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The goal of Rotary is to advance goodwill through improvement of health, education and alleviation of poverty.
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Yolanda Burges holds her 17 day old son Ricardo Daniel. Thanks to the local Rotary Club of Puerto Plata, Yolanda now has a bio-sand water filter in her home. She can cook, bathe and make bottles all in her home. Without the expense of water she can also better afford clinic visits for Ricardo. They live in Aquas Negras, a Dominican barrio on the outskirts of Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic. ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #cleanwater #waterislife #cleanwaterfortheworld #motherandchildhealth #maternalhealth #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change
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sajafathy : @narafa_menna
lucianableiva : Excellent job!!
juanpex2 : Love it!
rusbellycm : Excelent that's my club. We did it! #ILoveRotaract #IluminemosRotary #LightUpRotary
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Pakistan's Aziz Memon at a PolioPlus breakout session in Sydney, Australia. TODAY at 3:10 p.m. CT, Journalist and Rotarian Devin Thorpe, will interview Rotary’s National PolioPlus Chairs from #Pakistan, #Afghanistan and #Nigeria on FORBES.COM Go to the link in our profile to hear the status of #polio eradication in the three remaining endemic countries. ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #endpolio #endpolionow #diseaseprevention
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honorfoundation : I showed this post to one of our Fellows tonight -- he's worked with ambassadors from #pakistan #afghanistan and #nigeria !! Great post @rotaryinternational
rotaryinternational : Thank you for sharing @honorfoundation
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Are you enthusiastic about the positive experiences you’ve had in Rotary and committed to creating a more engaging Rotary environment? If you are a professional in the United States between the ages of 25-40 and available 26-27 September 2014 for travel to Chicago, for our first Young Professionals Summit, go to the link in our profile and fill out an application by 4 August 2014. AIRFARE AND LODGING PAID FOR BY ROTARY. ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #futureleaders #rotaryyouthexchange #ryla #rotaract #interact #chicago
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larutus : Any chance of this being extended to rotary professionals outside of the US? Gotta at least ask right? Lol
mckje885 : I agree @larutus what about young Rotarians outside of the US? Is there an opportunity to do this in each zone?
anget09 : You should send us info to give our American delegates at the @interota2014 @ryla_na and Big West #Rotaract conferences this summer!
rotaryinternational : @anget09 Have you clicked on the link in our profile? Lots of info there. For more questions after reading the web page email
rotaryinternational : Thank you for your interest in the Young Professionals Summit! This event is funded by a donor gift. Due to the nature of the gift, this event is only being held in the United States. We hope this event or similar events can be extended to other countries in the future. Stay tuned. @mckje885 @anget09
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In 2013-14, @Rotary members carried out large international activities that helped solve real #community needs using almost US$52.5 million in global grant funding from The #Rotary Foundation. Thank you to all those who gave and made it possible! ©Rotary International/Monika Lozinska #rotaryhero #cleanwater #water #waterandsanitation #diseaseprevention #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change
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zinnymcmb : ROTATY MY ROTARY. ....
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jessiegitana : Love it!
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With your support, Rotary brought tablet technology to Fiji. This takes students far beyond the classroom learning interactively about cells, skeletons, mathematics, music and filming their own culture. Thank you for helping us create lasting change. ©Rotary International/Monika Lozinska #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #lastingchange #sustainablegiving #sustainability #tabletlearning #computerliteracy #education ROTARY.ORG/GIVE
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unicefaustralia : Great to see innovation making its way into classrooms around the world. Nice work.
saajj : @joerex2
mcnpartners : With your support you can help join the movement and impact global development now. Check out the Millennium Campus Network.
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This pink #Jeep belongs to #Midwives for #Haiti who work to ensure that women in rural Haiti have access to #prenatal care and skilled #birth attendants. Nadene Brunk, founder of Midwives for Haiti, says long distances, inadequate transportation, and lack of information on basic prenatal care contribute to Haiti's maternal mortality rate, the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The off-road vehicle allows the midwives to reach some of Haiti's most remote villages significantly reducing the chances of Haitian women dying in #childbirth. The #Rotary Club of Western Henrico County, #Virginia, #USA, along with Bon Secours #Health Systems and local individual donors, contributed a total of US$70,000 to purchase the Jeep including the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, a donor advised fund set up by The #RotaryFoundation. Photo posted by @midwivesforhaiti #regram #rotaryhero #maternalandchildhealth #motherandchild #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #pinkjeep #midwife #midwives #callthemidwife
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brimama : This is the most amazing thing
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Join us in welcoming our new President, Gary Huang from #Taiwan. "The Rotary way is to light a candle. I light one, you light one, 1.2 million Rotarians light one. Together, we light up the world.” πŸŽ† ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #rotarytaiwan #Taipei
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bradleytoft : Welcome President Huang. Service Above Self.
ramonbarrostv : POR FAVOR me ajudem a conseguir 200 curtidas hoje na minha FÃ PAGE – #compartilhe para seus amigos e ajude a divulgar meu trabalho CLIQUE NO LINK
lyncolndamata : Que possamos fazer o Rotary Brilhar cada vez mais em 2014-15! Adorei o Taier da primeira-dama do Rotary International!
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cincinlisa : Light it Up
interactmedanos : Iluminemos Rotary #Distrito4380 @interactmedanos @rotaryinternational
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soalexita : @wil2588 @renzojbr @rotaract_itcheme el msj q nos pasó Emil 😍 iluminemos Rotary!!!!!
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Farewell to our favorite Sooner, RI President Ron Burton. "That magic may be a little bit different for each one of us, but it’s there for all of us when we really put our hearts into it. And whatever it is to you, however you got that feeling that made you a Rotarian for life — that is what I want you to share, what I want you to help other people discover, so that they can find that feeling for themselves. When Rotarians get involved — when they get engaged — lives change. The moment is here. The time is now.” — RI President Ron Burton ©Rotary International #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #boomersooner #soonerbornsoonerbred #sooner #crimsonandcream
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maxtoledo1 : So true πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
rodriguezajt : Vive #Rotary Cambia Vidas lema 2013-2014 y ahora Iluminemos #Rotary lema 2014-2015
rocket823 : nice one, @rotaryinternational!
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hodaelenbaby : @lkenawy you were part of that magic for me! Thank you :) Thank you @rotaractcairoroyal for making last year an unforgettable experience!
itato : Thank YOU! Gracias
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Join the WORLD’S BIGGEST COMMERCIAL with @isabellafontanaofficial @ziggymarley #jackiechan @BrettLee_58 @janegoodallau @jacknicklaus @alexandrepato @micheltelo @kombisolidaria @amitabhbachchan and 100,00 more who are telling the world we are “This Close” to ending polio. Go to the link in our profile and add your photo now! Only 4 Days left! ©Rotary International #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #endpolio #endpolionow #psy #celebritycharities #NdabaMandela #archiepunjabi #janegoodall #amitabhbachchan #angeliquekidjo #itzhakperlman #kombisolidaria #billgates #jacknicklaus
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most_bestest : District 9110. Holla
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ONLY 6 days left to participate in the WORLD’S BIGGEST COMMERCIAL. Join @BrettLee_58 @isabellafontanaofficial @ziggymarley @brucelee_official @alexandrepato and 100,00 more who are telling the world we are “This Close” to ending polio. Go to the link in our profile and add your photo now! ©Rotary International/Alyce Henson #rotaryinternational #rotaryimages #volunteer #service #charity #nonprofit #sm4sg #photo4change #endpolio #endpolionow #psy #celebrity
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