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Record label • NJ DC CA • Home of Damu The Fudgemunk, K-Def, Klaus Layer & more • Vinyl / CDs / Tapes & Digital
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
The video for Def Dee & El Da Sensei's "Yeah" was shot at Mastercraft in Elizabeth, NJ. This particular location was also featured in an episode of "How It's Made" where they explained how vinyl records are manufactured • Watch both & get the album at
redefrecords : Thanks to @senseifromnj @defdeezy @jessepuma @dj_mentplus & @fatbeats
jeyone : fire!
elimence : @djayofett
yesterdays_stolen_existence : Fuck yes!!!!
lovovynl : Helll yeaaaaassss! ❤️
kymermcgyver : History in the making.. This is soo classic!!!!! Rrrrrahhhhhh
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
If you're in Los Angeles right now, stop by the @fatbeats table at @beatswapmeet (in Chinatown) to pick up some of our latest vinyl & tape releases from the likes of Damu, Supa Dave West, @djkdef, @defdeezy, The Artifacts, @senseifromnj, @flexmathews & Klaus Layer • #redefinitionrecords #fatbeats #vinyl #recordstore #damuthefudgemunk #defdee #kdef #flexmathews #klauslayer •
fatbeats - flexmathews - damuthefudgemunk - klauslayer - recordstore - vinyl - defdee - redefinitionrecords - kdef -
fatbeats : Only one Supa Dave West left!
sliceofspice : Good looking @fatbeats @redefrecords a few slices up in there we're looking forward to spinning ourselves. Some wise person has already got their fingers on a copy of the @lordfinesseditc #sp1200project on x2lp we see! Great to see so much quality vinyl at the @beatswapmeet
fatbeats : @sliceofspice more than one wise person!
redefrecords : @fluidcut yes sir new stuff goes live tomorrow
redefrecords : @fatbeats nice!
coldaziceee : Man, wish I lived out there.
freshtechniques : Weak!! I would be out of town!!
protectneck : fuck. im from russia
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Back To The Beat by @djkdef & @thereal45king • Coming Soon! • #45king #the45king #kdef #djkdef #redef #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords •
the45king - redef - djkdef - redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - kdef - 45king -
square_1ne : Nice!
j_bzilla : Smooth
cpdean : And another one...
micrelax : Tight..
m_rock : cant wait!!
pf_16 : Are you guys down at BeatSwapMeet today?
redefrecords : @pf_16 we're not, but you can get some of our latest releases at BSM right now at @fatbeats table (including that new Supa Dave West)
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Happy Birthday to our friend & collaborator KLAUS LAYER (or as you would say "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag") • #klauslayer #berlin #germany #instrumentalhiphop #redef #redefinitionrecords #akai #mpc2000 #sp1200 • Klaus Layer's latest instrumental album "For The People Like Us" is available now, digitally and physically on vinyl & cassettte •
akai - instrumentalhiphop - klauslayer - berlin - germany - redef - mpc2000 - redefinitionrecords - sp1200 -
j_bzilla : Happy bday Captain
themjza : HBD Sun
funkfonz : @slap4less how sick is this one
railysmooth : Клаус такой тип ваще знатный. Надо пластов прикупить пока есть еще) @redefrecords album, The Adventures of Captain Crook will be sold in the old design?
samueldrame : @doyoueveninstagram
jagstrumentals : Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! That beat is epic!
abyzpresley : Alles Gute Klaus!
funkfonz : whats the name of this particular instrumental?!?!?!!?
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Check our latest music vid w/ El Da Sensei from THE ARTIFACTS! • Watch it at • Song is called YEAH by @defdeezy ft @senseifromnj w/ cuts by @dj_mentplus • Thanks to Jesse Puma for the great camera work as always. We shot this at a facility here in Jersey where they makes vinyl stampers to give y'all a unique look at our operation / industry. This facility was also featured in an episode of "how it's made" a few years ago • Def Dee's DÉJÀ VU LP is out now • #redefinitionrecords #defdee #redef #eldasensei #artifacts #newjerseyhiphop #vinyl #waxwars •
waxwars - artifacts - newjerseyhiphop - eldasensei - redef - defdee - redefinitionrecords - vinyl -
pauldemonteynard : @redefrecords always share the dopeness!
miguelmiguel1212 : Whoa. Immediate order for me.
e21boombap : 🔥
j.gonzalez626 : YUUUP THATS THE ISH I LIKE!
bumpelati : 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌
savethehiphopculture : This shit bangs!!!
savethehiphopculture : @redefrecords is this on itunes?
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
GIVEAWAY / CONTEST: Win a copy of @djkdef's latest release, TAPE ONE (on cassette) • HOW TO ENTER: all you gotta do is post a comment and name any K-Def production and a hashtag with the artists name. We'll pick a random winner or two on Friday September 5th and ship you a copy! • #redefinitionrecords #kdef #marleymarl #lordsoftheunderground #lotug #cassettewars #tapewars #artifacts #akai #mpc #demotape #sonywalkman #redefgiveaway • The album is out now on vinyl, tape & digital formats and features beats K made before he landed his first break working with the great Marley Marl •
redefgiveaway - cassettewars - mpc - akai - sonywalkman - artifacts - lotug - lordsoftheunderground - djkdef - tapewars - marleymarl - redefinitionrecords - kdef - demotape -
aztrobrown3000 : "Real Live - Ain't No Love" produced by #KDef
gonzisupreme : #REALLIVE - Real Live Sh*t" #KDEF AND #LARRYO
grouchlyf : His production on Anaconda by #Nickiminaj was outta control 🐍!! But seriously, Street Jazz is the nicest thing ever to cool out to #kdef #onemanband
funkfanaticism : Real Live Shit #RealLive
honest_xpression : K-Def - Sparkle #kdef
funkfanaticism : So, who won? @redefrecords
nosenuggets : Oops! I meant Stayed Away by #dayoungstas haha 👍
redefrecords : The winner is ... @iamsaeso. Email us via w your address to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered and to @djkdef for the years of great music. New contest coming soon. #redefgiveaway #redefinitionrecords #djkdef #kdef
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Use promo code "10offnewsite" for 10% OFF any order at • Code expires end of day Monday September 1st • (music heard in this clip via @djkdef) • #kdef #klauslayer #damuthefudgemunk #defdee #sp1200 #mpc #waxwars #redef #redefinitionrecords
waxwars - mpc - damuthefudgemunk - klauslayer - redef - defdee - redefinitionrecords - kdef - sp1200 -
amplifyblue : Would have been good 3 weeks ago... Dang.
soulamazinnn : Had no idea @djkdef produced this joint. So dope
grouchlyf : Was playing this song today. So so good! Can't wait for that K-Def compilation 👌
cisco.garcia : i really like this
kymermcgyver : Thanks for supplying the world with the music it demands. REDEF for President
j_bzilla : @redefrecords just saw the video👍👍 whooah!! That's a heavy location for the track. Real dope!!
gqthateacha : Is this on iTunes?
redefrecords : @gqthateacha the "how nice I am" instrumental isn't on iTunes now but will be when we drop the compilation. Til then it's on vinyl (world renown 12") and youtube.
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Giving a shout out to some friends. Big thanks to @sliceofspice & @lordfinesseditc. The picture disc SP1200 is crazy! The whole package from cd to gatefold vinyl is top notch. Also big up to Dave & the crew at @diggerswithgratitude for their latest venture called Fresh Pressings. Glad to see y'all back to biz and refreshed w new focus. Finally I threw in a #throwbackthursday look at an old @okayplayer #VHS tape of @questlove & #TheRoots Rare program (@fwmj & @shamz_ remember) #lordfinesse #sliceofspice #freshpressings #diggerswithgrattitude #okayplayer #sp1200
freshpressings - throwbackthursday - diggerswithgrattitude - sp1200 - theroots - vhs - sliceofspice - lordfinesse - okayplayer -
square_1ne : @redefrecords Yo J this is out now?!
yochilyt : 🔥🔥
aea4m : @syzeoneda
redefrecords : @square_1ne yeah T, hit @sliceofspice
yoimdrewpt : Damn I slept on that pre order that picture is wild!
sliceofspice : @redefrecords thanks for the shout out, loving the new releases and new look over at #ReDef SALUTE!
square_1ne : @redefrecords Appreciate it J!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
DISCOUNT CODE + UPDATE: We just updated our website • Use code "10offnewsite" for 10% OFF any order • • Discount code expires end of day Friday 8/29 • Thanks to everyone checking for our recent releases whether digital, vinyl or tape.
cerkus_oner713 : Woww i remember them tapes!!!
j_bzilla : That's real dope! I gotta get on that discount
jawsofrva : Dag ordered it Monday! Oh well.
mrjercolon : @choc_funk
j_bzilla : @redefrecords digging the new layout for the site ✊
monicaperez94 : @heiymadhafacka que copion eres dandole me gusta jajajaja
heiymadhafacka : Jejejejejejje @monicaperez94
monicaperez94 : @heiymadhafacka mi copion favorito jajaja
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Old is New again. "TAPE ONE" by @djkdef features music from his recently rediscovered early 90s demo tape (the content landed him a job working for Marley Marl) • Out now on VINYL, DIGITAL (iTunes, Spotify, etc) & TAPE • #kdef #djkdef #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords #marleymarl #lordsoftheunderground #cassettewars #vinylwars #redef • shout out to @strictlycassette for the design. Yo @stretch_corleone can I tag you in for some commentary / insight on to K-Def and his work?
cassettewars - redefrecords - vinylwars - djkdef - redef - marleymarl - redefinitionrecords - kdef - lordsoftheunderground -
stretch_corleone : I actually still need to peep his last few beat tape projects. The last full album I heard from him was that first Beats From The '90s joint. And of course I love the old shit he did for Lords Of The Underground, and that Real Live album from '96. Dude's got beats for days! @redefrecords
redefrecords : @stretch_corleone all good. contact me via and ill get you caught up • thanks to everyone checking for the project • Next stop: a visit to @jzonedontig's for an interview with @djkdef
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