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rasilla - esther
Recent play things ;D I didn't get the lancome, but received the new #garnier#garnierfructis today. Thanks @farleycobeauty for the cute baggie of goodies. The sanitizer will be a great help for my trip. @marcellecosmetics wants to help me w my skin w the #skinperfector #bbloggers #farleyco #influenster #freesamples #marcelle
influenster - garnierfructis - garnier - skinperfector - marcelle - bbloggers - freesamples - farleyco -
tangalicious_ : How do you get all these things for free?!?! I want in! #ilovefreebies
mereditheng115 : Cool-keep me posted on the @marcellecosmetics
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rasilla - esther
#rom #royalontariomuseum #museum #toronto #downtown #tdot
toronto - royalontariomuseum - downtown - rom - museum - tdot -
teedot.ca : Nice! please check out our new TDOT Gears and tell us what you think! @teedot.ca
serlimusos : @burank
burank : @serlimusos 😍
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rasilla - esther
#royalyork and #westway #etobicoke #starbucks #starbuckscanada #comingsoon #FINALLY!
comingsoon - finally - starbucks - royalyork - westway - etobicoke - starbuckscanada -
pixelbunnie : YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!
rasilla : Lop right @pixelbunnie! Now we don't have to go all the way to cloverxale just for coffee xD
tangalicious_ : Hey!! This can be in our go to Starbucks!! 😁
sunday_88 - alovelyallure - digitalangel7 - pixelbunnie -
rasilla - esther
ran to the north building to get signed off on something. just my luck, they are on vacay. Wanted to avoid coming back here...guess I have no choice now -__- anyway, this is the long awaited north building. No more passing out in class during the summer cause it is too hot in the lecture rooms.... #utm #cAmpus #mississauga
mississauga - campus - utm -
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rasilla - esther
Pulled out the map I got when I went in 2010...a little over a month until my very mini vacay :) #korea #cheapthrills #subway #map
map - korea - cheapthrills - subway -
mereditheng115 : Like this but VERY jealous
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rasilla - esther
Hmmm celebratory shopping for more polish?! It I wasn't a #zombie from the lack of sleep (still haven't dozed off OTL) I'd totally check it out...#sallybeauty #sallybeautysupply #nailpolish #sale #bbloggers #orly #fingerpaints #chinaglaze #clearance
fingerpaints - nailpolish - sale - orly - zombie - bbloggers - chinaglaze - sallybeautysupply - sallybeauty - clearance -
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rasilla - esther
First time @DistrictOvenTO for monthly dinner w the ladies. Server was awesome, and this burger was a great meal to start a new chapter :) #kefta #burger #districtoven #toronto #collegest #downtown #yum #instafood mini #gno
toronto - instafood - collegest - districtoven - downtown - burger - canthadtoomuchcoffee - yum - kefta - gno -
brutal_turtle : #gotosleep
rasilla : @brutal_turtle #canthadtoomuchcoffee OTL why aren't u asleep?! Don't u have work in a few hrs?! 😱
kittyjane0 : Very nice! follow @teedot.ca if you are from Toronto. They have nice TDOT Tanks & Shirts
brutal_turtle : @rasilla I slept too early and woke up that early. messed everything up..
chriscathblun - estykim - tangalicious_ - bigginslife -
rasilla - esther
Mini getaway weekend. Thankful cause I needed it, especially w this upcoming week. Miss it already. #niagarafalls #rainbow #love #thankful #takemeback
rainbow - niagarafalls - takemeback - love - thankful -
brutal_turtle : @macnunu butterfly conservatory, casino, Applebee's has a location there, lots of vineyards so wine tasting, go behind the falls (there's a tunnel and you can stand and see the falls from behind the water it's very loud), and that's all I can remember
brutal_turtle : @macnunu the boat that takes you up to the waterfall. it's called horn blower Niagara cruises. they offer packages so you can eat on the boat and watch the fireworks (every week Niagara Falls has fireworks and especially during holidays).
macnunu : @adriennex11 lol there you go! I doubt u wanna go to Applebee's tho!
brutal_turtle : @macnunu the vineyards are worth a visit. you can pay $5 and get a tour of the facility. it's not big but they show you where the grapes go into the machines and how it's done. can taste test the stuff. even now when I see the bottles in a store I remember "ah I've been there I know that place". there is a very fisher price colourful touristy street called "Clifton hill" with silly ripleys store and souvenirs. I'm warning you not to expect some Grand Canyon seven wonders of the world come home a different person feeling. Niagara Falls is not that amazing of a place, temper your expectations
javz_ : I was there yesterday with family. @rasilla Hope you enjoyed the weekend and relaxed :)
rasilla : Lol well glad @brutal_turtle was able to help u @macnunu. I actually don't go often. I've gone twice in about...6 years? And the two happened in the last month :p
macnunu : I think I need to hire @brutal_turtle to be my tour guide.
brutal_turtle : @macnunu then i'd just take you to Toronto the whole time. now that place... that place is hawt 🔥.
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rasilla - esther
Annnnnd I'm reminded today that it's basically the end of the month...meaning new #beautyunited box! First thought was..."its not the black box!" Gasp! lol the ladies will understand xD #pg
beautyunited - blackboxftw - pg -
alovelyallure : Yes haha my thoughts too! I was like what is this, it can't be a beauty united box :p
shayna_apopofcolour : Hahah yes!!! I was so excited I was like what could it be????!
procrastinatingpretty : That actually makes me SO happy that the black box plays such a role LOL
rasilla : @alovelyallure @shayna_apopofcolour @procrastinatingpretty haha the black clearly plays a great role w us xD #blackboxftw
lelotheartist - pixelbunnie - brutal_turtle - digitalangel7 -
rasilla - esther
Because of a #dryshampoo incident last month that ended up killing my 2nd gen 32 gig ipod (still mad -___-), I was due for a new pod. It doesn't have the back camera...but do I really need it? Too bad I couldn't splurge on the 32...#music #ineededit
ineededit - music - dryshampoo -
pixelbunnie : Boo on the incident but yay for new toy!
brutal_turtle : gonna tread lightly here and ask why your nexus can't play music?
rasilla : @pixelbunnie oh yah...I'm still mad. Almost tempted to ban that brand out of spite lol
rasilla : @brutal_turtle it can....but my phone wouldn't last more than maybe 5hrs >_<
brutal_turtle : @rasilla ooof ¯\_('_')_/¯
pixelbunnie - brutal_turtle - musicvaultguitar - tangalicious_ -
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