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God Over Money team interviewed together for first time, watch on Rapzilla.com @mynameisbizzle @bumpsinf @datin_tripled @iamthacorner
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rapzilla : #godovermoney #sxsw #rapzilla #christianrap #christianhiphop #bumpsinf #bizzle
kingarthur773 : #salute
kivenmusic : πŸ‘Œ
undefined_butdefined : I'm surprised this is the first time.
tedvader - previsthebest - ar_music15 - jr4god98 -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Tampa-based artists @AnthonyMareo & @Loso_CHE dropped a new free single called "Lost In Paris." Grab it on Rapzilla.com now.
djelivate : Listening to this right now πŸ˜₯
iamlevihinson - micah_thehouse - jordey_y - greg_skinn -
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We're premiering @Skrip's new music video "When The Beat Drop" on March 31st. Don't miss it! Tag a friend that likes to dance. πŸ’ƒ
choreography - breakdance - christianrap - dance - christianhiphop - rnd - musicvideo - hiphop - mv - rap - skrip -
rapzilla : #hiphop #skrip #rnd #christianrap #christianhiphop #rap #dance #breakdance #choreography #musicvideo #mv
g3_thefallout : @levi_lamb
undefined_butdefined : That brother in the back look just like Uncle Reece.
k_roc_holiday : Yaaaaaasssss!!! That's that slap!
djelivate : @socialxclub
that_ratified_guy - leilanimalloy_ - realquestsoul - taps_si -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Did you get US? What do you think? #hiphop #christianhiphop #misfits
hiphop - misfits - christianhiphop -
loganxmisfit : Swell πŸ’―
ftdk6 : They stay true to themselves and that is the best part!
hey_ho_grapenuts : So good. Pretty in Pink, Carpe Diem, and Matryrs, three best songs.
callmefilip : I didn't expect an 80's influenced pop song with Skrip actually SINGING the hook. I love it!
thewaybrand : Fuego
isaac_daniel29 : Every song was unique talking about something different and that what made it πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
jamie_b332 : Martyrs is CLUTCHπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
lorenzyung : Whole album is solid I just think waiting should have been apart of the album cause it's too good of a song to be just a single other than that A+ 10 outta ten would recommend
jbelcher116 - marcdavis30 - bentheredonethat99 - vanausdall_ -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Christian rapper Promise has unreleased mixtape with Drake, watch full interview on Rapzilla.com @ipromisemusic #rapzilla #drake #christianrap #christianhiphop #sxsw
sxsw - christianhiphop - drake - christianrap - rapzilla -
little7sum : It's funny to me how rappers who are Christian think it's super weighty to do music with secular artist. Like they've arrived because they have done music with secular artist. When did that become the measurement??
youngwarria : Not that it matter but if @ipromisemusic were to leak this mixtape @champagnepapi's buzz right now would make this guy a rich man!
sethb1994tx : No disrespect but it's funny to me how you're judging their motivation to work with secular artists. How do you know they feel that way? Could they just be reaching out? Who did Jesus have dinner with? And also, lecrae has been quoted as saying he is just a rapper, not a "Christian rapper". Just like Lupe Fiasco doesn't identify himself as a "Muslim rapper". @little7sum
little7sum : @sethb1994tx you seem to take what I said very serious. Calm down it's all love. It was just an observation. I have a right to my own opinions and observation and it's not your job to correct me or anyone for that matter not unless you have kids. We are all adults with our own opinions and perspective. We should be able to respect not agree but at least respect each others.. Just because you don't agree with a perspective doesn't make it wrong friend. God bless.
sethb1994tx : Lol wasn't correcting you. Just offering the flip side of the coin. Seems like you are the one who got a bit hostile. Maybe when you read my comment you heard it in your head, differently from how I would've conveyed it had you actually been able to hear me say it. No ill will was intended. Never said you didn't have a right to your opinion also. And you do realize you asked a question on a social media site where anyone can comment right? Or maybe it was rhetorical??? Lol sorry if it was. God bless
sethb1994tx : @little7sum
stevenpatton : Fun fact: the person to put Drake on (while he was just the guy on the Canadian TV show) - Promise.
little7sum : @sethb1994tx yes I realize that and if you were just giving a perspective and not trying to correct mine it would've been all good but your comment or answer it was to try to correct me but its all good friend all love because it's not god's will to banter so peace and love.
1lecraefan - easylivinjc - ldejuan - shelby_schaufelberger -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Watch the full @murs316 interview on Rapzilla.com
scottmanofgodjenkins : @conradmeier
iamgenetics : @wordsbyezekiel already watched!!!! Ima text you my thoughts because I'm not prepared today for the back and forth. Maybe tomorrow tho!!! Lol
benwusar : Amen @justinwcarpenter @leftymckee
iamgenetics : @wordsbyezekiel @eshonburgundy tho? Lol
little7sum : I like what he's talking
zacjoseph : @itshillaryjane Agreed. I love how rz is doing more interviews with non-believers. I feel like it's super helpful for believers so caught up in the scene to see how the world sees it. Especially now that there are artists reaching the mainstream.
kadenceokc : ✊
steezer_chavez : Exactly! I posted about this beforez
steezer_chavez - okpako_victor - shelby_schaufelberger - randjohn -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Fifteen free tracks from Rapzilla 2015 Freshman @JmontyStudios. Grab his new album 'Level 54' on Rapzilla.com now.
potk2345 : Album is ridiculous! I can't believe it's Free.
jiffycornbread : One of the best free projects ever!
miss_kmar : Worth the download to all hip hop junkies !!
_losangelesxbelievers_ : Love this album fire!!! @rapzilla
mztanz - steezer_chavez - _iferg - dave_rap -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Why Corey Paul signed with Collision Records. Full video on Rapzilla.com.
christianrap - rapzilla - christianhiphop - unashamed - christianmusic - hiphop - coreypaul - rap - collisionrecords -
2econdavenue : Congratulations!
rapzilla : #coreypaul #collisionrecords #rapzilla #christianhiphop #christianrap #christianmusic #hiphop #rap #unashamed
caseysandretti : @thatchristfollower
friscorgv : @nicooortiz
austinn16 : @zacphororo24
undefined_butdefined : I'm curious too. I've heard his profound testimony and I'm blessed. #letsgo
itsmccall : Connections are everything
itsmccall : Stocked to see what @coreypaulmusic will do with @collisionrecs πŸ’―πŸ’―
that_ratified_guy - malcon_junior - grantwalkersnyder - sarahcameronmusic -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
Live interview with Social Club tomorrow on Rapzilla.com at 6PM EST @socialxclub @deathbymartymar @fernie_sc
socialxclub - rapzilla - christianhiphop - christianrap -
rapzilla : #socialxclub #rapzilla #christianrap #christianhiphop
erickc116 : @buckeye_116 πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
buckeye_116 : @erickc116 I tried to see the Skrip interview when his album came out but I couldn't find it lol! Hopefully I'll be able to see theirs
erickc116 : @buckeye_116 smh...Ohio State University's Finest haha
tookie.took : @don_iivi
therealphoto116 : 😝😝🐲🐲
rapzilla : @buckeye_116 the interview gets chopped up after it goes live. You can see it chopped up into different videos on our YouTube channel.
peterpoebeats : @rapzilla when is it going up on your YouTube channel?
asare_revelations_debrah - ashpav_01 - leeshaem - younglionbryan -
rapzilla - (Rapzilla.com)
@sothekid interview at #sxsw coming soon
sxsw -
fire_house_youth : Love his music, love his style
jaredheck116 : Lamp Mode.
mr_dgroves : #DaRaiders
rapzilla : @jaredheck116 great guys
deejayrevival - marcusdonfor - eliasgang - ldejuan -
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