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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
This is what a world without Polio looks like in Tiga, Nigeria! This photo by @tadejznidarcic during his recent trip to document Africa's amazing milestone! Now for a polio free 🌍 !!! #endpolionow #endpolio #wearerotary
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hubsskokie : Great photo 😊
gbewa1 : Thank You Rotary. Goodbye Polio
thaniambena : That's guuuuud
cloveruganda : Life is more fun we you can play games! Great picture!
ilya.dominicana : Вы делаете правильно! Я за!
yleniiagh : @claudiafuenescu
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
Welcome to the world Mohammed!! Since 1999, Sumaila General Hospital in Nigeria has been supported by local Rotary Clubs and The Rotary Foundation. They have implemented programs and grants that have encouraged family planning, detected problems early in pregnancy, provided ultrasound equipment, new surgical tools, education for mother’s and training for health care workers. Read the feature article and photo essay about this impact project in the December issue of The Rotarian magazine. Photo: @TadejZnidarcic
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
The @worldhealthorganization declared #Nigeria #polio-free. Only 2 countries left to #endpolio! Join us at #wearethisclose
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june_cadan : Fellowship
ghibliaalfonso : @rotaractsa 👏👏❤
enigma_phoenix : @clubamuwomain
jacynta_santana : @_rotaractsjrp @monicamacielt
malinericsons : End polio. Now. @aussiemaax @aussiemaax
divaartha : @racmachung
apachecommander : @dangertwin2
rckcofficial : It's time to make the world 100% literate. #RotaryIndiaLiteracyMission
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
This is the kind of #Rotary story that makes us proud to be part of such an inspiring and supportive community! // #Regram @HumansofNY: “After one month, I arrived in Austria. The first day I was there, I walked into a bakery and met a man named Fritz Hummel. He told me that forty years ago he had visited Syria and he’d been treated well. So he gave me clothes, food, everything. He became like a father to me. He took me to the Rotary Club and introduced me to the entire group. He told them my story and asked: ‘How can we help him?’ I found a church, and they gave me a place to live. Right away I committed myself to learning the language. I practiced German for 17 hours a day. I read children's stories all day long. I watched television. I tried to meet as many Austrians as possible. After seven months, it was time to meet with a judge to determine my status. I could speak so well at this point, that I asked the judge if we could conduct the interview in German. He couldn't believe it. He was so impressed that I’d already learned German, that he interviewed me for only ten minutes. Then he pointed at my Syrian ID card and said: ‘Muhammad, you will never need this again. You are now an Austrian!’” (Kos, Greece)
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rotaryinternational : #wearerotary
annraglehaynes : Rotary - a great peacemaker and I'm proud to be part of it! #Rotary
jeffffers : @gracefulgrace24
kelumj : Lucky man !!
thines_kumar : Proud to be a Rotarian. #rotarysubang
laura_globaled : HONY and Rotary together, all to see how they can help people. I love it!
rotaryinternational : @laura_globaled it's a beautiful thing!
aziz.lib : @rotaryinternational would you help me to achieve my American dream which is took 28 yrs from my life & still unreleased :( ?
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
We lit up the night for #UnderOneSky #Chicago! Thanks to @onecampaign @savethechildren @action_2015 and our awesome #LightTheWay volunteers!
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rotaryinternational : #globalgoals #action2015 #rotaract #rotary
fumikoosuka : I met one Rotarian who was exchange student to Japan from Australia long time ago. And he gave our school students a lecture. it was awesome. I felt the power of rotary club.
lowandlush : Looks like fun! Wish I could be there! 🌎🏮🎐💫✨
chloepanzer : @jgpanzer
robynclementson : Looks superb
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
Hanging out with members of Club 99 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Whether it's handing out dictionaries to 3rd graders or an economic development global grant in the Delta, this is a dynamic, active group of great minds! #wearerotary
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fxwang97 : Very young & professional looking! Here in #thousandoaksrotary we have more Hawaiian shirts and retirees than suits!
rotaryinternational : That sounds awesome! 🏄🏻 @fxwang97
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
Great #rotarypeace post by @shannonroscher
rotarypeace -
rotaract_benoni : Well done!
rotaryinternational : Amazing photo @shannonroscher ! Our peace day fave!
h_rashed : ✌
rotarycajamar_ : Fantástico!✌ @rotaryinternational @shannonroscher
meriemhtm : Gorgeous picture ! Rotaractly yours @rchippocrate
jsnake : ✌️👍💛
nilziborges : 🌞
mpsamag : Love it @shannonroscher
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
What does peace mean to you? Show us YOUR peace sign today - International #PeaceDay. Use the #RotaryPeace hashtag and we'll add our faves here ->
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jasonmccoyms : Aren't balloons incredibly detrimental to wildlife and the environment? #rotarypeace
johnimperial88 : @juljanaaliaj that's photo fyi
juljanaaliaj : @johnimperial88 this is really nice!!! I like it a lot!
onealsjohnson : @rotary_club_of_new_kingston
rotaryinternational : Thanks for the great photo @johnimperial88!
johnimperial88 : Thanks @rotaryinternational and @juljanaaliaj
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
One HOT pic of Club 99 in Little Rock after finishing a high tunnel yesterday for Arkansas delta farmer, Joe Carr who is determined to support his family on growing produce. This high tunnel will extend Joe's growing season and provide an additional 4 months of income. Great spending the day with you, @heiferinternational and photographer @jacobslaton Stay tuned for more on this Rotary Global Grant and Club 99 Centennial Project! #wearerotary #serviceaboveself #pigsooie #thenaturestate #arkansans
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jacobslaton : What a great day! Thanks so much for bringing me out to shoot it!
honorfoundation : This is outstanding!
rotaryinternational : Thank you @honorfoundation so proud of our rebel farmers! Love your feed. Keep up the great work!
sadiemaggie : A great day for both the older and brand new Rotary members - priceless fellowship.
ladyp90x : Rotarians bonded forever!!
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rotaryinternational - Rotary International
Help us celebrate @unitednations’ International Day of Peace by showing what peace means to you. Post a photo or video with the hashtag #RotaryPeace and we’ll repost our favorites on #PeaceDay, 21 Sept.
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dewi_jd : @rizapurnama @rizaagustine @upiickadhita @dika_tjakraningrat @koes7ia
albanyf14 : Que fino @hectherre te amo mi vida
trotamundos_ : @chamequinho
pedaltotheweddle : @arianna__gz
omelagokool : #RotaractFIU
slmnzk : @ortakoyrac
rotary_club_of_asokoro : Nice
orbejuvell : Rotary club reynosa 95
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