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redskins - Washington Redskins
RB Alfred Morris reached 3,000 rushing yards faster than any player in #Redskins history with his 85 yards yesterday. #HTTR
redskins - httr -
g_nis : @d__nicole_ #HTTR them legs tho
anttjones : @didrixn81 @derryk_21
renae__johnson : HTTR.!
darealzay__2353 : Defense & run game better come to play next Sunday.
king_l30 : @merrissa_ashley
teamcottam : @mrgrumpy247 Check this out!!!
kjschreck : @drossb1
drossb1 : I knew this @kjschreck
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins QB Kirk Cousins. #Slinging #HTTR
redskins - httr - slinging -
ajrenton : Cousins is solid and smart, and plays with confidence. I feel great with him in the game. #goredskins #httr
j_taylor781 : Kirk cousins is better anyways
lumbee1696 : #CaptainCousins
dawoudmahmud : #CaptainKirk
fbi_account : @bigbadwuf yeah and then a 100% healthy 50 year old rg3 takes the field. Even if it takes for-ev-er!
noexcuses914 : Keep doing ur thing cousins
jayy_lotuss : #RGIII
broke_homiej : @isaacmartinez_16 thankyou at least you have commen sense rg3 is better than cousins but jay gruden scheme fits cousins cus hes a pocket passer wat cousins gonna do wen they send them blitzes
pdriendeau - cruzb77 - hughboiii95 - zman100ish -
redskins - Washington Redskins
#SwaggyTime #SwaggySack #HTTR #10Sacks
swaggytime - httr - swaggysack - 10sacks -
katelyn_marie26 : @crosscountry29
samanthakate___ : @ayyosamantha hit that nae nae!
777coachjoe : dudes comming Around FOR REAL
drop_the_bob : @_jewchainz #droppinthatnaenae
gabe_elfiky : Hit that nae nae bruh
not_ryancook : @_jonahflores_ hitten that nae nae
_jonahflores_ : Lol @not_ryancook
gbeuchert : @emmaryang
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redskins - Washington Redskins
EXCLUSIVE look inside the #Redskins locker room after yesterday's win. #HTTR
redskins - httr -
tylermccracken1214 : @reez_nonchalant24. Your stupid and I hate you
tylermccracken1214 : @comedianboogie. You look like a fat tub of butter hehe
khotyfrancis : @spanky_50 he can just fall back on those subway commercials so fuck you and your ideas so he can leave.
tylermccracken1214 : @montycold. Are you cold?
tylermccracken1214 : @cself33. Your white stop talking
danco96 : @albertmishaan
fbi_account : Coach is saying " Alright guys that pussy Rg? what's his face is hurt...Again! Looks like Kurt's are man! "
mzjellie6 - flappy.turtle.35 - britbrat_fucdat - jack_rathborne -
redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins Postgame Infographic. #HTTR #JAXvsWAS
redskins - httr - jaxvswas -
_dylan_astin_ : I don't explore😜
_dylan_astin_ : #redskinssuck
gweedogirl : Hail to the Redskins!!!!
tiaplus2 : HTTR
itsricofool : @thismansoren that passer rating tho
1_redskinfan : I was there it was AWESOME!!!! HTTR
adriana_damore : @lucaskingsley1228
ajrenton : Amazing game. Defensive domination. It's great to see them produce as they should have.
two28 - lauraolsson56 - wzetina - coby_walk -
redskins - Washington Redskins
#BowlOfGravy #SackDance #10Sacks #Redskins #HTTR #JAXvsWAS
sackdance - bowlofgravy - httr - 10sacks - redskins - jaxvswas -
marthaamae : ❤️💛
thechosendunn : Lol #HBK #ShawnMichaels @wwe
dustin_rhoades : Get this dude a contract! #Payhim
anricci21 : @tfadul2
jewfro_bogart : OMG. I love him! 💛❤️💛❤️
imdizzyp : @wwe #hbk #shawnmichaels #ryankerrigan #91 #beast #defense #sack
nicky_kashani : @aryabrandon
yumdogg : @mradeyinka we ready straight flexin on them #eagles
bpmatador - roosterink6 - marcoasr80 - ineback -
redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins win! #HTTR
redskins - httr -
jobes14 : Finally!!!!! And why is everyone saying cousins should start just from one game?? Rg3s gunna miss another game so I think cousins should prove himself, right?
anricci21 : @tfadul2
luckytoyap : rg3
luke.plawin : Cousins should start
jess_veg : Every body is just hopping on the Kirk Cousins Bandwagon just cause he put up 41 points with the offense. Don't get me wrong Cousins is a good quarterback and is a pocket passer but RG3 is a dual threat QB. Defenses have to adjust to being able to keep RG3 contained when they don't have to worry about that with Cousins. RG3 also was showing that he could command the of offense in the start of the game until he got injured. Besides, I'd like to see somebody start hating on RG3 when he comes back from his injury and is showing his skills with this offense.
apakk_ : @jess_veg man i always wished someone would say that
jeremycarlberg : @luke.plawin I agree man ! 100%
luckytoyap : @jess_veg thanks for that! Teams change because of RG3. He's fast!
bpmatador - 3pete_ - sihon060509 - kaleb_40 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
DY TD celebration. #HTTR #JAXvsWAS
httr - jaxvswas -
maddenpro14 : I agree @trainecu
davidparedes1958 : Rg needs to stay in the game.
lemond33 : He hasn't been a dual threat... He can't run like that anymore!! His wheels are shot and he can't pass from the pocket. Cousins
starshamara : Good shiit
umuc2002 : @fifedawg50 RG3 won 3 more games than Cousins did.
fifedawg50 : Bro you have a picture with obama get out of here. Kirk cousins is 1-0 this yea rg3 is 0-1 soooo yea shet up this man has a dislocated ankle not even fractured hes soft he knows kirk cousins is better
fifedawg50 : @umuc2002
sihon060509 : Love it
ryanabundis26 - ajrenton - j_taylor781 - mememisty4 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
redskins - httr - jaxvswas -
fifedawg50 : Because he shamed him? how sensative are you. Shannahan was trying to adjust to his playing type but he still couldnt produce that aint shannahans fault. Bro you just dont know football plan and simple just watch how cousin plays and watch how many games we win this year and yes he has a way better football career then i did, still doesnt mean hes good enough for the NFL @aghttr
aghttr : @fifedawg50 he had a better passer rating than cousins last year. And a better career passer rating. And has won as a starter. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BACK UP COUSINS BEING BETTER. I just stated facts. Goodnight
fifedawg50 : Well i hope he did have better passing ratings shit the motherfucker started more games then cousins so you can state the facts all you want but i can bet you his stats werent even close to any of the other quarterbacks in this league i mean damn i wouldnt be surprised if shitty ass kapernick had better passing ratings then rg3 but to end this just know rg3 just lost his position because cousins is taken the real redskin fans to the playoffs straight up @aghttr
aghttr : @fifedawg50 the real redskins fans? LOL. You're a real fan because you're glad the starting QB is injured? That makes you a real fan. And no Cousins won't. If it's cousins for the rest of the season we'll be 6-10 or 7-9. At best. Reality
1wonderwoman4u : Destroyed those Jags !!!!@ethrog_lawbronski
sportsfreak151 : Yes we lost RG3 no matter what everyone thinks about him he is a good player when you throw for 29-37 and 267 yards that's a good day win because the RBs fumbled twice in the red zone. Kirk Cousins is a great BACKUP QB he has a good arm and makes good decisions of where to throw the ball, however he lacks the speed, dual threat, and long ball Robert excels in. Hopefully the XRays turn negative. Those of you that say it's a good thing he got injured are not true fans so much relied on this franchise QB you don't see the Rams freaking out or the Cardinals when both their starting QBs get injured both of those teams kept their composure and own games with their backups. Good luck RG3 #HTTR #Forever
paintguy327 : 21 #seantaylor 💯
adriana_damore : @lucaskingsley1228
kayden_bball - bennett_chess - e_j_d_o_e - scorpioqt -
redskins - Washington Redskins
And here comes QB Robert Griffin III! #JAXvsWAS #HTTR
httr - jaxvswas -
bradyb9 : Rg3 was looking very very good today. Chill on the "Cousins is better" talk. Yeah he had a great game too, but it was the Jaguars. Either way. #HTTR
cuhtus : @stonejackballr The starting O was being introduced one player at a time. RG3 is the Redskins best leader in the locker room and on the field. Learn your shit first.
mck_matt : Aaaaaand there goes bob griffin
montycold : so when people say Kirk killed them for 3 1/2 quarters people say "its just the jags" but people wanna hype RG3's 2 completions every second they get ?
rschik : Much love and prayers to OUR QB....RG3!!!! #skinsfansunite and we support you 100%!!!
nargleben : Rg3 sucks
nargleben : Fragile ass mother fucker
lilwanze22 - ryanabundis26 - sihon060509 - j_taylor781 -
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