Ryan Clements

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rtclem - Ryan Clements
I flew from Tampa to LA this morning...and damn it's been a long day! Our first stop was @berrics to pick up some product for #adidasskatecopa, which is at Westchester on Saturday. It was a a skateboard-superstar packed session, and amongst Koston, Mountain, and Howard, I ran into one of the coolest dudes out, @danilebron, who happens to still have more pop than someone half his age.
adidasskatecopa -
greg_s_carroll : @rtclem @danilebron two of the best people on the planet right there.
rothdigga : @dickridinnigga Spain ridin.
danilebron : Long time no see @greg_s_carroll hope I see u!!!!!
danilebron : You know!!!! @hntr_1993.1996 👹👹👹
blakecarpenter : Back and forth like a mad man! Let's link up
peter_strozynski : @dani_skate15
eltropii23 : RADDDD!!
stillborneusa : Plastic face crew
slowwk24 - scottehlert - vreveles86 - bakedbeans_n_grice -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Heading back on the road to #adidasskatecopa, which is this Saturday in LA at Westchester. Even if your shop isn't in the Contest, the Boost the Bar Best Trick is open to everyone...for free! Hope to see you there. All info at TheBoardr.com/Events.
adidasskatecopa -
stephforsberg : @yarbbb r you going to this?
yarbbb : Possibly you!?
yarbbb : @joshuaforsberg
sk8ermom540 : @bradenstelma
jennaclements - calle0205 - lo_____ding - jschlek -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
I'm so grateful to not be in an airport right now. For the past few weeks it's been nonstop travel, but today was different...normal day at @theboardr, session on the #dreamdriveway after work, and dinner at my own kitchen table. The flights start again on Thursday, but I'm enjoying being in Tampa for now...
dreamdriveway -
matt_coplon : This city rules. Seriously.
georgallis - poldxd - tonyhawk - justdylanperry -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
This morning @chickenlivers started his trek from Tampa to LA for the first stop of #adidasskatecopa. It's at Westchester next Saturday. Casey has spent the past few weeks getting this rig all set up and ready to roll. All info is at TheBoardr.com/Events.
adidasskatecopa -
ska8r4life : You guys are blowing up. Way to go @rtclem
gonzthedog : Get it! @chickenlivers
gashuffer : That trailer is looking a little low in the front. @chickenlivers
chickenlivers : Got her loaded down @gashuffer
milliganfm : #SafeJourneys
spankgrip : Yeah Casey! @chickenlivers
ty_slife : Safe travels dude ✌️ @chickenlivers
chickenlivers : Thanks fellas @ty_slife @spankgrip
deagal - matt_coplon - pilar_la_dura - 1_vandalen_1 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
This damn Florida weather! I'm thinking positive though. If I say it enough times, it WILL happen: "It will stop raining. It will stop raining. It will stop raining." It's a wet start to #TheBoardrAm here in Bradenton, but the Contest will go on!
theboardram -
rthomp : Wish you guys the bet of luck!
mcw813 : Probably won't stop
cristobalsb2015 : @jasonsb2015
lvll99 : Should be done in half an hour..ish
kwkyo : @gonzthedog now I know why you went to Tampa!! Damn son......
sk8scooter : Welcome to our world!
bispo90 : @edsonbiscaia
ansrthis : Thanks again for the contest @rtclem good meeting you. For portfolio check my page and I'll email my website.
bispo90 - ansrthis - joshclark7 - bodychrons -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
I flew out to LA on Wednesday night, had my top-secret, invite-only, industry who's-who meeting (I'm grateful to be included) yesterday, and now I'm flying home to Tampa. On a lighter, non-political note, we have our 3rd #TheBoardrAm tomorrow at Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark. Winner gets a spot in the Finals at X Games and hangs with the #boardrboys in Austin, all expenses paid. Hope to see you there!
boardrboys - theboardram -
scottyb813 : @rtclem yeah dude. Hitting up the drive at 530.
rtclem : Flight lands at 7 @scottyb813. Sunday...
scottyb813 : Sick.
nflagg : @zacharyjohn92 @jordanlewis101
dannysk8s - d__bong - earthwavesandfire - justdylanperry -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
I'm on a quick trip to Los Angeles from Tampa, with an out-of-the-way layover at JFK in NY. I got off my plane and this @delta Porsche was waiting to take me to my next gate. That was a nice surprise!
picski77 : Not real life
picski77 : 💯🎉
littlepawnyc : You forgot to come by my crib for home cook meals @rtclem
bboardsintl : Boss!
mundi_skateshop : whaat!?
dccox : @rtclem How many miles do you have!!!!
natashatelfer : Your such a baller now @rtclem 😄
mfrazier72 : Awesome!!
carebraham - pilar_la_dura - thebatsinco - scubasteve -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
While I was "on vacation" (as @porpe puts it) in Australia last weekend, the rest of the #boardrboys hosted @grindforlifeorg at Lakeland Skatepark. Check the coverage at TheBoardr.com. I swear I told them to do the bowl portion of the Contest in the big bowl, not the flow bowl, but maybe Jorge was like, "Clem will never know..."
boardrboys -
eeeddooo : @s0l4c3_
_its_just_kyle_ - _steezuschrist - gusse2400 - alexdubois2102 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
The past week has just flown by...and I never made this post. Congrats to @jaggereaton for winning #TheBoardrAm at Houston and getting a spot in the Finals at X Games Austin in June. This is @starheadbody...he came to @southsidehtx to hang for the day and bring posting vibes...
theboardram -
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
Traveling and experiencing other places and cultures is the best. It's pretty easy to get by in Australia, though. The accents are heavy, so you have to listen carefully. And be sure to look both ways because they "drive on the wrong side of the road." But I always get a little laugh out of the way things are worded in other places. In Oz you get brekky, not breakfast, and your to-go order is take-away. Had a great time here...Tampa-bound now, with care.
kkr___ : Like in Canada they have "squeeze left" instead of "Merge" .ha. Safe travels and yes let's skate @scottyb813 @rtclem
_dossie_ : Australia's the best mate!
kbstahl : Rad hangin @rtclem Safe travels!
jamiegotinsta : Great to meet you yesterday at @bowlarama Please congratulate @alexsorgente for us. Let us know next time you are in town so the boys and I can take you for a skate.
scottyb813 : @kkr___ pardon? Ha!
batesdynasty : More Floridians down under @sk00zle @fuck_tyler @johnwalsh__
rtclem : Hey @jamiegotinsta...great to meet you and the family. I enjoyed watching it with you!
rtclem : That's exactly it @kkr___! Please text me Monday...let's set up a time.
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