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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Dis Crete #localsonly #beatit #kook
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nocure4stupid : Guess I won't be skating there.
porkpaste : Sidewalk chalk is so intimidating.
georgecutright : Is Silas the judge of who is a kook? @ultphilip
crailslide : Are Barny's allowed?
kevindisarm : #Blatantlocalism
ratt_ray : @porkpaste Especially the pink.
ratt_ray : @crailslide Encouraged.
seth_curtis : @computerblueart βœ”οΈ
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
The owls are not what they seem.
shredbarger : WTF
wintermute_ta : @photobotsnap Double R!
limerich : Tennents?
horen_lamilton : What kind of trees do they have up there? They're amazing!
el_mclean : Douglass Firs, Douglass firs
nattybumppo_ : Aces.
esdras_96 : What's your skateboard in skate one video game with the pixie girl called @ratt_ray
ratt_ray : @esdras_96 May Queen or Wildflower or something.
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Big hat. @matthensley22
chooee108 : @ratt_ray A guy in Zorlac Zero Hero vid skated that one or similar too
jen_echo : Wear are the mismatched boots?
fastcampbell : @elefantsuit where is this son?
furryslippers : @melbone hahah it's funny cause it's bigger than a normal hat
swamplarva : Dis like pizza hut headquarters? @ratt_ray
eddlestonviashiplaw : @ratt_ray sure that was white and in an industrial area on the the way to Seattle airport the last time I saw it. I'll have to dig out my photos, hope you're good, long time!
thewablab : Classic times!
wearespanningtime : One of my all time favorite photos
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
lovitt180 : 10/10 would skate as is haha
no_hope_no_harm : Be careful!
kidadams : Dog sled
artraffle : #earlygrabpartycomingsoon
carplestunnel : #slideandride
paperboykarl : Post a video of you skating it afyer!!
thechez : Definitely Adult
blockhead_dave : Predatory launch ramp
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Hunters. πŸ“· @owenphoto23
predatorybird -
theshinobipharmacist : It's both brilliant and horrifying watching them mug people for their food.
nakednakeddave : @ratt_ray are they aberdeen mutants???
swedgelock : Scurrys aka torry bombers @ratt_ray
simonpeplow : Flying bastards
bollakills : @nomxnom
jordangarceau__ : #alexmartyn
stinkich : #gnarhunters
bubbgnarly : #jonathanlivingstonseagull @ratt_ray
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Brave captain.
thefluff : #ahjohboeiuh
eelcodekoning : #isdajouwjasofrickyiglesias? @kspr030
smeleshinski : There are doubts regarding your ability
wiegervw : #BEHAARDEAAP
adam_penman99 : @ratt_ray have you ever heard of the skate shop ozzys im dundee
adam_penman99 : *in
kevxxedge : Harige kapitein.
chrisritchie : @kspr030 this after you jumped the falls?
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Good people good times. @ryanbobier keeping it classy @berrics
petemaloney : @fwowpaul YES! I need this @philkannaly
philkannaly : @petemaloney I will get a new board just to get this!
austinpowers655656 : Good motivation need that on my board @j0hny75 @skatecody @otto_bruestlen @lil_mermaid96 @superbearska
blazzersb : I need that
daveschnee : @thechive
asjkkjsaa : @alisonjoybrown
alisonjoybrown : @glorified_milf πŸ’πŸ’
chan3y : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Naughty by nature. @frekleface #streetleague
streetleague -
chriscote : Chubby By Nature @frekleface
heshpants : Sick shirt
parts : Awesomeness
btoddrichards : 20,000 leagues under the seamen
zeroskateboards : 😍
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
Ooof. Mandatory regram via @instugraham @_breakfree_ Rafters. #allhail
allhail -
sodface : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜βš‘οΈβš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨πŸ”¨
theshinobipharmacist : Timeless
ratt_ray : @instugraham @morfordmedia ? @lukeogden ?
hughmduncan : Jeez through the gap in the rafters it looks like here #sick @ratt_ray @instugraham
mikey7024 : Cardiel @killiandarcy
shigeophoto : Yup.
2_fiddy : Tobin Yelland @ratt_ray @instugraham
ratt_ray : @2_fiddy πŸ‘ @tobinyelland @instugraham
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ratt_ray - John Rattray
New post at The Predatory Bird. Vampires implode, pro skaters make music. It makes total sense. #predatorybird
predatorybird -
gooseylucy77 : You never die Michael.....but you must feed!
hughmduncan : Haha #lostboys @ratt_ray πŸ‘
joelcurtis : #burnrubberdoesnotmeanwarpspeed
antiscotial : No Tim Capello cover? Think you'd suit a saxaphone min...
chromeball : #larynx
whitey77_ : #frogbrothers
ratt_ray : @gooseylucy77 Good call. Possibly the quote of the entire film.
gooseylucy77 : @ratt_ray I could quote the film from beginning to end but that would just be weird. Death by stereo!!
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