Ryan Seacrest

No filter, no cry.
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
repost @seacreststyle
dofir_m : Good
owin_kenley : Stunning speaker
ddanasung : 😍πŸ”₯
jennyyyyy414 : Love you ryan❀❀
michie_8 : handsome <3
nidiasagara : @brunojavarez ! 😍😍
meabh_reid : @liamintern
hadisgoli1112 : Very good
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
so when I went to the dentist I found out I have a chipped tooth from chewing pens all the time...naturally @officialellenk already had a visual aid ready. @onairwithryan
x.x__________x.x : TWINS
princessjennym : @8dly lol oh no!!!! My chewy pens!!!!
14christenducheno : Eww
anthony__sullivan : Pens??? Haha @shoulihan19
jerosilyn1981 : Haha :)
_hallejoski_ : Ewww
nancyshops1 : Lol. Ryan!!!!!!!
radiodano : Lol @Courtneyonair
tawnycarrier - elana_18 - altheameloveeee - sdgradney -
ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
dr marashi thanks for the painless dental visit....i will hold my smile for next 2 hours
jonmarashidds : @audreyeichler sorry didn't see you this morning during your teeth cleaning, hope you are well! Thanks for telling your friend @bigmanoren about my office. See you soon!
jonmarashidds : @2berg glad to be the one you trust, thanks!
carolralicki : Nice teeth
audreyeichler : @bigmanoren when your dentist replies on to you your Instagram feed. That's some mother fucking service. This guy is the king!! @jonmarashidds see you next time doc!
nita.rexhepi : 😈
mbeaverb1 : Holy Crap, that's my dentist. Stan Golden still kicks ass though!
ban.ray : Nice teeth idol!!!! Phl. @ryanseacrest
evettedabney : :-) @ryanseacrest #KeepSmiling!!!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
woodpecker was driving my parents crazy at the house so dad installed an owl, tin foil and pizza pans. Its all out war in the ATL
shell_bell72 : We hv the same issue!!! Damn woodpeckers
jeanninej9 : Our issue is pigeons! They sit and moan all. Day. Long.
juliebwillsell : We now have spikes in our lights on our patio because of birds - feel your pain.
bctaylor1982 : Can you just buy a bee bee gun?
_urbanphotographer_ : Hi guys! Please check out my photography 😊 Thank you! Have a great day!
junehuhn : Birds are awesome! Please don't shoot them. Please protect our wildlife, they were here first!
luvdev27 : @ryanseacrest @officialellenk did he try the helium balloons the one caller recommended?
beautifulrm80 : Oh gees lol @niecee24
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
getting woken up from a nap and not having a single clue if it's day or night sorcery provided by the great @zachking
no0o_aa : @happ1nessss Ω„ΩŠΨ΄ الاسف Ψ΅Ψ­ ΨͺΩ…Ψ§Ψ―ΩŠΨͺβœ‹πŸšΆπŸ˜‚
happ1nessss : @no0o_aa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
manuelborgesmusic : @baambaam89 @_elmo23_corazon
iamdawnnichole : @zachking is insanely talented
superstoked99 : @annnakathryn this is cool
annnakathryn : @superstoked99 are you following him??
superstoked99 : @annnakathryn nope...just my random stalking
superstoked99 : Lol
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
2 Painz reporting for duty. @officialellenk @onairwithryan (don't worry it’s not real)
lbs123123 : @1027kiisfm ❀️
ff_19909 : Ψ§Ψ­Ψ¨ΩƒΩ…
foxhorseapache : Bitch
stas_havrylyuk : @followersgoal
crazylife1989 : Yyyyaaaaassssss
itsmechocolat : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kaeoli16 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
slay_z.15 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
say hello to ur newest idol...@nickfradiani! big congrats buddy #idolfinale
idolfinale -
tanice.kerr : Love you both! Love the show! Love the judges! I too will miss Idol! :( Congrats Nick! πŸ˜€πŸ‘
summer_is_cute10 : So happy for you guys congratulations to you Nick.
trapbanditt : If you are looking to make money, view my page
imjhovand : congratz nick
denisegutierrezz : i saw you at knotts!!!jk it was just a look alike
harveyy1996 : The only idols that became big and still are, are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and kinda Jordan Sparks.
rote204 : I like ur radio Ryanβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† i mean ur program...i have fan when u guys talk n morning w/ the fanny girl.β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†lol ...muy bueno ..very nice..β™‘my name is gladys...besos 4 both..
disneygal50 : oh i've said hello!!!
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
what's for dinner @jlo? my snapchat: ryanseacrest #idolfinale
idolfinale -
rach_luvs_softball_99 : Chinese ??!!?!
emsaenz25 : Wrong winner. Maybe thats why it should all end......
luvashirah : @xo_crissy_xo @_meryaa πŸ’πŸ˜
bystanturd : @adrianna_love22 why don't you follow ur own advice of interfering with other people's comments that have nothing to do with your nobody self, and mind your own damn business. This is an open forum, so we all have a right to freedom of speech. Just because you're uncomfortable with the feedback you read is not my fault. I'm not responsible for your damn feelings. If it hurts you to read it, then close your eyes and run to your mommy. #justsaying
89royjr : Hello
jessie_bee35 : Please e-mail me at this address, jasminerose3615@icloud.com! I would love to hear from you because we need to talk as friends about where our friendship/relationship is going between us! I really want to someday get married and have children with you! My love for you is so strong that I can share my heart and mind and soul feelings and emotions! Please except my blessing and prayer for our love to blossom from my heart to your heart!🌟
kyle_mckim_13 : @jessie_bee35 Are you ok?
skylove580 : Lol
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
caution: shoulder rolls ahead. @keithurban #idolfinale
idolfinale -
sallyj1210 : That was the best picture ever
mai_pachuau : I love this guy
stylesydneysocial : @allie1511
allie1511 : @stylesydneysocial 😍😍😍😍
nataliepearsonn : @christian_npearson
dancer6hoa : @caileigh_9 Awesome 😍❀
aprilcasti : @garibaymichelle yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss
garibaymichelle : @aprilcasti don't look at the lights doe lol
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ryanseacrest - Ryan Seacrest
sick vid from backstage of @princeroyce @jlo and @pitbull performance by @demetripappas #idolfinale
idolfinale -
melinaloz : @junialoz
iamcrissyanderson : This was AWESOME..... loved the song and of course @jlo killed it
ilovedolphins3b : Hi
ilovedolphins3b : Jhon
glamgrrldb : That's a lot of flame. Where can I watch performance?
dunna013 : Looks like wizard of oz
dancer6hoa : @caileigh_9 Wow 😍❀πŸ”₯
instagr8ness : EPIC @SAM.DAM
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