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redskins - Washington Redskins
Team. #HTTR
httr -
brooks_era : @alfee_m Colt deserves a shot being he was the only one not benched for performance but he would not last. His arm strength is comical
alfee_m : @brooks_era To be honestly arm strength does matter but his arm strength is suitable on top of that he knows how to play on big stages (Cowboys). He's mobile he just needs a little grooming honestly
camerarollin44 : @brooks_era I love it when people get upset because someone points out that they don't know how to spell correctly. If you can't even master easy 3rd grade words, why should we think you have anything intelligent to say at all?
brooks_era : @alfee_m he's a vet. He's use to the lights but as far as grooming he's been in the league 6 years. I think he is what he's gonna b. Not much improvement can b made
alfee_m : Nah I disagree there first off he was in CLEAVLAND second he shows some flashes but I say give him a shot at least
brooks_era : @camerarollin44 first off I don't sit and spell everything correctly on social media. So with that being said you and anyone else whom really sit there and think your getting a small victory over me because I choose to spell words in a shorter way, you can fuck off. I'm very educated. It's cowards like you tho that really have the issue. So I'll correctly spell what you are a B I T C H. Is that spelled correctly? you fuckin faggot
curtisjones_13 : Been sleeping. Lmao @d_westbrook @girlsgonegilly @kai.lima @stanson87c @j3slick
airic1983 : RG3 problem is simply this,,, if learns to play as a team player then he'd be a hellava QB. Hear me out,,, his rookie year he things that no one ever seen happened. Not only as a rookie, but never in the NFL. He made plays w/his arm & his legs. But; the dude took to many hits and it hurt the team. He had this chip on his shoulders and he truly thought that the Redskins go no where w/out him. Which at the time, was 93% true. But did you see how the team was whipping the Seahawks ass 14-0 until he tried to do to much. My point is this, if he learns to sacrifice his for plays then probably he would be playing. When it's 3rd and 5 and you only have 3 yards when you run, fuck, slide and get down. Don't risk getting hurt trying to take a hit just to get 2 extra yards. To me that's what his problem is, other than he thinks he can talk about himself like Willy Beamin in the movie Any Given Sunday, and put himself about the guys that blocking for his ass. I've been a redskins fan since birth 1964,,, win or lose,,, they my Mutha Fuckin Squad
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Alfred Morris on stage with his teammates at the @redskinsgiveback "4th and Life High School Forum" presented by @cocacola. Players & community leaders yesterday shared their wisdom and advice with 400+ local high school athletes on the importance of education & finding your passion in life after football.
tony.marchegiano : True, but at this level an elite back has to make people miss occasionally. And he simply can't do that...he can hit holes when they are right in front of him. But even then he generally isn't going to the house
smithkenn_30 : Lmao alfred morris is the best option we have. You really must not understand Nfl play calling @tony.marchegiano. The only time they bring Morris on the field the D knows its a run because he doesnt play the whole game. You cant expect ANY back in the NFL to do good when he gets minimal opportunities.
_kayymac_ : @tf_ingaround
tony.marchegiano : According to the stats @smithkenn_30 Morris is not our best option. In fact, he has the lowest per carry average of the 3 backs. Secondly, you help further my point that he's not our best option because defenses know what's coming when he's in because he's one dimensional, he can't catch out of the's not because he doesn't "play the whole game" (which is a sophomoric reasoning for why defenses know it's going to be a HB dive) they know what's coming because he has Carlos Rogers hands
randy__escobar05 : I hope they go to my high school
a_a_yush : Don't worry, well destroy the jets and their so called defense
keep.the.faith7 : GIVE MORRIS THE ROCK!
richard74439 : He need more touches. Let him be the beast that he is
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Breeland notched his third career INT vs. the Falcons yesterday. #WASvsATL
wasvsatl -
chrisplat123 : If you're a real Redskins fan you'll be proud of the improvements that we've made and be optimistic for our future. We're heading in the right direction. Have some faith, my fellow fans. Love y'all. Hail to the Redskins!!!
cdjwhale : Wow!! I can't believe that there are some fans that don't see how much better this team is now. Fire Gruden for what!? He's done nothing but make the team better! Bench Cousins for RGIII, you must be out of your mind! Every QB throws INTS. If we lose to the Jets then we can talk.
___breadwinner : Every qb does not throw ints in overtime, cousins isn't the answer at all @cdjwhale
dustyclaire113 : Not every receiver slips on his route either, I place 90 percent of that int on grant, not cousins, the ball was actually thrown very well to where if grant would not had slipped he would have at the very least been in front of the defender.
migueluriarte : Me hacen enojar, perdedores.
lmsmith4va : Receivers fault for sure....
johnboy__17 : @cdjwhale grudens play calling is horrible and we cant even run the ball as explosive as before and yea every qb throws ints but kirk has a hard time scoring the fucking ball we had mulitple chances sealing that game but he couldnt get it done and his stats are so close to jamarcus now thats bad
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Final. #Redskins fall to Falcons in OT.
redskins -
pharkins45 : Happy that the Falcons won but great game Redskins!
rg3_mvp_10 : Had a great opportunity to put the game away in the 4th.....smh 😩😩😩
jakemac_3 : So much hate on Kirk Cousins up here, a guy that saved our defenses ass when Matt Ryan drove on us for the win. He got us in field goal range in 27 seconds!!! The interception wasn't even his fault! Open your eyes my fellow fans because RG3 is no more.
cierpial : Kirk is the future. Skins lost because shit never goes our way. We battled all day, and would've won the war if the WR didn't slip
cierpial : I mean cmon.....who else does alllll this unfortunate shit happen to? A fumble in the end zone for a TD? ATL had no business, and they know it
cierpial : All......fucking. ....Hail!
der.ron : Fuck Captain Kirk , He not the fucking answer #StartRGIII
adams_got_stacks : #freerg3
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins currently leading the 4-0 Falcons at the half! #HTTR #WASvsATL
redskins - httr - wasvsatl -
___tylerjohnson___ : @kory_._ we almost did
kory_._ : But did yall @___tylerjohnson___ 5-0
ethrog_lawbronski : I can fold anyone in the comment section.
redskins_rockets_13 : Good game
_joshwilliams : hahahah yeah go falcons! lets go into the redskins instagram comment section and argue with kids in grade school!!!!
final_thought : So many little kids on IG
jesse_leisinger13 : Like u @final_thought
r_e_p_365 : #RISEUP
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Derek Carrier, meet end zone. Kirk Cousins finds TE Carrier from 7 yards out for the first TD of his NFL career. #HTTR #WASvsATL
httr - wasvsatl -
silverspringmdman : Kirk Cousins is not the problem, we loss a good battle
silverspringmdman : Rg3 would have fumbled twice and threw an interception under pressure
thatmartinsvilledude : You have RG3 fans and real Redskins fans. #httr hell of a fight we put up
fireedits101 : @shinaishin_nation Derek carrier blocks better and has better hands
shinaishin_nation : @thatmartinsvilledude Agreed. We still have ways to go before we are a SB contender. I predict 6-10 or 7-9 this season.
bigpooh7100 : Just feels funny seeing the number 89 catch a touchdown pass and it's not Santana Moss
__nnej : @jtwhittt94
zelly_montana_ : We lost off the bullshit fumble & bad redzone playcalling & we need to get Morris & Jones in the passing game slip screens flare routes something
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redskins - Washington Redskins
With a sack on Matt Ryan in the 1st quarter, Ryan Kerrigan has passed former LB Brian Orakpo for sole possession of 5th place on the #Redskins all-time sack list with 40.5 sacks. #BowlOfGravy
redskins - bowlofgravy -
howwwze : @sushi_dawg can't think of anything else lol. Pretentious little bitch, go post more pictures of your ugly ass dog. : #8 needs too go immediately
trainecu : Because Ross can't plant his feet and Garson tossed up a ball? He had a good game, those two passes weren't perfect but it wasn't all his fault. : @trainecu but if colt McCoy was playin it would have been a 1st down too Pierre Garcon period
ethrog_lawbronski : Brian orakpoo can eat a bag of dicks. He was a bust for the redskins
cconnermiller : @yagirlmarg I saw that. I honestly can't believe orakpo had that many sacks to begin with
sushi_dawg : @howwwze Good night princess. 🌈
jbalexander123 : That's outstanding
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redskins - Washington Redskins
httr -
prissy_professor : @jeneebisom I see you 😍😍
deeboi777 : Not in our house @aquariusnflight
washeabarnett : You guys played a hell of a game. HTTR
alston_thorn : @db_palmer
flygangtre_ : Give RG3 a chance @redskins
huntermccauley0926 : Y'all guys did really good
king_gwapoo : Kill @flygangtre_
thaddeus_rudzinski : Start @rgiii
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redskins - Washington Redskins
Heading out to the field.
jfenninger : GO HOKIES
makeuprettyinc : @_slick89 well we will see!
_slick89 : Tune in 😂😂 @makeuprettyinc
mohammadteza1380 : Sara
shane_400 : @dylandylan106 we have a lot of tech players
meganelizabeth1119 : Get em ky!!!! #httr
karateninja01 : My boy jarret
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redskins - Washington Redskins
#Redskins CB @bree2land6 on his pregame warmup lap. Peep those pink cleats. He's going to be rocking those today at #WASvsATL
redskins - wasvsatl -
kingnohoes : Damn y'all silent
quelinda_dana : @_kvng_guapo I'm with you let's switch teams Skins are embarrassing
pointlessreels : Regardless of what people say...we played hella hard skins for life #HTTR
rcruz930 : Those of yall threatening to switch teams, fucking do it! The rest or #redskinsnation don't want your dumb ass, band wagon ass!!! Those guys played hard and virtually shut down one of if not the best WR in the game!! Yall are embarassing, not this team!
oldbaysailing : Love this game, being Great Falls born and living in Georgia
kjcsgram : Nicely stated rcruz930
easymoney_mohsen : @rcruz930 right
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