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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Little known fact: I worked for this dude (owner of Lip Service and co-owner of Kill City) as a sample cutter for about 4 months before I started RGT. I had know experience but he was super rad to me. Over the years he would pop in to AmRag and see how Rogue Territory was doing. He was always so supportive and encouraging. I will always remember his larger than life personality and humble nature. Even his small role in my life had a great impact on what I'm doing today. You will be greatly missed #drewbernstein #lipservice #locallegend
drewbernstein - locallegend - lipservice -
blackmarket : @rogueterritory πŸ˜”πŸ’”
tenniferjerry : πŸ’”
anatkblack : RIP
milesfst : suburbia is an all time cult classic , sorry for your loss
ryvini : A designer for kill city used to be a regular poster on style forum
kevinhockin : Sorry to hear Karl. Very sad indeed. RIP.
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Come enjoy a Mid-day Requisition w/ US hosted by @generalquarters Find all sorts of goodies from both #RGT and General Quarters (Old stock, minor damaged product, old seasonal goods and stuff you've probably never seen before) all at great prices and in limited quantity!!! Enjoy handmade ice cream from LA locals @smilefrozenla too! This event is ONE DAY ONLY at GQCA - no holds, no phone orders and cash is preferred. We may even raffle off a few things...who knows. Check out the flyer for details and see you there!
rgt -
richardsiebold : @boyerkurt are you going to go?
jaygullion : @rogueterritory well played sir. Well played.
rogueterritory : @jaygullion you gonna be there?
wasim_sheraaz : @rogueterritory ahhhh Americans rockkkk! 😨😱😍
boyerkurt : @richardsiebold I dont know. The cycle swapmeet is the same day.
garrisonfrd : @miguelantoniorodriguez I won't be in town but you check it out
ldsacks : Please do one in Brooklyn!
shelby_denim : I wish
fibersandflorals - miguelverano - chrysnguyen - shelby_denim -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
#sds #shopdogsundays that time Blair's friend Susie of @crippenla brought in her weeks old Ridgeback to @generalquarters. Look at those ears!
shopdogsundays - sds -
coolerik916 : @malerie_deeda
aur0raa_ : @pizzaguirre
stagprovisions : C'mon...
denleung : @acekieffer omg
jwonngg : @wowostocksdrygoods aww
swissjeansfreak : @bleachnstones Yeah impressing cuff tracks on thise @rogueterritory I assume with hem folded inside for some wear time. But then there should be a folding line be visible as well
shelby_denim : 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❀️
generalquarters : She's a real sweetie.
alfatennytambayong - dunnethead - novels - studebaker_metals -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
I was nominated by my brother Kurt to do the #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. I nominate @generalquarters @gricioppo @duncanwolfe. You have 24hrs to accept the challenge. My jeans needed a cold soak anyways.
als -
generalquarters : @nonimmigrant Haha!!!!
swissjeansfreak : @rogueterritory What an impressing soaking process to your Stantons! So you get any icewater fadings on them? If I wouldn't keep away any water from my raw denim gear I could imagine to do this as well
shelby_denim : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
rogueterritory : @nonimmigrant that's just hurtful talk right there. 😒
rogueterritory : @swissjeansfreak nothing noticeable. They're just a little crunchier now. I don't plan on giving them a proper soak for a little while longer.
matiasdenim : #selfsoak
cano_rawambition : @rogueterritory #wettdhirtcontest πŸ˜‚
swissjeansfreak : @rogueterritory Yeah that's what I excpected too. It's like caught by a little rainfall! And your jeans look awesone so no hurry at all for soak washing! Keep us updated on those bad boys
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
In case you were wondering how we've continued to run seamlessly as @littlepellets and I have switched our focus to taking care of @minipellets, the newest addition to our family. Well wonder no more! We're super excited to introduce you to @prestonalba the newest member to the RGT team! He's been at the helm these past few weeks and we couldn't be more excited to have him on board! #rogueterritory #rgt #rgtfam #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgt - rgtfam -
standardandstrange : HI PRESTON
uniformjournal : Nice!
joexstancato : @rogueterritory is the f/w 14 lookbook dropping soon? @prestonalba
mrs_ewingdrygoods : Nice!
chrisin323 : Yay @prestonalba! We were hoping you landed on good ground. Seems you found a perfect tarmac.
swissjeansfreak : Congrats @prestonalba to be part of the great @rogueterritory family
chadcress : Looking good @prestonalba!
miguelverano : @prestonalba miss you 😘
cruz_c - breerly - boghaith3636 - tagorda -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
@rewindstuff out adventuring in his #rogueterritory Cone Mills denim Field Jacket. Photo courtesy of @wheatandco #rgtforeveryseason #rgt #rgtfam
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgt - rgtfam -
mitevpi : @chaswied saw this dude and thought you were a pro model on the side
chaswied : @mitevpi working on it, Petr. Working on it.
joexstancato : Awesome
kiara_tiger : @mandy8may another for you πŸ˜‰
eoliva : @rogueterritory hello Karl are you in nyc soon? Need a L in the new field jacket!
rogueterritory : Hey @eoliva I won't be in NYC until December for Winter @pop_up_flea and I don't know that I'll have any left by then, but if I do I'll bring some
mandy8may : Dammmmmmm!!!!! Girllllll!!!! @kiara_tiger
godspeed4506 : @_garcia
guseka_putra - cloudzac - kylehahn - richerpoorer -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Was cleaning out my closet today and came across these prototype trousers that I made back in 2009...think I'll fit these into my rotation. To celebrate this discovery I tried @stumptowncoffee's new cold brew. Pretty good! #rogueterritory #rawdenim #archive #rgt #ootd #ewingdrygoods
rawdenim - ewingdrygoods - rgt - ootd - rogueterritory - archive -
ryegb : @rogueterritory "great front pockets"
rogueterritory : @mildblendsupplyco @ryegb thanks guys!
thevanman : @rogueterritory make some thunder thigh friendly ones
santosdelreal : @herroboba
philstero : @rogueterritory Karl, sorry to bother you can I change my size from a 32 to a 31 on the pair of dark SKS I ordered. I emailed Leslie!
rogueterritory : Hey @philstero please process the exchange thru our site. It'll get processed in a timely manner. Thanks!
vacations_on : I'm not sure this is the right place, but I would really love to see Stanton-like fit with roomier thighs, but still tapered in the futureπŸ˜‰
rogueterritory : @vacations_on if we were to do another fit that would be the one.
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Ms. Stella Jing Thoennessen! Born July 24, 2014 I will be eternally grateful and forever in aww of you @littlepellets she is everything I always dreamed she'd be. #rgtfam
rgtfam -
sopjosh : Was prettttttty good! Hope to hang with you guys and Stella soon.
lissydoodlez : Congratulations. She's gorgeous.
rogueterritory : @lissydoodlez thank ya!
lissydoodlez : Gus has some competition πŸ˜‰
ewingdrygoods : She's perfect you guys!! 😍
rogueterritory : @ewingdrygoods thank you Dan, we are so in love!
potentialitea : Congratulations, Karl! She's a beauty!
edieeelim : wow shes a stunner! fix marriage wirh my son?
danyellgunter - potentialitea - arielokonsky - jamesmelinat -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Back from summer camp with the @snakeoilprovisions crew. Thanks for taking such great care of him! We missed him so much.
rogueterritory : @ewingdrygoods thank you!!!
mr_supercooper : Boom!! Congrats buddy!
bennjeff : Congratulations to the both of you
sop_mireezy : Haha. For sure! Hope he's forgiven you for sending him away πŸ˜‰
missyej : What about his chauffeur πŸ˜’... #choppedliver
rogueterritory : You're the best too! Bringing amazing donuts. @missyej
honkonlong : Karl, congrats!!! quick question, any chance rgt got denim vests coming?! really want one from rgt
rogueterritory : @honkonlong thank you! no plans, but others have asked so it may be something I consider doing as an exclusive, but can't promise anything right now.
zacharytnelsen - girlsleuth47 - dontmournorganize - _divanoletto -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
One of our favorites. 14.5oz stantons exclusively for @woodlands_shop designed by myself and produced by our friends @tannergoods. You can find these at Woodlands DTLA and PDX locations. Photo courtesy of @benbenww #rogueterritory #rgt #rgtfam #thewoodlands #rawdenim
thewoodlands - rogueterritory - rgtfam - rgt - rawdenim -
noahgreyclothing : I love my pair
durkl : leather patch game in point
johnnyw75 : Shame you can't produce a non leather patch cause your jeans are amazing @rogueterritory
rogueterritory : @durkl thank ya
rogueterritory : @johnnyw75 you can request to have the patch removed. Just leave a note on your order when checking out.
johnnyw75 : I've already got a pair of Stantons I've had for a while @rogueterritory just be nice to have an alternative for us vegan types like Railcar does
michaelcurtis17 : @rogueterritory Hi! @360magazine is interested in brands like yours. Email us at for great marketing initiatives! @vaughnlowery
vaughnlowery : Finally a new approach to denim @rogueterritory @michaelcurtis17
dat_kid_jeremy1999 - pacifistnorthwest - vaughnlowery - michaelcurtis17 -
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