Kat Williams

The blue haired weirdo who's obsessed with weddings. Magazine editor & fanatical blogger. Headmistress at @theblogcademy. Sparkle monster, cat lover.
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Next to New York, Vegas is my favourite city. Last day in Paradise today and Im so sad to have to go back to normality tonight!!
ashleycherokee : High Roller!!
whathayleydidnext - anj_schultz - bettybabydoll - childssophie -
rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Last night in Vegas. I wonder what mischief @nubbytwiglet can get up to tonight!? Also, we saved this flower confetti from the @britneyspears show last night because we're just so cool 🌸🌸🌸
msmegabat : Those glasses though!
hollydanger : Totally need those glasses! What would one call them when looking for them online? Hmm..
sunandshineblog : @hollydanger crystal eyeglasses? Crystal sunglasses?
xohiyatootsie : Still life game so strong!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
dressupbox : @h0les_eyewear check it! #h0les #h0leseyewear
nubbytwiglet : @xohiyatootsie It's midnight and we are sitting in Caesars Palace refreshing Instagram... πŸ˜‚
xohiyatootsie : @nubbytwiglet hahahahaha yes!! Let's also talk about how Victoria's Secret sent out an email this morning saying that the first 50 people to show up in select stores (mine included!) get a free selfie stick. HELL YES I AM GETTING A FREE SELFIE STICK TOMORROW!!! #bloggerproblems #bloglife #likethuglifebutwithstilllifesandselfiesticks #wordtoyamutha πŸ˜œπŸ’―
xohiyatootsie : @dressupbox Hannah!! I love that you actually know where these glasses are from hahaha I just checked out the website and had heart palpitations. Can you actually see out of them or are they just novelty glasses? Are they sunglasses? The Holes Prr pair are killing me!! πŸ‘€
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Just visited The Flamingo for the first time and I'm obsessed! Best gift shop ever (I bought a mug with a flamingo on and @nubbytwiglet bought a flamingo statue for her office!) and real life pink flamingos walking around outside! πŸŒ΄πŸ’–πŸŒ΄
sittingprettyvintage : I got married here last May in the garden :) @rocknrollbride πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ’—
jessyarwood85 : @lisadalyphoto
jessyarwood85 : Where is this @rocknrollbride
lisadalyphoto : 😍 @jessyarwood85
fondantfox : Amazing !!! X
missymalone : @mrsd_d Can't WAIT!!
saz_182 : Yes @lauriejuk definitely xx
thatphotoboothcompany : @gemmabrussell83 x
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Pink cupcake ATM!!!!!! πŸ§πŸ’•πŸŽ‰
jen_and_tonic : @emilytiny @peachykatieb @dizzypasc @sarah_oaks13 how did we miss this!! Xx
cupcakecrazygem : Haha yeah I know it's so amazing, 24 hr cupcakes. I definitely do!! @kaml1912 x
rhymenocerous13 : @panaramicdesigns OH MY!!!
panaramicdesigns : AMAZING! @rhymenocerous13 how did we not know about this before?!
rhymenocerous13 : I know right? I could do with finding one of these right now!!
moonheadmeg : @thepaintedskull I NEED you to start doing these... Like, NOW!!
thepaintedskull : Haha soz, no more baking for dolla for me @moonheadmeg !
gingerbreadwalls : @nataliebussey gap in market for Karen here in UK, how fab ?? Lol! X
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Woohooo! Rock n Roll Bride issue 2 is on sale TODAY! Head to to order your copy online (we ship internationally) and have a read of the latest blog post on for info on how to find your nearest stockist! The fabulous cover shot of a real couple at their gorgeous wedding is by @jessjacksonphotographer and the full thing is inside!!!
molesinholes : This magazine is like my holy grail and it's only on issue 2! I love it kat! ❀️ calm down Sophie it's just a magazineπŸ˜‚
lovemesimplyphotos : Awesome thanks!
jessicabc : @alicevol88 you're on your own this time. .. The pugs!!!
rocknrollbride : @greenparlour awww yay!!! Glad you love it, eggs and all!
norosesnomore : @stylistsierrak
pinuppixie : @rocknrollbride how do you apply to be featured as I am having an alternative alice in wonderland themed wedding soon 😍
thepostulator : I love the pugs on the cover- they're so happy to be in a wedding!
wemmylou : Got mine 😘 lovely how personal and beautiful affordable weddings can be. X
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Yep, I totally picked this dessert based on colour co-ordination #sorrynotsorry 🍰🍰🍰
sorrynotsorry -
deeshore : It matches and looks delicious. I call that a win!
vewolff : Oh i ate one when i was in Paris years ago. Delicious!
bethtangin : XD
bethanysusan : Oh, this pic is everything!!!
marnilynn22 : Rose is everything.
dianajmay : I love that tee! πŸ’œ
lojovstheworld : Where's your tshirt from? I adore it. Xxx
rocknrollbride : @lojovstheworld forever 21!
hells_bells666 - ganachemacaron - feliphevelrod - marvellous_missm -
rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Another day in faaaaabulous Las Vegas!
rocknrollbride : @erimrsameri Omg I am so on that! Thanks for the tip!!
erimrsameri : No problem! I found it last time I went and can't wait to go back!
emilyjayneimage : Aaaaah I love that pool!
galadarling : Miss you!!!!
nubbytwiglet : 😎😎😎
rocknrollbride : @galadarling I miss you too..ugh, come back to ussssss.
rocknrollbride : @erimrsameri we found it and I just posted a photo. Thanks for the epic tip!
strangeworx : Buffet breakfast at the bellagio, best thing in #Vegas :)
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Just before she launched herself off a 30 foot tree... Complete with rain machine... Epic epic epic #itsbritneybitch @britneyspears
itsbritneybitch -
broaddivisionstudios : @heather17
michelle_damien : Wait, you're in Vegas and we missed you? Boo.
hello_sallyson : I saw her documentary about making the show. The tree part is so cool!!
kandeejohnson : Whoaaaaa
naomi_loader : @laurakatewilliams your a fan right?
dixieandtwine : Sooooooooo awesome!
deedeeshafer81 : So much yes! 😍
rocknrollbride : @kandeejohnson you sooo need to go next time you are here. its AMAZING!
aiswallis - gemmalydiarose - aeromich - donzi_popz -
rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Right at the front of the @britneyspears concert in Vegas tonight. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!
kirstinhalstead : OMG! I love her you lucky lady x
annalina_79 : ❀❀❀
rockstar_t : Jelly! 😱
amydursley : Omg very jealous !!!
aiswallis - donzi_popz - wrenchergirl - zamirramirez -
rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
So @nubbytwiglet has promised to teach me to gamble... Uh oh. This could either be really good or really, reeeeally bad 🎰🎰🎰
galadarling : Make any money yet?! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
shannonwhitney : You ladies should go to the Peppermill! It's an old school bar and it is so retro! Look it up ! One of those gems!
shipandshore : @shannonwhitney love the back room there!
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