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susmarguaflo : Uuuuuuhhhhh .....😍😍
hayleydollx : Pllllease restock matangi ❀️
hmanzanet : Genius
maaahi__ : Haaaa. @mosesaly @areeeejhashimi @thuvakk
colbyconvrd : @fuucckkshwagg
goldiethebossy : dope
surired : @miamatangi are the tees still available online?
samuelerota : @beinsomma
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miamatangi - MIA
#weapons we don't make that money on the violence that why we don't do the silence
weapons -
degenerate_young_rebel : yas
zeroklone : "We don't make that money on the violence that why we don't do the silence"<-- What does this even mean though?
miaband : @miamatangi πŸ”΄πŸ”΅ THIS MESSAGE ,for her that leads me forward!!! Apologize in advance for my English. This is not my native language, and don't even fraternal. For me you are a role model. Reading your biography, musician, producer, songwriter, artist, reading these words, I admire you more and more. I know your political position, and I support you. I am willing to work together with you to fight for your brothers and sisters. I hate America because she introduces all your fucking pop culture. culture soaked vulgarity. However, I know that above all this are the British. I don't respect Europe for its silence and submission. My people was the same as all the freaking Europeans and Americans. They have in mind only the clothes, money, power, and no respect for their elders. And finally, the last straw for me was Scotland. I call them the mountain brothers. They represent me with freedom. I thought they were fighters, militant winners. They fought and died for the country. And now having the opportunity to gain freedom by peaceful means what they did? They sold out. Yes, exactly, they are sold out. You must ask a question? What do you want from me? I do not know if this letter comes to you, whether you read it, but I wish with all my heart, I want you to know. I love you, I love, as a musician, I like to go as a director., I love your country, your culture. I'm in love with you as a person. I believe that you will be able to lead the whole army and change the world for the better. And I believe that you can help me. I ask you, if you read this, will respond somehow. Tell me what I should do? What to devote himself to the profession? But if you call me for myself, I want to tell you that I will be your loyal soldier. Every year, I realize that to achieve what you want is not so easy. That it is difficult to get to you, you move away from my thoughts, but you make me not to get bogged down in the mud of our world. You make me go forward, go out to meet you. Go along with you more, For our dreams, for our freedom, for justice. Please answer me!!! πŸ†˜πŸ†˜
miaband : @miamatangi Vi VERi VENIVERSUM ViVUS VICI 🌍🌍🌎🌎
jolan.botrel : Gros riche
safeya_91 : @Ash9944
fyd_entertainment : @miamatangi were open soon..
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rachellelliott : Well you spelled it completely wrong haha @king_qu
h1_on_lif3 : I've dreamed about owning Vicki Leekx for so long 😍
bluntilly : Vicki leekx!!
king_qu : We'll ya @rachellelliott
rachellelliott : ;-) @king_qu
ainthighschool : You think ur bad u think ur so fucking cool.
youssefcanard : ish my fresh ish
cosmoalien : β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ it. #killer gotta listen to it this weekend
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Outside the yard
saysamir : @xnacerax
rmota103 : La migra!
kadaffyduck : Its a fuxkin benz in the Uk "immigration" lmao
rodrigoec40 : Inmigrantes 😨
khani212 : Fuckers
greenjuliet_ : Mofos
rainon1409 : Thts urself I swear
vitorgabrielm : Corre negada
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officialmeat : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
stark_aaa : bang! πŸ’£πŸ”«βœŒοΈ
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#Jungle @stellamccartney
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ro.mgo : Beauty
undone10 : Princess Of The Night
jeniodante : love
everydayiceland : Welcome to #everydayiceland ❀️
spyros_cabincrew : Bravo girl.Lady Gaga A.K.A FLOPGA is trash.Love you MIA.And QUEEN MADONNA loves you so much❀️
vitorgabrielm : Putaria na selva
ekajmagz : √
joniorzao : sexo selvagem
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theredduke : @weilad πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ’“
radicalisus : FAVES
petpigeonsjewelry : You are absolutely gorgeous! 😘 We'd love to send you a few pieces! DM or Email support@petpigeons.us if you are interested! πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ’•
iirishstagram : ❀️PLEASE
avyfe : I LOVE YOU
marqtangi : collab?
gustavcamargos : lovely princess
vilesanctity : You are auch a fashion inspiration to me πŸ’œ @miamatangi
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melissucker : sucker collab x
miguelangeello : Charlie xcx ft mia oh gosh!!!
marionsofficial : Omg!!!!!!!!! Love ur gold rap!!!!
marionsofficial : Ths woman dserves mre fans and awards!! Bn searchng d net like crazy just dying to read magazne interviews, vhdeo interviews, newest prjcts!!!
vivianisuck : ૐ
sophiee_phillipss : You got my heart beat runnin awaaay @joy_lew
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@moschino #LFW2014 #FASHON #FASHOFF
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aloe_vera079 : Can I be yout best friend can we make it to the end?
dannijr : @alexandraafeldt
mellyjuana : @cadyycat her fashion sense is just to die for
cadyycat : @mellyjuana I'm following everything you tag me in. Sooo cute
mellyjuana : @cadyycat ok good!! Lol my thread of feeds every morning is mostly fashion lol
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shawtygotaburner : Omg omg omg @hotsexyfinecute
mrmikeydee : ΰ€“ #FLAWlESSbitchzSAYhey ΰ€“
daarriuus : @hotsexyfinecute OMG I was wondering why people were tagging u but then I saw u and ahhhhhhhhhhh
balmain.army : @crip #EW
crip : @love.not.war my poor girl had to sit and watch this...
balmain.army : And to think his items are $400+ NO @crip #prada
crip : @love.not.war smh! that's like punishing yourself
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