Ryan Clements

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rtclem - Ryan Clements
It was a proud moment when I got my first cover of FSG Mag way back in 2009. I hope I can get another tonight because it's our monthly Frontside Grind Tuesdays at @theboardr HQ, 6pm - 9pm. See you here!
dummywheels : It's a true blessing to get that cover:)
rakimsmith : Smash!
sassypantsssss : Look at that sexy hair haha @rtclem
paradoxgrip : 🍻
nunimood : I got some fsg for u ....
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
We flew from Tampa to LA and barged our way into the home of @austyngillette a few weeks ago to ask for his help. He came up with a pretty good idea. Introducing...The Boardr Am Series. All info at TheBoardrAm.com.
jimthiebaud : Nice work
paradoxgrip : πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ‰
tecmaticaskate : Is this this it @rtclem? CR involved?
rtclem : This is the beginning of it @tecmaticaskate. Who is CR?
zac_votruba : Why is it $100 per stop? That's a crazy amount of entry fee for an am series. Just wondering, brother.
jondevo : Those fackin kicks yo- πŸ‘ž
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
You know I'm 'bout dat life. Hit the Diamond Park before heading to the Plan B Premiere tonight in Hollywood. Thanks for the photo @porpe.
harfnarf : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¨
6dago6dyna6 : Yea Clem. That park looks rad, I haven't made it out of San Diego yet.
rakimsmith : Hell yeah pimpin, smash grind.
jeremeknibbs : Bout It Bout It
vernlaird : #boutdatlife
rubbleman : Bout it
saiz5412 : !!
judheald : That looks fun @rtclem
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Right off the plane to Sheldon Skatepark. We should do a contest at this place...or some other park around here, sometime sooner than later. @johnsarna with the bs lip.
hellonwheels : I was there last week. The mellow tranny section is super fun
rtclem : Not sure what they call that area @rakimsmith, but it's way north of Hollywood, almost to the Valley.
johnsarna : Nice meeting you πŸ‘ @rtclem
childhobbs : Sun Valley @rtclem @rakimsmith
rtclem : Yeah @johnsarna!
rtclem : Thanks @childhobbs.
judheald : I was there a week ago @rtclem everything is built well but I was disappointed that there was no euro gap and just how far you had to travel from one side to the other be for you get to the thing ur going for.
spinstagramog : That's right by me yo
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Not quite first class, but it will have to do. @porpe and I are heading to LA for the Plan B Premiere tonight. Looking forward to a "day off" skating today...
beaker4369 : See you there friends!
paradoxgrip : @pduffplanb say his to the @theboardr hemmes for me
paradoxgrip : Hi
sullivank02 : #ridingwiththecattle
thecookerlyboys : Safe travels, have fun
rtclem : He slept the whole flight @shaynewitmer. I worked. Ha.
spankgrip : Hell yeah see you there!
mr._washington : @roozlee Rooz alter bist du das?
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
"FOR LIFE" is right. We did the Grind for Life Awards today at @theboardr HQ. It sure as hell makes me proud to be a skateboarder. I met @thegreek666 in 1986 at a contest, and we are still at events together to this day. @grindforlifeorg is an inspiration to all. #omardelgado, never stop. Thanks to everyone that hung out with us today.
omardelgado -
vivafisk : @rtclem yeah buddy!!!
bigmiketampa : @Thegreek666 Greeeeeeeek!!!!!!! πŸ‘βœŠ
andymac720 : Good work!
billyjack108 : Greeeeeeek
sk8scooter : πŸ‘
paradoxgrip : πŸ»πŸ™πŸ™
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
You know, just doing a little marketing with our marketing stickers and marketing tent. Come hang out with us for the Grind for Life Awards today at @theboardr HQ.
nolanw : #marketing101
paradoxgrip : @rtclem let us know when you need marketing grip 🍻
krou813 : Hope it's a great day!
bigmiketampa : @rtclem Had a great time, thanks Ryan!
rtclem : Thanks for being there and always supporting us @bigmiketampa!
bigmiketampa : @rtclem πŸ‘
second2nonebarbershop : Thanks for having us come out it was awesome.πŸ’ˆ
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Stoked to be giving away these medals and trophies at the Grind for Life Awards tomorrow at @theboardr HQ. Come hang with us, skate, eat, and have a good time. Doors at 12pm. All info at TheBoardr.com/Events.
kingofybor : That banner wall tho. πŸ‘Œ
rtclem : Agreed @kingofybor. Couldn't have asked for a better wall.
titoporrata : Nice banner wall!!!!! @kingofybor hahaha
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
This year for the Great American Teach In I hit two schools in Tampa. It's definitely one of the most inspiring days of the year for me. Being able to talk about what I do and hopefully influence some kids to follow their passion and dreams is something I take very seriously. Oh, @porpe is painting the wall for some video premieres we have coming up soon at @theboardr HQ. Details at TheBoardr.com/Events.
bboardsintl : @rtclem ^
rollin.thunder : πŸ‘
boojohnson : πŸ‘
railsandtails : πŸ‘πŸ‘
stevernyc : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
franklinskateshop : #livinthedream
paulkobriger : You guys are #nevernotkillingit πŸ™Œ
fourstarsteve : Come to Pinellas county next year?
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
I spent years drinking in Ybor City. Now I go down there to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree with family and friends, like @scottyb813 and Asher. Thanks for the pic @jennaclements! We will get you a tree soon!
radmomma -
mrsgow : She is adorable!! Good job @jennaclements & @rtclem ! 😊
judheald : Kids bring out the good! @rtclem
lanahuckster : presh!!!!!!
hollyryan78 : Awww such a good one!
uhia_mht : Cool pic
hellonwheels : I was going to comment "rad dads" but it looks like it's already been beat to death @jennaclements
rtclem : Haha...thanks @coreyduffel @hellonwheels.
rtclem : Also...#radmomma @jennaclements...
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