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Record label • NJ DC CA • Home of Damu The Fudgemunk, K-Def, Klaus Layer & more • Vinyl / CDs / Tapes & Digital
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
DAMU in Russia! #Repost @kovshmoscow
July 04th // Ready to party @ Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA! #damuthefudgemunk #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords #rocksteady #kovsh #qbert #crazylegs @redefrecords @djqbert ✌🏻️#saintp #russia
qbert - russia - damuthefudgemunk - saintp - klauslayer - redefrecords - kovsh - redefinitionrecords - rocksteady - crazylegs - repost -
westaytrue : Damu beats + @djqbert cuts.... Make that happen @redefrecords
resouled : Patiently waiting for damu to play in DC again..
fecam3 : @sliceofspice @redefrecords Make that UK Xmas party happen!
redefrecords : @fecam3 @sliceofspice that would be something. Count me, @djkdef, @daniellove & #klausLayer in
kogadesign : @sliceofspice @redefrecords That would b dope!!!!! Buzzin at the thought!!🎄✊🏻
jus.mackay : Bring a redef records show to australia.....please
shitgroove : Ждем!)
mojoworking8 : @redefrecords Мы очень долго ждали этого дня! Будем рады приветствовать вас в России! 🇷🇺
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Get that new (old) @djkdef at or via @ughhdotcom • Designed by @strictlycassette • Features unreleased music made by K-Def in the late 80s / easy 90s sourced from his original demo beat tapes • #djkdef #tape2 #redefinitionrecords #kdef #strictlycassette
djkdef - redefinitionrecords - strictlycassette - kdef - tape2 - : Want
tha_natural : Wow
krombo_95 - davidkolanekmusic - phildaafunk - walterwarm -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Things you find when cleaning the house 🔥 I see a lot of gems here including music by @djkdef @ughhdotcom @djpremier @nas @skibeatz @therealeasymobee @lordfinesseditc & more 🔊 #redefinitionrecords #cassettes #tapes #strictlycassette #tapewars #2pac #djkdef #kdef #goldenerahiphop
tapes - cassettes - tapewars - strictlycassette - djkdef - redefinitionrecords - kdef - goldenerahiphop - 2pac -
mrfantastic1975 : I see the Stress cassette up in there - that's a nice one!
buckwild_ditc : I see a few LPs I produced on .... Notable "Stress" and "Life After Death"
redefrecords : @buckwild_ditc you produced a lot of classics sir 🙌
hiphopgodsofficial : D O P E !!!
grandmarque85 : @rub91911
rub91911 : ...Heaters! @grandmarque85
cpdean : Oh!
annienguyen : Gorgeous!
hiphopgodsofficial - rerunthedj - the_kool_s - __rontron -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
#Repost @bertiedugger ・・・
Tape 2 on vinyl?! @djkdef comes packed with unreleased instrumentals 1988-1997. Shout out to the good folk @redefrecords for pressing this one. #kdef #tape2 #redefintionrecords #redef #mpc60 #classicmaterial 🔊🔊🔊 Now shipping from @fatbeats @ughhdotcom @hhvde &
redefintionrecords - kdef - redef - tape2 - mpc60 - classicmaterial - repost -
jmgala : @zeitu_
f5records - diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil - jorgedubman - yorgyshmorgy -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Surprise! New (old) music by K-Def! @djkdef • Check to get Tape Two on vinyl, cassette or even if you just wanna stream it and vibe out. All unreleased instrumentals produced by K-Def during the late 80s & Early/Mid 90s! #djkdef #redefinitionrecords #mpc #mpc60 #akai #s1000 #goldenerahiphop #waxwars ✌️ to @strictlycassette for the great Maxell inspired design • Get yours now at
waxwars - mpc - akai - s1000 - goldenerahiphop - mpc60 - djkdef - redefinitionrecords -
fecam3 : Great design work yet again @strictlycassette and based on the snippets I've heard, this is Nothing short of essential 👍 @djkdef
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redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Back in stock at 🏁 5 years of HISS Vol 1&2! Same album, new jacket & color • Before you ask: It's confirmed, Volumes 3, 4 & 5 will be available in September. Stay tuned for more info • #damuthefudgemunk #howitshouldsound #sp1200 #mpc2000 #redefinitionrecords #redefrecords #joebuckart •
mpc2000 - redefinitionrecords - damuthefudgemunk - joebuckart - sp1200 - howitshouldsound - redefrecords -
stone_wallace : Nice pics have a awesome day!
michiwysocki : nice
joebuckart : Really fresh
lordbens : Tempted to buy yet another copy.
miguelmiguel1212 : I bought the first pressnings back 5 years ago. The first redef release i bought i think. One of the favs of the collection.
lukeboombap : awesome!! you guys shipping with those redef stickers now? need me some!
_grooveslinga_ : Dope! My birthday is in September! I've been waiting so long for more HISS. Its going to be a good month!
j_bzilla : That's real dope! Clean. Looking forward to HISS vol 3-5 release✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
soultosoull - yorgyshmorgy - mpcinema - alc.zr -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Live from Redef HQ. Shawn & Josh from @theciphershow (one of our favorite podcasts) are here in Jersey interviewing veteran producer @djkdef (Chief Rocka, Tragedy, Black Rob, LL Cool J, Real Live). Stay tuned for more info on when the full episode goes live. #kdef #djkdef #theciphershow #redefrecords #redefinitionrecords
djkdef - redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - kdef - theciphershow -
jeyone : nice!
parisgraphics : Nice!
westaytrue : What are the green boxes for? @redefrecords
liquidwaves : @westaytrue not sure but maybe the mic?
fokeezy : @redefrecords holla at me when u get a sec
redefrecords : @westaytrue yes sir it's for the mics. The guys from the cipher have one of the best sounding podcasts around, check it out. @fokeezy will do my friend. I see you're in beast mode these days w the fitness 💪
fokeezy : Hahaha we are not getting any younger lol
howingtonjohn - elev8ed_mindst8 - djkaos1200 - theciphershow -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Special contest / GIVEAWAY. WIN some signed goods and a 5 pack of CDs in our latest #Redefgiveaway and help us spread the word about #redefinitionrecords • We're giving away a 5 pack of Damu's Public Assembly CDs (including 1 signed copy plus some extra stuff including stickers) TO ENTER: Post a comment here and simply tell us what you'll do with the 5 CDs. For example, you can share em with friends, give some to local shops that you frequent, or throw them at wack artists. 🔊Just let us know how you'll use them if you win. We'll pick 1 winner randomly from the comments section sometime on Monday June 15 and mail you the prize! #redefgiveaway #redefrecords #damuthefudgemunk #joebuckart
redefgiveaway - redefinitionrecords - redefrecords - joebuckart - damuthefudgemunk -
soundchaser93 : I'll save a couple for memorabilia and others share with a few pals even though i already hipped them since Y Society 👍🏻
roberto_zeus : well, i'd obviously frame and mount the signed copy as part of my damu alter in my studio. I would stash the other four in rental car's stereos so that it automatically comes on when the next person rents a car!
_grooveslinga_ : I'll keep the signed copy and frame it up. I work at a frame shop, so it would be easy. With one copy, I'll give it to Pete Rock. There is a show coming up in NYC and I would definitely give him one. I'll give one out to a local DJ that plays during bboy competitions. One for my uncle, who got me into hiphop, and the last one I'd give it to my roommate. Got him into damu and he'd definitely appreciate a CD.
redefrecords : Here we go. First off, we lied about there being just 1 winner 😉 This time we picked 3 winners: @cpdean @wa_king_kinetic @_grooveslinga_ hit us via the green contact tab in lower left corner at (send your mailing address and mention of your ig username, this contest etc). All previously #redefgiveaway prizes have been shipped out. Thanks again to everyone who entered. We'll run a new contest really soon. 🔊🔊🔊
cpdean : Yes! I knew today was going to be a good one. Cheers!
_grooveslinga_ : Yo this is the best news I've had all week! Thanks!
cpdean : @_grooveslinga_ 👊🏼
markk714 : already got my copy wish it was a signed one though
soultosoull - mpcinema - jorgedubman - diegozdunek -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
#Repost @joebuckart ・・・
June 17 2015 / Let's kick it about album cover art at the Apple Store on West 14th st. NYC. ⚡️⚡️RSVP link is also in my bio. #joebuckart #apple Free #redefinitionrecords vinyl designed by Joe Buck to all who show up
redefinitionrecords - joebuckart - apple - repost -
niggabambam - sayar3s - pmjawn - vza___ -
redefrecords - Redefinition Records
Happy Birthday Damu! #damuthefudgemunk #redefinitionrecords #redefrecords
redefinitionrecords - damuthefudgemunk - redefrecords -
capzoola_mtnisrael : Happy BDay !
bobrov_b : Thank you for your music and your positive energy! Have an endless ideas and creative success! Happy Birthday!
whatsinthecrate : Happy bday Damu!
afrobloodstone : Happy birthday big man!
markeyzguajardo : Happy birthday bro that's y I keep rockin' da floppies ha ha
bg_da_tuareg : Happy Born Day. Ninja Fudgemunk
sickninjart : С прошедшим днем рождения, мужик ты творишь великолепно!!! Я преклоняюсь перед твои творчеством . Ты правда большой талант. Желаю тебе творческих успехов, продолжай творить свою великолепную музыку. Мир твоему дому !
markk714 : happybirthday homie
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