Ronnie Creager

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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
What's the story behind calling these types of tricks Manuals? I grew up calling them wheelies before they got too complicated to say. #loveeverypush @highschooldropoutbrand @etceteraproject @theworks
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aaron_dawes27 : Wheelies 4 days
wabanman : He's Frickin good at em! @jackistan_msn #weljel
garethburleigh : Zero foot shuffle......
manolorobless : 🙌yeah!
mgtbailey : @jackistan_msn @wabanman I'd take them without the flippage
2stokd : @xerxesnoble @fionoble
tomatencio : During a Street League broadcast, I once heard Felix say that they're called manuals because they're not automatic, which makes perfect sense to me!
ronniecreager : @tomatencio that's sounds good.
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Aww, how cute. My first crook nollie heel flip primo revert captured on film. 📷 @seutrinh 📹 @youngbloodsdz If only @etceteraproject insoles were around back then.
devincolon : @stevieweelz definitely have landed a lot that haha
89racer : WTF Dude, it's shit like this that inspired so much more then you may ever realize! And if I'm not mistaken, was it not you that took on the MSU Hand rail in Nj around 96-97??
youngbloodsdz : Ahhhhh yes!
youngbloodsdz : More like how not to film a krooks nollie heel @ronniecreager
ronniecreager : @89racer what rail was that? That around the time I stopped skating rails so maybe.
ronniecreager : @youngbloodsdz 😂 it's pretty good.
89racer : Montclair state university- in Montclair. BC I was there skating the diamond ledges near the dorms BC I heard you were there. Lol
ronniecreager : Send a photo @89racer
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
I've seen some unexplainable stuff and a have a few stories you would not believe. I refuse to do this.... What you need is one candle, a strong heart and a big bathroom with a large mirror. Turn out the lights, place your candle down and light it, stand and look into the mirror, chant slowly “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. And see what happens… If nothing happens try spinning around three times and then look into the mirror. You may just catch a glimpse of her terrifying face. Try it out if you dare, but don’t blame me if you find yourself trapped in a ghostly netherworld with the ghost of Bloody Mary forever!
super_viillaiin : 369
skunksack : I pregnant
_ronhawkins : Hahaha sketch
kyzerphotography : I did it!! Then I got dizzy, threw up and hit my head against the mirror and cracked it. I came up yelling "Mary mother of...," and my mom was standing next to me beating my ass for swearing. 😕
22twiggs : @kolbywelshh
sdsubasaurus : I've seen some things @jimmykappel but never got this to work.
bradjahn : I've tried plenty of times as a kid. Nothing, except maybe my imagination playing tricks on me. I do have a couple of crazy stories about the Quija board though.
elwaxer : Turn off the lights walk backwards around a grind box ten times repeating the words switchbitch and prepare urself for some sick switch ripping
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Thursday is bring your daughter to work day. New Ankle Stabilizer packaging! #childlabor #sweatshop @etceteraproject
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freestylemarcotv : 🙏🏻👊🏻
jimi_jamesss : @ronniecreager good to meet you yesterday. 🎉💯
ronniecreager : @jimi_jamesss👊🏻 good times!
kre_p3r : Some reason I wasn't following you anymore,, dunno what happened,, My bad 😕
ronniecreager : @kre_p3r all good! IG been doing weird stuff.
kre_p3r : Yeah I did notice a few weird things over the past few days,,
shopoverload : 😄
ronniecreager : 👊🏻 @shopoverload
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Same ol' shit different spot. Cruised by @oc_ramps to swap my old bench for something lighter. This is @tjrogers signature ramp/ledge. It took 15 minutes to build so I figured I'd get a quick skate in before heading back to work. I high 5'd the ground hard a couple times with unexpected falls but... I always do that.
adrian.malla : @edgarjcortes hella good
orignalg : Damn How many tricks u can't do ?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 cause u can do a lot 🙌🙌🙌👆👍 @ronniecreager
white32 : @sevevonow bench boss
yasha.sk40 : Hahah a wedi bzaaaaaf @ikbalnamani
greenhouseboardshop : Beast!
ollieskateshop : Yeeeah 👊🏻👊🏻🔨🔨
victimcircle : Nice work time 😂👍 @ronniecreager
_williamgomez : Wtf all in your break ? Damn now that's consistency haha
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
• Shops, Distributors, Friends & Fellow Skateboarders • We made it to Agenda. Stop by the booth and say hello. To set up a time to meet give me a call or shoot me an email. See ya soon! @highschooldropoutbrand @etceteraproject @theworks #loveeverypush
loveeverypush -
ronsonlambert : 👌👍🙌
junglebook : 👊👍
duckgobarkbark : @indijahnous_roots @poipusurf
stevemcinnes : Hell yeah so stoked for you guys!
ronniecreager : See ya there @anthony_johnson_sk8
ronniecreager : Your invited @skatermemes Got you a pass already 👍
ronniecreager : We will be seeing you there @stevemcinnes 👍 hyped!!
bernhardt_mike : @ronniecreager I fly out to California July 7 lets skate
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
I'm totally grinding this! What happens at the bottom stays at the bottom.
jason_clay_mcmurray : Haha wow!
reece.odonnell : @keegan.roy
cool___hand___luke : @dropinonthis
tdelnor : Just great'! @ronniecreager @petermaxfield
golfwangskater : If u make it to the bottom😂😂
jimi_jamesss : @ronniecreager looks like Adam mcnats old rail he built in San Clemente,way back when. 💯
ryan_ditommaso : Is this in Ohio @ronniecreager
ronniecreager : @ryan_ditommaso Orange County, CA
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
My Dad Bruce.👴🏻 He was an Aerospace engineer, still married over 50 years, loves tech gadgets and a HAM "KC6DLA" Kilo Charlie 6 Delta Lima Alpha. He adopted me, took me out of the foster home and named me Ronnie instead of Todd. Growing up Whenever I asked for money (all the time) he would give me outrageous chores to do for like 25 cents. He was tough and always threatened to saw my skateboard in half when I caused any trouble. He was my soccer coach for a couple years and stuck me in lots of sports. He's had to deal with A Lot of shit from me. I wasn't the best kid growing up. He just got out of the hospital and had a Stint put in his heart to close up a pocket. The doctors have had him on blood thinner (rat poison) but slowly taking him off. He's doing great and amazing what doctors can do these days. Funny thing I don't recall ever seeing him on a skateboard... Ever. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, and my dad. @ronniesdad
kieranhigginsddc : and he created one of skateboardings legends!!!! good work bruce!!! ronnie is an awesome dude on and off the board
farcry36 : that brought tears to my eye. cheers ronnie, and your loving dad
youngbloodsdz : Bruuuuuuuce!
jeffinthebox33 : Props
amjskateshop : Congrats bro, give him a high five for me!
djban1 : One love bro!
missbedilia : ❤️❤️
darrick_delao : Good story! Best dad!
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
@ridechannel 10 of the Best Late-Flips of All Time. Hyped to make it on the list but it's missing a couple key guys like Julio De La Cruz, Eric Koston and Chris Fissell
dsall16 : @ronniecreager ha! We talked about this trick and spot on the phone!! Your mom worked at that school, right?
ronniecreager : Julio! @neighborhoodskateboards 👊🏻
ronniecreager : @dsall16 Yep, my mom worked at that school. I drove by and the fence was open. Game On! Haha.
jval3nti : Fuckk....20 shot was dope as fuckk. Best skate era.
dsall16 : A good 5 years of trying to learn this trick and it's safe to say I have nollie late nothing flips on lock!! haha!!@ronniecreager
chibishinobi : Check my latest post for a good time. New caveman trick. Lollercopter!
andy_smoke : that trick still baffles me, haha. Good work Mr C
youngbloodsdz : #LaVeta
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Getting hyped to skateboard today. #loveeverypush
loveeverypush -
solaceskateco : @ronniecreager that animal chin sticker though.. 👍👍👍
junglebook : Looks sweet!👌👍
richiewhitejr : 👍👍
minimalskateboardshop : Beast mode on!
cinquantaskateshop : Es #menikmati
deeeeezy : Animal chin was the ahut
deeeeezy : Was the shir
skatermemes : need some of them new bones wheels and bearings 😍
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