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rick_poon - Rick Poon
great discussions of things to come.
joleee1 : love the light!
chefjeremyfox : Yes sir!
foodfortheseoul : Great capture! πŸ‘πŸ»
duderad : @lachapterca
katwesterman : Gorgeous shot
foodgps : Sounds promising. I can't wait for the big reveal.
dameshzhan : Love the design :)) i wish
midwaynyc : So many topic possibilities, and enviroment to discuss all night.
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
fabulous meal at this hidden downtown gem. great to meet you @spham3, and @andreasung, the beef tartare with larb seasoning was as amazing as you promised!
andreasung : @rick_poon @verona725 thank you for swinging by, so nice to chat and catch up with you both☺️ @oddwie ah sorry I missed you, wanted to come by and say hello!
nikamoberg : Wow. Wonderful Edward Hopper mood
verona725 : @rick_poon what a lovely date night. Thank you for the delicious food and hospitality @spham3 and @andreasung!
spham3 : @verona725 You're welcom, happy to anytime! Come back and try some other dishes!
rick_poon : @nikamoberg haha, from a different angle?
nikamoberg : Ha ha yes, and less gloomy. Beautiful!
simbalrestaurant : @nikamoberg Thanks! We love the space, come by and check it out sometime!
nikamoberg : Thank you @simbalrestaurant I would love that next time we visit LA (we've been there a couple of times)! Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
currently in love with their gaiac 10 tokyo scent. thanks fabrice, you're a genius.
colinnnn : @kyleitis
mell0wfell0w : Yes, yes. "You smell so good" she said
marlothemarvel : And not single picture of a cat on your entire page! Hmmff!!
cbouty : Oud is a great body wash by le labo.
the_barngirl : Beautiful styling
nylonhk : Ooh I need to try!! I πŸ’š Bergamote 22
_mariannejacobsen_ : Love😍
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
saturday cravings: pizza with guanciale, crushed castelvetrano olives, fresno chili + tuna conserva salad
phantomdux : @linda_danh where is this??
linda_danh : @phantomdux we ate here when you visited--on Abbott Kinney
a_room_of_ones_own : @_bawski ugh want
formerlyyes : Yum.
christinazimpel : Mmmm
miandyue : I need to get to LA.
dear_mattias : Looks like a must visit next time in Cali... πŸ‘Œ
anyacarter : Amazing food awful memories @emilycarter0
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
being mesmerized by the beautiful broad for the first time. #emptybroad
emptybroad -
youngmeerim : ❀️
golyz : Esta escalera la subimos Lil sis! πŸ’ž @shortcutsbarcelona
nayomee23 : @verona725 😘
michaelni : What a broad.
joceko : I don't know why but this looks like you @empsh
shortcutsbarcelona : @golyz siiii prontitoπŸ‘­
asimplefarmer : Does @verona725 know?????
s.c.h.u.b.z : Your last names got me tricked
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
missing my daily serving of greens.
adrianasinke : Wow!! This is so amazing.
rick_poon : @snobear haha, not really except for the profuse sweating! πŸ˜…
rick_poon : @michaelni most were iphone on a gorillapod. i was just trying to set this up when another hiker came by. asked him to shoot it instead πŸ˜‚
rick_poon : @adrianasinke it really is! so much more to see farther down the trail.
lec101 : Me too πŸ’•
iura.damaris : Like your pictureπŸ˜‰
greggoryy_ : not gonna lie these pictures are great @_zacko._
greggoryy_ : sorry haha didn't mean to tag you
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
island dining room inspiration. sorry, daily snaps at home are going to pale in comparison to latergrams in the camera roll.
foodgps : Pretty, pretty good view
eugekkim : 😍
carolineboneham : Wowza!
bajaroots : We rented a house un princeville a couple years ago. We loved Hanalei bay
rick_poon : @bajaroots that must have been awesome!
danileh : Love Merrimans!
_mariannejacobsen_ : πŸ’š
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
always so uplifting visiting the hawaiian islands. till next time, aloha and mahalo! #KauaiDiscovery #lethawaiihappen
lethawaiihappen - kauaidiscovery -
katwesterman : Super cool lines at the airport
rick_poon : @simonster21 have enough hobbies! πŸ˜‚
simonster21 : Lol. I've wanted to finish license, but no time...
erin_forbes : @macgillicuddy
lec101 : πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ˜©β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈ
rick_poon : @lec101 haha, that feeling!
rick_poon : @katwesterman so graphic, loved it!
justinallman : @laceytaylor HAHA!
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
fitting cocktail to end my visit, the 'extended vacation' (woodford reserve bourbon, muddled orange and lemon, bitters). #KauaiDiscovery #lethawaiihappen
lethawaiihappen - kauaidiscovery -
oxenham : @megankuethen this talented guy just did this neat series on Kauai, you should check it out. It's beautiful.
carrieannpurcell : love Merrimans @rick_poon πŸ‘Œ
muizei : Did you get to catch the sunset there?
ginaandrandy : Gby @rick_poon Jesus loves you. He is lord, God,father, king, friend, savior of the world, the only way to heaven, He's coming back for all who accept Him as their savior, and He cares for you deeply. #Godsamazinggrace #john316 #Jesusislord #Jesussaves #Jesuslovesyou #noothername
rick_poon : @muizei yes, so beautiful!
rick_poon : @oxenham πŸ™
muizei : @rick_poon beautiful indeed. We were there for July 4th weekend. Can't wait to go back to this secluded island
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rick_poon - Rick Poon
i wish i could say i flew my drone above the kalalau trail and got this spectacular view, but all the credit goes to myles at #jackharterhelicopters who took us on a breathtaking flight over the garden isle. it was even more special to me as i had just hiked this region hours before the flight. if there is one thing you must do on kauai it's the open door heli tour in a hughes 500. save up and just do it. #KauaiDiscovery #lethawaiihappen
jackharterhelicopters - lethawaiihappen - kauaidiscovery -
andreasung : @rick_poon wow... it's like Pangea ;)
ailoves : We have got to do this! @snobear @kareber @issata @artchang
snobear : @ailoves I'm inπŸ™‹πŸ»
rick_poon : @ailoves @snobear @issata @artchang @kareber definitely a must!
kareber : You mean the helicopter ride? Can they also drop us off at the end of the 22 mile hike and pick us up? @ailoves
rick_poon : @kareber haha, nooo you need to earn it!
issata : @ailoves I think it's a two day hike!
hkststudio : One of the most beautiful places I have ever been.....
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