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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Ridgeline Supply Jacket in the wild. Photo courtesy of @jaygullion on assignment in the Great North West. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
rileya90 : I just picked this jacket up @tannergoods in Portland and couldn't be happier. I'm excited to get some serious wear in it.
tannergoods : So good!
rogueterritory : @rileya90 thanks man, enjoy!
joshdebney : @rogueterritory what is the fade potential like on the new 11oz stealths?
rogueterritory : @joshdebney 11oz stealth is a true black warp x black weft denim. Fades will be minimum throughout the life of that denim
rileya90 : Thank you guys @tannergoods and @rogueterritory , it's just the start to my collection
reedtpeterson : Will you guys be doing a fall restock of the blanket lined version? TIA @rogueterritory
rogueterritory : @reedtpeterson we will be introducing a new color in the waxed blanket lined Supply Jacket for Fall.
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
New on the [BLOG] S/S'15 1st Drop Featured Look: Dark Supply Jacket / Grey Chambray Jumper Shirt / Bronze Officer Trousers. Find out why we love these pieces! #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
kbrenns : Sorry if that's a totally dumb question, it's just in this picture the bronze look a bit looser in the thigh than my olive pair -- I love the fit on you in this picture!
rogueterritory : @kbrenns not a dumb question at all - these are looser than than the olive Officers in every way. Looser in the crotch, upper thigh and calf. I recommend sizing down 1 size from your olive trousers
rogueterritory : @tom_nom_nom size down 1 size from your SKs you'll find that these a slightly looser in the crotch and leg when compared to the SKs.
kbrenns : Ooh! Sweet! I love the olive trousers but was looking for a looser fit for some new news. So you should see my order come in soon! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
rogueterritory : @kbrenns sweet! πŸ™
tom_nom_nom : @rogueterritory awesome thanks!
seasonedusa : Simple. Timeless.
christopherwohrle : @spencer_brittain
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Gettin' a little wild today care of @richerpoorer also ISC trouser restock is 2 weeks out! #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #wiwt
wiwt - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
vincethebeliever : @trmorse πŸ‘πŸ‘
vincethebeliever : @rogueterritory πŸ™Œ
richerpoorer : @rogueterritory thanks for supporting @richerpoorer 😊
aljarvi63 : @gullywog
eldestroyo : WHOA! This is an outstanding look πŸ”πŸ‘πŸ’― @rogueterritory
shelby_denim : Real Rad Karl! πŸ‘Œ lovin the 11oz stealth Stantons, so comfortable - thank you!
rogueterritory : @shelby_denim rad! Glad you're enjoying them!
shelby_denim : I really am! Perfect fit and this fabric just molds to your body immediately πŸ‘Œ
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
File under - #looksthatkill
looksthatkill - rgtforeveryseason - rogueterritory -
matt.nudie : πŸ‘Ά
alanjavillonar : So cute 😍😍😍
generalquarters : The is sayin "nah"
rollercams : You gonna survive her dating punks? ;)
swissjeansfreak : @rogueterritory Awesome cute kid on those impressing looking jeans
ewingdrygoods : Filed!
laermkulisse : Soo cute!
andreat18 : ❀️
peninsula_holding_co - felixchien - fernanda645 - _mario1975 -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
blue and bronze. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtfam -
littlepellets : @jbartusc haha i gotchu! πŸ˜‰
itskfactor : Love the navy button choice and not white πŸ‘ might have to add this one to the collection
_seandoyle_ : @rogueterritory haha that's exactly how I feel with my ISC trousers! I think my slubs started getting jealous, so I had to rock them today hahhaa πŸ˜‚ honestly, I've never really been a "trouser" guy, but the fit and attention to detail on these officer trousers have quickly made them my favorite pant I have ever owned. Now I want them in every color way! πŸ‘πŸ‘
seasonedusa : Go together like PBnJ
breckinthehole : @rogueterritory How much stretch might we see in the waist on the bronze trousers?
rogueterritory : @breckinthehole standard stretch - approximately .5"
ipongpan : Shirt so beautiful
seanparkerphotography : Want
anatalio_joseph - scene_mom - mr_vittles - peninsula_holding_co -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
#sundaymorningvibes with the Pelletses #momentswithsunday
sundaymorningvibes - momentswithsunday -
jefhendrickson : Excellent!
rogueterritory : @cool__leo1.0 50s 1600 Super Speedster I think it's the VW replica 365
littlepellets : @jjayhawks πŸ‘€
snakeoilprovisions : I. Need. A. Sticker.
rogueterritory : @snakeoilprovisions sticker, what sticker?
snakeoilprovisions : πŸ™Š
measurethrice : #thuglife
andreat18 : Awesome pic!!
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Since we're talking tattoos, might as well do a little #flashbackfriday to when @dr_woo_ssc gave me my first tattoo back in July of 2013 #rgtlifer #crossedfeathers #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
crossedfeathers - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - flashbackfriday - rgtlifer -
jonathan__nguyen : @yen__tran
itskfactor : Perfect. Love it. Congrats on getting to where you're at and continued success in the future. Count me in as a Lyfer of the brand
cristinaguerra2013 : @sickera78
jesgagnon : Same place I got my first tat. Hurt like hell.
duwop4real : @svnguine 😏
rogueterritory : @itskfactor thanks Keith πŸ™
generalquarters : Did we ever decide if the stencil was straight? πŸ˜‰
andreat18 : Is @littlepellets next? πŸ˜„
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
It's things like this that make us stop for a moment and reflect on how amazingly supportive our #rgtfam and this community has been to us over the years. Thank you @lguevarra for sharing this with us! #rgtlifer #rogueterritory
rogueterritory - rgtfam - rgtlifer -
travisedson : @matt.nudie πŸ™Š
matt.nudie : DAMMIT! @ewingdrygoods
ewingdrygoods : @matt.nudie next time broseph.
lguevarra : Let's see it @ewingdrygoods πŸ˜„
generalquarters : @lguevarra πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bu11ish : Great photo and ink πŸ‘Œ
littlepellets : @lguevarra so honored! πŸ™
lguevarra : @generalquarters @littlepellets you guys are the best πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Getting ready to send these well worn Stantons out for repair but wanted to show off the fades and indigo warp x black weft yarns before I did. This is a perfect example of the variation in color you can expect from our 13.5oz Dark red line selvedge denim Stantons and SK. Now you can get this same awesomeness in the Supply Jacket! #nofilter #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - nofilter -
hem_lord1907 : @stopthefury πŸ‘Š thx man
iamryankerr : @hellomrballard dude... Can't wait. Need to wear it all day, everyday.
geniusunleashed : Rumor has it, you have a new cut coming this year. Can we expect it with bluexblack?
noahgreyclothing : 🎯🎯
swissjeansfreak : @rogueterritory Looking great faded! Love them
mrpocketsofsteel : That is just righteous. Cannot wait till the day I get my ~`Blue n Black. I don't think I was aware of the jacket though. Supply Jacket you say? Oh quit it. Ha! I am off to take a gander.πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜€
jmplmth : @quentin.locastro
cool__leo1.0 : Is there some kind of general rule for preventing crotch blowouts? My 1.5 year Stealth SKs get a new hole every few months and I love them too much to admit defeat.
elijahmerritt - famee15 - blueblueindigo - -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
#wiwt Ridgeline Supply Jacket / Blue Chambray Popover (coming soon) / ISC Trousers. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
wiwt - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
itskfactor : About to order the indigo hankey to go with it πŸ‘ can't get enough of your stuff. Double digits pieces of RGT in my closet now
rogueterritory : @itskfactor seriously?! that's amazing!thank you! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
itskfactor : Yes seriously. And thank you!
jbartusc : Not sure how I missed this, but yes!!!!
itskfactor : @jbartusc perfect right? When that popover becomes available I'll be able to complete this look w the jacket and pants already here haha
jbartusc : @itskfactor I love the popovers. Have last years brown and the white already...great summer time kit wear!
itskfactor : @jbartusc I've been searching for that brown!
jbartusc : @itskfactor good luck. Absolutely one of my favorite fabrics ever!
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