Mom of 3⃣, married to my sweetheart for 10 years, living the American dream in the suburbs. I owe it all to my Lord ❤️
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Five guys has milk shakes now!
hurricaneceleste : Uh oh.....
babysham1966 - hurricaneceleste - katie_nadtochayev - 44444binaderk89 -
rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
My car looks like a garden, there are plants and flowers on all the seats and the trunk is full to! It's the perfect day to plant our garden, spruce up the yard and flower pots. 🌼🌱🍅
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
These are so beautiful, I can not wait to use them 💕 #lillypulitzerfortarget #lillypulitzer
lillypulitzer - lillypulitzerfortarget -
easinerica : @rita_suburbsmama ❤️❤️❤️❤️ these.
the_lauren_show : @allymcglam didn't even know they had these!
mchamadeh : How beautiful!
tuppstyle2011 : Wish I knew about this! Love the cups!
allymcglam : @the_lauren_show Fabness!
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
This girl couldn't wait to wear her new dress, such a girly girl - just like her mommy 💕
lilymaz : 😍 was your target crazy or were you able to get what you wanted?
rita_suburbsmama : @lilymaz we came two hours after they opened and most everything was gone. However we found some great pieces 💕
hannahhasnothingtowear : So pretty! My Target didn't have a Lilly section. I was so disappointed!
yanamali10 - susan_nadtochayev - lenaosetrova - juliana_zakharov -
rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Shopping date with my sweet heart 💕 #lillypulitzer #lillypulitzerfortarget
lillypulitzer - lillypulitzerfortarget -
iskarzhinets : Love it
kristinadto : Adorable matching dresses! 😍
oksanadifort : So cute!!!
yanamali10 : Lovely 💙
katerinayudin - s.rmrz__ - its.a.mummy.thing - nat_step88 -
rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Attn: ladies of the Vancouver home of God. All you moms with young kids will probably agree that it is about time to finally do something about the nursery. It is up to us. We brought in shelves, toys and books but still need more. Please go through your toys and donate things your toddler has outgrown. Please make sure the toys are for children 0-3 years old, no small pieces which kids can choke on.
alla_skobileva : Looks really good..
vitalyludap : Wow great job! I also wonder if maybe a partition could be put in for the nursing moms in a corner and that will keep the bathroom free for moms that need to change the baby. Just an idea I got from when I was at Sulamita church once...works great!
rita_suburbsmama : @vitalyludap yes, we want to bring a changing table in there. Yes, a little nursing corner would be awesome, I will need to find some sort of partition.
natalya_orlo : Aww Rita this is amazing, I will deff dig through my toys !
julie.kro : O my Rita that's awesomeeee our church need that so much thanks to u and everyone else u helped out
sgradinar : Wow. Looks awesome. I have so much toys that we dont ise. Ill go thru it and bring them asap.
lolatmarina : Wow Rita that's so amazing! God bless you!
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Little cheeseball 😘 helping daddy build some furniture in the church nursery.
jewliyaa : His smile 😍
lolatmarina : 😘😄
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Daddy found her a caterpillar 🐛 #homeschooling #homeeducator
homeschooling - homeeducator -
andrea.reeps : She is so happy!!! 😃😃😃
lolatmarina : How fun! Emma always looks for ladybugs!
peter1988 : I remember us! Catching insects.
rita_suburbsmama : @peter1988 I remember you guys at our house catching bumble bees 🐝🙉
tanya34701 - annettenad - sandra_aleksyk - joanna.yudin -
rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
My favorite part of homeschooling is listening to her read, because I taught her ❤ we definitely had some struggles in the beginning, and she even cried a few times, but with the help of The Reading Lesson, she learned to read last year in Kindergarten, and now she flies through the books in her curriculum. #homeeducator #homeschooling
homeeducator - homeschooling -
zeekay925 : @opolivoda well thats rude to say, writing ths,wat,bcz dznt tell u that u were home schooled or not. so i didnt like ur comment. and i think i asked @rita_suburbsmama to enlighten me abt home schooling but u people hav taken it personally. so stop critisizing my comnts and let rita giv me a positive reply abt home schooling.thanx a lot
rita_suburbsmama : @zeekay925 @janatmovies I really don't want this to be a debate about homeschooling. I wanted to homeschool because I couldn't imagine being apart from my 6 year old daughter from 9-4 everyday. I have nothing against public school, both me and my husband attended public school, and we even talked about sending her next year, and see if she likes it. We are taking it one year at a time.
rita_suburbsmama : @jlowman99 i will do a post after we finish the school year, i still have mixed feelings. Because the cost is so high....
rita_suburbsmama : @wickedcrush10 @a_d_rio yes, definitely give The Reading lesson a try. I loved it and loaned it to a friend now.
janatmovies : @rita_suburbsmama I completely respect that decision. You're amazing. One year at a time is a great way to look at it. My son is in pre-k now and there is a huge possibility of me homeschooling next year. It's been a great desire of mine for some time now. For the same reasons///being apart, not knowing how other people are handling his needs, plus wanting to teach him what I know he needs to know. If it doesn't work out, my local public school is known to have a great first grade program.
zeekay925 : @rita_suburbsmama thanx for sharing ur reason.actually ths concept really inspired me.im a mother of two kids and i really love wat u r doing, ths whole setup of school,the family bonding and specially ur kids r super cool. i really found ur account inspiring but gt very disappointing comments aftr asking a simple question here.thanx fr clearing :-)
ellakhay : I'm thinking of homeschooling my kids also, just don't know where to start yet... 😏🙈
stampin_gal : @rita_suburbsmama I'd like some more information on Son Lights program. This is my first year homeschooling and I've been very frustrated. I've LOVED the time with my 4th grade son, but I've been all over the place with his curriculum and I'm very frustrated. We started off doing our own thing and I got overwhelmed coming up with lesson plans and teaching them while dealing with a 6 month old. We then decided on k12. Then he was doing school for like 7 hours a day minimum. Nope. Switched to Monarch. He got bored. Now we are back to our own thing, and I'm overwhelmed again. I still feel like I'm all over the place trying to teach so many concepts. I want a complete curriculum that flows nicely. That has variety of learning styles. I'm so confused because every curriculum has mixed reviews. I'm willing to pay Son Lights price if it gives me peace of mind and keeps him on or above track. I don't think I want "this program for this subject and that program for that subject". I just don't have time to evaluate them all. So I was wondering if you think the program will help with my needs? Thanks for any input.
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rita_suburbsmama - Margarita
Starting the day of right 👌🏻☕️ #suburbsmamafood #breakfast
breakfast - suburbsmamafood -
l_tiurin : Yum! Is that mannaya kasha?
rita_suburbsmama : @l_tiurin yep! Cream of wheat is our favorite kasha 😀
l_tiurin : Looks delicious!!
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