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robkardashian - ROBERT KARDASHIAN
Gone way too soon,,,,, rest in peace CHINX,,, another brother gone ,,, this is terrible :(
1jessjessy : Stay up love...@robkardashian 💙
jodieb3x : Rob get your ass up!!! America misses you!
_kaigotthejuice : ^ exactly
aylagracie : ROBERT YOURE THE MOST GENUINE Kardashian COME BACKKKKKK❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
madisonn.olson : Everyone loves and supports you. Come out and show your face again.
im_mcduffy : @robkardashian U probably won't read this, but I just wanted to say how much I respect&admire the man u stand. Its no ones business why you don't wanna be seen. I wish u best wishes & many blessings unto ur journey. #keepGod1st_n_heWillHandleUrWorst HOKD YA HEAD YUNGKING
ludmattos : @gayaangel acho q tá magro
gayaangel : @ludmattos então ,nem apareceu no especial ... Sei não - emily_emmanuelle - itsrissabaybe - neophxbia -
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