Ronnie Creager

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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Found this in the back of the closet. -1
ronniecreager : @brza1981 haha. Never gonna happen!
ronniecreager : @gabriel_shunn you'll have to ask my parents. It's theirs. πŸ‘
brza1981 : @ronniecreager - They're blowing it!
ronniecreager : @kydoggin thats not what happened. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
ronniecreager : @dan_el_gachupin I think some companies are still doing a rubber pieces around the toe cap. Or just use shoe goo. πŸ˜‚
dan_el_gachupin : Hahahaha before my Creagers finally made it to the trash can they were 30% shoes and 70% shoe goo!!!
ronniecreager : @dan_el_gachupin πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’― I still use that stuff!
kydoggin : @ronniecreager sorry I was so young when you skated for es' I don't even remember exactly what happened that's just what I had heard when I was a kiddo
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
I got 19th place but there was 97 skaters that entered! Plus Im not a contest guy and skate street. πŸ˜‚
ronniecreager : @kevinthekorean no. Thats from Skate or Die 2. I just used it for this.
daddiosteele : Still have my original cartridge of that game. The joust was the best cause you could boardslide the coping.
brza1981 : Awesome!
minimalskateboardshop : Pump hard and you'll fly up and be able to skate moon craters.
ronniecreager : @minimalskateboardshop is that possible? If so how?
heshboyy : Check dm
minimalskateboardshop : @ronniecreager I had this game back in 91 I think. Don't remember if it's speed or point or getting on a roll. Get as much speed as you can and try doing 540s. If you get it right you air up to the moon and skate the craters for a few seconds.
minimalskateboardshop : @ronniecreager Found the steps Ron
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
@etceteraproject Lo-Pro insole w/ Primo Pad. 😍 #loveeverypush
loveeverypush -
sergio_aragones : What exactly is lo pro? Thinner for feel?
ronniecreager : @sergio_aragones Hello. Yep. More board feel but still has all the goodies. The Hi-profile/impact insole still has great board feel as well.
ggpf : Thank you Ronnie for this innovative insoul. I honestly cannot skate without the hi's. It protects the ball of my foot and I always used to bruise it. I really hope the company is proving profitable. Skateboarding needs ect.!
_williamgomez : πŸ’•
thereallarryk : These might make my vans skate able @ronniecreager
crispyivan909 : @alex_714
lucas_calwell : l use the Lo-Pro, Better than sliced bread, now my feet love me! cheers @ronniecreager πŸ‘πŸ»
nmedall : πŸ’ž
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
@theworks We are proud to offer this wax to skateboarders everywhere. Each piece is 100% Hand Made. Use this wax to call upon the ledge master inside you. Support Skateboarding, Wax a Curb • Get Caught Slip'n πŸ’¨ @marcjohnson
sandy_floss : @ronniecreager true. Similar concept though. Lolly wax is more British nostalgia based haha
jimi_jamesss : @ronniecreager I need some of this. Looks amazing
artosousa : @icannotseeallthesenazis
mcrib47 : We could use some at the park since all the park equipment is dried out ahah @raw_dawg_
walnutgrovepark : You should let us taste it! I mean use it. Haha. Can't wait to use it ! @ronniecreager
noah_miller321 : @logansepe
bryananthonyallenjones : @gap2ninjaflip
nmedall : 😚
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
The Courthouse fountain was calling my name, more like heckling me. It was saying things like: I'm too tall for you, your old and can't jump, there's no way you can do the same tricks you did in Trilogy and 20 shot. Haha. This place is awesome. Glad I had my @etceteraproject ankle stabilizer with me. #myeditingsucks #loveeverypush @highschooldropoutbrand
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noepaul11 : hell yeah ronnie!
theworkhorse : Best ever
unkstagraham : Then you said I'll school you! @highschooldropoutbrand @ronniecreager
sph_831 : How is that ankle stabilizer? Does it feel better to skate in?
teekok : Once again those things saved me from totally destroying my ankle, few weeks ago. Lazy unbalanced fakie heelflip landed as primo twisted my ankle really proper. Without an ankle stabilizer it would've been good bye for the summer of 2015. For real, they've now saved my ankles 3 times from serious injuries. I wear 'em every time.
drew_hahn : @mattwebb94
_alexayala_ : @alex.vasquez22 @rawdawgjjuan Juan need this shit
iceeick : Those shoes look sooooooo much better in person!
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
42mm wheels, dork tricks and Stoner Park. Filmed by the great @manolostapes πŸ™ŒπŸ»
victimcircle : @ronniecreager πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
jon910 : Whys the name of this song?
jon910 : What's ***
nob_head : !!!
im_grip : Omg wtf @austinsalzman
selfies4jesus : Does anybody know the song?
iceeick : I was riding just about the same suze on Go Skate Day but then Walker Ryan hooked it up with some new wheels!πŸ™Œ
kidjalepeno : Nutter butter
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
Good morning! @pjladd was already here ripping. πŸ‘
addiefridy : πŸ™ŒπŸ½
zeromarsk8 : @_astronautt_ @melancholicstud hace menos de un mes esto era blanco completo haha
dayday89 : @whakho make that move that could be us!
shaunhover : πŸ‘Œ
dsall16 : You going to recreate some trilogy lines and post? @ronniecreager
alexhancak : @jethro_333 @odgeez @sdog119 @_steezysteve_ @farcusdonedidit Sunday?!
_steezysteve_ : Down as fuck dawg I might be working but let's see if I can get it off @alexhancak
jimi_jamesss : @spenceratzei
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
#SKATEBOARDFEVER @highschooldropoutbrand
skateboardfever -
hulk_echevarria83 : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ§πŸ§
phreak328 : That would be such a sick grip tape @ronniecreager
pggino : @sleepy_felipy
jimi_jamesss : πŸ’šπŸ„πŸ»
deearefeel : Emesis
dagner_the_terrible : Congrats dude
tommytompson : @ronniecreager i get one of high School dropout Boards and it's Perfect!
thehuckfun : Yessssss
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
The booth. @highschooldropoutbrand @etceteraproject @theworks Lost my voice taking yesterday. Sorry if I'm too quiet today. Oh... And if you or your friends stole the wax @marcjohnson made to have at the show... You suck. #rewardiffound
rewardiffound -
ronniecreager : @antonmyhrvold Thank you! πŸ‘ŠπŸ» missed ya at the tradeshow. 😜
ronniecreager : @brza1981 @thrashgnar Yep! Too funny. πŸ˜‚
ronniecreager : @ill_will88 thank you πŸ‘ŠπŸ» @lockdownskateboards
ronniecreager : @amjskateshop It was fun. I think you get in for free if your a buyer or from a shop. There's another in Vegas coming up. We won't be there but a lot of rad brands will! Make the trip!
ronniecreager : thanks Burt! @burtneal
ronniecreager : @manimattor ask your local skateshop! πŸ‘ if they don't have them we will have more soon.
mcrib47 : Looks like a great turnout. Nice set up
mcrib47 : Hey @ronniecreager could you check your DMS I need your help with my assignment
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ronniecreager - Ronnie Creager
What a guy! @professorschmitt breaking all the rules and hand delivering some @highschooldropoutbrand Skateboards for the Agenda show. I'll be at booth P-16 for the next 2 days standing around daydreaming about skateboarding. Come by and say hi. #loveeverypush #hsdskate
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bernhardt_mike : @ronniecreager I'm heading to stoner plaza tomorrow around noon, also I've been working on a sweeper, boneless catch and lots more 80's style tricks, hopefully you can put me on flow with @highschooldropoutbrand
ronniecreager : @bernhardt_mike I'm gonna be around there Friday. Possibly Westchester and Courthouse too of ya wanna join.
bernhardt_mike : Sure @ronniecreager I'm down, tomorrow is my last day here in California, so let's make #awsome
ronniecreager : @bernhardt_mike I meant Friday! I work all day tomorrow. πŸ‘Ž sorry about that.
bernhardt_mike : Oh we're still good @ronniecreager , my flight leaves Saturday
bernhardt_mike : I'll be at stoner plaza on Friday around 1pm , have to catch redline and metro bus route 704 Santa Monica
ronniecreager : @bernhardt_mike I may be there then. We're skating stoner, courthouse and westchester... Hoping to get started early but not sure where we're starting first. I'll figure it out.
bernhardt_mike : @ronniecreager I'm setting to stoner tomorrow before noon, hopefully you'll still be there, you mind if I tag along with you to the other spots
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