Ryan Clements

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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Watch me goon it up with @porpe at #TheBoardrAm at Stoner Plaza. The edit from the first one ever is posted at TheBoardr.com and XGames.com. Congrats to winner @joncoseh, who gets an all expense paid trip and a spot in the Finals at X Games Austin in June.
theboardram -
mpbtampa : @Joncoseh freakn rips!
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Our first attempt at a Pop Up Store will be in effect at the Zephyrhills Skatepark Grand Opening tomorrow. This is @justinsworld doing a test setup at HQ. Come out to Z-hills and hang with us...all info at TheBoardr.com/Events.
krueazy : Looking on point!! @justinsworld
mpbtampa : Nice!!
mrshittooth : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
I flew over 130,000 miles last year, but prop planes are never cool. This was shot right before a short flight from Kimberley to Johannesburg, South Africa. I've been down there four times, and have had the pleasure of taking most of those trips with @hidefjoe and @jamescraig24. #tbt
tbt -
mpbtampa : Agreed, they are pretty sketchy😬
mpbtampa : .....the prop planes not @hidefjoe and @jamescraig24 I meant....
hidefjoe : Can't wait to go back! Right @jamescraig24?
jamescraig24 : Yes indeed my friend @hidefjoe as long as @porpe keeps my travel time to under 40 hours hahaha @rtclem great times!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ»
chrisdonmoyer : @rtclem You travel w/ some sketchy dudes! πŸ˜‰ @hidefjoe @jamescraig24
mommamalbec : Thought you were showing a new plane you guys just bought
judheald : Small planes are more fun! But noisy.
kimberleydiamondcup : Good men
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
@justinsworld starting the grill and @bfd_bob looking all cool at the beginning of last night's Frontside Grind Tuesdays. We do one the last Tuesday of everyone month. Hope to see you at @theboardr HQ soon.
littlejojobirdie : @hollyryan78
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
It's the last Tuesday of the month, which we call Frontside Grind Tuesdays. Old ass dudes that want to slash it up are welcome to come skate with us @theboardr HQ at 6pm this evening. Free beer and food courtesy of @pass_port! Maybe you can get a cover, too...
tha_black_undrground : I'll be on the next thing smoking
anthonyfurlong : Old dudes @mfrazier72 and myself are shredding lakeland at 3. Bring it
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Got back from #TheBoardrAm LA early this morning to find @kingofybor on the tail end of finishing up with my new deck, that costs about four times more than my pool. That's how we do it in Tampa...
theboardram -
brendaulibarri : Brendaulibarri@milguilles perfecto amor un mismo lugar para los dos! !!
crisnieratko : Wow looks AWESOME @rtclem!!!!
mpbtampa : Bad ass!#
needleman : Flyouts into the pool tightt
dirty_bluh : @fflawleswallace @aj_sco @sageteee so sick
ricardoxcamargo : #rampjam
cooperqua : OH MY GOD I want to skate this soooooo bad
smokeyandtheband : Radical!!!
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
I'm not exactly sure what @nieratko was asking @alexmidler, but I'm guessing it was pertaining to very serious subject matter. All results from #TheBoardrAm are at TheBoardr.com, and you'll get to see the edits that @hidefjoe is putting together in a few days. Thanks to everyone that came out to our first one!
theboardram -
banktocurb : Probably about his mom
mpbtampa : His microphone looks just like a Boardr water bottle. Thats some James Bond shit right thereπŸ˜ƒ
rthomp - paulpschl - timogodines - gvez_sk -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Good morning from Stoner Plaza in LA. @hidefjoe has the pleasure of following me around the world, filming @porpe and I continually saying dumb things. Here we are working on our intros for the Contest edit, as well as some clips for our #theboardram one-hour TV show on ABC/ESPN.
theboardram -
onefelix : Congrats!
thecookerlyboys : I am so jealous, I love that park. Have fun and congratulations
fotosetbyjames : Sick man, congrats!
yungbastard._ : Wat time on tv
yorkatron : πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ»
theboardr : @okayskater we will let everyone know when we get the airtime and date
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
While registration for #theboardram was going on at Stoner Plaza, I visited @redbull HQ to talk about an event we're doing with them in a few months. This "ramp" runs through the middle of their building. Talk about a lot of Skatelite...
theboardram -
alexclaypeavey : Bomb it Clem!
evansk8r : That is crazy cool!
michaelafish : Ha I told you that thing was cool! @rtclem
beaker4369 : Thanks for stopping by, good to see you boys!!
krou813 : πŸ‘Œ
rtclem : Can you bring me some of that fancy water over to Stoner @gashuffer?
gashuffer : Should we fill up a few jugs for the RV ?
rtclem : I think that's appropriate @gashuffer.
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
We're staying out in Pasadena and found the local skatepark. This is probably one of the worst obstacles, and parks overall, that I've ever been to. I had @nateilardi stand next to this "hubba?" for height perspective. Gotta love the lack of coping and the bullshit rollover lip on the quarter-pipe, too. #theboardram here next time we're in LA? Ha!
theboardram -
destroyfatassfrank : @akadune come skate Duarte sometime man me n Ben Schroeder are always there
akadune : @destroyfatassfrank Yah will do!
blueeyefilter : For the bmx
blueeyefilter : Or the roller skates
blueeyefilter : Or the scooter nekmint
bcskater : Emt ramp
bakedbeans_n_grice : Scratching my head on this one
jackstrzalkowski : Hi I'm the township, I'll approve a skatepark, but we gonna build it real ignorant
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