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rtclem - Ryan Clements
It was a beautiful day in Las Vegas at Craig Ranch Skatepark for #TheBoardrAm. That's @jakeilardi with a bs flip over the rail. And congrats to @enzo_cautela on the win! Thanks to all of our friends in Vegas for the support.
theboardram -
bendick : @shortbusskateboards @sk8np0ng1 I see you!!!!!!
jakeilardi : πŸ‘Š
rakimsmith : @abooogie
shortbusskateboards : Power stance! @bendick
marciovenicios - prosk8ter11 - jaydenseidman - kyle_skate12 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Come hang with the #boardrboys at Craig Ranch in Las Vegas for #theboardram on Saturday. The winner gets an all-expense paid trip to Austin for the Finals at @xgames!
boardrboys - theboardram -
silksquad : My boy get in this @yeahdezi
rakimsmith : So sick
riioaprianto - chadlilley13 - augustosbuck - valentin062002 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
I'm in Las Vegas and #theboardram wants you! Come hang with us at Craig Ranch. Winner gets an all-expense paid trip to the @xgames and a spot in the Finals. All info is at TheBoardr.com/Events. Now I'm going to party my head off in Vegas!
theboardram -
hassaminian : you make business travel look cool.
rtclem : I just have a good filmer @hassaminian.
longlivethedirtysouth : That place is so fun!
fredvanschie : @bluegeno Get this guy on your podcast! CC: @lacivegas
rxjasonturtle : πŸ™πŸ™
timelessteek4 : @jeremeknibbs @adrian_mccoy 1 of u boyz funna take that !
freefromfreedumb - jaydenseidman - connarsparks - loofetaks44 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Still out in the Vista, CA area and hit up the Alga Norte park in Carlsbad this evening. Got to see old friends @taylor_bingaman and @drillbittroy...as well as @alexsorgente, who kept skating once we were chilling.
grindforlifeorg : you go over the Door @rtclem
pacificodrinkin : You skating tomorrow @rtclem ?
mobiletang : I live a mile away
alexsorgente : Yewww!!! πŸ‘
zakra_miller : @rtclem in my hood!
nick_matlin : @lowcardmag
briwinterr : @angellgutierrez
kingofybor : I saw Sheffy there last time
memoryhousemag - jadenhuibregtse - evan_tiapula - floydcolombia -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
I'm hanging with @hidefjoe on the official set of @xgames Real Street aka Tony Hawk, Inc. As you can see, I'm repping the gold medal today. Playing in the background is the one-minute part from @caobron...and it's amazing.
allseeinguy : ❌❌❌
beergut74 : πŸ‘ŠπŸΎπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ @caobron yew!!!
_galina_ : @hidefjoe nice to finally meet ya!
leo.lazzari - sean.sk998 - jaydenseidman - chuckdz -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Right from ATL to San Diego yesterday, and then off the plane to the skatepark in Encinitas. The plaza is huge and fun, but this is the only transition in it. There is a clover bowl 'round back though...
akadune : #oldguyproblems Ha! I feel your pain. Get em Clem!
taylor_bingaman : How long are you in town for?
leonardtrubia : I love a volcano @rtclem
hertenstein_ : Come up to #valleycenterskatespot
anthonyshetler : 😯 πŸ™Œ
rtclem : Call you later @taylor_bingaman.
kingofybor : Is that Mike?
freefromfreedumb - prosk8ter11 - jaydenseidman - sholpana037 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
In all of the craziness of #adidasskatecopa yesterday, I didn't take a single photo. Thanks to all of the shops that came out and to @plus_skateshop for the win! This is @porpe and I taking a selfie with #thegonz at the After Party.
thegonz - adidasskatecopa -
plus_skateshop : Thanks for having us! @plusskateshop_orlando @plus_skateshop
tiaromano : 😍
earthwavesandfire - leo.lazzari - malcolmsexton_iii - missjanelea -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
#adidasskatecopa is tomorrow at Kennesaw Skatepark...starts at 12pm. If you can't make it, come to the After-Party! I will be there partying my brains out!
adidasskatecopa -
kennesawskatepark : Can't wait for this one!
ameliaallen : "partying my brains out"
allseeinguy : πŸŽ‰
steve_ayers : Out of the office, on the loose.
dannysk8s - lab_sharky - earthwavesandfire - joao_luiz_skt -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Made it from Gainesville to ATL in the #boardrbus today. After getting settled, we hit the Kennesaw Skatepark. Come hang with us on Saturday at #adidasskatecopa. All info at TheBoardr.com/Events. Thanks for making me look better than I am in the photo @meronek.
boardrbus - adidasskatecopa -
rtclem : @meronek has a blunt on it @anthonyfurlong. How about $5 on a pivot fakie?
anthonyfurlong : That's too easy for you @rtclem
sullivank02 : He probably already did the pivot to fakie @anthonyfurlong. Haha Got a $20 as well for a blunt to fakie @rtclem!
rollin.thunder : πŸ™ŒπŸΌβš‘οΈ
oldurgybastard : @rtclem youre an inspirational human.
pilar_la_dura : Great photo!
lostfloridian : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
stephendanmiller : Lookin good ol brother!
tito_oldweed - kyle_skate12 - evan_tiapula - citrusskateco -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Thanks to all of the skateboarders of Gainesville that came out to our Best Trick at Possum Creek and Grand Opening at @theboardrgainesville. We're stoked to be doing something in your town and are humbled by the support. Looking forward to doing more...
project_loop : Looks great man!
luserville : I spy @sol.sa
matt_coplon : Dialed!
mpbtampa : Congratulations Gents!
philthy_east_skateboards : πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
theboardrgainesville : πŸ™Œ Thanks for the opportunity sir!
prosk8ter11 - jaydenseidman - svsquad - focused_skateboard_woodworks -
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