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Brand Director at Origami Owl. Blogger. Photographer. Ariz☀️na living. Travel dreaming. Snap Me: KateKeyt
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
Snapchat Adventures...when you're in the hot tub and you need to cool off. ❄️👼🏻👼🏼👼🏻❄️ #snowangels #existentialexperience #kateformvp #hotpockets #gogurt @brandontnel @miss_kelly_lynn @tyfighter_
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lucydeleonj : @aaandreaf esto es lo q quieres hacer vdd!!?? Listas @krystalq @jimenaochoag @saraavs @jossabarca @adrianapg @monyzepeda22 @karenlr11
locketsbybre : @kristitanis looks like we're not the only ones that do this!!
theclassywoman : I've done that before from hot tub to snow angel in the freezing snow. It's invigorating (it's actually healthy! They have hot/cold options at spas)
nay_amh : Do you want @megironq ?
fabsgirl : Insane!!! My boys have done this in their underwear🙈
kaystar234 : @gmariesanta so fun!
taylor_sexsmith : @ness.yaremcio lets do this
bevswim : Too cold!!
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
thestylishhousewife : Such a great pic! ❤️
_sarahtucker : I am so happy for you!!!
_morganhunt : Beauty
brandontnel : Holding me up cuz I'm swooning so hard 💓
dtkaustin : Y'all are so cute!!
t.madisonshop : I can't take this! You guys are so freakin' adorable. 😻😻😻😻
ale_bbg12_ - thetravelwomen - lilypad701 - tiffanytremblay -
runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
I saw you first...Across a crowded room. ❤️🌹✨
sydneyayles : my heart just skipped like 7 pitter patters while reading this. Love you two!!!
avagracescloset : ❤️❤️❤️
laurenbowyer : now this is romantic!! 😍
fabsgirl : You could write a story!❤️
brandontnel : Never.
marinkovichdurfee : I have been reading your blog for a long time and am so happy for you!!!
theclassywoman : Aw, how sweet! <3 He's a keeper!!!
laurabkiel : Cannot handle!!!!! 💗💗🙌🏻🙌🏻
twochixoneblog - thetravelwomen - tiffanytremblay - rilea_evan -
runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
Winter wonderland. 💙
dtkaustin : Beautiful!
chardphoto : Perfection!
style_reengineered : So peaceful 💙
style_reengineered - ricwoodgett - thestyledtexan - kristynflorence -
runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
Bubble. Ya lyublyu tebya.
runningonhappiness : @rickkeyt it's Russian. ;)
sydneyayles : I AM DYING. COMPLETELY DEAD. are you kidding Katherine
fabsgirl : Love seeing you happy!
amyeliseallen : I've been following you forever and this makes me so happy. 💙 You are such a beautiful soul. Miss you over on your blog. :)
runningonhappiness : @brittybanks it's in Heber, UT!
runningonhappiness : @sydneyayles hahaha you can't!!! I NEED YOU!! 😉
runningonhappiness : @dtkaustin @fabsgirl thank you beautiful ladies!!! ❤️❤️
runningonhappiness : @amyeliseallen Awww thank you for your sweet words. I miss blogging! Hoping I'll find time for it again. So much to write about! ❤️
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
Exploring Ice Castles.
runningonhappiness : @thebloomer @muse_apparel thank you so much for the positive vibes. Won't stop running. 💛
runningonhappiness : @meganmerrillstrong Awww thanks love!! SO great meeting you over the weekend!! 💗
runningonhappiness : @shmell22 thank you Mel!! Hope all is well beautiful! 💖
runningonhappiness : @chrissyweems your face though....😍🌟☄
runningonhappiness : @dtkaustin thank you love!!
runningonhappiness : @kspellbound miss you 😘
clauddm : @rtuton !!!
mazmoore : This pic!!!!! It's pretty much amazing. 📸❤️
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
Rainy days, antiquarian bookstores and him.
miss_kelly_lynn : such a perfect shot 🙌🏻
chrissyweems : Great hair day for @brandontnel 😂
runningonhappiness : @chrissyweems amazing hair day 😍
brandontnel : Thanks for indulging me! You're the best 😘
runningonhappiness : @avagracescloset thank you so much for your support. 😘
runningonhappiness : @megankgraham_ thank you so much!! A long time coming! Hope all is well sweet friend. ❤️
runningonhappiness : @brandontnel your spirit glows in the dust of old books that tell more stories than just the words on their pages. I could be there with you for hours.💙
stacyerickson4 : I am loving this new chapter of your book! It inspires me and tells me to keep opening new doors!! ❤️
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
So it goes....❤️
jennacolgrove : Such a cute pair!! ☺️
camibarrett : You deserve to be running on happiness forever beautiful girl! ❤️❤️❤️
rebecca1780 : I second what @antoinette_mot said. @runningonhappiness you are a beautiful woman and deserve much happiness. Been following your blog for a while as well. Wishing you all the best in 2016!
estrella1105 : So happy for you, I've been following your blog for a while. ❤️
theclassywoman : @runningonhappiness I had followed your blog for a while before you stepped away from it. Out of nowhere today while driving you came to mind and I wondered how you were doing. My daughter is napping in the car so I looked you up here. Without saying to much personally on IG, let me just say that seeing this pic of you two together gives me hope. Sometimes life is so very different than we originally planned or imagined for ourselves. We may often feel sad, confused and don't understand what God is doing and what He has for us in the future. We may resist what our heart is telling us but I believe when we follow our heart we always win. In some way your recent pics almost give me some confirmation and now as I'm typing I got an email pop up on my phone with what I believe is now a second confirmation (very weird!) I know 2016 will be a year of change for me and I'm excited to see where it leads. I'm also so happy and excited for you Kate in this new chapter of your life and new love. I wish you both great happiness and joy together. May it be everything the past was not! 💗 You are beautiful inside and our and deserve true happiness and love. So sorry for my novel here, just felt compelled to write you. 😘
theclassywoman : *too -sorry for the typos. ;)
runningonhappiness : @theclassywoman thank you so much for your sweet, thoughtful message. It was beautiful to read this morning. How funny you thought of me today...I'm humbled to know that my journey can give you or others hope. Sometimes the things we don't understand are the things we need most. Out of adversity comes our greatest strength. And I can't testify enough that everything in life is exactly as it should be. No matter what trial or triumph you face. There is always a break through to reach. Thank you for the wishes. I wish you the best in your journey ahead. There is so much to come. ❤️
theclassywoman : @runningonhappiness Thanks Kate!! I realized after I saw a car go by with Origami Owl on the side and that is what triggered it! :) I agree, even when it feels like we're in the wrong place, we have to trust that it will lead us to the right place. I believe your story will touch others too. Nothing we go through is wasted.
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
It's in the details. 🌙
dtkaustin : Love!!
teachme_style : 👌
miss_kelly_lynn : obsessed with that dress! @forloveandlemons??
runningonhappiness : @miss_kelly_lynn yes it is!!
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runningonhappiness - Kate Keyt
We took this picture with only two things - an iPhone and a million dollar telescope! It was a breathtaking view. #moon #myotherhalf 💛🌗🔭
myotherhalf - moon -
style_reengineered : Gorgeous ❤️❤️
ericaargumaniz : @buddrummer
brandontnel : 🌗🌓
kerryacochran : Incredible! 🌜✨
tiffaninel : That's amazing!!
fabsgirl : Like whoa...
simplyfabulouschic : Looks absolutely stunning!
theclassywoman : So very cool!
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