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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
#wiwt the best accessory a man can have + ISC Officer Trousers, 8180 loden green moc-toe @redwingheritage from @generalquarters, @ewingdrygoods x @snakeoilprovisions eye glass sling etc. etc. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #myredwings #redwingheritage #snakeoilprovisions #ewingdrygoods #generalquarters
generalquarters - rgtforeveryseason - wiwt - rogueterritory - snakeoilprovisions - myredwings - ewingdrygoods - redwingheritage -
joexstancato : @rogueterritory I also really dig the ISC officer trousers! πŸ‘
snakeoilprovisions : Or is @minipellets the best accessory you can have?! Also, we're boot and sling twinkz! πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘¬
sfmaziarz : Who makes the silver cuff?
rogueterritory : @sfmaziarz it was found in a flea market in Berlin. There are no markings on it but I assume it's vintage.
petergordet : Are you guys slangin' babies now?
rogueterritory : @petergordet trying, you interested?
garrisonfrd : I thought you were going to say "my baby"
petergordet : @rogueterritory are they gonna be selvage?
psychoneuromatic_420 - pickingsandparry - jamesmelinat - concha3 -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Starting to look like Autumn out in Chicago. Thanks for sharing this great shot @notre_shop - 14.5oz indigo overdyed SKs seen here #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #rgtfam #redwingheritage
redwingheritage - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtfam -
clintonorris : @naterritchey
j.a.sutherland : @jahallman
noahgreyclothing : πŸ‘πŸ‘
jahallman : @j.a.sutherland on the track?
rogueterritory : Great shot guys! @j.a.sutherland @jahallman
j.a.sutherland : Can't wait share the film work with you! @rogueterritory
rogueterritory : @j.a.sutherland looking forward to it!
ajnavoa : @jgsantana2012
craig3q - ryanhunt454 - invas_ian - kate0livia -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Stoked on these moc-toe loden green "Kangatan" @redwingheritage boots! Especially with these leather laces Thanks @generalquarters for hooking it up! Can't wait to break them in. They also look great with the ISC Officer Trousers. #justsaying #redwingheritage #myredwings #generalquarters #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
generalquarters - rgtforeveryseason - justsaying - redwingheritage - rogueterritory - myredwings -
selvedge_qualitysupply : Yeahhh buddy!! Looks damn good!
rogueterritory : @mrforts they're terrible.
breckinthehole : @rogueterritory These are so dope!πŸŽ―πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ I may have to cop a pair after all these pics. Leather laces of course.
crunchy.taco.supreme : RIP your feet (for the break-in)
rogueterritory : @breckinthehole for me, the moc-toe was never a boot I was interested in. The color made all the difference.
breckinthehole : @rogueterritory The color is exactly what caught my eye. I have always been more of the IR or Beckmans. But these may convert me. When wearing do they seem super bulky and bulbous?
rogueterritory : @breckinthehole not as much as I thought they would, but I have a wide foot and I put an insert in them so they feel a little tight at the moment.
_seandoyle_ : @rogueterritory the mic toes break in to become the most comfortable redwings I've ever owned. seriously in love with this color!
alicmoe - charlie_prom - brewaukee_drew - g_whiteford -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Family walks in ISC. Glad @generalquarters decided to put that sweat shirt credit @littlepellets #generalquarters #rgtforeveryseason #rogueterritory #gusfacekillah
generalquarters - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - gusfacekillah -
generalquarters : @brianawitan haha! #timeshavechanged
ajnavoa : These threads bro #getintoem @jgsantana2012
cuffington : Simple and solid! πŸ‘Œ
bill_weiler : That's another…#BESTINPUBLIC
bu11ish : @generalquarters look slightly grey in different light, be interested to see how they age!
joexstancato : πŸ‘
generalquarters : @thyolweer They'll get darker around after you oil them and a bit lighter near the toe. Excited to break them in.
shelby_denim : Nice dudes! ....::::/..://: GUS FACE!! ******* 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❀️
stephanniielove - mysys - seanm831 - jace_m_lacore -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
@jwjohnston41 gets into his first pair of RGT and he goes straight for the heavy weight 16.75oz slub Stantons looking good dude!#rgtslubfaders #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtslubfaders -
samalanche : Gangster
shredwin_206 : @rogueterritory those are some #cowboycuffs lookin good!!
wdurablegoods : @jwjohnston41 where did the shirt come from? I have a couple similar but they're on their last leg
bybeatle : @wdurablegoods looks like a fh
jwjohnston41 : @wdurablegoods it's a levis saw tooth western. I believe they have a few in their LVC line.
jwjohnston41 : @rogueterritory thanks for the time yesterday! These jeans are tough as nails!
rogueterritory : @bybeatle @wdurablegoods ^^^
rogueterritory : @jwjohnston41 great seeing you and Kat yesterday. Good luck with the move and safe travels!
tobygriffin - sesuni - juuolivrr - girlsleuth47 -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Gotta start 'em young! @minipellets is not interested.
littlepellets : @snakeoilprovisions you gotta get on the LA sushi game, next level
snakeoilprovisions : @littlepellets fair enough. Maybs I'll give it another go.
girlsleuth47 : I don't blame her. I don't eat "bait" either.
generalquarters : @snakeoilprovisions papa johns + sushi??
snakeoilprovisions : @generalquarters yes please!
rogueterritory : @generalquarters @snakeoilprovisions ewwww
sabel_boo : @theillyorker I see it!
katherineamerrill : @suitecello you and babe😍
cosmic.vsz - crisol39 - janani_v - marina_mab -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
The nights are finally starting to cool off. ISC Work Shirt, @filthmart black tee and 16.75oz slub SKs #wiwt #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #rgtslubfaders #rgtslubfaderskarl
wiwt - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtslubfaders - rgtslubfaderskarl -
joshdebney : If I'm a large in the other long sleeve shirts, should I get a large in this one?
rogueterritory : @joshdebney if you are L in the Jumper shirts (short sleeve & long) stick with a L. If you are a L in our denim work shirts and they are fitted meaning you wouldn't layer under them you may want to go up to a XL
rgt_slub_faders : Everything about this picture is right! πŸ‘Œ
stavtapuch : If your extra large work shirts fits me just right does that mean I should pass on this due to the tighter fit?
rogueterritory : @stavtapuch the ISC maybe on the right side for you
jmhoracek : @rogueterritory any plans to do more XXLs in the future? I love your work shirts and jackets, but I have massive shoulders that make the XLs too small
rogueterritory : @jmhoracek thanks man! the next round of ISC shirts I'll throw a few XXL in.
jmhoracek : Excellent...I'll be keeping an eye out!
rgt_slub_faders - dpavkovich - houston_to_go - rolson1 -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
ISC Officer Trousers post-soak - 1.5hr cold soak / hang dry minimal shrinkage .25" in the rise and inseam less than .25" in the width #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
drinkthewildair1 : So sick!!
rogueterritory : @facemafia yes. Warp and weft are ring spun and dyed with pure indigo. So you will see light contrast on the seams and pockets pretty quickly if they're being worn regularly.
xianricca : Cool. Thanks for getting back. My girlfriend surprised me with some 3sixteen's so I figured I should break those in first before grabbing another pair of jeans... So trousers however ;)
ewingdrygoods : Love my OG ISC trousers! Maybe I'll peel off the Slubs and wear em soon.
thomasjr2588 : @xianricca that's a good gf man I'd keep her around ha ha πŸ‘
travisedson : Need to order asap
jonhalllovesyou : I need pants 😒
joexstancato : These are the BEST! Can't wait to start wearing my pair! πŸ‘
fernanda_fernaandes - fromliljskitchen - billyschiel - dontmournorganize -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
#hikeswithsunday @generalquarters @gchanx3 @littlepellets @minipellets #goexplore
goexplore - hikeswithsunday -
bennjeff : Nice I spent my weekend doing the same. My slubbies are going to smell like campfire for awhile
rogueterritory : @bennjeff love that smell
jagoytisolo : TFTI
rogueterritory : @jagoytisolo I'm not hip to these acronyms
jagoytisolo : @rogueterritory thanks for the invite
nielspetergroot - michaelmiano - andreat18 - losangelesleathercraft -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Keeping it casual Wednesdays. vintage 1987 Mets tee, Officer Trouser prototype and 70s Chucks to round out my #ootd #waywt #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
waywt - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - ootd -
jbartusc : What fabric on that trouser prototype?
honkonlong : refreshing !!
rogueterritory : @jbartusc 11oz blue line selvedge twill. I'm in love with it. These have been washed once already.
jbartusc : @rogueterritory they look fantastic!
cuffington : Noice!
noahgreyclothing : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
argo_yourself : Because Mets are the best!
glasshouseshirtmakers : LGM baby. πŸ”ΆπŸ”·
quintus_zheng - zacattac - noahmauldin - estang08 -
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