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Record label • NJ DC CA • Home of Damu The Fudgemunk, K-Def, Klaus Layer & more • Vinyl / CDs / Tapes & Digital
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
ruffian.kick : @redefrecords ayee that's a sweet deal! Thanks!
diggin_dan : Thanks for likes Redef you guys are the illest
davidcsnyder : Word!
michiwysocki : will be damu buy her vinyls on the europe tour? peace @redefrecords
redefrecords : @michiwysocki nah he didn't bring any merch this time. He had to pack light, so between the mpc and crates (seriously) he had his hands full.
michiwysocki : i understand :D its all about a dope show! tomorow in basel im there! @redefrecords
redefrecords : @michiwysocki Nice! Have fun. Try to get some video footage
michiwysocki : yes i will do peace @redefrecords
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Live from @stereodisk
zeitu_ : ave maria @jmgala
zaman_de : Star Wars
kovshmoscow : Nice gear!!!
redefrecords : @kovshmoscow it's a great place. those monitors are from the 60s.
kovshmoscow : @redefrecords looks dope! Whats the name of monitors?
redefrecords : Yo @stereodisk can u tell @kovshmoscow about your monitors?
stereodisk : @kovshmoscow these are ev (electrovoice) 2trxb
kovshmoscow : @stereodisk @redefrecords thanks!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Coming soon (digital only for now, vinyl later this year) from @rawpoetic & @djkdef, Design by @joebuckart 🔵 #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords
redefinitionrecords - redefrecords -
redefrecords : @meanmugmiezio Hey. No plans for new entries in that series. Some may be repressed. We'll likely do a new series with a new direction before going back in that direction. IMO the things we did w @strictlycassette for that cassette run are some of the best tapes out.
meanmugmiezio : @redefrecords word i got 4 outa the 8 there all so dope... People just tryin to get all my paper for the grap luva tape haha so hoping you guys make more!
redefrecords : @meanmugmiezio where did you see the Grap tape for sale and how much was it?
meanmugmiezio : @redefrecords it was 3rd party... I think discogs $25 just wanted to try n see if i could find a properly priced copy. Every regular site is outta stock it looks like.
redefrecords : @meanmugmiezio ah, gotcha. Yeah it went quick. No immediate plans to repress but will def look into the possibility sooner than later.
meanmugmiezio : @redefrecords yeah i think im gunna wait n hope. 🙏
kovshmoscow : @redefrecords i saw grap's tape for 38 bucks on discogs and i have to say it went quickly! i am owner of 2 copies! i have all redef tapes 💪
la_blue_l2b : Daaammmnnn!!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
If you pre-ordered the new #klauslayer album from us, check your inbox! 🔲 Download links have been sent ◼️ It's also steaming at
klauslayer -
d_l_r_93 : @redefrecords will we ever see another pressing of the Colorful storms remix, Y Society travel at your own pace and Grap Luva's Neva Done???? @redefrecords
redefrecords : @d_l_r_93 colorful storms remix is on 45 in our shop and other stores. Easy to find. Grap's album was a one time pressing and as far as I know it'll never be repressed. Travel ... It's not up to me, but definitely ... Just don't know when. Til then there's a lot of great stuff out now and coming together. Thanks for the support all these years man.
d_l_r_93 : Hey thank you guys for coming through with the madness for years @redefrecords
jawsofrva : 👊
hologramdagger : Love this album!
righteousfoot : Now I don't have to play it over n over on soundcloud ha ha
deebitgrind : Jaaaa dik @jordiggie
la_blue_l2b : Thank you again for this one !
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Video by Klaus Layer #klauslayer #germany #RedefinitionRecords ➡ Watch full vid at ⬅️
redefinitionrecords - germany - klauslayer -
gabriel_h2g2 : In love of the flava!
jeyone : ok cool!
mcgyver_kymer : Hellllll yuhhhhh
dirkbijdendijk : Goody
cheno.brown : Head nodden like nobody's business
dope90shiphop : n1
la_blue_l2b : Got my vinyl in this morning , picking it up today after work and spinning that
la_blue_l2b : ^ wow!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo damn good!!!!!! Klaus brings it yet again! I'm heavily looking forward to this on MP3 so I can play this classic on the regular, SALUTE!!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
✌️to @officialbizmarkie & @djkdef ⚫️here's a #tbt of #damuthefudgemunk on the #mpc live in Brooklyn a few years back. Shout out to everyone who was there. New stuff is coming. #redefrecords ⚪️
redefrecords - damuthefudgemunk - tbt - mpc -
redefrecords : @soundchaser93 probably will this spring /summer
soundchaser93 : @redefrecords 🙏
archiewalkerart : Love this beat. I used to watch the vid on repeat when damu had it on his YouTube page, just to listen to it. @redefrecords will always have my support. Peace from MI.
calmbutdeadly : Damu is always on point!
bbmycologist : come to Houston already(!!!)
vladvyanchuk : @soulnechnii_chistah
soulnechnii_chistah : @vladvyanchuk ценил 😎
cthulhu_will_get_you : @karkonta2
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Music: @djkdef
cpdean : 🙌
yoimdrewpt : 🙏😭
ogjvstice : <3
ba_figs : @ridin825 Your favorite
ridin825 : Hot! @ba_figs
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Shout out to @senseifromnj from New Jersey's own THE ARTIFACTS. Look out for his new projects incl collabs w @djspinna & @djkdef & #klauslayer 🔎🔥 FUN FACT: you can hear one of El's songs playing during the scene when Cheese (Method Man) set Ziggy's car on fire in season 2 of THE WIRE! 🔥🔍 #ELdasensei #theartifacts #newjerseyhiphop #wrongsideofthetracks #thewire #redefrecords
eldasensei - redefrecords - newjerseyhiphop - theartifacts - thewire - wrongsideofthetracks - klauslayer -
jordilogie : @deebitgrind !!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
funkfonz : Whats the name of this song?!?
lukeboombap : What's damu up to? We need some new sounds to bless our ears.
artcontra : I was at this back yard bbq in bklyn! I think it was 2011. You killed that set!
anotherdiem : @lukeboombap check redef's soundcloud page
neverenoughsleep : Just ordered How It Should Sound vol. 1 and 2 and a Klaus Layer album on vinyl from you guys today! So stoked to get them in the mail. @redefrecords
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
middlename_g : Lyrics by ?
redefrecords : @middlename_g Blu from @newworldcolor (what up @jonavantgarde)
jonavantgarde : @ReDefRecords 🎶🎤🎶
funkfanaticism : This is amazing @redefrecords
la_blue_l2b : Klaus is down with Blu like crazy
funkfonz : Whats the songs name with blu?
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