Tracy Morgan

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realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
Ohhhh Canada !!! #journeywtracy
journeywtracy -
evon31 : Tracey Morgan....I heard on the news they saw you will never be the same again. God is able. I have a Dramatic Brain Injury. 1990 I couldn't read, write, walk or talk. Couldn't live alone or drive. They said I would never be able to do those things again. I had a 100% rw
evon31 : recovery. You will too. People prayed for me cause I couldn't pray for my self
archerkent : Awesome words @evon31
stephcurrywitdashot : Get well soon
erik_j_flights : Your in my prayers ill be waiting on that come back get well soon
mzzzpretty : Just thinking of you Tracy, you have always and will always be my favorite.. I Pray God blesses you with a full recovery.. he can and he will. πŸ™
tyetribbett16 : Ain't Tracy well now?
hollywood.daily : ❀❀
jetkidtoonice - badgalannmarie - joneskaren415 - karim_kc113 -
realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
Cisko kid was a friend of mine!!!!
ethanabelar : @fall1ndownsoofar he didn't die...
diegojoyner : Get well soon Tracy. We want you to get back on your feet brotha. I am from Jersey too. Turnpike exit 5!
_zachkirk_ : God told me to tell you that everything you're going through is taken care of. If you believe in him send this to 8 people. And in 53 secs watch who calls
mgaudio_atl : @_zachkirk_ kook
miztriz1 : My nigga! Get well man!
noorcule : follow back pls?
reogarcia1 : Stay strong @realtracymorgan !! Life is a box a white chocolates. You know they're all nuts!
carmenespinosa1 : get better Tracy!! your in my prayers!! @realtracymorgan
xuccessoliver - sheldongellis - gpellison - amazinggrace2999 -
realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
the_unicorn_keeper : 30 Rock πŸ˜‚ @ullyses_todd
ullyses_todd : @the_unicorn_keeper on it
itztdmc : @cloud_envy_
cloud_envy_ : Noooo @itztdmc lol
drenaiaaa : @gdm5222 😷
loba_fiera : @jgoools1 read caption
harvir_k : @navpreet12
im_jessica_oh : @wwwroth
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realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
playkatch : @shoutout1us got me 1k
toestonose : Me too
lrcomedy101 : @realtracymorgan lmπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚o
itsladybaby : I'm hoping that you make a full recovery as soon as possible. God bless. @realtracymorgan
mo_xqisitstylesandmakeup : It's 530 in stl
mo_xqisitstylesandmakeup : And guess what I see
mo_xqisitstylesandmakeup : A Walmart 18 wheeler in a an accident. . Hit the side rails sad part on a commercial street no snow r any bad road conditions. ..Walmart drivers must be stopped
potentialfilms3 : @lol @kennyhamilton
tigereyes321 - kevgetscake - evrybody_k - sweetbabyvee -
realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
alye_s : @handsyhannah lololol
solomon__desta : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
flush75 : HANG IN THERE CRAZY MAN!!! We're pullin' for you! One-day-at-a-time...
rgibs88 : @ethangoodacre
iseeyou136.on2 : Yeah fam we lost one of our Clinton governors and friend go on my page an see who it is we use to have snap session in the lunch room and outside on the wall and I'm glad your recovery is going well
sammyfish_ : @_beautyschooldropout_ this is the other tracy Morgan
_beautyschooldropout_ : Dude yes!!! I always tell bryan this guy reminds me of jr. @sammyfish_
silvicaligirl : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘love that crazy baby @realtracymorgan
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realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
I love my fans!!!!!!!!
feliciaodessa : We love you, too!!!! #WerewolfBarMitzvah
zvitalik1 : you're a very good actor! Greetings from Russia @realtracymorgan
officialmarkhauser : Hey look it's Tracy McGrady lol priceless
kitkatyoohoo : Take one them fries bitch!!!! And Follow my Ass dick hole!?!??
teez39 : Praying for you and your family pull through man
panamajacc : And we love you back. To his friends and family from my wife and I we send prayers and may your hearts not be troubled... We all know Tracy is a fighter. Just keep praying and God will take care of the rest.
cash_flow1 : Tracy, I feel you! I was hit by a 18 wheeler in 2012 as a pedestrian. Still trying to recover. Make sure you move around as much as you can, so you won't lose what you have. Wal-Mart is full of shit, maybe if you had your seat belt on you would have been killed ? That company gets away with to much. Anyway luck with your journey, I'm on the same one.
cash_flow1 : x mm
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realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
You don't look like my damn daddy!!
primetimestein : @juicerob
spudmackneasy : #lmao
lu_mge : Follow back @realtracymorgan promoter from South Africa
vincentlsoldaniiii : It's me, Woodroe!
cozywinters1970 : Lol to funny. Plz get well soon Tracy Morgan! Much Love to You, Your Friends and Your Families. πŸ’‹β€οΈ
devyne76 : @realsupawoman
floreevents : @k_e_i_s_h_i_a
autoboimoeatluxurydetailing10k : Get well my dude!
bella_styles182 - vibratehollywood - tracy_morgan_get_well_soon -
realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
Hi grandma and grandpa!!!
camille93_ : Are u pregnant?
columbiancoka : @camille93_ disrespectful on so many levels this man is fighting for his life. ..smh
navkickz : Lmaoooo
kimberlydonlin : @mikegabe
cadillac_c146 : Cornell TCQ entertainment nyc
cadillac_c146 : Wish you well
tae_badd_asshid : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
harvir_k : Loool get will soon Tracy
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realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
yes yes y'all !!
nakie76 : Get well soon bra love ya..with your crazy ass...
real_og_allday_ : He died dang he was funny and everything I'm mad
djt4real : @jordan_man_swagg he ain't die
real_og_allday_ : Ya he dis
real_og_allday_ : Did
honiztee999 : IknowMyAngelzGotUFeeling100% better #ItzLoveTho #NycweMadeIt #HipHopfanatic
atlantaboi1990 : I am glad you are back in great health Tracy. Continue to feel well.
bboybriann : @real_og_allday_ He's Filming Right Now....
bella_styles182 - babygirlloveuboy - godson_richardmccombs - tracy_morgan_get_well_soon -
realtracymorgan - Tracy Morgan
Just got my crate from the Wally genius follow my dude @sycamorestyle for the flavored wallow bees !!!
lb562barber : @breezy_562 what you know about these
jabone37 : @bignels37
ai3778 : @pdogthebdog @mikemurder23
p.funk : @funkindablunt tracey morgan fucks with wallys
snowindablunt : The wally king pin
bxforever212 : Get well tracy
bxforever212 : Wally king Tracy real NY cats knw
missamandastarr : @raydennis
bella_styles182 - carolinadivo - godson_richardmccombs - tracy_morgan_get_well_soon -
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