Rhiannon Ashlee

British Blogger & Vlogger "FashionRocksMySocks" on YouTube 💌 rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
NEW VIDEO! Healthy Picnic Ideas + OOTD! I bring you along on a picnic with @douglaspowley and myself, show you two of my favourite salad recipes (they're really tasty, I promise) alongside some other bits I like to take + an outfit of the day! 🎥 YouTube.com/FashionRocksMySocks
jofinnigan_ : ❤️❤️
kimdohyoni : 💘
spaghetti_junctions : Your salad and that dress go together so well!!!😊
rhiannonashlee : @coppergarden ☺️
carlyrowena : So cute! xxx
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
it's been a rainy few days in England but it's an excuse to get my raincoat out 💛
heyhihellomomo : Doesn't she look like LeAnn?? @t_lex24
williserin : 😍😍
mechanicalgorillaz : I absolutely LOVE your raincoat!!
t_lex24 : Whoa yeah!! A prettier version tho😂 @heyhihellomomo
savannahvruiz : @rhiannonashlee we have rain here in Portland the next 4 days I've missed the rain
teacoffeeandbooks : @rhiannonashlee yes, you mentioned that a "few times"😀 but I'm pretty sure you will love it, once u didn't gave up after a day...!😉
bretaleiva17 : Molt ☺️☺️☺️ @lsubirats5
jasminealexa97 : @rhiannonashlee Are you wearing the tarte foundation here? Your skin looks amaaazing 💛
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
drip drip drop ☔️
mechanicalgorillaz : I've been trying to do the same with my camera but it won't focus Haha!
hernameisyvonnefabulous : @sansabrinaspezial
starry_minded : The sound of rain is so relaxing😌
annnx98 : I love your videos 💕x
anniexhart : Reminds me of autumn 🍁🍁🍁
o.ctoberrain : the sound is so calming
shelly.coco : Love this! Making me miss England ❤️
elizaserbann : I love rain 💞 very nice video
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
little #SitC2015 outfit of the day✌🏻
sitc2015 -
rhiannonashlee : @nicolexsarah it's the bed head after party smoothing cream!
rhiannonashlee : @hanna_hale thank you so much and I'm sending my love to your niece :)
hanna_hale : @rhiannonashlee No problem! You shouldn't have to go through that alone! We're all here for you. Thank you! She's recovering well. She just wishes she'd of done it ages ago instead of spending too much time in pain and in a hospital bed.
nicolexsarah : Thanks!
klawilles : @shadelcrave ito yung sinasabi ko na parang ikaw
lozliftsweights : Just seen you on channel 5 news @rhiannonashlee =) xx
rhiannonashlee : @lozliftsweights :)
_gecrgia_ : Hi Rhiannon ☺️ You are one of my favourite bloggers and YouTubers ❤️ I wrote a post about you on my blog: geeklingsblog.blogspot.com, and it would make my year if you read it or even visited! Keep making your lovely videos and writing your beautifully edited posts. Georgia. xxx
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
#YouTubeSummerParty 👑
youtubesummerparty -
giuliana_nicosia : So so cute!! Can't watch the vlog!! Sending love from Arizona💚
al.ce_ : @amber.louisa they're soo nice
rosiechomet : Fabulous photo! 😘
redheadcoffeelover : Cute 💕💕💕😂
witchclub : The Real Queen ;)
jeannedefoe : Dude my names Rhiannon
elliejanex : Aw love this photo, your outfit is lovely! @rhiannonashlee
wakai_gradeorimurah : kerennnn
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
have you see my latest video? I did a first impressions on the @tartecosmetics amazonian clay foundation 🎥 YouTube.com/FashionRocksMySocks
samanwarner : @dkaay yes!! I'm gonna try it
emji27 : I had no idea this was cruelty free until I watched your video. I'm currently in the process of veganising my makeup stash so will deffo look into this! Loved the different style of video 😊
jennym21 : Tarte is cruelty free, but is owned by a Japanese company who do test on animals. So about 80-90% of the profits from the product will still go towards an animal testing company and may be used to fund animal tests. Not saying people shouldn't buy products from Tarte at all as different people have different opinions on whether parent company testing is ok with them, but it's worth mentioning.
rhiannonashlee : @jennym21 yeah, I literally found that out an hour ago and I'm so gutted :(
jennym21 : @rhiannonashlee it's so hard to keep track of who owns who! :(
heyimvickyy : I want it now!
shelly.coco : Oooh clay... Interesting
thewanderingmonster : Hi @rhiannonashlee I was wondering if you could do a natural looking, minimal makeup tutorial on YouTube?! I have combination skin, and want something that is light and looks natural, but am not good at properly applying makeup, thank you! :D love your videos and blogs btw!! :)
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
the experimenter from @lushcosmetics is rather snazzy 🍭 #lush
lush -
fatimarana : @jasminem_h daaaaayuuuum
meczmelito : I had a bath with one of the oily flowery thingies today, so relaxing and calming! 😍
pagsyo : 😍 amazing
debra_clarke : I used the same one last night and it stained my hands pink :( be careful! Xxx
lydiaalicerose : I bought this one and it barely did anything! Sank to the bottom, turned my bath water a bit pink but that was about it! Well dissapointed!!
j4mie_edw4rds : Really want to try this one! X
jessiemay1991 : I wish mine looked like this! Think mine was a dud. 😣 x
basicallylush : Great pic☺️ I used mine last night but it sank😔😔
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
after a hectic but fun weekend of filming and a lovely picnic with @douglaspowley - I'm winding down with camomile tea and a bit of colouring 🎨
kayleepawley : @beautayyynerd
msheidixo : @mercedes.fassero
twentyonetriangles : what coloring book is that??
savannahvruiz : I love coloring
jessibrader : I have just started colouring cause of niomi's new video, seeing that you do it too makes me want to do it even more!:D
mirn.stagram : @ash__mel
klawilles : @shadelcrave
liahzoe : @mirna.bartolic pitala si se tko to radi :-D ovo je jedna blogerica koju pratim :))
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
sunflowers make me so happy 🌻
christina_claire298 : 🌻🌻🌻
zuckerstrasse : I was just realizing that it even makes me happy to see this pic of them :D
hannabananabug : Me too! 🌻💛☀️ my favorite flower!
lneyp : @rhiceleste 🌻💛
sarooyakooheji2009 : Rdf
sarooyakooheji2009 : Geg
didusuzi : Hope to see them in your vlogs 💖🌻 I just adore your vlogs and I'm always so excited to see them
pattiblue_ : Me too! They are my favourite flowers!
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rhiannonashlee - Rhiannon Ashlee
@abelandcole gave me a free chocolate moustache lolly with my order.. so naturally this happened 👀
cuteepauu : Hahahah!so cute
serengirl130 : Aaaaaaah! A transgender!💎🙀😮😱
jessiemay1991 : Love it 😝
erinmeaganschwartz : @serengirl130 ???
i_eshgham_a : از این شکلاتا بگير آشتی کنیم @amir_reza_jafari_gh
ankeweckmann : It suits you! 😊
merlezdl1 : I'm so in love with your hair😱😍😍
aenna.rose : Are you in London on 26th of August? It's my 18th birthday and I'll come all the way from Germany. Would be crazy to see you.💕
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