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realskateboards - Real Skateboards
Thanks to all our fans for helping us hit 100k followers, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without your support! #ThankYouSkateboarding.
thankyouskateboarding -
sydney_rjs_gram : Thanks for #pushingoklahoma! Come visit soon please! Best board company out there! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠβœŒ
oldschooldopeness : @realskateboards Representing in Belgium. Support skater owned brands. Big love
lukestead0 : Since day one.
sk8m0nk3yz : I just gotta Real Low pro II 2 days ago nd I didn't even skate the day I got it...when I decided to skate it the tail snapped when I kickfliped a small stair set as a warm up ... It was supposed to last longer than regular boards!! :(:(:(
realskateboards : Most likely covered by our warranty, email and he'll help you out ok. @sk8m0nk3yz
sk8m0nk3yz : Okay thxx
bon3rsoup_o : FUCK YEA @realskateboards YOU GUYS KICK ASS!!!! Love everything about y'all. The team, the decks, the legendary performance! Absolutely amazing!
die_crying : I'm one of them. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ’πŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‹πŸŽ
sam_haydon - sr.koch - tysonrocksyoursocks - kurtlow28 -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
A BIG #HappyBirthday to @ErnieTorres today. One of the nicest, hardworking dudes out there and ain’t afraid of nothin’! Have a good one Big Ern! Photo @morfordmedia.
happybirthday -
theghostofray : Yeah!! Hb dude.
its_faheem : HBD @ernietorres
varguitaaas : Cool pic!
kentvogel : Happy Birthday πŸ‘ @ernietorres
sk862 : Ye @fedezampedri
johnherrera303 : Happy birthday!!! @ernietorres
akadoodie : @ernietorres HAPPY MOTHA FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
cesar_1_9_2 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
darin_howard - ihaterenedavila - diidy_smily - dylan_cabot -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
#TBT to when @bamahardy and @brockoley were young up-and-comers and @morfordmedia shot film.
tbt -
suzannaleighg : @bamahardy so handsome! I love you baby!
mbrightraven : Dude!!! It all starts somewhere... @miguelsucksatskating
atessayin : Thunder
atessayin : Trucks
die_crying : Mountain Dew and Twizzlers for breakfast!! @brockoley
maree.mcatear : My son bought a real skateboard yesterday. It has cracked. We took it back to the place of purchase and they said not our problem..very disappointed
bkwillz : @maree.mcatear that's normal that means your son is buck and skates to hard!!!! #skateordie
_tessawelch : Can u sponsor me @realskateboards
69israel - nevansyed - samueljohnson717 - rothluca -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
If you haven't already seen @DavisTorgerson's Ticket to Ride Pro Part, do yourself a favor and watch it now... But make sure your board is close by, this part will make you want to skate. Full part on or click the link in our bio.
jakemcglinchy : #fuckzumiez @nick_ty
nick_ty : @jakemcglinchy Well fuck you bitch.
jakemcglinchy : you don't even know the first thing about skating @nick_ty
nick_ty : @jakemcglinchy You need balance!! Zumiez is awesome bitch. Also cheaper than the local skate shops
jakemcglinchy : If you aren't joking than you are choosing to ruin skating @nick_ty
nick_ty : @jakemcglincy yes! because that is exactly what I am choosing to do. Your ignorance knows no bounds.
jakemcglinchy : Zumiez is run by share holders and investors and skate shops are ran by skaters. Support skaters or the Man. @nick_ty
virtue_nick : @jakemcglinchy for board sales I always try to support local buisness especially since corperate companies are sucking the life out of local busineses
lennineatsplants - diamond_supply_22 - asvpkif - rmonkey1987 -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
Our friends at @C1rca are giving away shoes to celebrate @RealSkateboards rider @JackOlson1's C1rca ad in the newest @ThrasherMag. Film your best Lipslide & tag @c1rca and #c1rcakicksfortricks - @jackolson1 will pick the winner to recieve a box of product!
c1rcakicksfortricks -
killerkillz : Sick!
alex_godinez_ : @ur_maloves_skaters
ur_maloves_skaters : Dude what should I lip @alex_godinez_
alex_godinez_ : Rio 10
alex_godinez_ : Rio ten @ur_maloves_skaters
ur_maloves_skaters : Let's try to go this week @alex_godinez_
alex_godinez_ : Ya ill see @ur_maloves_skaters
austinmartin_skates : @toreypudwill should enter
anton_blanco - 925_liltazzvelasco - 69israel - ttomuri -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
In Skateboarding We Trust.
kaution_crew : oh my 666 really
illegal_matt : @darian_skates
atakorel : Holy fuck i want those
andresep_photo : @menesis_11
darin_howard : @jimthiebaud stoked to see these. @seldomwright πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
e2thez : @calsurfscott we prob need a re-stock on DLX too
chandler_laroe : @telly_man I need it
_colindevine : @oldirtypinecoon
kevinwolffsb - kalebskates - danigsk_99 - diidy_smily -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
Sending a BIG #happybirthday to @alexmidler. Hope it's a good one Alex, don't eat too much candy!
happybirthday -
tomgrizzwald : The lil man is now the big man!! About time @alexmidler
zamanhurix : Candy is good!!!
jth96 : Hbd
myk_todd : @seanpizza
sk8_life_12 : No pls don't wear those glasses
german.munoz : get the fuck out of here u bitch ass foo @midelcastro
ritchiee25 : Happy birthday man @alexmidler
joe_salafia : Mini Brock
hoodies_and_nikes - lsdacidtabs - louis_pallozzi_ - _dawson_williams_ -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
REAL Slicks, Mellow, Low-Pro II. What REAL Board Construction do you ride?
jakefromsk8farm : R1 fo lyfe!
mbrocker100 : Slick and R1
cjkinder1026 : Can u hook me up for some boards I smashed my nose of my board jumping some stairs
cjkinder1026 : @realskateboards
cjkinder1026 : And 1st
__they_call_me_butterfingers__ : My first board was a real bird
__they_call_me_butterfingers__ : Bored*
g_leal9 : The one to the left is so dope πŸ‘Œ ⚑ @tom_bosss
stianliew - g_leal9 - ttomuri - markhockey15 -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
Sending a big #HappyBirthday to one of the best guys out there on and off the board and behind the lens, the one and only Mr. Gabe Morford. Happy Birthday @morfordmedia, @dlxsf would simply not be what it is today without having your work as its driving force.
happybirthday -
4q69 : Awesome
shaunbap : HBD!! @morfordmedia
darin_howard : @koolmoeleo aye! HBD!!
kirkwoodwould : @morfordmedia You're the best Gabe - thanks for spending the time and effort to shoot me back in the day and always capturing and sharing your vision (literally)!!
toddfrancisart : @morfordmedia happy bday bat dogula
raylortolson : @morfordmedia ripping! Happy birthday!
jimmykappel : @jtaultz @damianbravo42 bgp's
ernietorres : @jtaultz #AFI PRIDE 😲
arthurignacarini97 - likeatil - steeze4daays - rocky.sanchez.9440 -
realskateboards - Real Skateboards
A big happy birthday goes out to everyone's favorite 90s skater #90smassimo . Happy birthday Massimo, hope it's been a good one. Photo: @morfordmedia
90smassimo -
clevortrark : @coreygreengage looks better
bodhoi : I wanna see daewon skate that spot
kreg_komodor : Denver bitch! @als_bitcoins
marcwronski666 : He needs to be pro since years
calegojack : Fuck yes Denver #303 πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ‘
sk8nsteve : Born on free slurpy day!! #711 #cjcounty
therealbirdman27 : @ianmcdian didn't you skate this?
ianmcdian : @therealbirdman27 nah i skated a circle dealy in chicago. Looks pretty similar tho
johnpaulllll - nelsonpalma48 - timmy_reyes - alanvert -
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