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Welcome to the official Instagram account of the 3X Super Bowl champion Washington Redskins. DeSean Ready to Go For Week 1 |
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redskins - Washington Redskins
REPORT: #Redskins and Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams agree to 5-year contract extension. #HTTR
redskins - httr -
motionpapi : #InScottWeTrust
all_in_4_forest : @_huntercarroll i wish Jay Gruden saw this conversation, so he can see that we want to win football games, not a football team drama movie @redskins
24whitemamba24 : @kat24cyr
cristian_0rlando : Boy from jacksons @drew8848
almightytmac : Yessir
steve_laios : Let's go back to the all white uniforms... Back when we were good and had Sean Taylor and went 10-6
iamjackpollard : @connorolio YES! Now we have him and Kerrigan
jpaeno : #httr4life from Dallas...
cody_lane_jenkins_ - fetty189 - nhamby_1732 - vincent.vango -
redskins - Washington Redskins
#Repost @redskinsphotog. ・・・ Helmets on helmets on helmets... Gameday! #WASvsBAL
wasvsbal - repost -
isaiahsupremeee : #FireGrudenNowSynder
sniderk3 : @redskins Fire gruden and but Sean mcvay as interim coach cause gruden hates griffin and he sucks shoulda hired Dan Quinn
ansr7 : Rg3 done... no read rg3.. cousions has improved from last year. Yall skin fans are delusional. #captiankirk put in alot work this off season.. don't believe just watch!!!
lancelemon : Rg3 is the best worst thing the redskins have. It's like being homeless and you have a gold ring... you don't lose that gold ring. Kirk is O.K. RGIII is going to go somewhere else and tear the redskins apart.... why is that?! Because RGIII is an athlete and a Good QB...Hello don't forget this dude is the Heiesman....took us to the playoffs in his 1st year...had a better QBR last year than Kirk and PLAYED LESS GAMES. The redskins organization is a joke. I'm a die seems as though they want us (fans) to enjoy the the shame in their organization. It's hard to support this team anymore
abs14445 : Reality is the Shanahans made RG3. The plays they drew up for him played to his strengths. Unless he plays under a system that's taylored for his strengths, he is Done! Bottom line!
castillo4_ : No one realizes that the only season rg3 has helped was his rookie season, he has been trash every other season
castillo4_ : And because all rg3 does is fuck up, turnover after turnover, he is a fuck up! @calebackman
calebackman : @castillo4_ Cousins had 9 turnovers in about 4 and a half games played last year. RG3 is nowhere near that. He isn't trash if he's playing in the NFL. You clearly don't know enough to be talking about this
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redskins - Washington Redskins
You know what time it is. #WASvsBAL #HTTR #BeltwayBattle #BattleOfTheBeltway
wasvsbal - beltwaybattle - battleofthebeltway - httr -
mary.huynhhh : @king.hezzy
travie.sosa_ : @on_2s_4_lyfe @glambabymakeupartistry LET'S GOO!!!
jeanettegracieux : :'( let's @jshaw1910
lawsonnfl : who will win the NFC east?
itsjuan_m80 : @jim_nator_300
king.hezzy : Let's goooooo @mary.huynhhh
mary.huynhhh : @king.hezzy ;)
jbalexander123 : He was a draft steal, I don't know if he's better than Morris, but he is an outstanding running back
animax_fans - sunnyj75 - hyacinthechanyane - dujuan_sr -
redskins - Washington Redskins
Almost game time. #WASvsBAL #HTTR #Redskins
wasvsbal - redskins - httr -
britz15 : @raam627 YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!
kingsdominion75 : We love the Redskins! If you're from the (DMV) area and know about Kings Dominion Amusement Park, come check us out. 🏈.......🎢
_sittinpretty_208 : #HTTR
horhey__ : @emkurtis @erozansky
theglogod : @the_polishrambo he's not even playin this game dumb fuck
rjcarley : How is this not a square photo
paulduborgel : RG3 not playing the next 2 games. Capt. Kirk taking the snaps. 👉
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redskins - Washington Redskins
One team. One family. #HTTR #Redskins #HTTRFamily
httrfamily - redskins - httr -
bwills1621 : @hayddady it's true man 😂
peteyfit : @fuentes92 rg3 out tomorrow
dtothej007 : RGIII out, so your saying we have a chance.
taylorlarson : #benchrg3
starr_isacson : @robbie_isacson12
skinsdaddy33 : I hope so. I hate to say it but my team seems destined for failure even before the season starts
pocketfullofones : @stittrb our coaching staff is just dumb if they don't see that with their own eyes smh
all_in_4_forest : @skinsdaddy33 i have that feeling too
salata7000 - c.russell0205 - riggsran44skins44 - fernandoclapton_g3 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
JReed back at work doing what he does best. #HTTR #Redskins
redskins - httr -
merrickbully : 2-14
getta_mane : Please don't let him get hurt
rockinspain : Stay healthy J Reed, we need you out there!
az_james745 : If only he could stay healthy. Smh!
221.king : Let's goooooo lil bro!!!! #HTTR #nator
db_8sixty : Played him a few times in HS, home boys nice
im_just_grindin : Lets get this 💰 dey cnt stop u
faridaiman04iqbal - bruce.bruce4 - jaydeelockwood - brooks_t87 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
Doing battle in the trenches. #HTTR #Redskins
redskins - httr -
lachlanmcpherson18 : Wouldn't mind the o line learning how to block
jayy_lotuss : O-line can't block for shit .. Let's be honest
bmfoote84 : Disappointed with the O-Line thus far as a whole and Scherff doesn't look all that great so far which is concerning considering he was our 1st round pick. #HTTR #HTTR4Life
the_cowan54 : They've played two games and they have a new right guard and tackle. Go be a fan on another team. You expect too much, too soon. I take it that you don't know too much about fooyball.
andy___dufresne : @the_cowan54 you right
kingsdominion75 : We love the Redskins! If you're from the (DMV) area and know about Kings Dominion Amusement Park, come check us out. 🏈.......🎢
flo_zimmermann : @pidi_beck
nic_magz : "Doing battle"
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Outrunning the competition. #HTTR #Redskins #Alf #ATrain #HomeRunBat
alf - homerunbat - redskins - httr - atrain -
jonathankeeffsossa : @redskins fucking trade rg3 fuck yall o line
theecostello : Worst team and league in sports.
kyleindian88 : Buuuuuttttt still going to suck 😂
swayb2911 : Why people always get on here with negativity. Damn, don't you have something better to do with your time... then again maybe you dont. It's ok, talk trash HTTR from the day I was born til the day I die. Suck or not. #truefan
superhiem27 : @swayb2911 u speak the truth
gnatitude : @wombshaker this is still my main man tho
michael_4jc : Right on @swayb2911. I totally agree.
faridaiman04iqbal - jaydeelockwood - owen_31_ - brooks_t87 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
Can't catch Matt Jones. If you do, he'll run you over. #HTTR #Redskins
redskins - httr -
allan_smaltz : @marcusldoss He's a beast
sirlawrence_ : @_terryclay
jmmillen : We need you RUNNING game! #HTTR #SKINSFan
god_school_football : Fear @harrisonstout_70
snags_httr : @adotmckenzie
_____daniel._____ : @remember_caleb
edsoncotrina : @nickvargas7
jyates_13 : @dylan_leonard2
faridaiman04iqbal - jaydeelockwood - owen_31_ - brooks_t87 -
redskins - Washington Redskins
Gimme that. #Breeland...#HTTR #Redskins
breeland - redskins - httr -
c.cotton29 : Is that even a question lol @julian_tre3
thefeelbettercenter : Dallas Cowboys
gl0.dummy : @iamkeonmiller r boy is back
justrashaad : Too bad he can't play week 1 :(
julian_tre3 : @c.cotton29 how do you get routed by a wr with a knee brace
lovemykids0515 : He a corner @julian_tre3 with a knee brace
julian_tre3 : @lovemykids0515 lol that's even crazier
all_in_4_forest : He's amazing
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