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British Blogger & Vlogger "FashionRocksMySocks" on YouTube πŸ’Œ rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
have you seen my latest haul video? if not, there's a @hollisterco haul you can watch it on www.fashionrocksmysocks.com - I also have a new video going up this afternoon 😁 #PickYourPerfectPair #HCORhiannon #ad
pickyourperfectpair - hcorhiannon - ad -
hanna_hale : @rhiannonashlee Yep! Watched it already! I love watching your haul videos! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
rhiannonashlee : @hanna_hale gold star for you ⭐️ haha!
hanna_hale : @rhiannonashlee 😊😊
paigeashleyy123 : Loved it πŸ’–
exquisite_emmalisa : Love this!!!
woah_el : Love the beachy vibes 🌞
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
I've missed wearing red lipstick - need to make the effort to wear it more often like I used to πŸ’‹ this one is lady danger from mac but I desperately want to find a cruelty free dupe, so any suggestions would be fab!
elliejanex : You look fab! :-) @rhiannonashlee
giuliana_nicosia : Love it! So beautiful!!πŸ’š
lamamahada : Looks lovely on you! 😍
hols_s : it's awesome that you're switching to cruelty free products!! just check that the parents company of the brand don't test and look out for the pesky, 'we don't test unless we're required to by law etc' ☺️☺️ barry m is awesome!
dsrox1 : You should try ambition by lush!! 😍
imozzygray : @rhiannonashlee check out the kate moss lipsticks, loads of colours and shades! honestly there fab! X
ala200 : I think @booksandquills and @marionhoney of derpinamode on youtube should have some good cruelty free suggestions 😊
charl.darby : @rhiannonashlee nars red square!!!
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
a couple new vlogs have been uploaded to youtube.com/RhiannonAshleeExtra including one from lovebox festival - may I add I want to build a den inside my flat that looks like this 😍
aperturedbeauty : Of course, with all those tassels!πŸ˜‰
agardeninsideofme : This looks so gorgeous! I'm loving your vlogs! 🐰🌿🌸
laurenholt22 : Me too I'm moving in with my boyfriend soon and I'm going to dedicate a room as my den πŸ’‘
innesmurrayy : Watched them all πŸ˜πŸ’›
karenthebohemian : Great picture love the detail
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
psst! a @hollisterco haul has just gone up on youtube.com/FashionRocksMySocks πŸŽ₯ #PickYourPerfectPair #HCORhiannon #ad
pickyourperfectpair - hcorhiannon - ad -
alohageorgina : what was the first jumper you showed called?
buriedalone : Rhiannon, don't be scared to rock that jacket. It looks absolutely amazing on you! Just grab a plain white dress and brown leather ankle boots (don't remember the brand, but you received them in one of your vlogs). Jeans and white shirt would also look cool, but it would be a bit too cowboyish 🌸
ruthy_russ : I love the leather jacket, it's gorgeous!! And in my opinion you can wear it anytime you want! A leather jacket is always a good choice, no matter where you're going ;)
rhiannonashlee : @meuwthecat that means a lot to hear - I never want anyone to think I'm dishonest in my videos especially when it's sponsored because I'm always honest so I'm happy you see that :)
rhiannonashlee : @buriedalone I'll have a play around :)
rhiannonashlee : @ruthy_russ totally :)
buriedalone : @rhiannonashlee can't wait to see the result)
raaaach95 : I love your style! πŸ’•
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
woken up to the sun shining through my bedroom window ☺️ #nofilter
nofilter -
wearsmthblack : Wow, the light is wonderful! Have a nice day 😊
amanda.bushman : Have a lovely day! Here I am in the U.S. just getting ready to go to bed though πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
bekesiizzy : I'm on holiday and we've had solid rain and wind..umbrellas were walking themselvesπŸ˜‚
giuliana_nicosia : I love dream catchers! Great way to wake up 😘
innersenseorganicbeauty : What a beautiful way to wake up! Thanks for sharing this pic. ✨
_.maizieee._ : I am addicted to all of your videos rn xx πŸ’Ž
h4zzi3 : Do you still work for lush? Xx
rhiannonashlee : @h4zzi3 nope - couldn't cope with it on top of blogging, youtube and some other personal things but it was an awesome job :)
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
details from my Mini Spain Lookbook that's just gone up✌🏻️www.youtube.com/FashionRocksMySocks
milenasonja : can't wait to see it! greetings from Finland πŸ’•
tahniaxo : Cute af
wilkes.a : Ha ha
shelly.coco : Love love love 😍
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
had a lovely afternoon filming with this babe @helenanderz 😘
queen_lyralei : Yay!
_jamilasa : OMG FINALLY😩😩😩😍😍❀️
georgiareuter : @rhiannonashlee HAHAHAHHA I do 😘
fitore.morina : @vigan.sh Qekjo ne te djathte si ajo "pet shohin loqkat" :p
vigan.sh : @fitore.morina veq do tatuazha mongi πŸ˜‚
zaclee102181 : I like your art tattoo
eiskugelsorbet : I really enjoy watching both of your channels, they re amazing!! Therefore a collab is just... Perfection ! Cannot wait for it
miss_amiej : Can't wait to see it! You two are so so inspiring and so fab! Much love xx
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
taken at #lovebox yesterday✌🏻️
lovebox -
carlyrowena : Beaut!
aimstang : So pretty
shelly.coco : Wow amazing
annnx98 : I loved your vlogs from Spain! πŸ’œ
caitlin_pearce_ : V creative x
leguidenoir_ : ❀️‍❀️‍
erin_tisdale : Gutted I didn't see you πŸ˜“
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
having a blast at #lovebox - thank you @hollisterco for taking me✌🏻
lovebox -
nicole_2436 : Ahh hope your having fun! It is so live here, everywhere you go
conysamsi : Have a great time Rhiannon!! Are you vloggin it?
bskrillz : Creeper n the backkk lmfao
fab.rebel : Fab
aimstang : Cute unfit. Not so cute creeper.. πŸ˜†
rasclartin : I'm the photo bomber!!!!
rhiannonashlee : @rasclartin haha!! thanks for that!
vamplondon : Perfect festival style!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
@frenchteapot draw me again and this time inspired by my holiday vlogs in Spain - I love it! If you're yet to see them, you have seven daily vlogs to catch up on with the concluding one going up tonight over on www.youtube.com/rhiannonashleeextra β˜€οΈ
__emmeemily : You're welcome @rhiannonashlee πŸ’˜
bekesiizzy : I need to have a massive catch up! I watch your vlogs for hours
shivrao22 : I was wondering if you could do a video on your blog, how you made it, what tools you used and how you design it? 😊Only because I want to start my own blog and your blog is one of the best out there! ☺️ thanks x
gelsi99 : Love your vlogs! Please,answer meeee... @rhiannonashlee
sslater6 : AwesomeπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
r_achelmarie : Amazing!
trishgreenleaf : Wooo 🌺
frenchteapot : Haha I'm glad you like it, but now all I can see are the mistakes! XD Next time will be better! Looking forward to the vlog. πŸ‘
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