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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
feeling fresh after using Granny Takes a Dip from @lushltd 🍋
katesbeautystation : Ooh looks amazing! ♥
_rinkytinky_ : How's work at Lush going?:)
rhiannonashlee : @_rinkytinky_ amaaaaazing :)
_gracieboreham : Amazing
whichlookalikeareyou : Want me to find your celebrity lookalike? Comment on a post! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
katiebrydonxxx : Miss your videos so much😩😭
zabiiik : I miss your videos !! please try to upload more, :)
xem_louisex : Do more regular youtube videos pleaseeeee 💖😘💖
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
breakfast this morning - yoghurt with cherries, blueberries, granola and a little bit of golden syrup 🍒
miladyonmars : The only thing I want to say is that I miss her vids sooooo much but in the meanwhile I'm watching old vlogs! Ahahah I'm addicted!
jo_darling28 : #amypricexx she doesnt need to explain to anyone why.She might be going through sth personal.Even if videos on youtube is why she is famous she is still allowed to stop making videos if she likes whenever she likes
ellieellul : Yummy! @rhiannonashlee
karouauri : Mmmmm!!! That looks nice! I wish I could wake up early enough in the mornings to have nice breakfast before work! Hope the new job is all that you hoped it'd be! :)
p.silocybin : it's my birthday and it would mean the absolute world to me if my inspiration said happy birthday ☺️ you're honestly the most humble, sweetest and down to earth girl i wish the world was filled with more people like you 😊
aizonder : @shoutout.helperz got me 1k
lazylizzardkidd : @look_shouts got me 1k
anthony_talhavento : @accountbuilders got me 1k
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
was pretty darn hungry after work earlier so I popped into pret for lunch which is always a good shout 😬
nicolemichellecrazzyness : Fucking hell like your all acting like stuck up little twats! The girls is only 21 (I think) she has a boyfriend her own place and 2 jobs and your all giving her loads cause she hasn't posted in a while like Jesus give the girl a break it's bad enough she hasn't been well the last while without all of you on her case like seriously your all going on like someone pissed in your cornflakes 👊 Rhiannon don't be taking none of that you real supporters have patience for you so take your time 👌😊
harleighoxo : Rhiannon we are all supporting you no matter what, you shouldn't have to justify yourself to us, I know you feel you do but you really don't , your viewers should be happy when you are. I just want you to know that you truly do make some of our days when we watch your videos and you make us smile. So ignore the nasty comments if they dislike it when your sometimes inactive for whatever personal reasons surely they can find another youtuber to watch!💕 @rhiannonashlee
that1catlady : We understand that you AREN'T IGNORING US. You have your job t Lush, a boyfriend, a blog, and YouTube! That's a lot on one person! So like others above me have said, your REAL supporters completely understand and will be waiting for a new video whenever you decide to upload next. You could take 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year and I would still be as dedicated as a fan as I am now. You're an inspiration to me and I really admire you so much. Don't let people get you down and you don't need to justify anything to anyone, especially people like that. I love you, Rhi. :) @rhiannonashlee
that1catlady : *at Lush
rhiannonashlee : @jenn.elizabeth @the_limping_ninja @calenlark @nicolemichellecrazzyness @harleighoxo @that1catlady thanks guys :)
nicolemichellecrazzyness : No problemo x @rhiannonashlee
harleighoxo : we truly love you rhi and you have made my night by replying so thankyou💓 @rhiannonashlee
blissellacottt : @broganelizabeth
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
picked up some bits from @lushtunbridgewells to try out • roots hair treatment, sakura/big blue bath ballistics and sunnyside bubble bar👌
bros_befor_hoes3 : @helpful_shoutz
louisaserentina : @xlia98 whats her professions I thought she did YouTube for her job ?
stupidcrazyswag : I have herbalism from lush, do you know how I am supposed to use it?
rhiannonashlee : @stupidcrazyswag with the fresh cleansers just pop a little bit in your hand with some water, warm it up in your hands to make a paste then apply to your face (or the areas you want to cleanse) like you would a face wash and rinse with water :)
rhiannonashlee : @louisaserentina youtube/vlogging is my main work but I always work part time!
stupidcrazyswag : Thanks!! @rhiannonashlee
tbhruby : @rhiannonashlee that explanation is exactly why you got the job at lush ☺️👌💕
tbhruby : not sure why i just tagged you on your own photo? haha oops!
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
#TBT to almost a year ago in Yorkshire on a family getaway with @douglaspowley - I'm going to assume we were preparing dinner when this was taken 🔪
tbt -
pony_chepel : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
timunhoz : @annabrizzi cerveja e algumas coisas a mais 😉
arrowandsword : I miss your long hair:( ♥
annabrizzi : @timunhoz 🚬🌿❤hahaha
gumi_otaku_chan : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
pewds___fanpage : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
cute.fuzzies.chibis : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
chelseyshires_xo : Cute:)
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
typical british summer ☔️
marthaap_9 : @mgvid literally every day rainning hahahaha, autumn id here
egifs : Love this too much
joonthego1 : Germany as well...ooh deer where is this summer?!
cicolsun : You should see Zonguldak/Turkey same as here too.. But we have also sun when it's raining 😇💗 @rhiannonashlee
mgvid : @marthaap_9 miss that weather like crazy
mechanicalgorillaz : Everytime we got in the car it started raining but when we came out the rain left... I guess weather likes us lol .-.
alowsiii1997 : Same thing with Australia.
lleahdoll : I love rain!! 
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
good night my lovelies 😴
hellorach : @rhiannonashlee I'm half way through this!
amymissin : PAPER TOWNS IS MY SECOND FAVOURITE BY JOHN GREEN, the fault in our stars is obviously the best!!☺️😏
giuliet : Just finished it, have to say I enjoyed it very much. 📚📖
vanessa_zull : Love your tatoo ♥
sadist_ : Fav book from john green. The book really reflects who I am.
_chantellegallacher_ : Can I get a shout-out plz
poppyjoynerxx : oh my gosh, paper towns is my favourite john green book! It's amazing:)x
beautifulwhitewolves : I didnt like the book :(
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
take out sushi for one - yes, it was delicious and yes, I ate it all 😬
duniaghazzawi : @kayalfatima
xyzhetty : Is that.. Cooked tuna? 😟
saraaphina : bok choy 😍
joeykitten : お箸の置き方へんだよ
joeykitten : @cookieee27
mekseldacookie : I love sushi not the hand wrap though lol
kirstiehughes : @nataliejahughes
nataliejahughes : @kirstiehughes Like it, love it, want it!
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
just a few snaps I found online from #SITC - I was overwhelmed with the amount of lovelies who actually recognised me! @douglaspowley and I enjoyed meeting every single one of you :)
sitc -
aneesakhannn : OMG! i see myself🙈💕 @rhiannonashlee
i3eth_ : Wish I could meet you! Hope someday! :)
azizvetrov : You all look like complete cocks #knobheads 🆒🆒🆒
rccosmetics : Please email us😎👍
sophie__lambert : I saw you and Doug on Saturday but got stupidly scared and didn't talk to you. I'm so annoyed with myself 😭
xo_georgiaa_ox : What's happened to vlogust? @rhiannonashlee 😘
xo_georgiaa_ox : Nevermind, just seen your tweets, hope you feel better soon 😘😘 @rhiannonashlee
katethe_assassin : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee✌️
@douglaspowley and I at #SITC yesterday 😘
sitc -
mabsoph : I saw you whilst waiting on the queue for Pj's panel and said Hi, wish I could've taken a pic!!
juxushuaibi : 好可爱_(:з」∠)_
lo1ter_squad34 : @your1shoutouts got me to 1k
annabrizzi : @rhiannonashlee Started to follow you after this picture! I've never seen a couple like you two,what you have shines through your photos together! very beautiful to see! Love it!
annabrizzi : @rubaricelli ñ sei quem é essa blogueira, mas todas as fotos que ela tira com o namorado são perfeitas!! Simples, mas verdadeiras...
rubaricelli : @annabrizzi ❤️que saudade! Comecei a seguir também 😉 Vou te chamar no face pra gente fazer algo! 😘
crafty_elle : My god this is adorable @rhiannonashlee ☺️
maggyaskew92 : @Your1shoutout got me 1k
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