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ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Off the corner of Tustin and Chapman in Orange, CA was this skateboard park. I was young at the time but remember carving all the snake runs and getting in everybody's way. What a rad place!
derekfukuhara : #holidayskate
coleezoerb : @ronniecreager Yo Ronnie ! Long time no talk bro ! You should check out my new Instagram video , its got a bunch of weird tricks like alphaflips & nollie hardflips & some weird hang 10 nollie 360 shuv . Haha
ericdressen : I still have my membership card !!! @ronniecreager
ronniecreager : @jimi_jamesss yep! McGill's park was rad too. That was a bit later.
ronniecreager : I still have my membership pass around here somewhere too. πŸ‘ so rad! @ericdressen
peterdalmer : @mercedesecorby
mercedesecorby : Hahaha holy shit @peterdalmer
thegangler : The Big O is in Montreal
ronniecreager - bloodworkintheneonballroom - skindoja - oliveira_ddenis -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Made the Top 10 tricks in the rain with some 97 footy from @kingpinmag along with Mark Gonzales, Pat Duffy, John Cardiel, Dennis Busenitz, Chad Muska, Phil Zwijsen, Kyle Leeper and Sean Young. Hyped, Thank you!
ronniecreager : @sml_aaron Thanks for the heads up on the @kingpinmag article
ronniecreager : Thank you @saulvides I'm trying to rep the fun going!
oldskoolchrissss : Little intro from josh kasper @ronniecreager
vitalgardensupply : @ronniecreager congratulations!!!
block16 : Benihana finger flip over pyramid in Europe 411 video is one of my favorite tricks of yours!
ronniecreager : @block16 there was one in Canada and one in England. Not sure which one but thank you. :) I wish I could still do that trick. πŸ‘Š
steveleung : That videopart and song inspired me so much back in the days and even up 'till now! :)
steveleung : Me and my crew would always say "he's gonna do it switch" :)
kalebevans666 - lc12347 - infocusboardshop - styl411 -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Tech insoles for tech skaters. #loveeverypush with @bigbizliz @etceteraproject impact insoles. Designed to help you skate better, longer and protect from impact and primo landings. Save your πŸ‘£
loveeverypush -
ol_dirty_este_666 : It would help if the Adidas adi ease soles actually CAME OUT THE FUCK ING SHOE!
pandaspliff : Mucho passion Mike..
staaygold_ : Proper
highh_mayy : Mine got jacked :c
martin_26_m : In my half cabs at this very moment
junglebook : #bestinsoles
maxsnapz : Liz is not a tech skater @bigbizliz but these still like dope
parsazaki : @alireza_ansari @tsixty_skateboarding az Ina boar
grinderstooele - therawadvantage - tbh805 - infocusboardshop -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Sorry, I had to! @daewon1song
melvin_t : @jesus_1800
onpot : Damn!
onpot : @xmanosx
es_fanatic : Hahaha!
jesus_1800 : @melvin_t hahah
assasinat0 : Hell Yeah !!! πŸ‘πŸ˜„
_jasonrios : @aariciaga
skatestickerfanatic : Lol 2007/2008 youtube territory shit right there haha
joeyfatass13 - _suck_it_trebek_ - edgrs - jimbolushi -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Skated 2 parks and with 2 of the greatest today. @daewon1song & @furrycalamari
jahircarbajal : LUCKYYY!!!!πŸ™
dsskate : Best day ever
colinsk8 : Damn that's a crew!.. so hyped you guys are still killing it...
furrycalamari : Good times and good sweatπŸ’¦ @daewon1song and Ronnie πŸ‘
kingdom_skate : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ yeah @ronniecreager
cowabunghole : Dream sesh.
muckmouth : Hey man, did you get the Muckmouth email?
joeyfatass13 : u should go to rowley park today
its.me.bruh - fancyherling - therawadvantage - tbh805 -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
My pro model wheels from back in the day. 39mm was HOT for a while. What's the smallest size you've ever ridden.
deelaz : bearing cover
teddy_90301 : @shabomboo
teddy_90301 : @gpop90301
dat.skater.chase : 39mm
why_thechad : @welliamhunter you were all over this size
welliamhunter : @why_thechad best for garage floor flat ground doh!
nomoreb0red : Bearings condoms πŸ‘Œ
kalebevans666 : I rode bigheads till they were 40s. They were 60 when i got them
drabinone - infocusboardshop - raulb93 - ethankandt25 -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
I needed that. Thanks Vans. # I got a long way to go before I win another contest.
selvinsk8s_12 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
zero_dark_thirty : I went on Friday instead of today wtf
spinstagramog : Sweet!!
shanehill75 - dave_munoz - vitalgardensupply - alexingleschilet -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
Looks like ill need to come back later after the stores close. I'll drive anywhere for a good spot... even Indian Dick. The gap to rail is rad, it's like the Green Farmers Market one in Orange, CA. #goodstuff
goodstuff -
ronniecreager : @donaldjames the security had a pretty big time margin when on the east side. Get in, get out. 5-12 tries easily on the rail.. Sometimes more πŸ‘
donaldjames : I believe in you! πŸ™Œ
shanehill75 : I wanna see the video πŸ‘Š
jshkrl : @ronniecreager make a trick at Indian Dick
ronniecreager : @jshkrl done. πŸ‘Š
jshkrl : @ronniecreager πŸ‘Š
paintmyredwagon : @getmjay @vdubguy66
bluecabot : @jayboe1111
mackdre_dre - shorya_boneless - jayboe1111 - isaac_riblets -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
I only have a few boards left to give away. Don't be afraid to ask for a board if you see me. I may still have one for you. Thanks @marcjohnson for the G021's.
brza1981 : When are we going to see Creager printed on the bottom of a @chocolateskateboards or @girlskateboards deck?
ronniecreager : @brza1981 that would be cool!
nickguzman_ : @girlskateboards or @chocolateskateboards, give Ronnie a pro model of his own πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ™
fairweatherskateboards : @chocolateskateboards would be a great combo.
mattyliight : @girlskateboards @chocolateskateboards You heard the man. I'd love to see one of my all time favorites on one of my top two favorite brands of all time.
skatermemes : Yo hook me up @ronniecreager mines about to snap its all thrashed with chips lol
sk8dc4ever : For free? If so think maybe you can send me one through the mail?
jessiahmalik : If u could send me one too, I've just recently started and took poor care if my board at the start. If u could help i would be great full
mackdre_dre - skylmtskateshop - aronniegordon - j3ffree -
ronniecreager - ronniecreager
She's a wild one.
skaterdiejosh : Cool
kellensm4l : Tight!😊
d.alexbrand : Ur daugther? Wow she grow fast @ronniecreager
jamie_verdun : @riggidyray @miss_ashleylauren @katieeeayyy
monicatorrs : She's actor?
gmtweety : ☺️
void.47 : Flops better than Lebron!!
laadyyluckk : 😍 @smellington666
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