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redskins - Washington Redskins
Legendary #Redskins safety Sean Taylor loved #DallasWeek. #ThrowBackThursday #BeatDallas
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owen_wassiliew : #rip do it for him skins #httr
owen_wassiliew : #beatdallas
shah2zero : @lspiropoulos nah fam...they're in Dallas this week. Maybe VT vs πŸ™Œ tho!!!
ooh_nikhil_em : @matty_lopez @mig_alonso #huntingszn #beatdallas
what_the_focht : #cowboysvsskins doesn't get any better than this, can't wait
arjunbansal123 : #r3spect
dcowboys36 : @lexthedisciple yall are beat lol
m_nerantzis : I was at that game! Troy Vincent blocks the kick, 21 returned it!
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#BeatDallas #HTTR
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tmariem28 : @brynn2403
smithp97 : @skahnmon Redskins are poo
ffromojr : Yall wish!
nyfinestlboogie : lol yal like a juuco football team this year yal not ready for the boys lol @nbaclay33
mpalwayz : Why are Cowboys fans trolling a Redskins page just to hate? I have no beef with real fans from the south or from a state with no football team but if you're from DC with no ties to Texas besides the Cowboys kick rocks.
mpalwayz : @nyfinestlboogie you are all confused! You're from NY but reside in Bmore and you're not a Giants,Jets or a Ravens fan but you're a Cowboys fan rocking a Yankees hat in your picture?! #confused
nyfinestlboogie : its called upbringing my whole fam cowboys fans cmon son u know for dam sure it doesnt matter where u grew up or live its what u know from day 1 its tradition u feel me and I moved to bmore I dont mess wit wit no bmore teams lol and u already know yankees all day @mpalwayz
goon_sqwad52 : Enough of the yellow pants, go red on white or white on white. So much better than shitty yellow pants
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins rookie T Morgan Moses became a father today! #HTTR
redskins - httr -
aggiebred91 : Congratulations! #HTTR
scottroxbrough : Congrats! Now it's time for you to take that RT position from Polumbus #HTTR
jad_numan_alomary : Congrats
dawoudmahmud : @scottroxbrough lmao please!
fantasy_wizard : Follow my account for fantasy football news/advice
druffner21 : Maybe put down the phone and pick up a dumbell. You got RG3 killed and now he is injured till like Week 9. Get yo mind right
tchef02 : Congrats Morgan. Now get that starting RT job! WaHooWa HTTR
assslam : @jayferm813
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Legendary. #MarkRypien #Redskins #HTTR #RingofFame
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rb26naya : @postsurface I see his nose hasn't aged at all
planetricarr : That year, Mark Rypien became the first Native American quarterback to win a Super Bowl. #HTTR congrats.
bwheels015 : Go redskins
ansr7 : Lol agreed.. and love the username @veryangryskinsfan
xxiv_lxxviii : Nice necklace.
shorebyrdgirl_16 : you rock redskins and u better bring that trophe home to me
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
petezito : Man could he throw the deep ball
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Double tap to congratulate #Redskins LB Keenan Robinson on being named #NFC Defensive Player of the Week! #HTTR
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veryangryskinsfan : @jackk_warren Yeah. He's a very smart kid who can legally hit (*cough Merriweather *cough). But I wonder if we should take a top notch OT instead to give Williams some help. Either one will be a much needed addition.
veryangryskinsfan : @jackk_warren Cody Pewitt is another viable option for Safety in the second round, so we can draft Peat or Oughblei (whatever his name is) in the first round to convert to RT.
stephenstackz : If yu a die hard Skins fan, check out my page & #HTTR β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ™Œ !
stephenstackz : #BEATDALLAS
jackk_warren : @veryangryskinsfan yeah the OL is a good way to go. But we need to see how good Morgan Moses does over next few games because he could be good. We need interior OL also. Which maybe we could get in the 2nd round.
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
the_og_grenade_barney : @fuck_da_government
veryangryskinsfan : @jackk_warren Actually the o-line should be the first thing we address in free agency. This is what Gibbs won three rings with back in the 80s.
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Time to get carving, #Redskins fans! #HAILoween
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_schmon_ : Posted!
siennaarkmew : @riksouthworth I'll help ☺️
ndsu_bison20234 : I'll make a redskins pumpkin
lmh527 : @kateefresh #rgiii
stephenstackz : If yu a die hard Skins fan, check out my page & #HTTR β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ™Œ ! #BEATDALLAS
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
sweetdeb21andgod : #httr
dsa365 : @tharealdev
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Repost from @niles_paul84: "Had too much fun at all time QB with the squad at todays Get The Ball Rolling Flag Football Experience, Presented By Coca-Cola | #HTTR #NFL #Play60"
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braxton_longe : Let's go boys
disalvo_john : @redskins who are you guys sending to the think pink football game on Halloween at Langley High School?
_prophxt : Let's beat the cowgirls & go 3-5 β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ™Œ
veryangryskinsfan : @ayeeasa Unless the Cowboys team dies of Ebola, we have 0% chance to win, or even lose by less than 15.
veryangryskinsfan : @disalvo_john OMG I have family that went there!
cj.donahue : Sign Michael Sam!!!
veryangryskinsfan : @cj.donahue And add more dysfunction to the team?   
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
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redskins - Washington Redskins
What. A. Catch. #HTTR #Redskins
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miguel_corte : South park !!
yaboymg : 😻😻😻
veryangryskinsfan : @___santos__ Have you even seen how Dallas plays? They're the best team in the NFL. Our train wreck will be lucky to score 10 points.
timmybigguns : Skins going to scalp them cowgirls #HTTR
stephenstackz : If yu a die hard Skins fan, check out my page & #HTTR β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ™Œ ! #BEATDALLAS
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
xbox360_101 : Good game Jackson
xbox360_101 : I have you for fantasy thank you!
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Fighting for extra yards. #LetsGo #HTTR #Redskins
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princesstialynn : @willcamp_11 I was taught that my people (Oglala Lakota's) came from wind cave, I'm just going by what my elders taught me.
mikebailey7 : @tbonia
princesstialynn : @willcamp_11 that poll was inaccurate, anyone from the street could've said they were native and took the poll. Majority of the native community agree that it is offensive.
tbonia : Woohoo !! They won one !! HTR
elliott.mcparland : I wish the redskins wore this jersey more often!!
modo_2012 : Ohhhhhhhh my gosh biggest redskins fan
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
the_og_grenade_barney : @fuck_da_government
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Slingin' Colt McCoy. 11-of-12. #Win. #HTTR #Redskins
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redskins1097 : Oh*
redskins1097 : And one other thing. Kai For bath, greatest kicker this team has seen in years. Are you even a Redskins fan? I would love to see you make those FGs with wind, pressure, and noise from the crowd. Seriously though you are sounding like a Dallas fan. #HTTR #fuckdallas
peytonprice11 : Colts my favorite QB but the boys are my favorite team
_wyatt_quinn_ : Fuck u @peytonprice11 and @_h_papi
_wyatt_quinn_ : #redskins
aaron_edward_ : @_h_papi
washskins_10 : Redskins fan page here!
alecteller122333 : Didn't he used to be on the Cowboys?
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