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Handmade Denim Goods // KEEP THE TRADE ALIVEβ„’ //
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
I always enjoy our bi-annual meetings with Nihon Menpu Mills President and Head of Operations. So much to look forward to this year! #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #rgtslubfaders
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breckinthehole : @littlepellets I'm racking my brain over here trying to figure out the fabric and or if it's over dyed. Hmm....
littlepellets : @breckinthehole you'll never guess. It's gonna blow your mind 😲
rogueterritory : @breckinthehole hahaha you'll know soon enough my man. : I'm just tryna get that hollister hoodie tho
shelby_denim : Nice! I was hoping you'd make more westerns! Mine is my new favorite shirt! ✊
rogueterritory : haha limited edition Japanese release. Super rare. : πŸ˜„βœŒοΈ
kthoag : Tonal thread western got me over here like πŸ‘€
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
A day at the beach with my ladies @littlepellets @minipellets ...and my @rgt_slub_faders
bennjeff : You guys have like the cutest child ever
rogueterritory : @ozwegoe haha of course you did. They're from Zara. @bennjeff thank you!
bendeter : Good pants run in the fam. πŸ‘–
andreat18 : 😍
rahrah_rogers : @northern_disclosure
shredwin_206 : @rogueterritory sent you a DM with a couple questions!!
littlepellets : @bennjeff thanks! 😊
sorooshno : Haha cute 😊
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
No trip down to SD can be complete without stopping to hang with the homies @loneflag thanks as always for the great hospitality and delicious coffee. #bestshopinsandiego #rgtfam #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtfam - bestshopinsandiego -
rogueterritory : @invas_ian its a distinct possibility and might be coming sooner than you think. πŸ˜‰
chibacheebs : Are you getting Tacos El Gordo after?
cuffington : Cool beans!!! sd/la collab πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
an_absolute : I wanna be homies with you guys πŸ˜ŽπŸ’©
w0ng_way : Yessssss. New fit is going to be perfect!
matt.nudie : Dos amigos locos πŸ‘¨πŸ‘¨
rogueterritory : @hairlip_13 I'm wearing a prototype of our newest fit called the "Rider" relaxed upper thigh slightly tapered to the leg opening. Not exactly a true straight leg but not far from it.
hairlip_13 : Right on Karl. @rogueterritory looks like I will be purchasing a pair to wear with my supply jacket.. #stoked #rogueterritoryforeveryperson
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Haven't listened to this in a loooong time. Forgot how much I enjoy it. "Oh my god they're gorgeous!"
spestrada : @mr_michael_d my rap forte is judge, jury, bailiff, and prosecuting DA
handdrawncreative : Great LP
matttharp : Brilliant. Love this album
invas_ian : #tbt if you ask me! Now, find this on wax and enjoy THAT classic!
cvanhame : Thanks for posting forgot i I loved them so much too
magdalenapaluch : "Is that a Ben Sherman?!"
phanfotos : Im a male model NOT a male prostitute.
peezylyfe : Good taste!
adnan_afana - peezylyfe - littlepellets - beckspapa -
rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
RGTX3! Worn well by @andrewsutton - Lined Waxed Canvas Supply Jacket, neppy Western shirt, and 14.5oz Stantons. Also seen here is @sturdybrothers key fob. Photo by @tarashton #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #rgtwestern #rgtfam
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - rgtwestern - rgtfam -
sturdybrothers : πŸ‘Œ
selvedge1 : Awesome. πŸ‘–πŸŽ― @andrewsutton
andrewsutton : @whaleysworld @breckinthehole @chadwickmccullough @griffinlamb @chromeyellowtradingco @outlinedcloth @sturdybrothers @selvedge1 Thanks everyone!
kthoag : Awesome!
martinthemeat : Dope πŸ‘Š
ahmerican_workaholic : That's my combo! πŸ‘
shelby_denim : Yup perfect @andrewsutton πŸ’ͺ
hombresmarket : Perfection
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Hawk head tri-blend sweatshirts are now available online! #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
jeff_silveraholic : @mdmine πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
littlepellets : @itskfactor awesome!!!
jeffwelder94 : @rogueterritory How's the shrunken front length for tall fellows? (6'5", 165 lbs) thinking about a medium, just don't want the awkward belly showing.
rogueterritory : @jeffwelder94 you can expect 1.5"-2" shrinkage in the length if you dry in the dryer on high heat. Hang dry shrinkage is more like .5"-1"
gerritandresen : Please make some in xl!!!
rogueterritory : @gerritandresen we will stock XL but currently they are on back order.
gerritandresen : I'd love to get one but im not abeld to squeeze myself into large im afraid...
rogueterritory : @gerritandresen XLs are coming soon
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Great day for exploring the amazing Desert Gardens at Huntington Gardens. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #myredwings #redwingheritage
redwingheritage - rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - myredwings -
outlinedcloth : πŸ‘πŸ‘
cuffington : Ooohhh πŸ‘€πŸ‘
itskfactor : Those office trousers look good there @rogueterritory
whaleysworld : Why would you chop off that beautiful mug!?
rogueterritory : @itskfactor thanks man, I'm stoked on them. @whaleysworld haha I'll try to include my face more often...maybe.
helloshawna : The best place ❀️🌡
goaliselevation : Plus 1 - need a full shot. Otherwise you look like your in witness protection.
kthoag : Dope trousers
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Coming to the site real soon. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason -
cmgray123 : @rogueterritory anything on the back?
bennjeff : What is the sizing going to be like on these, do you guys uses the same sweatshirt blanks that the SOP crew does?
rogueterritory : @bennjeff we do indeed.
rogueterritory : @reedtpeterson We're approximately 2 months out on restock, just waiting for the denim to be delivered
ozwegoe : Up yet or did I miss it... @rogueterritory
rogueterritory : @ozwegoe not up yet
beholderbadges : … that looks super cool @rogueterritory :) …
jkimmie : My dear @cuffington. I'll keep an eye out for you so you can casually slub it in style while you continue to rock dat #rgtslubfaders 😘
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
16.75oz Slub SKs - 1 cold rinse almost 1 year - photo by @littlepellets #nofilter #rogueterritory #rgtslubfaders #rgtforeveryseason
rogueterritory - rgtforeveryseason - nofilter - rgtslubfaders - shittalkin -
mr_supercooper : Damn thems are looking good dood!
theberkeleyhunt : VPL
dranocat : @courtnspace you a model now loke?
dreambeard : Need to get me a pair!
aimeeseemo : @traveesemo #manjeanspiration
tonecastillo : I seriously ordered a pair yesterday because of this photo! So pumped to get them!
rogueterritory : @tonecastillo so rad man, you're going to love them!
grimace___ : Great pic...gotta get some conv.
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rogueterritory - Karl Thoennessen
Brand new "Plum Flower" Handkerchief now available online. Featuring original artwork by @bendeter hand screen printed and marrow stitched in Los Angeles. *Baby foot not included. #rogueterritory #rgtforeveryseason #keepthetradealive #artistseries #rgtfam #rgtslubfaders
artistseries - rgtforeveryseason - rgtslubfaders - rogueterritory - keepthetradealive - rgtfam -
cuffington : @jkimmie Gimme gimme πŸ‘‹
rogueterritory : @breckinthehole @andrew.pdf it's a prototype I've been working on. Someday I'll get around to making some sweatshirts
andrew.pdf : @rogueterritory 😍😍 the knit and material look gorgeous! Can't wait!
martinthemeat : Looks awesome. And how about a photo of that prototype sweater? πŸ‘Š
ewingdrygoods : Love this picture!!
rogueterritory : Thanks dude! @ewingdrygoods
harringtun : what is the weight/make of these rgtslubs, if i may ask?
rogueterritory : @harringtun 16.75oz SKs
harvydanger - dimagbt - franslikethecountry - joeyandjaime -
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