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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
good morning, lovelies!
jjade16 : Are you eating chiaseeds with apple and milk? :)
rhiannonashlee : @jjade16 I had soya yoghurt with banana, sliced almonds and chia seeds which were soaked in vanilla extract, almond milk and agave nectar :)
_sophiasue : Is the book worth it? ☺️
mddlzbth : Oh Rhiannon I have this book it's brilliant isn't it!! ☺️💕 my favourite part is the way it tells you which foods to eat in each season 🌼
rhiannonashlee : @_sophiasue YES👌
libertykateee : I'm in love with your instagram😍😍
rutholivant : Rhiannon have you gone / are planning going vegan? Sorry I'm just curious as you seem to be very into cruelty-free cosmetics recently and a lot of your food now seems plant based 😊🌱💓
daxmara : I was in the UO store in Cardiff the other day eyeing this book up and ended up not getting it, not sure why! might have to order it! 😌
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
new video over on youtube.com/fashionrocksmysocks (clickable link in bio) it's a valentines @lushcosmetics haul ❤️
helennnolan : Get this for cerys on valentines day! @thomasmathias98
shellcooo : This is so cool!!
chloejaydee1 : @jackbickerton_
sugarbunny07 :  
laurenwesterland : @backyardwrestling
silviesingh : @tiny.tea.na you would love that
tiny.tea.na : @silviesingh ;) I liked this a while ago ;)
monssemc : @pamelameza_
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
@tuesdayalissia creates the most adorable illustrations and whilst browsing through my tags I found this lovely illustration she made of me! go show the talented @tuesdayalissia some love ☺️
futureofkate : Hahah it is really cute but I'm glad my eyes aren't by my mouth normally 😂😂😂
beaacy : How funny!!!!! The echelon💖
kerryb2310 : That's adorable :)
juliabiliuk : How cute! Especially face 😄
mmmj8317 : Adorable♥
mechanicalgorillaz : Haha that nose :3
marie_stenger : Cute 😍 but the eyes scares me a bit..
agjanova : Laughed because of comments😂
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
you have all these bloggers posting gorgeous selfies and then there's me, who can't seem to take a single serious one 😜
usama_sajid03 : Can U cpy Dis Fr me..lol😂😂?? @kriti_tz
lutherblisset14 : Oh goodness you are beautiful!! Perfection.
elisaami : Can u not? 😍
vanvivoi : U look quite seriously tho 😸😸
itsangelacap : Breathtaking 😍 @rhiannonashlee
georgiabriannahendry : The hair looks good! Did you use a wand for the larger curls?
erikajaay : And this is why you are one of my favorite bloggers <3
bellapz5 : You have the most beautiful hair 😱
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
treated myself to some flowers and a few bits from @oliverbonas 💐
afrosarecool1 : That book really a fad diet please don't put yourself through it try watching here on YouTube 'freelee the banana girl' for really health and fitness advise she is super cool I would like her
rachelneale : @rhiannonashlee where did you get the sugar magazine from? xxxxx
rhiannonashlee : @afrosarecool1 like everything in life, we should educate ourselves and then make our own decisions based on all our sources :) don't worry, I cannot stand fad diets or diets all together.. I just believe in taking care of our body's and minds :)
rachelneale : @rhiannonashlee amazing thank you 😘
marina_palahniuk : I miss tour daily vlogs came back
marina_palahniuk : Your*
erena_b : Love the I quit sugar book! I'm not into the fad diets at all and this is a great lifestyle and recipe book :) and it's so pretty on the inside 💕
xlia98 : I love Eat Pretty (it also helps that it looks pretty too!) and your body runs on sugar ☺️ I loveeee Oliver bonas even their clothes xoxo
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
love a bit of present wrapping ✂️
madie_murakawa : Super Cute !!
neshagorges : So beautiful :)
marta.fontana.58 : I've a similar one!! Rice paper ♡
jennphams : So pretty 😍
serene.aura : Love this wrapping paper
daxmara : where is this gorgeous wrapping paper from Rhiannon? ☺️
rebeccaden_ : @daxmara I think it's from paperchase x
bihaspott : I miss your vlogs :(
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
today's lunch was so tasty 😋 (homemade hummus, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, bulgur wheat, plum tomatoes, beetroot and the usual salad bits and bobs)
leahxoxo99 : Looks so yummmy😋👌
hayleyrb : Please making cooking videos! Your lunches always look delicious & healthy!
supernet : looks so good!💕 and correct me if im wroung but i think its burgul wheat...?
caitlin_pearce_ : That looks delicious, you lucky thing😘
rhiannonashlee : @supernet nope, I meant bulgur :)
dimiaee : Always love your photos they are so beautiful❤❤❤❤❤❤ love you soo much
citlalliramos19 : Yes! I agree with @hayleyrb , you should do cooking videos rhia ❤️id love to know how you make all of these delicious breakfasts and lunches . 😁
xo_kirby_xo_ : Yummmmmmmm
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
nothing like a bubble bath whilst sipping on a warm water infused with fresh lemon and ginger to relax 🍋
rhiannonashlee : @k4tmarie 💁
1zzy3ekesi : Your so perfect rhi xxx
meaghan_alyssa83 : @biansifredi all da goals
enbirdofpassage : Perfect! ✨ @rhiannonashlee
kaithleenced : ♥ wish i had a bathtub... hahaha.
shellcooo : I love your tattoo
infinityyours183 : Omg I love your tattoo could post a full pic of it so I can see the hole tat thanks looking for tattoo insperation @rhiannonashlee
britishblondie96 : Received lots of lush bath bombs from my grandad for my birthday, can't wait to try one tonight! 💜🛀✨
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
saw @paolonutini last night (amazing, as always) and was so surprised to hear him cover one of my favourites songs from when I was a young teen - Time To Pretend by MGMT👌
rk0li : @millyybrown 😭😭😭
thaislunaa : 😍😍
idkxanthe : Omg I'm so jealous😭😭
idkxanthe : @angelica_tsapparelli bæ
angelica_tsapparelli : @idkxanthe aw omg I'm so sad we missed seeing him 😭
carysemb : 😍
katiemeara : It was nice to meet you there- sorry for shouting Hi at you ha
jesssiquee : @jbrissenden123
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
uploaded a new clothing haul over on youtube.com/fashionrocksmysocks (clickable link in bio) 😎 @liketoknow.it www.liketk.it/OUdI #liketkit
liketkit -
bethanxoxox : This is gorgeous , love you Rhi xx
eagle_pilots : I don't understand why saying 'that top makes you look pregnant' is at all 'caring', it's just unnecessarily rude. Don't say to others what you don't want said to you is a good thing to consider if you feel you have to leave a negative comment. I personally think this top looks gorgeous and Rhiannon's figure is bloody amazing so I find it hard to see how someone can think you look 'pregnant'. Honestly people can't just scroll past if they don't like something, it's ridiculous! Don't listen to them Rhiannon, I love it 👌
avocavo_ : I absolutely adore this top, the haul and all your other videos for that matter!x
ezrawilson4 : Such a cute top, suits you very well 💕 love your youtube videos, they help keep me positive! :) @rhiannonashlee
aimeeturnbull : I've literally just bought this top after watching your haul, love it!😌
gemmadriver : Ahhhh I love the top 😍
callmecrevette : Have to check the new video at once! ☝️
shellcooo : Wooo love a good haul 😊
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