Ryan Seacrest

No filter, no cry.
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
I was in halftime show too u just couldn't see me behind my stunt card #SB50
sb50 -
tluvs_ : @megan.stoneking but this is Ryan Secrest at the super bowl. "Helping" with the halftime show 😂😂😂
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itsacoffeething : @tannerly @janjans11 @yesssi_v
deana.estrada : @danielle__guajardo This is how they did it... They could see foo
punkinmom12 : @danilalakins that's how the crowd could still see the show!
hassanalikhanmirani : Cute😍😍
menyweather86 : Hahah @rinn2207 he literally just mentioned this to me lol
waddlesam : @sarajelica
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
amazing performance @coldplay @beyonce @brunomars #SB50 #halftime
sb50 - halftime -
linabystrom : -i
alroma_brien : great show, excellent preformance but again the same of always, at least beyonce come out with a new song, but really Don Omar!! Uptown funk again is so 2003, make new songs please, with all due respect to bey but the best part of the show, hands down Cold Play!! Good job , thats what we need something new and fresh.
glosantisima : And #dudamel @ryanseacrest
inahenson312 : Wooowwwww!!!!
perlalaasabbagh : @rascharb3 😍
dar_belfiore : Seriously this was the worst half time show ever. This was the garbage they had for 50 th super bowl. And how can anyone like Beyoncé disgusting racial performance?? I guess you morons don't understand what that song is about. It's an anti police and anti white song!!!!! She's total garbage!!! And the whole half time show was a bunch of gay hippie bs!!!! This poor country is so blind.
dar_belfiore : And those of you who thought this was a great half time show obviously don't know what good performances are!!!!! 😁😝👎🏼
mauihigurl : Agreed about Beyoncé! Wtf?!?! Reverse discrimination. I'm sick of it!!!!!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
so glad it’s not me this time #idoltop24
idoltop24 -
lizetteb1 : @ryanseacrest pls pls pls don't post spoilers! We're centuries behind in South Africa :(. And I'd hate to unfollow you temporarily. <3
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sugarrae66 : What a great night on Idol! You were brave Ryan, hugging Trent when he has mono!
turitopo : @chicuelia jajaja
juliebohez : Lol you look relieved.
lizz_0610 : @ryanseacrest you had me watching this scene over and over love your sense of humor
sassyduarte : Ryan your a good sport letting all those people smash you lol
addiehope13 : Sometimes I think wow his job is so cool and others I'm like I'm glad that's not my job
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
idoltop24 -
jewelz_shine : @ryanseacrest gotta tell you you are soo good at your job! Really enjoy watching you on Idol. Bummed it's the last year :(
peekstyle : Www.musicwemake.com
annakellner7 : Nice pic, I love it :)
ramzpam : You are adorable!
su93r5ta7 : May the force be with you. LOL!
panic.love : I can here your voice saying this OMG 😂😂
aimalyaim : Is it meant to look like a bridge?
serock : Wow!!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
serving up more #hollywoodweek tonight along w/ @JLo’s new snack of the day
hollywoodweek -
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llbingll : Im going to miss all four of you. You all were the perfect match. You made me want to watch the show and you all cared. Going to miss it
annakellner7 : I love the American Idol family and I am going to missssssssssss the American Idol family ♥️♥️♥️
annakellner7 : That's a very beautiful pic of you, Keith, Harry and JLO :)
blueeyedblondejjs : I'm going to miss you all! Best judges, ever! You 3 need another show of your own😍❤️👍
sodevine15 : This year American Idol is the best in the last 5 years.. So many talented singers. I love Mckenzie and Tristan @ryanseacrest
suzieboop55 : Yes great talent this year hard to pick. Great jobs the judges are doing. Best judges ever
manny_2024 : Ya all are amazing guys🙌🏾✌🏻️
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
meanwhile Georgia and the girls out to lunch
vanessanicole___ : @hrussell6301
marwanih : @ryanseacrest Slay gurlssss💁💅🎉
brod1816 : Do you look at your Dms? @ryanseacrest
featuring_mua : Cute
annakellner7 : Georgia look pretty in this pic with her friends :)
annakellner7 : I love this pic and it is a really nice pic :)
colbythecavapoo : Cute 🐶
lyzielbongcaras : @ryanseacrest can i have the brown one?:)
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
gonna find out what's on OG level
andreabernalesore : @pia.seminarioa
lilyeldridge9831 : So what did you find?
caralea50 : Old Garage?
charlotterudds : 336-618-6364 Ryan sent me this video hahaha
lil3959 : What ms the number for
latice777 : @otownofficial is on OG level; they were formed on the OG Making the Band.... also you should have them on your morning radio show, they are celebrating their 15-year Anniversary since their debut album...
pia.seminarioa : @andreabernalesore jajajajajaja que en paz descanse og
timhooo_ : "Oh God" Level
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
don't show Georgia this picture
alexacuevas28 : I wish i can be that dog 😍😜😛😚😘😙
zoedicaire : @taliahobe
serock : Hey @ryanseacrest would be awesome if my twin and I could meet you sometime!! We are twin viners signed with DNAPR and maker studios Disney! Would be a huge honor!!:)
mzjzbravo : Mmmm! ♡♡♡
ans.82 : @addison._.combs haha
simplychanari : Calling the show this week @ryanseacrest ... Dating question
biazynha_fc : 😍😍😍 @biazynha28 👆🏻
madelinezelaya : Cute
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
u could swap out a 20lb dumbbell for this thing #hollywoodweek
hollywoodweek -
maria_amelia_rodriguez : Ha ha ha @ryanseacrest 💪👍☺️
juliebohez : HAHHAA! Lol.
hind2233 : This account a letter from the mother to the world after Bashar al-Assad killed her daughter and please, Adivoha Ademoha up @rayanalomayan #syria
cox.joanna : I'll miss it
yajairabez : Give it to me!
yajairabez : You want it keep it it's yours. That's what your face said
kasra_sh : @ryanseacrest I think you are the best executive 😉
jzero81 : Well deserved
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
rolling in @harryconnickjr’s cryogenic chamber for #hollywoodweek tonight
hollywoodweek -
marlineprincess : Why jelo! rejected some beuatiful ladies with beautiful voice in the idol! not fair!
courtney_stebbins22 : I think it was a prank to have Kanye West on American Idol because he wasn't there for Hollywood Week #1 episode last night.
delanob50 : American Idol will not be missed❗️👋🏽😄
nellyferferi : No pls don't leave
hassanalikhanmirani : Sweet😍😍
jacquline_chertow : So will tell my story the birth of ai....U could work on it but U not grateful. Enough... met selenas killer while kidnapped smelled like tobacco products bring 100% weed only in limo... I am not driving unless it fake driving @fox studios!!!!!,,
jacquline_chertow : Queen Jacqueline or Nikki j.Breeze don't call me bad names like Erick Bishop!!!!
aidinketabitabriz : پاشووووو جم کن با این شیت بازیات
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