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rasilla - esther
Annnnnd I'm reminded today that it's basically the end of the month...meaning new #beautyunited box! First thought was..."its not the black box!" Gasp! lol the ladies will understand xD #pg
beautyunited - pg -
alovelyallure : Yes haha my thoughts too! I was like what is this, it can't be a beauty united box :p
shayna_apopofcolour : Hahah yes!!! I was so excited I was like what could it be????!
procrastinatingpretty : That actually makes me SO happy that the black box plays such a role LOL
lelotheartist - pixelbunnie - brutal_turtle - digitalangel7 -
rasilla - esther
Because of a #dryshampoo incident last month that ended up killing my 2nd gen 32 gig ipod (still mad -___-), I was due for a new pod. It doesn't have the back camera...but do I really need it? Too bad I couldn't splurge on the 32...#music #ineededit
ineededit - music - dryshampoo -
pixelbunnie : Boo on the incident but yay for new toy!
brutal_turtle : gonna tread lightly here and ask why your nexus can't play music?
rasilla : @pixelbunnie oh yah...I'm still mad. Almost tempted to ban that brand out of spite lol
rasilla : @brutal_turtle it can....but my phone wouldn't last more than maybe 5hrs >_<
brutal_turtle : @rasilla ooof ¯\_('_')_/¯
pixelbunnie - brutal_turtle - musicvaultguitar - tangalicious_ -
rasilla - esther
Soooo....#dollarama is jumping the gun (is that the phrase...lol) again and has put out #halloween merchandise...
dollarama - halloween -
fanniediep : Lol
fanniediep - brutal_turtle - jenn_aqui - jillojello -
rasilla - esther
Kept seeing it in the dramas I watch...so had to satisfy a craving. Too bad it was heavy on the msg and made food partners stomach unhappy...but I enjoyed it at the time #깐풍기 #짜장면
짜장면 - 깐풍기 -
rasilla : @brutal_turtle really?! Wait...isn't that the one that closed at dundas and Dixie? Sounds familiar
rasilla : @jennmua its supposed to be fried in batter, then smeared w spicy sauce. This one only smelt spicy, didn't have the kick
jennmua : Hmmmmmmmmm i want
rasilla : @procrastinatingpretty lol yay~ from thence on that is what i shall call peeps :p
brutal_turtle : @rasilla the one near Pearson airport and go kart. it closed down??????
jesswong21 : omg I'm drooling
pixelbunnie : Where did you go? I'm always on the hunt for food in our area!
digitalangel7 : Omg jjajangmyun.....i miss u lol
estykim - jesswong21 - emmaezaki - pixelbunnie -
rasilla - esther
Some people lick the spatula after baking...I lick it after mixing up the #kimchi #김치 #김치속 #엄마의손맛. I've helped mom probably about 100 times (maybe more when we had the restaurant) and yet...yeah don't ask me if I can make it on my own -___- #OTL
김치 - kimchi - otl - 엄마의손맛 - 김치속 -
javz_ : It looks sooo yummmyy .. I'm drooling right now :$
tangalicious_ : Mmmm homemade kimchi?!?
rasilla : @javz_ ^^ miss ya dude
rasilla : @tangalicious_ yes :) mom doesn't do store bought kimchi. I'm sure she will continue to make it til her last breath so Chris and I have something to eat lol
javz_ : @rasilla I miss you too :(
procrastinatingpretty - emmaezaki - digitalangel7 - javz_ -
rasilla - esther
Entire #costcocanada size jug of #colgate #palmolive soap emptied out in the trunk. Never had this happen...let's just say we all swore a bit whole cleaning this crap up #IHY
colgate - costcocanada - palmolive - ihy -
stephh_lau : D:
miraclewhiiip : What the crap???
kalynlord : Ooooh no. O_O
rasilla : Thanks ladies~ yeah...was a PITA to clean up. The interior soaked up like half of it...some dribbled out...thank god my bag was waterproof otherwise laptop and iPad would have been killed -___- so at least I have that going for me OTL @stephh_lau @miraclewhiiip @kalynlord
tangalicious_ : Yikes!? That sucks...Hope you cleaned it all up! At least your trunk smells like soap??
javz_ : Ohhh my. ..:(
fanniediep : Arg!
rasilla : @tangalicious_ it stinks of soap -___- We had to air out the car. Now it isn't as bad inside, but the trunk is still pretty brutal
mira636 -
rasilla - esther
This isn't really a #tbt since it was only last Friday...on the 500lvl at the #skydome (yes..I'm clinging on to that lol) there is this machine. Bro told me about it. Anyway the little kiddies were lining up to get buy...magic cards. In any case, I swear my dad still has a box of the first and third packs at home (gum!!)...lol too bad they are only worth a dollar. #toronto #nostalgia #baseballcards #90s
toronto - 90s - baseballcards - skydome - tbt - nostalgia -
stephh_lau - brutal_turtle - we90skids - cartoonnostalgia -
rasilla - esther
#hellokitty #tattoo from #targetcanada (few weeks back) not sure what to do with them, but too cute not to buy :p
tattoo - hellokitty - targetcanada -
javz_ : They are super cute :)
srsr0909 - fanniediep - brutal_turtle - jesswong21 -
rasilla - esther
Felt like the parachute game we'd play in grade school...#utm #kaneff #construction
kaneff - construction - utm -
fanniediep - krugerconstruction - albertininelson - completecomforthvac -
rasilla - esther
Been up for over an hour...so wrong. Trying to enjoy a nice #starbucks coffee as friends enjoy their sleep. #niagarafalls #fallsview
niagarafalls - fallsview - starbucks -
fla1124 : Man I wish I had known you were awake. I woke up at 7:30 lol
rasilla : @fla1124 ㅋㅋ 진짜?? ㅠ—ㅠ then maybe I wouldn't have looked like a total loser Haha :p
fanniediep - estykim - pixelbunnie - jillojello -
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