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Record label • NJ DC CA • Home of Damu The Fudgemunk, K-Def, Klaus Layer & more • Vinyl / CDs / Tapes & Digital
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
With a co-sign from #damuthefudgemunk, you know Def Dee is gonna be nice. Check out another preview of @defdeezy's upcoming album, D-1000 at or cut to the chase and pre-order the vinyl (limited edition of 300 units) at, or 🔊 In stores everywhere on August 21, 2015 🔊 And if you haven't heard Dee's 2014 release, Deja Vu, which features guest appearances by #rocmarciano, @senseifromnj, @rawpoetic, One Be Lo, Blu from @newworldcolor & other greats, check that out (No excuse not to... Besides vinyl, it's on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp etc. Search for Def Dee Deja Vu) • #RedefRecords #redefinitionrecords #defdee #damuthefudgemunk #instrumentalhiphop
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maguthedog : Sign me lol Damu be my friend
dima_funkmonk - mateegz - macmcraw - dayyluvv -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
They're back! @djkdef & @thereal45king ... 2 veteran producers collaborating on 1 record, demonstrating a variety of sonic ideas. Just giving yall a heads up. Likely an October release. #djkdef #kdef #45king #the45king #instrumentalhiphop #backtothebeat #RedefRecords #redefinitionrecords
backtothebeat - instrumentalhiphop - 45king - the45king - djkdef - redefinitionrecords - kdef - redefrecords -
redefrecords : Shout out to @strictlycassette on design
flatlinehhg : D O P E !!!
goldeneratracks : Mad nice!!
cpdean : Yes! @djkdef 👊🏼
samjewel : Two of my favorites!
dirksonicproductions : Nasty
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Sooner than you think 🔊 #howitshouldsound #damuthefudgemunk 🔊
damuthefudgemunk - howitshouldsound -
bugsyregal : @oldtownboogie
dirksonicproductions : Can't wait 😎✨🎶✨
strictlycassette : 👀🙌🔊🔊🔊
goldeneratracks : Crazy!
bobrov_b : When?😯
protectneck : w8
j_bzilla : Yes!!! Been waiting for this to drop too!! Can't wait!! Damu always killing the beats
maguthedog : THANK YOU GOD
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
#Repost @fatbeats ・・・
Doors are open for our last day in Chinatown! 943 N Broadway until 7pm. Records, posters and this fine selection of cassettes. 🔊 If you're in the Los Angeles area today, be sure to stop by and grab some new music from Damu & @djkdef
repost -
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Live from @stereodisk • Pressing Vinyl in New Jersey • Stay tuned for some exciting news and projects #stereodisk #recordpressing #redefinitionrecords #waxwars #vinylrecords #recordpressingplant
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acetrini87 : @ha.bibti
ha.bibti : @acetrini87 I love it I wish I had this job
daninety4 : @mcgyver_kymer check die shit!
bugsyregal : @redefrecords I understand the overhead would be a bit higher, but you'd be surprised at how in demand it would be if you converted to 180 gram vinyl!!! Imagine re-releasing Supply for Demand on that stuff...
thebeardedscott : @kevagra
redefrecords : @bugsyregal Whats up friend. I understand your suggestion and would like to offer some additional insights into the process. Yes, as you suggested, it would cost a little bit more for raw materials (and shipping too) to produce a 180g pressing vs a lesser weight, however it might not have as much impact on the sound quality as you may have been led to believe. Weight alone doesn't make for a good sounding record, but it sure does feel nice (some say heavier records are less likely to warp too, but this isn't a rule. We'll get into that later). While a heavy record is perceived to be of higher quality, there are many more important factors that must be considered with regards to achieving a high quality sound. Ultimately the quality of the grooves that are cut by the engineer (whether lacquer or DMM) and then the plating / stamper processing (have you seen our video for the song "yeah" featuring El Da Sensei on YouTube? That was filmed at a playing facility we use), and finally the actual pressing process (as pictured above), all have more impact on the sound quality than weight. Whether a record is 140, 150, 180 or even 200 grams, the depth of the records grooves will only be as deep as they are on the initial masters that were cut (this is limited by the actual lacquers themselves as well as the skill of the engineer, but for the most part, there is a maximum depth that can be achieved. The maintenance level of the pressing equipment and the packaging process must also be considered in addition to the weight of the vinyl. For example: a plant that reduces the pressing time of each record to shave a few seconds off the production cycle, and then rushes those same records off the press, into a jacket, and then immediately shrink wraps the packaging is doing the customer a disservice as the fresh pressings are still soft and could easily warp (regardless of weight). I hope this gives you some insight into our process and trade. If you have any follow up questions or considerations, just let us know.
redefrecords : @bugsyregal one additional consideration: the raw materials used can also make a difference in the playback / sound quality. 180 gram pressings made with recycled vinyl might sound as good as a 140 gram pressing made with "100% virgin vinyl" materials, for example. Also FYI I think many of our pressings come in at around 150g, give or take. Again I hope this info is helpful and informative since you have taken interest in the process.
bugsyregal : Thank you for the extensive & educational response, @redefrecords (I have indeed become interested in the trade myself; & unfortunately there aren't very many "quality over quantity" type of businesses/manufacturers here in San Diego with the mindset that Redefinition Records has exemplified throughout the years). In regards to your example pertaining a given plant that might cut vital seconds off of the total pressing time or rush a packaging job; I couldn't agree more. I recently purchased 2 vinyls from another record label & although the "limited edition" ($$$) clear vinyl looks neat on the turntable, it does show the imperfections that are bound to show. I'm finding it's just like any other form of art: function follows form. Genuinely, thank you for taking the time to respond
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
#Repost @strictlycassette ・・・
Another #TBT for ya! Re-designing Grap Luva's Neva Done EP for the Blank Tribute Series. Shout out to @redefrecords for the opportunity. Grap is equally as dope on the mic and boards. Any fans of the Younger Soul Brother out there? 🔊 Redef says: we recently restocked with a handful of copies of this album on CD (2 left so hurry if you want em). And, if anyone was curious; yes, Damu produced and did the cuts on the first track of this album. #damuthefudgemunk #grapluva #peterock #redefinitionrecords #kevbrown #redefrecords
damuthefudgemunk - tbt - kevbrown - peterock - redefinitionrecords - grapluva - redefrecords - repost -
christianadamou : @mariya.manalili
luvsick2 : Big fan of the younger soul brother !! Had that one copped long ago
jimmer1977 : Awesome tunes, big shout out to Grap Luva!!
iaidomusik : Masterrrr luvaaaa
qamar_knight - macmcraw - familiarperson - dj_4strings -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
A look back at some of the pieces in the stellar and rapidly growing #KLAUSLAYER catalog + a sneak preview of one of his upcoming joints featuring The Artifacts (✌️ to @senseifromnj & Tame One!) • #redefrecords #theartifacts #redefinitionrecords #germany •
redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - germany - theartifacts - klauslayer -
daninety4 : Hell yeah!!
sjzz14 : Heavy👊🏾✨
a.arebags91 : This dude understands the style!
47ex : @fashionpunk47
gonzisupreme : I often thank the Gods for Redefinition Records! #HowItsSupposedToSound
kwazibot : mannnnn 
hi_def90 : Klaus has put out some serious heat
str8outdacr8since88 : Can't wait. One of my favorite modern producers.
wugirl.82 - king_adl - losgeez - familiarperson -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Special thanks to our friend DJ Prestige over at @fleamarketfunk for premiering the new @defdeezy remix ft BLU of @newworldcolor 🔥🔥🔥The song is a bonus track from his D-1000 album 🔊🔊🔊 Hit, or for more info & to pre-order 🔊🔊🔊 #blu #bluandexile #defdee #remix #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords #d1000
remix - bluandexile - defdee - blu - redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - d1000 -
mcgyver_kymer : Redef is always so dope. Much respect and love. PS try sending out a brother like Damu or KDef to The Netherlands more often.
j_bzilla : Just purchased ✊🏽✊🏽
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
New music from Seattle's @defdeezy coming soon! D-1000: a new instrumental album + bonus tracks including Dee's #peterock inspired remix of #klauslayer's "Illest In Charge" featuring BLU 🔥 Check or tomorrow to find out what's next #redefinitionrecords #redefrecords #defdee #fatbeats #seattle 🔊 Special thanks to Damu, @strictlycassette (design) & @djkdef (mastering) for helping to make it happen.
fatbeats - seattle - peterock - redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - defdee - klauslayer -
strictlycassette : 🔊🔊🔊🔥🔥🔥 @redefrecords 👊👍
roberto_zeus : Woahh, fonkee
parisgraphics : Nice!
flexmathews : This is amazing.
flexmathews : Looks super dope.
fanufatgyver : Oh snap!
wert159 : Great art as always!
la_blue_l2b : Fuck yea!!
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
#REPOST @realhiphop99 ・・・
I should just live in Europe. So much dope hiphop there 👊 Klaus Layer is from Germany. Definitely becoming one of my favorites. He made this music video for his dope beat. He's using his MPC well 🔥 I bring you another classic "spiel mer Eine Alte Melodie" by dope German producer Klaus Layer off his album "the adventures of captain crook" This album also has rapper Blu Make sure to repost and tag all you're friends!!!! Show support!!!! #spielmerEineAlteMelodie #klauslayer #germany #theadventuresofcaptaincrook #instrumental #boombap #sampling #realhiphop99 #realhiphop #90shiphop #hiphop #hiphophead #hiphopjunkie #hiphopculture #hiphopisuniversal #supportrealhiphop #realhiphop #indie #indiehiphop #rawhiphop#underground #ilove90shiphop#undergroundhiphop#undergroundjunkie#saluterealhiphop#organichiphop#rawunderground#hiphopforthesoul #hiphopmindset 🔊 Available on 45 at & on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc (search for Klaus Layer)
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yj.jc : @redefrecords how can I Send some of our music to your label?
halfthetime : my favorite of his current releases.
maryjane_iam_ : Cool!
liling.mei : fr3sh! 👍
sensagius : Wow can't wait to check out more of his stuff!
christianadamou : @mariya.manalili
mariya.manalili : Nice @christianadamou
str8outdacr8since88 : One of my faves by Meister Layer ;)
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