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27. Morning #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp #morning #cuddlybaby
littlemomentsapp - cuddlybaby - morning - fmsphotoaday -
reread : @eachtoown omer has gone back to work today, so at home alone and about to purchase ALL THE DEVICES... I am about to do everything I said I'd never do - pacifier, bottle, rain noise app on the phone etc.
eachtoown : Hooray! Good parenting is basically doing all the things that you said you would never do πŸ‘ Be kind to yourself 'cause happy mumma = happy world πŸ˜ŠπŸŒπŸ’–
ozmeg222 : yup happy mumma=happy everyone else! my first needed a dummy, second didn't. if it helps DO IT! madam at 16 still sucks her thumb when she is tired but she has the most perfect teeth! Whatever works mumma bear <3
kelschmel : A wireless docking station will be your best friend. Then repeat the rain noise over and over and over. We have only just turned Morgan's off (after 19 months).
reread : @kelschmel for my birthday my family got me a mamaroo ... hideously expensive rocker. I hope it works! It comes with rain sounds etc.
reread : @eachtoown @ozmeg222 parenting should just be called 'fuck it, I'll try anything.'
smatelier : Oh lala I totally missed the news you joined us into mummy world!!! He is super cute!! I hope everything is well for you lots of love Sandrine xx
bbaggiano : All the best flying solo @reread - just do whatever makes you and bub happy. Let me know if you want running water white noise CD. I transferred it to my iPhone (so I don't need the CD anymore) and used to have it on repeat up until a month ago. Very helpful for us for blocking out traffic and people talking inside the house when bub is asleep.
lizziebabe69 - bel_harris - jettasnest - photosbyfarr -
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Five weeks old! I am able to get cracking on the sewing machine again (for small amounts of time!) #Rozibaby #cute #reread #handmade #marimekko #flipagram β™« Music: baby we ll be fine - the national
cute - reread - rozibaby - flipagram - handmade - marimekko -
bel_harris - hey_harriet - bbaggiano - kelschmel -
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Having a sleep in. #Championbaby #LeanderCradle
championbaby - leandercradle -
gita_ - kazza_cool - mrslillypilly - kelschmel -
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Happy birthday to me. I got you this baby who loves to sleep on your lap so you can't move/wash hair/sit a laptop and peruse Facebook.
kyladoesstuff : Happy Birthday mamma. I'm loving having to sit still for hours although I have rigged an iPad holder so I'm not alone with my thoughts and the tv too much xxx
gita_ : happy birthday!! πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰πŸŽ
alipink : Happy Birthday! I got labour pains for my 31st birthday and a baby the next day. They have a knack of stealing the limelight these little ones.
sallycar : Best present ever
bbaggiano : He's a very lovely birthday present!
kimonoreincarnate - gita_ - alipink - bravojulietdesigns -
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Oh how my holiday packing has changed! #tinysocks #onemonthold
tinysocks - onemonthold -
bel_harris - figgyamizade - melisearle - alipink -
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Guaranteed way to ensure the weather is shit house. Book an apartment on the beach for my birthday week.
alipink : Yep
reread : @alipink I kid you not ... EVERY SINGLE time!
yardleychase - alipink - melisearle - bel_harris -
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Tried our #hugabub today ... he's not yet 100% convinced but we'll keep trying as I'm looking forward to using two hands again! #4weeks
4weeks - hugabub -
nora_bee_style : I loved mine for both my boys. But they were winter babies and we still sweated in it. Loads of fabric and body heat...
hugabubcarriers : Check out the new instructions on our website or YouTube for hugabub if you haven't already. # In the beginning, we recommend choosing to place him in the wrap when he is already relaxed, and ? tired. Let him have a few big sleeps in the wrap and you should find in no time you he'll adjust nicely even if he was distressed before.
reread : @nora_bee_style I feel like he's still a bit too tiny for it. In a few weeks I think he'll be happier in it. I know what you mean about it being hot!
bel_harris - gita_ - figgyamizade - nikkitheknitter -
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teneale_m : Enjoy it while you can :)
reread : @teneale_m I should be sleep too ... but stupidly I'm on FB and researching the best bottles to use for a newborn!
alauradesign : Dr Brown glass bottles. Level 1 nipple.
alauradesign : And cute boys, btw.
figgyamizade - jacopo_viale - ozmeg222 - princessanniep -
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Atticus takes a beach break.
kyliepc : You are literally about 100 metres from where I am right now.
mybeardedpigeon : And about 35km from me!
reread : @kyliepc if you hear a screaming baby ... that's us. He's actually been really good ... hardly any rant sessions.
kyliepc : We're up the hill over the other side of the highway, so I'm sure that will filter out his screams. :P
eachtoown : I love his hair SO much 😍
eachtoown - figgyamizade - sallycar - rozibaby -
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I kept you guys awake all last night, now I'll be cute and you'll forgive me.
elle_roberts_ : Look at that hair!!
ozmeg222 : ermagerd the hair!!! <3
littlechrissy78 : His hair!! 😍😍😍
lisa_slade : Got Omer's curls??
gita_ - bel_harris - ozmeg222 - mrslillypilly -
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