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Karl Thoennessen

Handmade Denim Goods // KEEP THE TRADE ALIVEβ„’ // rogueterritory.com
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
We are so proud to have the opportunity to partner with the amazingly talented guys behind @collectivequarterly - ISSUE 1 - ABSAROKA - is now available at many of the fine retailers that stock our goods and online at collectivequarterly.com photo by: @grantlegan #alwaysgo #collectivequarterly #rogueterritory #rgtfam #rgtforeveryseason
alwaysgo - collectivequarterly - rgtfam - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
cookwilltravel : Nice. Congrats and well deserved. Love your jeans. They hold up to a rough life here on Kauai @rogueterritory
ucmoto : πŸ‘Œ
rogueterritory : @cookwilltravel rad dude! @littlepellets looks like a site visits in order!
funwithphotos : πŸ‘πŸ‘
collectivequarterly : @rogueterritory couldn't be more proud to have you part of the collective!
thisnormallife : Shhhhhit 😳😳😳
matt4mayor : So freaking good. πŸ‘
jashmanuel : @ortegaelena
truenorthleather - _willybravenec - andreat18 - mrskarparts -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
This is how it's supposed to worn isn't it?! #PUFNYC #fashionzzzz #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
fashionzzzz - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - pufnyc -
thomasmahoney : @rogueterritory list this as a separate item on the site, bet it'll sell. "WAXED CANVAS LINED FARIBAULT MILLS BLANKET SUPPLY JACKET"
richicha_ : What incredible texture w the satin sleeves. I just tried w the shawl collar. Not as successful.
j.vonoldershausen : So glad i bought this today...and it totally works inside out! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
propellerbeanie : Not quite related but do you have any plans on making a waxed olive Supply Jacket? I'd love to see it happen!
rogueterritory : @propellerbeanie We will be introducing some new colors but olive will not be one of them.
rogueterritory : @j.vonoldershausen great meeting you man, enjoy!
rogueterritory : @richicha_ haha yea that collar won't quite lay the same way inside out.
coldsplinters : Hi @travisauclair
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Thanks for making this shirt so special @chaingang_la @lotstockandbarrel #PUFNYC #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - pufnyc -
rogueterritory : @craftsmanshipusa great meeting you and Danielle as well!
pcr1907 : Fuck yeah!!!!
minipellets : I can't wait to inherit that one day, daddy!
natbabar : Hey you look like my friend @skhn_
skhn_ : Lmao @natbabar
natbabar : @skhn_ can't believe we found one of your 7 doppelgängers
andreat18 : STELLA!!
skhn_ : One of 7? Where's the others? @natbabar
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
It's on! Look forward to seeing everybody today @pop_up_flea aaand detail shot of the neppy goodness on this western shirt! #PUFNYC #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - pufnyc -
invas_ian : Western style nepp!?! FTW Can't wait for specs and measurements.
rogueterritory : @invas_ian in between a jumper and a work shirt. It's meant to be worn as a shirt more than an over shirt like the work shirt.
eoliva : @rogueterritory Karl sadly could not make it back yesterday. Are you back soon? Any locations in NY have all the denim models to try on?
rogueterritory : @eoliva no worries man. Glad you were able to stop by on Friday. till next time!
outlinedcloth : Did u bring any of these back to LA or sell them all?
rogueterritory : @outlinedcloth we will have them available online by the end of this week
outlinedcloth : Sweet thank u!!! And they fit the same as the chambray ones?
rogueterritory : @outlinedcloth you would get the same size as the brown chambray Jumper shirt you just picked up.
jgreds07 - aldotwins - wantaforge - chuckstahuh -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Some more goodies will be bringing with us to @pop_up_flea include 1. ALL NEW Western Style shirt! Using super neppy yellow line selvedge denim and pearl snaps and all kinds of other cool details 2. the newest in the #keepthetradealive artist series hankies in collaboration with @bendeter 3. a brand new natty veg tanned leather belt using new leather and sporting new branding. We can't wait to showcase all this awesome new stuff along with our rad Fall/Winter collection in NYC, see you this weekend! #PUFNYC #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - keepthetradealive - pufnyc -
rogueterritory : @eli_negro shirt is $255 / hankies are $32 / belt is $98
honkonlong : Karl, what kind/where the denim from for the shirt?!
rogueterritory : @honkonlong it's a pure indigo 2x1 nep 9oz yellow selvedge ID from Nihon Menpu Mills. I'll post a close up more detailed shot of the denim tomorrow.
littlepellets : @honkonlong the denim on this shirt is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!!
littlepellets : @breckinthehole it's soooo good!! πŸ‘Œ
the_poes : Gahhh was hoping to pick this up today! Hopefully I can come back tomorrow. πŸ˜•
honkonlong : @littlepellets I know, right, can I take a xs now??!πŸš€
rikwahyt : Have barely taken mine off since purchase.... This will be one of my greatest fade projects to date....
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
This brand new Hawk Head raglan sleeve sweatshirt is USDA Grade A Prime and will be available this weekend @pop_up_flea. Any remaining will be up on the site next week. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #PUFNYC
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - pufnyc -
rogueterritory : @harudenimgoodsco @beholderbadges thanks guys!
generalquarters : Get that meat!
markharmanphoto : These will go well 🎯
akpimpmama : 🎣 I'm hooked!
richicha_ : Bird of prey spots her quarry.
kurtthoe : Me wanty
breerly : @misakimichy !!
shelby_denim : I really like that, great job!
jaesungxlee - mmbehling - thisnormallife - dontmournorganize -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Check out the transformation on @ewingdrygoods light weight canvas Supply Jacket after multiple applications of Filson wax and almost a year of wear. #rgtfam #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtfam -
tommy1005 : ?
rogueterritory : @tommy1005 not necessarily, it's really personal preference. Waxing is essentially weather proofing the fabric. It doesn't make it water-proof but it does help with keeping water out on damp days and helps retain body heat. But if you're caught in a downpour you're getting wet, no way around that.
richicha_ : Oh, it's THAT unwaxed canvas. Dope. Must have been laborious to evenly apply it. I've also never seen a waxed canvas jacket that wasn't tan, olive, brown, or black. Could be great in the navy canvas...
typhen : So rad.
belle_nova : @rogueterritory hi! May i know what is Filson wax main content and which chemical company it is from. Thanks!
harudenimgoodsco : Awesome
nick_kts : @blasfome
alexanderm89 : Looking forward to it arriving in my mail. Your products are great man.
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Sunday morning vibes. #rgtslubfaders @pf_flyers Champion x Todd Snyder #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtslubfaders -
lissetteart : @michaelchristopher11 your keys!
techguy41 : @romecf1260 looks like you.
rogueterritory : @the_red_blune sleeves are fitted, haven't tried on the Velva Sheen
mr_supercooper : Looking good bud!
adamterry : Really digging those @pf_flyers with the denim. Clean!
ozwegoe : I found the champion x Todd to have really large cuffs on the sleeve and hem, fyi
progra2000 : @rogueterritory Hey Karl, it's Alex at Progra. Follow back if you don't mind. Thanks!
rgt_slub_faders : Killing it @rogueterritory
cliff_wears_clothes - brndnlu - dontmournorganize - paintingshtgold -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
If you're in the Denver area stop by @denver_flea and say hi to our friends @berkeleysupply. Eli will be there slinging amazing #madeinusa goods today and tomorrow from 12-6 at 29th and Blake St. #rgtfam #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - madeinusa - rgtfam -
aallbrit : @rogueterritory I like the backpacks pictured. Curious if those are your brand or something else.
rogueterritory : @aallbrit I believe they are Topo Design bags @berkeleysupply???
berkeleysupply : @aallbrit they sure are @topodesigns
aallbrit : @rogueterritory Hey thanks a lot. I appreciate it
kbrenns : I can vouch for the uber awesomeness of @topodesigns bags. Awesome quality and durability.
nckgonzalez : @gallomike06
wolffelikeme : @scot.trainer
scot.trainer : @wolffelikeme πŸ‘Š
jo.s.hua - mark_dauz - matnleatherworks - denimology -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
This #fadefriday brought to you from our friend from the North! These are Dan's of @ewingdrygoods 16.75oz SKs about 4 months in. We especially love that unique wallet fade on his back pocket. All leather goods in this pic are handmade by Dan up in Alaska. #checkit #ewingdrygoods #rgtforeveryseason #rgtfam #rgtslubfaders #rogueterritory
checkit - ewingdrygoods - rgtforeveryseason - rgtslubfaders - rogueterritory - fadefriday - rgtfam -
mihnea_bunea : #denimporn
breerly : πŸ‘πŸ‘
swissjeansfreak : @ewingdrygoods I love sll kond if strongest denim evolution since my childhood. It seems, that I have a little raw denim addictness which will last until the end of my life ha ha
wwwun : Nice
bondurantboy : @justin_hines
famee15 : Love this brands man... @rogueterritory
kid_luu : I'm liking theses @kcsteel
harudenimgoodsco : Siiiick
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