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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Ooof. Mandatory regram via @instugraham @_breakfree_ Rafters. #allhail
allhail -
sodface : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜βš‘οΈβš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
theshinobipharmacist : Timeless
ratt_ray : @instugraham @morfordmedia ? @lukeogden ?
hughmduncan : Jeez through the gap in the rafters it looks like here #sick @ratt_ray @instugraham
mikey7024 : Cardiel @killiandarcy
shigeophoto : Yup.
2_fiddy : Tobin Yelland @ratt_ray @instugraham
ratt_ray : @2_fiddy πŸ‘ @tobinyelland @instugraham
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
New post at The Predatory Bird. Vampires implode, pro skaters make music. It makes total sense. #predatorybird
predatorybird -
gooseylucy77 : You never die Michael.....but you must feed!
hughmduncan : Haha #lostboys @ratt_ray πŸ‘
joelcurtis : #burnrubberdoesnotmeanwarpspeed
antiscotial : No Tim Capello cover? Think you'd suit a saxaphone min...
chromeball : #larynx
whitey77_ : #frogbrothers
ratt_ray : @gooseylucy77 Good call. Possibly the quote of the entire film.
gooseylucy77 : @ratt_ray I could quote the film from beginning to end but that would just be weird. Death by stereo!!
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
No Dancing. πŸ“· : @shigeophoto
rocksteadyskatesnowsurf : River dance
zalebledsoe : #sonanal
simonthomasneal : You need @alphonzorawlsdesigns to superimpose a board somwhere on this.
demonofthepit : Hahaha belter!!
hotwings915 : How you Feel After You've Just Scored!! @915anaya @angelanaya915 @joshfuentes915 πŸ˜‚
brianuyeda : You get paid for this?! :)
ratt_ray : @brianuyeda Negative.
shigeophoto : Come on now @brianuyeda @ratt_ray nobody gets paid anymore for photos. All about video and that preroll CPM shit. Of course not.
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Killa who? Old shit via @manolostapes #oldshit
oldshit -
matthew_c_hart : @niniandoff
adam_penman99 : @ratt_ray why don't you ever show little clips of you skating recently ?
will_hines_____ : Yeas! Your video part was one of the first I ever saw and I still watch it before skating today :)
ratt_ray : @adam_penman99 I could ask you the same question.
logytweets : I love 411 vm. Amazing footage @ratt_ray
adam_penman99 : @ratt_ray you have a point haha well i should start and so should you
antclaravall : Just sent a Direct Message to you @manolostapes but I forgot to put my e-mail! antclaravall@hotmail.com
booters : Skate with a guy last night wearing a predatory bird shirt, he ripped and looked cool
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Scream for me, Long Beach!!! Call of the wild, regram from @blind_owl_ via @justsomedude πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘‹ #predatorybird
predatorybird -
travelingfreebox : I have that Iron Maiden album!!!
nekusminitus : #trashskates @night_mears @daggermorph @darkmanofdriedgoods
night_mears : @nekusminitus rad
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Scream for me, Burbank! Filmed a few moons back by the legendary, @bo_def_son.
difficulture : Love that ditch!:)
ericbolam : @smuttlord
thekingofpants : This makes me so happy. @liannadunlap
liannadunlap : Hahah something you would do. @thekingofpants
jimmy6balls : So coooooooolll
benjiebateman : Amazing. You should do this after every trick.
lucky_peel : @apo818
ripsandclips : in the modus tee so sick!
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Pros vs @joepease #BATB7
batb7 -
bo_def_son : @joepease @ratt_ray soooooooo hot!
ronrauto : Favorite kiwi ever! @joepease
frekleface : #Gays
bona_drag : πŸ’˜
bona_drag : That guy
antiscotial : If the 'hot pizza' isn't allowed as a legitimate manoeuvre then forget it...
rippingfeather : @ronrauto ha! You called @joepease fruit…
simonpeplow : #TalentedDude
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
All Hail! πŸ‘ @_breakfree_ by @mccranker Reposted with no permission whatsoever. #predatorybird
predatorybird -
spencerwatsontattoos : Ethan hawke
gregoryrdickson : Going to Orcas.
toadally : #nopermission #mikehawk
jamesyboy : Chris Zee doppleganger?
spitfirewheels : πŸ™ŒAIL!
bradtheraddad : Matè tea
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
musthrash : @waywardnephew
p00lioooo : Samsquanch
ratt_ray : @kortlandcollins1 Sounds like Kool Keith lyrics.
huyhasbeen : Whatchu lookin at foo?
kevinparrott : You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!
elpoepylgu : kool keith is number 1.
rodent516 : @skotramsay
tchadx : @jwebxl
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
mccranker : Don't need those cause we got phones now.
ethandazecraig : I use my phone on the toilet though? @mccranker
adam_penman99 : #art
worstsort : @artymaty
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