Kat Williams

Blogger of all things alternative in weddings & business. Editor of RocknRollBride Magazine. Headmistress @theblogcademy. Sparkle monster, cat lover.
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Shooting with, and being interviewed by, a German tattoo magazine on my break. Forever a poser.
lexyloy : Ohhh that orange and your blue hair will go so well and really pop! :) Have fun lovely! xx
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
This table is everything
hochzeitskongress -
rocknrollbride : #hochzeitskongress
berinmade : That's pretty epic...
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Holy shit, I actually got Gareth in a photo booth. Its a Christmas miracle!! Having such fun at #hochzeitskongress! Lovely, lovely people for DAYS!
hochzeitskongress -
lovescarlettxx : Boom! X
alpertunc : awww! awesome! was great talking and listening to you! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
johanne_noni_mode : Lovely pix but miss your blue hair πŸ’™
rocknrollbride : @alpertunc aww you're so sweet! Thank you!
thecostasisters : Amazing πŸ’œ
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Speaking at Rhein Weiss in Cologne today. Damn, thats a huge audience #nopressure
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frauschlotti : you're in Cologne?! ? ♥
grizzlybuda : great to meet you !!! ❀️
nubbytwiglet : Haha, love it! And wow, that audience!!!!
sorasauds : Best of luck ☺️
rocknrollbride : @nubbytwiglet I wish you were here with me! I just came off stage. It was great though!
galadarling : So cute!! Fist bumps are much more manly, to be fair...
rocknrollbride : @galadarling he was like "is this some gala darling hippy bullshit?" Hahahhaa
nubbytwiglet : I approve of the fist bump! Obama's signature move. πŸ‘Š
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Welcome to Cologne!
rocknrollbride : @ianap im speaking at Rhein Weiss tomorrow xoxo
rebeccaroaming : Cheers, pretty woman! 🍻
asausagehastwo : Prost! And hello from just down the road :)
bxdouglas : I nearly died climbing the Dom....the stairs are worse down than up!!stick to beers!!
zombieinwonderland : My fiancé proposed in cologne at the cathedral :)
desi0mesi : Best beer in the whole world. Home is where the Dom is ;)
mindmouthsoul : Omg why didn't I know you'd be in Cologne? I'd love to have met up for a Kölsch or two
boutiquejalouze : @rocknrollbride @missnewbark Check out our collection of Handmade Bags! x
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
The Empire room at @choccywoccyshop brand new shop in Brighton can be hired for all you can eat chocolate sessions... and its decorated like this! Epic!!
nickmrnhook : Grrrrreat!
thebananawoman : 'All you can eat chocolate sessions' LIKE IT AINT NO THANG?? That's MENTAL.
jessicajeandavies : You had me at "all you can eat chocolate" 😍
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
There was a face painter so of course I asked to be a unicorn. Check out my horn! @choccywoccyshop
crownandglory_ : HA!
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Look what I made. Im so proud of myself. Having the best time in the witches kitchen at @choccywoccyshop today!!
tareneh : @annamarie
amarettohhhhh : @whatsteviedid
whatsteviedid : Love this
lisaprice99 : I would LOVE to do that!!!
sellinginbridal : Wow! I love choccywoccy so talented!
isid2 : Do they do classes for everyone? :)
rocknrollbride : @isid2 I think its something theyre starting yes! its called the Witches Kitchen!
isid2 : Thanks @rocknrollbride I love this... Nice work!!
lemon_freckles - littlemissjmc - dhzax - poppyrockit52 -
rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Spending the afternoon with @choccywoccyshop!
msbeesboutique : Ooooooo!! I'm going to the Brighton shop on Wednesday!! My favoritist place in the world!
baroquejewellery : Oooh @rocknrollbride will you have time to pop in and see us today or tmrw? We are open until 5pm πŸ’πŸ’ŽπŸ‘Œ
kandeejohnson : I luuuuuuv this cake!
rocknrollbride : @kandeejohnson you would freak out in this place. It's aaaaamazing!
miss_kms : @misssera85
misssera85 : @miss_kms oh my game!!!
misssera85 : Lol @miss_kms oh my game???!!! Hahaha oh my gawd!!!!! My mind is blown
poppyrockit52 : Good god that is cake beyond my wildest dreams!!!
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rocknrollbride - Kat Williams
Everytime I look in the mirror I'm so happy that I dyed my hair blue. Its taken some getting used to, but I'm so overjoyed with how it makes me feel. I was holding onto my marshmallows coloured tresses like a security blanket. I was worried that without pink hair I wouldn't be "me"... which is quite frankly ridiculous. Pink hair was great but blue hair is waaaay better! If you're in a hair rut I can only encourage you to shake things up and change it! Scare yourself a little. New hair for the win!!
nitink : Beautiful picture.
galadarling : Fuck a safety net!!!
rocknrollbride : @galadarling haha youre so extreme!
quarter_acrekids : Oh . I think I love that colour :-)
chelsmarlou : You radiate beauty! πŸ’™
cathyreeder : Looks very becoming on you. I like it.
emmawardcoach : The blue is stunning. You look fabulous :-)
angelagiadagaetano : Cute♥♥♥
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