, let me help you out with your personal social media PR account & Marketing Communications. I'm looking for a new career challenge, and ready to work for you! #persistent
summeramber1 : @celebpair
khyellin : @bherling
emmersb12 : @maddy12z
annakellner7 : Hey Ryan, I was wearing green on St Patrick's Day :)
shmokahontas : Ellen is freaking awesome! Love her
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
georgia and her sisters celebrated their bday last night
cheshire134 : Sooooooooo cccccuuuuuuttttteeeee
singers_and_rappers_ : Aweee
emitoelmo : Cute😍😍😍😍😍
izzy_and_julia : So cute πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸΆπŸ’™πŸ’™
izzy_and_julia : Happy bd
mariasulawesi : They are so sweet! πŸ₯
annaelee1 : So cute! πŸ’•
giantsupply : We want to hook you and Georgia up, @ryanseacrest!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
someone's tired from a long day
castlenheaven : @ryanseacrest That guy is totally cheating! He got a call in the middle of the night & rushed to SD last minute it makes sense.. His ex was in a car accident & "we're going to get thru this.." His cheating!!!! 😑😑
nitneuq_day : 😈
anggot0730 : She looks like my Jada
jessie_bee35 : Sweet Dreams to you my secret admirer and his precious baby girl Georgia and their families!😴
soabad : Ea hermoso
chominterior : So cute ^^
annakellner7 : Aaaaaawwwwww, Georgia looks soooooo cute when she sleeps :)
noanni_ : Beautiful ..my son has a black lab..his name is Dale they are so smart and yes to Dale I'm grandma ..if my son hollers at him he runs to me....
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
just trying to stay on cookie's good side #empire #idol @tarajiphenson
empire - idol -
queensessi : I love my cookie ! She's such a doll 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
nitneuq_day : 😈
_anacls : Love ryan
kinglou432 : I fucking love @tarajiphenson
jessie_bee35 : Awesome! IπŸ’œπŸ’–you both as a fan and as a SoulMate!πŸ’˜
brandanpatterson : @wooodward remember this one?
gracezammit : @stephanie.zammit Cookie
abigailritaa : @livydextraze
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
help- which @seacreststyle suit for tonight's #idol??
idol -
jessie_bee35 : Amazing Tuxedoes I love your color palette that you with so Awesomely!πŸ’Ÿ
posy1984 : I think the blue suits will good on u
noa.richy : Blue for sure
quentinharris21 : @kevia_dorsey & he is not be toyed with! Hmmmm suit line. Tie in to #Dreams? Hmmmm πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­ lemme tink. Lemme tink!
dallinnieder : A @vonbutton tie bar would be sick with those suits!
anisalarasa : @ryanseacrest nice
vikaviola : White and gold. πŸ‘Œ Nice choices.
danixxmurphy : @vikaviola HA
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
repost @seacreststyle
jamilee_xo : I just fell in love with u. U kissed ur moms forehead! !! So cute
shivanimaharishi : @claudianowakk lol he has insta
rihanna_everything : @parisa8kiani
mensfashionby : Ryan you're kinda become a fox just sayingπŸ… yes I know that's a tiger. Great look πŸ‘
bell_2014_ : So handsome
823sunshine : @ryanseacrest you're my ultimate fav!
k_roeder : @erindebbie is your biggest fan!
theskruggle : @statingfacts101 @ryanseacrest battyman #guesswhat
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