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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins owner Dan Snyder, FB Darrel Young, Maryland governor-elect Larry Hogan & Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker at the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation #HarvestFeast.
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sickmindofjohn_16 : @aka_holleywood bullshit
simons_88 : @tony__montego i never said I wanted colt to start I just said he's starting i personally want rg3 to play but he's not
killshotz1 : Grudan tired of rg3 ass. Colt starting !!!! Thank god
dallascowboys889 : Rg3 sucks! One little push or tackle and he's road kill๐Ÿ˜‚
josh12254 : Colt McCoy about to be 3-0
stuartboy_73 : I wish they had started Colt against the vikings and buccaneers so he could have had 2 easier games to get his feet wet...but we stand a better chance to win him than rg3
ja11co8 : And all these colt dick riders must not know his history in the NFL
goskinsandgoravens : Krik cousins need to play
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins players & alumni join volunteers at #FedExField to assemble food bags for families in need at #WRCF's 12th Annual #HarvestFeast presented by Ryan Homes.
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wavyguy_ : I mean we could keep em draft some lineman & see what he can do next year..but then it could be déjà vu all over again & we don't need that! Or we could go wit the plan of trading em for mid/late round 3rd,we most likely will have top 5 pick and that opens up the door for mariota who is humble & not injury prone..with the rest of the picks go get some o line & improve the secondary,in 4 of the last 5 seasons we've finish last in the division going on 5 of we have too be patient for another 5 years?? @mikepetro23
netsdude8 : RG3
mikepetro23 : @wavyguy_ so we bench em put mccoy in and expect someone to actually trade for em? Come on man ... Do you not see how bad everyone is against the kid all ready ... He won us a division title his rookie season .. On one leg he got us a 14-0 lead against Seattle and in comes kirk cousins and what do he do? Blows it .. Cousins led the league in turnovers when he was benched ... Mccoy hadn't played a game since 2011 for a reason ... Griffin needs and has earned more than half a season under a brand new offense and coach who has admitted he needs to adapt more towards Roberts game .. The guy is trying to change someone who we drafted bcuz of his dynamic ability ... If he gets hurt it happens it's fuckin football this isn't baby peewee bullshit ...
mikepetro23 : This kid gave us the best season we have had in a decade broke records won us a division title ... Beat the shit out of dallas last game of the season was a warrior on one leg brought some joy to a franchise that quite frankly has been a doormat and now people who call themselves "true fans" turn on em .. I would have a shitty attitude if I were too ... Having to go on his own instagram and own team page and see his own fans calling for his number .. Shame on all of you ... He has no O Line and this supposed "quarterback guru" is ruining him ... @rgiii I know you are more than capable bcuz you have shown it before ... Our defense wasn't bringing us to a Super Bowl anyway so he needs to learn gruden needs to work in more play action and get Griffin on the move ... @wavyguy_
mikepetro23 : @wavyguy_ and mariota is exactly what rg3 was in college lmao you want another rg3 lol mariota isn't a pocket passer ... He works on the move ... Griffin had one knee injury his sophomore year of college before entering the NFL ... So gruden can get mariota and fail trying to change him into something his game and abilities won't allow him to be ... Come on man
mikepetro23 : Griffin is our guy and gruden needs to shape up that line and cater to Griffins strong points ... Another rookie quarterback is most certainly not the answer to the problem
tiaplus2 : I'm glad to see there are finally people standing up for Rg3 instead of against him, I am a true Redskins fan but I will say when the Redskins make the horrible mistake of trading him and they will, and he goes to another team and win a superbowl I will be the first one to say again we blew it and we'll be right back to not winning anything for another 20 yrs
ohmyjeejus : If Shanahan couldn't coach him and Gruden couldn't coach him what makes anyone think that any other coach can lead him. Both coaches said the exact same things about him. If more than one person says the same thing about someone its not them its the person
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Happy Birthday to a #Redskins legend, Joe Gibbs, who led the team to all three Super Bowl victories! #HTTR #LetsEatCake
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flokojr : I have your football card
dennis.billman44 : Quitter
kingmaster63 : Ikr @professor_swagg we stink right now
professor_swagg : @kingmaster63 true
rdschneider3 : @ldepaola28
kboone_4 : @zcrill1 @goodiebagsb Brian's da
kboone_4 : Dad
zenmn : ๐Ÿ‘Š
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Not up in here. #HTTR #Redskins #Mine
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metatron113 : Can someone please tell me the last time a quarterback went from being some trash on one team and goes to another team and then became a franchise quarterback or even a good starter
metatron113 : And just in case your wondering who I'm referring to its colt mccoy
metatron113 : And what did mccoy really do in the titans game he was 11/12 for 128 and Garçon took the the little screen pass 70 yards so he had approximately 60 yards passing in that game if Garçon doesn't do most of the work on that one play
_superman562 : @yt.ashh
cant_touch_this1229 : START MCCOY
bry75 : Fuck McCoy that boys been a backup all his life! We need to keep rg3 up right and let that boy do him HTTR 4EVER ALL U FAKE FANS EAD!!!
waltboyer : Just seen Colt got the start Sunday maybe we will score at least
redskinsfan199 : If mccoy gets a win...thats gonna look bad on Rg3. .
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redskins - Washington Redskins
FINAL SCORE: 49ers 17 - #Redskins 13
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cbtev_ca : #49ers
plues20 : Dam not a skins fan but shit you guys really need to rethink your QB situation! I'm thinking Colt McCoy @goskinsandgoravens you know it to RG3 can't do anything and way to many injuries your head coach was 100% right with what he said about him
goskinsandgoravens : Shut up @plues20
plues20 : Obviously when he plays his game he gets hurt! That's why they want him a pocket QB they just need to bench him @kaylavon63
plues20 : @h_m_s_15 well said
plues20 : @goskinsandgoravens see you know it yourself man
goskinsandgoravens : What happened to krik cousins @plues20 I know rg3 need help @plues20
brunsey18 : Just because McCoy can get lucky twice doesn't mean anything @nathan_022499
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Pierre throws DEEP. #HTTR #Redskins #WASvsSF
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teuthof_13 : @jordiplegue21
evo8ur8 : Griffin isn't worth 18million next year, I would love for him to come back, but not at that price tag
hartney90 : Get rid of rg3 bad investment. I would rather have tebow and that's saying something. Rg3 needs to have respect for the game and not look at the price tag.
simons_88 : @hartney90 he isn't as bad as people say he is we need to get better O line and then we'll be better
hartney90 : But that's why we picked up the out of pocket QB rg3 needs to scramble more that's when he is good. Our o line isnt bad cousins does good and he is not a scrambler
ej_vs_the_world : Our o line is bad bc people keep getting injured so the rookies gotta come in and they suck @hartney90
laughamatic5000 : U rock pierre
dallascowboys889 : Throws deep INTERCEPTION!
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#HALFTIME: 49ers 10 - #Redskins 7 #HTTR #WASvsSF
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yeez73 : RGIII sucks ass! Flat out he hasn't been good since he got hurt any other time a player gets hurt they get pushed to the side the only reasons he's still starting is because our coach doesn't have balls enough to bench him he plays terrible and has been catered to since he's been in the league! Once again we have picked a bust! They should cut there loses and move on he doesn't deserve to be the starter no matter how much he says it's his team bench his ass! Now!
yeez73 : Stop making excuses for RGIII he makes enough for his self! Smh
brunsey18 : #HTTR RGlll still better than colt he played 2 good games big deal
brandon_moore_14 : Not blaming rg3 for a terrible offensive line but u get out of the pocket and don't throw it away!
_zuhayr_ : The oddensive of line won't protect @rgiii
armadillo_boyy : Release RG lll !!! He gets sacked soo much
icemoney0704 : You cant beat #49ersinvasion
dope_kingfrye : @armadillo_boyy it's not rg3 fault he get sack smh you don't know what your talking about
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Almost game time. Are you ready? #HTTR #WASvsSF #LetsGo
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fatedsounds : @coolinlikeacooler OK cool bro, I might be like -10000 followed after this. Enjoy that gravy in your mouth :)
coolinlikeacooler : @fatedsounds damn that last bit just proved how lame you are... grown ass dude making music and can't even hit 100 followers , damn that's a sad life g. @crivp
fatedsounds : @coolinlikeacooler :( followers equal what in real life again?? Can't stay on topic :( Jesus
doing_pretty_good : Please mr.Gruden get rid of Rg3
dom0220 : Offense ruined a great defensive effort. Mainly rg3. Get rid of the ball.
action_jackson721 : Too Many posts!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
savannahbridgers : RG3 is working on it! Show some love, everybody makes mistakes! He's still learning a new offense different from what he played the majority of his football career... Give him time
jnc727 : @savannahbridgers he proved he knew the new offense in his rookie season. He has now proved that he is incapable of actually being a starting quarterback because every time he touches the ball he just doesn't seem to want to get rid of it. It's time for Rg3 to leave.
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redskins - Washington Redskins
"Let's go out there and get this win." #HTTR #WASvsSF
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adamharrris : Great quarterbacks and teams aren't built in two years don't expect to get to the payoffs anytime soon. We are rebuilding again and again well get it right soon
trevor.neal : @ethanlupio finally somebody who sees it too
fabianmata75 : We will be fine. Our time will come. #Believe #RG3WillRiseAgain #RedskinsWillRiseAgain #HTTR
jusdre905 : Same thing that happen to Jason Campbell is happening to @rgiii no online no shine stop blaming @rgiii when the guy goes out and lay it on the line each play in each game ! if you really a@redskins fan be patient nd stop blaming left and right especially a guy who goes out and put on for every @redskins fan nd not the people who sit behind a phone and computer hating on one guy! #HTTR to the death of me!
brunsey18 : #HTTR keep goin #rgiii I know you are gonna go out one of these weeks and just own up I got a poster of you a little while ago I came home I said hey dad look at this you know what he said rgiii sucks I said no hes just got off an injury and he's gonna just own up one these weeks come on #rgiii you got this show people how good you really are
abdelproject : @raaniii look at this
kyleighbdancen : @hursti_kinz
adri_football32 : @branchaud97 @elliotfootball21
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins QB @rgiii takes a few pictures with military members on the sideline before today's game. #RedskinsSalute #HTTR #SaluteToService
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jhulsey57 : @breezybaby09 they were in our group that unfurled the flag but I don't know them personally!
lady_saima : He totally sucks
lady_saima : Bench him for the love of god
j0nathan______ : @fernandojr305 your boy
fernandojr305 : Gay piece of shit @j0nathan______
madisonnnkr : @maciejordann tell me how jealous you are ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
innercity99 : @baltimorecenter yea tell that to the Cleveland Browns... if he was a beast how come nobody wanted him this off season? He beat the lowly titans managing the game and Dallas managing the game and the defense had the game of their life relax wit the colt Mccoy fandom I'm sure u was all in 4 Cousins at 1st 2
izik_carbajal : @mason29biely AYE i see you yung blood sporting that gold jersey
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