Ryan Clements

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rtclem - Ryan Clements
I landed in Barcelona this morning, got settled in my hotel, and then headed out to explore. I skated around and saw so much cool architecture and culture in this amazing city, and finally made my way over to MACBA, where there were several hundred people hanging out, skating, drinking, smoking, and just enjoying the end of summer in Spain. I'm here for #adidasskatecopa, and there couldn't be a better destination...
adidasskatecopa -
britmeronek : You must be staying in a really great part of town.
rtclem : Yeah, not really sure how that happened @britmeronek.
daveedmorefield : Jealous. That place is in my bucket list!
fgustavoo : Whattttttt .. I Want to be there !!!!!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
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rtclem - Ryan Clements
We've got a new episode of #BoardrBoys up at TheBoardrEvents.com. It covers a pretty eventful trip to LA with a history lesson on Jkwon from @vernlaird, a stop by the Santa Monica Courthouse with @joeybrezinski, highlights from @dewtour, and more...
boardrboys -
paradoxgrip : @rtclem where do we send the new #ginoiannucci pro model grip?
rtclem : @paradoxgrip, hit up Justin@TheBoardr.com, please.
gabe_felz - anna_terenich - tito_oldweed - bullswax -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
This Bible is well over 100 years old. It belonged to my grandparents on my mom's side, the Emeneos. I've been going through a lot of my stuff recently, and this one is a keeper...along with that kid in my other arm. Someday I'll pass it on to her. It's been great to be at home for the past 12 days and enjoy just being around Tampa, going to @theboardr HQ, and skating the #dreamdriveway...
dreamdriveway -
bfd_bob : Wow that seriously rad. #guidoasfuck
vertskateboarding : πŸ™ŒπŸ»
earthwavesandfire : πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ‘Š
allseeinguy : Commanding. πŸ”¨
lanahuckster : Sloane is mean muggin @jennaclements
leonardtrubia : @rtclem that's a keeperπŸ‘the child as well😎
freefromfreedumb : I can't believe they still put a bible in every hotel room, China is making a fortune belting out those books
fireinkco : She is getting so big!
m.teama25 - qasem198 - edgartrujilloiscool - allyjumaa250 -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Stone Edge Skatepark. Daytona Beach. Right around the time I figured out what Bike Week was. 1990 maybe? Definitely before I had a car. I think @jstewa1 took this photo. The beginning of a lifetime of fs grinds. Red helmet? For real. #nofilter
nofilter -
oldvertskater71 : Nothin wrong with a red helmet (only Miller could pull off yellow though). Remember, @mfrazier72 rocked the red "Power" helmet for years.
ryanrpowers : 9 bowl! So fun!
skateboardtampabay : @ryanrpowers πŸ‘
scottyb813 : @rtclem one elbow one wrist. So good
thedeadendcruiser : I was at the grand opening there back in 89. Funny because I was on vacation with my family and happened across that park. Being from Atlanta I'd never even seen a skate park at that time.
paradoxgrip : @ryanpowers 9bowl and #teamglug #stonedgetrained the peanut was no joke @rtclem #memories😻😘
hellonwheels : Pre-"Too cool for helmet"
bcskater : I didn't know you had photos taken of you before @meronek was around
shaintoomey - hubbaskatespots - ryancullensk8 - michaelrjlucas -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
If you're interested in some super-nerdy skateboarding contest prize money statistics, head over to TheBoardrEvents.com and check out who has a lot of taxes to pay this year! We've calculated that $1.7mil has been paid out in 2015 thus far!
devinmartindale : @og.nickka
felipe_ventura : Way to go @mikemo! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
gabe_felz - _owlbot - asbm10220 - bullswax -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
It was a beautiful Florida summer night on the #dreamdriveway. I rode with BMX friends @matt_coplon and #gervaisrousseau, who if you look closely you can see is doing his best at trying to hide in the orange tree.
gervaisrousseau - dreamdriveway -
donahuehouse : I wanna come shoot rats. @rtclem
brettgsuperstar : @quit_safari
allseeinguy : No committing suicide on the #dreamdriveway @donahuehouse. πŸ€πŸ”«πŸš«
matt_coplon : Good times today. Thanks Ryan.
theleroyboi - glo85 - batman06748 - jayseenco -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Not pretty, but too fun. It's been many years since I did a handplant off a launch ramp. We just put one in @theboardr HQ for #fsgtuesdays...which we do at 6pm on the last Tuesday of every month.
fsgtuesdays -
gonzthedog : πŸ‘Œ
jayseenco : nice extension
grampagram : Is that Mike Muir in Adidas?
hermankarlovich : Incorporate old with new. If you can't mix, join the dicks
braydonsza : Fun looking indeed πŸ‘πŸ˜‹
hellonwheels : Yeeeoooow!!! So hyped on this
jamescoleman : Mucho flow
rerun15 : @nixfla
iyeronaman - brennandavidson1 - _lm_10_fbc - vdlhz -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Pretty mellow night on the River. I've been home for one week now. It feels like I'm on vacation. One more week to go before heading to Barcelona...
tampabro -
rtclem : Cheers @pilar_la_dura!
rtclem : I know it @nickwill777...
rtclem : Thanks @chadkagy.
rtclem : Good to see you last weekend @ryandecenzo. We were watching you yesterday! Hope you can be my teammate again at #TampaBro. I'm training!
levy1090 : Skate tomorrow? @rtclem
matt_coplon : This river. Proud of our hood.
rtclem : At HQ or my house @levy1090?
bullswax : smooth
ryancullensk8 - goffermann - jayseenco - intervalapparel -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Rolled up pants? Check. Shirt with band you've never heard of? Check. Tattoos on fingers? Check. Yes, you can hang with this cool dude tomorrow from 11am to 6pm at @theboardr HQ for Open House Saturdays. @bfd_bob be giving away a gift certificate for a free pair of @Emerica shoes to the best trick filmed on this ledge. Tag The Boardr and we will choose the winner on Sunday.
matt_coplon : Good shirt choice. @bfd_bob
l_cabellon007 : πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
donahuehouse : You never heard of NAUSEA? Nerd!
spankgrip : Nausea! πŸ‘Œ
mcw813 : Catch up old man
prosk8ter11 - jaydenseidman_ - deluxxe.tb - alexandre_evaldt -
rtclem - Ryan Clements
Maybe 1989? 180 ollie over the curb into the bank. This was off of Florida Avenue and Bougainvillea, behind where I think Pep Boys is now, in Tampa. I rocked that air-cast ankle-brace for a few years. Photo by @ronbellart_tattoos. I believe he actually developed it himself. No filter. #tbt
tbt -
theoccult666 : Siiiiick fs 189 tuffman
fotosetbyjames : Nice, I recall the ankle brace..
stephendanmiller : That's how you looked when I met you at the dog track contest! Was that '89?
earthwavesandfire : Respect Dog @rtclem πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ
earthwavesandfire : When skate boarding was diferent πŸ™
oldvertskater71 : You've come a long long way.
ronbellart_tattoos : Those were the days. The skate spots were so sad back then... Its amazing to see how far the industry has come and awesome to see you be such a huge reason for that... Mad respect my friend
matt_coplon : Right near Adams middle school. This was THE legendary spot when I attended school there. Rode it not long ago.
alexvidal423 - qt_cr7 - ryancullensk8 - jayseenco -
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